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  1. Never hunted the Tar in mud before so I was a little off balance at the start. Oh, the machine was ok but I was switching from handling pull tabs & rusty bottle caps to can slaw and such. I was getting sucked in early on digging more trash than I should've. About a half hour of that I got back into the game , found out where the nickels are, by moving slower threw the junk. I hunted in all metal ,disc -2. Wasn't long ,was getting fairly decent at calling the targets before digging. I dug maybe 5 or 6 coins around seven inches. So a junk ring, couple of MatchBook cars, 59 coi
  2. You know when we're talking detectors, or guns, or cars. We all can get attached. But, the gist I learned somewhere is that the hunter makes the machine. Now a better machine, gun or whatever can really help a guy out. In the end it's how the machine in question is being used. Another thing is when you pick something up, never used it before, but you just know you like it. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that , everyone isn't going to pick that horse to win. Myself I like to hunt an analog. The Tarascci to me with its different tones along with it's screen is sort of
  3. Well , I'm not ready for another coil yet. And I've hunted the standard one hard since mid January. I can tell you this, the standard is so dead on I only pinpoint the deeper coins or one that escaped a hole. My salt water times are over this year. But Dirt & lake hunting till next year. Small coil shoot, I got one on old trusty. But that's my situation. If I'm still liking this machine in a couple of months I'll go big in time for next winter. A guy gotta have an edge.
  4. Drag. I hunted with the coil one day. Salt surf / Sand. Didn't take long, started feeling more weigh. Coil filled up with sand. This isn't just a Tarascci thing either. Now the covers on land, not nearly as bad. Prices ? Like I told my wife. It's why they call them checks. Stimulus
  5. Florida Gulf, fairly mild. Machine running very quiet, not much noise even getting slapped around in the Surf. Dead areas bearly a peep. Running in All M. , my main disturbance comes from those rusty flakes. The tone on them is usually low so it doesn't brother me much. Especially cause I'm getting real nice depth, plus the machine is sensitive to small targets too. I'm having good luck on Silver and clad. (When I find decent conditions) No gold yet, but it's getting its share of nickels so I'm not worried about that. My question is, if anyone can suggest how I can k
  6. Well, Sometimes funny things happen out there in the salt. I think I like making the decision to dig not so much the machine. I have read of and talked to a few who have walked away from a signal and went back and dug. And found a goody. Other than that Chase, I'm not giving advice so much as relating what happened.
  7. Junkers all. The gold looking one came in at -02 to -04, shallow and it blasted. Silver ones -14 shallow too. The little Light house, was pretty deep , thought it was going to be a Tab. The All Metal reminds me of a strum across a violin. Not bad at all. Like always if you think your in the Zone, gotta go slow. Picked off a few real deep ones today with barely a click.
  8. Been running A M. mostly here on the Gulf. So much I don't even think about it. Anyway today I met up with a good buddy on his second year with his Nox 600. Following a good ways behind I hit a few low negative items. No matter How hard I squinted I couldn't make them gold /silver. So I caught up to my pal, laid em on the sand. Hey check these with your Nox, see what ya think. He says , Can't hear a thing ! What? He's says he got nothing. Ole buddy was starting to get a little sick. Felt kinda bad. Thought a minute. I says , you in All Metal. No in disc.
  9. After quite a few hunts I'm finding that with the standard coil the Tarsacci is very good working the surf. Coil cuts the water nice and the machine handles the salt very well. Haven't done much wading because of the waves, and what holes we have are very sanded. The headphones, seem to be working well, cause it's noisy hunting the surf and my 72 year old ears are picking up the faint signals. Faint signals for me. No gold yet but a junk ring, heavy stainless bracelet, two Silver rings & a Silver Belly ring. Be heading home off the beach end of February. Putting it into the dir
  10. Pretty simple. If you can't use the coil with out a cover, don't buy it. The consumer speaks. But , if you believe there could be Treasure where you hunt just a little out of reach, well get it in the sand. Course there's always Ole Reliable that already has a cover for that size.
  11. Nice informative video's Aaron. Sure when the thaw comes will see some more results. Lots of hunters waiting on this coil. One thing for sure, guys will pay plenty for a extra eighth to quarter inch of depth. So why use a coil cover? The weight isn't much but over a long hunt, well it could add up.
  12. In normal times this beach is a good one. Was able to bypass most of the caps with the Tarascci. The deeper ones had to dig some. Anyway the Stainless bracelet hit a solid +05. Foil area. Ring turned out Gold plated silver, steady +10. Eleven coins for 32 cents. A three hour hunt. Jeweler said ring would run around $300 new. Just scrap Silver now. Machine grows on you.
  13. On tip from my Xcal buddy, beat it up the shore to catch one just right. Using advice from this forum and another Tarasccii forum hunted in all metal. Actually best mode for sanded in beaches I found. Just before hunting the cut ,on the beach entry path. Dug a good signal (house key) About 10 yards later got a nice sounding target. Not all that deep. I'd guess 4 to 5 inchs. Took me four scoops cause kept slipping threw my scoop. I thought it was a junker but turned out 925 with Zirkcon stone. While working the cut didn't have time to check AL with Disc. Relied on tone
  14. Used AM today. It actually was better for me in the water. Someone tipped that when you get a target, switch mode to Disc. Worked for me. No leaks either. Lots of sand so hunting can get hard.
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