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  1. Stalker, right now the sands in but there are a few holes out waist deep or more. And even with our 3 millimeter wet suits it can be brutal. Cold. So the gulf is flat but the temps are in the high 30's to lower 40's. Winds from the North. Sloped Sandy wet shoulders. When the Gulf picks up depending, we'll get some erosion here and there. With winds from the South, temps can get mid 60's to lower 70's. Wet sand hunting picks up some and wading (if not too rough). Every day can be very different. A challenge. But were hunting.
  2. The Gulf settled down after abt a good 3 day blow. Sure enough 3 of us waded out to a to a good ole hole Neptune reopened. North winds beating the Gulf calm. ...So we all scored a nice take of Clad and 1 of us snagged a 2021 graduation 10K ring. Good as new. Tried it again this morning. .I didn't last 45 minutes. Water about 60 and wind chill 32, that and no targets , I bailed. To hunt another day. This is my Tarsacci's 2nd season wading and wet surf hunting. With out any problems . The Vessel in the picture is the Terrapin Island about 6,000 tons dry. Hauling another load of sand for replenishing. Makes about 3 round trips a day.
  3. Well the Infinum as you might know can be belt mounted. Making it very light. Also learning the tones helps eliminate digging a lot of trash. It also is very stable in salt water. Follow the manual or download one online.
  4. After hunting out my trashy sites I stayed with the standard while back to hunting wet surf / wading. Crazy but I can find very little difference in depth. And the standard handles better in ruffer water (smaller profile). In salt water conditions the Tarsacci is as good as the competition with depth and quietness. As with any machine the better you know it the better the results.
  5. Shoot Stalker that Tarsacci giving you what you want from a machine? Real interesting finds, like the Viking.
  6. On a beach sanded in due to replenishing. Mixed in with shells , bits of alum. Tabs etc. Banged in at a solid +06. Unmarked, stamped with Purdia on the inside. Shiny gold but slightly scored (maybe by being run threw the shell shaker). Anyway yellow underneath the gores. I'll have it tested when I get home in March. Maybe someone else found a ring by this company and can shed some light. Found on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
  7. Both coils have about the same depth and target separation. But of course in really trashy areas, I would give the nod to the standard. The standard is what I use around picnic pavilions, grassy parking lots. These places can get bad. The Tarsacci has those 3 modes to switch threw if needed. With a little experience if you get in a area that it gets gets chatty, it's very easily tamed. The standard is more oblong than the 12" so I would go with that. You guys know what you have to fight threw, I believe the standard is what you want. But now if you get out where there's a little room, of course the 12" gives you ground coverage along with good separation. In the end it's The Site, then the operator, then the machine/ coil. I hope in some way I helped out.
  8. Like the Stalker, I can attest to the Tarssacci' ability on Micro targets on the beaches. Also I've, like many beach hunters have dug some eye popping holes in the surf as well as wading. I'm hunting with 3 other guys who have different machines. Last year my trusty Infinum needed a complete overhaul after 10 yrs. A friend recently had his 20 yr. Excal in the shop. Last week another friends Nox 800 flooded. 2 AT Pros and a Dualfield also been worked on. Beach hunting is hard on machines. And machines that can handle salt, waves ect. quietly with depth are a Treasure. The Tar is a good fit for me home in the mud and away on the beaches. In the end for success it's The Site, the Hunter, than a well maintained,rugged machine the hunter knows inside and out.
  9. A most level headed solution to this situation.
  10. Good going Rick, at least were still in busness. Now hopefully Aaron is ok.
  11. Oh Oh. I was just on Dimitar's MDT web site. Scrolled down to the "Contact Us" button. Doesn't work. Maybe it's me, someone else could try.
  12. Could be a lot of things. Just hope he's OK. Only Dimitar knows.
  13. You got your hunting area pinned down and looks like you worked it over good too.
  14. Due to deeply sanded in beaches started hunting off beach. These places are very trashy so the smaller coil. These targets were shallow and bedded down with plenty of rusty crown caps. Some change and a Silver ring minus the stone. Hunted in Disc whole time. Believe me it was this kind of hunt or the couch. Fun little over a hour hunt.
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