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  1. You made a great choice, the old Equinox is hard to beat.
  2. You do have a great little park, it just keeps on giving. Good job Dan.
  3. They both have the latest update on software. Ground balance was the same. I believe Chase may have hit the only thing that would of been different. We usually noise cancel toward each other because that makes it so we can hunt very close to one another without any talking between the detectors. That would have been the only difference and very likely detunes one of the detectors somewhat. Guess we will have to watch that from now on if we want deep targets! Thanks for the response from both of you.
  4. Wife and I both use the 800s and hunt side by side. Was at a rodeo arena and I was getting a very poor signal in tone and numbers but was an iffy high squeek and vdi of 27, 28,29.30. So was telling me possible quarter? Dug down around 15 inches , nothing on pin pointer still. Called wife over to have her check it: Nothing, only iron grunts and vdi of 6,9,3 so on. I went over both detectors to affirm they were set up identical! Park 1, sen 21, speed and iron the same. I changed hers to park 2 and upped the sen to 24 and such to no avail , no matter what, hers couldnt see what ended up being a quarter on edge in the side of my hole about 9 inches down. So it has me convinced that one detector may be more sensitive then the next. Has any one compared two equinox 800s on same targets in the ground ? It doesnt really seem to matter caz she beats me on best finds 8 out of 10 times anyways!
  5. Well they received the wifes new pod this morning so will see what kind of turn around Minelab has.
  6. We do like Steve, wife sold her nox 800 just before 3 years and ordered her new one. Showed up today and she was all excited ,put it together, charged up ready to try it out. Well the on/off switch wouldn't work! She was a little disappointed but Minelab said send it in, so off it went !
  7. My wife and I both have 800s and hunt surf, brush and so on. In over 3 years of use and we dont baby them ,have not had any problem with ear breakage. We just never over tighten the bolt, just tight enough that when you set the detector down the coil will go flat. Works for us. Going to beach tonight Jinx a coming!
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