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  1. Funny you should ask. I got a call last week for a ring search in one of the canals in the Channel Islands. A guy lost his wedding ring in about 10-12 feet of water. They know the general area(within 10-15 yards) but I'm not able to dive because I still haven't taken the plunge to get scuba certified. As for SoCal, we've been sanded in at most of my spots and in some new spots I've literally detected for hours on end in the wet sand with only one or two signals. I hunted a reasonably well populated beach the other day during AM low tide and dug one signal in two hours. The wife and I haven't made our trip to Pismo yet. We took the plunge and went to the UK for vacation this summer and blew two or three vacation funds in the process but it was worth it. School is back in session now so detecting time is slowing down for a bit but winter storms are on the horizon. Keep up the good work!
  2. It's great your daughter went and wanted to go. Finding something to do with your kids is probably the best find a dad could get.
  3. Yes! My wife and I are close. This is my 29th year as a public middle school teacher and my wife's 31st as a second grade teacher. If CA goes ahead and makes it law that kids can't be suspended for defiance I may not make to #30.
  4. As long as there's an Aqua around the corner soon. I start back to school next week and that means my only detecting time will be on Saturdays until the end of October due to after school coaching responsibilities. I coach girl's golf and get to play golf everyday at beautiful courses but I'd rather be metal detecting.
  5. Haha I feel the same way. I'm thinking of picking up the new TDI just to fill the time while this one gets sorted out. The problem will be that I'll have to sell the TDI to get the Impulse if and when it arrives as I've been asked to keep my detector collection a little thinner than in years past by the boss.
  6. Great job on the rings Nuke! I do see what you're saying about a cashless society though. My wife and visited the UK in June and I can't remember seeing anyone paying for anything in cash. Everyone had a card and they just swiped it and went. I can see where in a few years CLAD will become scarce to find.
  7. All great information above, I would have very little to add except for this. Watch videos of other peoples hunts on youtube. It could be as simple as searching for " Equinox 800 old church" or "Equinox 800 old farm" or something similar to what and where you want to hunt. Seeing and hearing someone else is like taking a lesson for free. I watch beach hunts specifically those using the 15" coil in wet sand because it helps confirm what I hear when I'm hearing it. If you were to spend an hour a night for the next couple of weeks watching people's hunts I'd bet your understanding would grow by leaps and bounds. Can you imagine if Steve or Chase or TNSS filmed a bunch of their hunts and you via youtube got to look over their shoulder and learn from them? Good luck, HH and don't give up. Frustration is temporary in this business until you decide to fiddle with your settings. ?
  8. Very nice write up and much appreciated. My hope is that it will open up the wet sand hunting opportunities regardless of tide and sand conditions. Depth is depth and nothing beats a PI so my funds are going to be committed. Gas prices are too high to head to the beach for clad so it's gold or stay home for me.
  9. Rick, What do you think the learning curve will be like on the Impulse? For most wetsand(with black sand influence for me) will it be set it and forget it? I'm trying to get me head around what exactly is going to be the way to go on most beach applications. I know it's early to speculate but you're better connected than most.
  10. million dollar question years in the making. Latest I heard was testing on lithium batteries for plane travel was being conducted. Since my daughter flies for a living I'm okay with seeing this done.
  11. That was a great day of hunting for sure. Well done and you cleaned them up well.
  12. I stick pretty much to the Ventura County area for hunting purposes. Unless the wife wants to take a trip North to Pismo or Avila that is. Treasure is pretty much what you make of it, I believe in leaving the beach better than how I found it so I pretty much will take away any trash I find regardless of size or value.
  13. It sounds like a great site for the 6" coil. I hunted an old site similar to what you're describing and it was frustrating until I realized I needed to clean out as many of the bad targets until I could get to the good. The key was to work a section at a time, put some cones out in a roughly 10x10 square and remove as much of the junk as possible. Once I did this the good targets just kept coming and I had an awesome site that produced good coins and relics for months. I'd also maybe play with my tones and go to either 5 tones or 2 tones as I was cleaning things up. 50 tones in that environment would get you a padded cell by the end of the day I'm sure.
  14. Truth! I have a nice dent in my tailgate right where I leaned my scoop. ?
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