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    All forms of metal detecting, beach, dirt, mud if there is a coin or ring there.
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  1. Awesome freaking day! There are times at the beach I have to tough my coil on my scoop just to get a tone. You are on fire!
  2. It's money! Every coin I can put back in my pocket is a win. Awesome how you were able to convince the kids to go to the school with you. Jedi warrior mind tricks you have.
  3. Colonel Dan- thanks for taking the time to do this. Detecting is an ongoing educational process and you just made it a little easier.
  4. If you're going to buy a scoop and handle buy it just once. I have 3 scoops. An Xtreme scoop and carbon fiber handle, a stavr with a wood handle and an all aluminum scoop. You can't go wrong with one of these. If you plan to travel with it and space is an issue get a two piece handle for it. My Xtreme gets used the most and rather than rounded it is pointed because I dig into some pretty rocky beaches. Hole size is pretty similar across the board but some have the bottoms configured for small jewelry. Width speaks more to how good you are pinpointing your targets. 8" is great if you're on your target but sucks if your coil control isn't what it needs to be. There's a ton of junk out there and you literally get what you pay for with scoops and handles. Best to you
  5. One of the most profound statements on metal detecting ever uttered. The testing of detectors has spawned more keyboard warriors than anything else. Testing is about fulfilling as metal detecting your wife's purse. Too many zinc's and very few quarters and the junk you have to sift through to get those!
  6. That’s an interesting series of ID#s. Is this indicative of where older silver dimes will fall or because it was on edge?
  7. Thanks for all the kind words. Metal detecting is really the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Love me or hate me, I belong to The Ringfinders and I got a call last night to rescue a men's gold wedding band from the surf up in Santa Barbara. My customer had just applied sunscreen and waded out into the surf, brought his hands up and you can figure out the rest. Off came the ring. I had one chance to get out there early enough to hopefully locate it in the wet and not have to fight the shore break so I got left this morning at 4:30 and headed to the beach. He had mentioned that he thought he was near an area of rocks and guess what, there were large rocks everywhere so I stood there in the dawn and made a decision to search an area I thought made sense. This beach was hopping with iron, targets were everywhere but because of the oncoming tide I decided I would only did solid tones 62-86. After about my 5th pass in my grid I got a LOUD 72 and I mean LOUD. It was screaming "here I am, please dig me" and two scoops later I had the ring. When I met with the owner to return it he shared that even though it was a simple band it was made in the exact image of his father's wedding ring so it was more than just a ring for him. Some of the best moments I've ever had detecting have included giving things back to the original owner and this one was the same. To see a grown man crying for joy that he got his ring back is a feeling that can't be adequately described but it's good. I hope your weekend was at least half as good as mine because if it was, it was great.
  9. I'm hoping you played the lottery this weekend as well given that the odds had to be similar to winning a million as they were to find that other spur! Well done sir. Well done indeed.
  10. That's what makes detecting so special. It's so fun that we just have to share with others when we get out there. There's joy in the little things in life. May silver and gold be at the bottom of all your plugs!
  11. I think "some stuff" was just subtle clickbait. That's a nice haul. Congrats to you!
  12. You are a freaking genius! I’m now absolutely convinced the D2 is idiot proof. I spent a half hour sitting there looking and pushing buttons. Best forum on the internet hands down.
  13. So I finally resurrect an older windows based machine and begin the update. I updated the RC no problem and then started to update the WS6. I finally got it updated(it wouldn't see the 3 charge cord so I had to use a single) and then something weird happened. The WS6 somehow got stuck in the volume setting and no matter what I'm clicking or pushing it won't get out. Now I know I've said this thing is idiot proof but it takes one to know one so I may be the idiot here but I can't even shut it off now so I can begin the pairing process. I'm going withe the whole drain the battery thing so it's nearly 8 here and I'm hopeful sometime tomorrow it'll be empty of charge and I'll be able to plug it in and try to pair it and go hunting. Is there something else I'm missing here. I've held down the - button and it just turns the volume down. I hold down the settings button and it turns the volume down. The opposite is true of the two right buttons in that they each just turn the volume up. I guess I win the prize today.
  14. freaking awesome! That is one beautiful coin. It's going to be hard to go back out and dig a pulltab at 71. Congratulations on a great hunt.
  15. I don't feel so bad now that I haven't updated. I'm not exactly a computer guy so doing the workaround on my Mac left me frustrated and when I went to my school to get my work computer it wouldn't let me download anything as I don't have administrator rights so until I can find a Windows machine to use I'm sticking with 0.6 which has done me well so far. I hope the new update works for those who are able to use it.
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