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  1. Nice guy, John was instrumental in authenticating and naming "Cotopaxi", an Iron Meteorite that my wife and I found detecting in Colorado in 2000. In appreciation we donated a small slice of Cotopaxi to the UCLA collection and the rest to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Also thru his efforts, Cotopaxi is now listed in Meteoritical Bulletin #89, dated 2005. It's very interesting to read the scientific makeup of all the elements it's made of.
  2. Thinking of downloading the Gaia GPS App to my iPhone. Wondering if anyone has experience with this App? Thanks for any input.
  3. Colorado went on lockdown today although Parks are still open (so far). Hope it's lifted in time for the Hunt. I'm taking both the Orx and the Nox. The Orx seems to be less susceptible to EMI and easier to swing. For those attending the Hunt needing a place to stay the Hotels are pretty pricey during that time frame. I got a place thru Airbnb for less than $100/night.
  4. I just bought an ORX package from www.georgiabuddy.com. I was VERY happy with the price which included free shipping.
  5. Thanks for the info, looks like I'm headed to the local library!!
  6. Does anybody know if a Chromebook can be used for Nox Software Updates? The Minelab website has only instructions for a Mac or Windows. Just wondering as my only computer is a Chromebook.
  7. I was downhill from Glenn when I found this small Nugget. Haven't weighed it yet but put in on my watch to take the photo for size comparison. In the past, I've used my White's MXT and GMT but this was my first outing with the Nox 800 and standard coil. It was 2" deep and I was using Gold 1, Sensitivity 22, and the factory settings for everything else. It rang up between 2 and 4 with a very solid signal. It's tough hunting those steep tailings piles. I am now scheduled for Hernia Surgery next week!
  8. I'll be in Sebastian from March 5 thru March 20 with my Nox. Plan on detecting every day except March 9 when I'll attend the TCAS Hunt in Wabasso. Hoping for a Nor Easter to make some cuts in the Beach. I've detected the Treasure Coast Beaches several times in the past and found some modern Bling but no Spanish finds. Hope my luck changes this time.
  9. I've been a member of the Ringfinders for about 7 years. Get a call for lost "Bling" about once every month or so. I've never charged anyone a cent whether or not I find the lost item. I just tell them to "Pay it forward" if they get a chance. It's been a lot of fun, especially if you find the lost item which is about 50% of the time. Over the years I've had 4 calls from women who threw their rings out the window of moving cars after arguments with their Spouses. Was lucky to find one of them. Makes me wonder how many other rings are out there besides our roads thru out the U.S. Being a
  10. Was on my second day of detecting today without re-charging when I noticed I was down to one bar. Took me an hour to get back to my car, detected all the way and was still getting clad coins at down to 4". Settings were Park 1, and manual GB. Took 3 hours to fully charge the detector back up, headphones much less time. I think Minelab says you can get 12 hours detecting on a full charge but was wondering if using the wireless headphones cuts that time down?? Anybody have thoughts or experience on that?
  11. I downloaded the manual from the Minelab web site to a Flash Drive. Took the Flash Drive to Office Depot and had them print out a manual in color and heavier stock paper. Has a nice spiral binding.
  12. Years ago when I was much, much younger, I had a tent and a 4 Runner like Steve's. Now that I have a small Motorhome I bought an older (2000) Jeep Wrangler since it's a great tow vehicle that can be towed 4 wheels down as opposed to the 4-Runner which is not recommded to be towed. I see that Winnebago has come out with a new 4X4 Class B Camper built on the Mercedes frame that looks great but not many people, myself included, could afford that steep a price tag which is up in the $135,000 price range. Have to find a lot of gold to pay for that!!
  13. I live behind Pike's Peak. The GPS altitude in my front yard is 8,600'. My next door neighbors are both Paramedics who attend to a lot of tourists hiking up to the 14,000' level. Their best advice is to drink LOTS and LOTS of water and pace yourself. It must work, I"m 74 and still vertical.
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