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    All forms of metal detecting, beach, dirt, mud if there is a coin or ring there.
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  1. Awesome! You are part of a very special club. You got to make a difference in another persons life metal detecting. No better feeling.
  2. This. The eurozone economy is collapsing based on all reports. For me gas just hit over $6.50 again, up $1.25 in the past week. I love testing and using new tech and am almost always an early adopter but not this time just because of the economy. I can't imagine though what winter is going to be like in places like Germany and France. It's not going to be XP vs. Minelab but rather food vs. heat.
  3. I've had mine completely submerged in fresh and knee deep in the salt surf and have had zero issues. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse everything after each use and you should be fine. Also, Michael Oliver has a youtube jewelry recovery site and he has shown many vids of him with the D2 in salt fully submerged. I don't think he's reported any problems.
  4. I share the same lament about a lack of history where I hunt. Usually my oldest find is an RC Cola bottle cap. Great job on the recoveries.
  5. Great job! I know what you mean by getting "foiled". It just proves that the only way to get the good stuff is to dig everything. Awesome recovery.
  6. Timing is everything and releasing this in the winter (November to February) in Europe is likely to be a disaster. Most of the European Union has seen and is seeing their energy costs rise by 80-100%. People in Hungary are waiting in lines miles long to buy coal and the Germans are out cutting down trees in order to try and stay warm in the upcoming months. I read last night that 70% of restaurants in the UK may close for the winter or longer due to the choice between keeping things warm and serving food to people who likely won't be coming to their restaurant due to $$. How much of this actually comes true is unknown for the moment but I'd bet that sales will be slow enough that a reduction in price just might be around the corner in 2023.
  7. Congrats! Always good to get a ring x2 in the scoop. I got out this morning and while it looked “ringy” it was really skunky.
  8. That's an awesome cap to the story. First you hunted for the ring and then you hunted for the owner. This is worthy of a FOX news special.
  9. That's a great hunt and that gold ring is sweet. I hope the fake one turns out real for you.
  10. Sometimes you just miss it. I watch a lot of detectorists swing and truthfully they are lucky to find anything. Their swings are more like a pendulum and rarely scrape the ground. Depth is an issue at the beach and your coil height may be a reason you miss the gold or any other deep object. The other issue on the beach is pace. If your step measures 24" and your coil is 11" and you're walking as you would normally you will miss targets. There will be a gap in your swing. When I detect the beach and get into a coin line or patch of targets I become the old man at the deli, I sample every piece of sand and shuffle oh so slow.
  11. I almost never see anyone out detecting on the beach. I hit this place at low tide yesterday because the customer lost her ring the prior Saturday and described that she was knee to waist deep in the water at 1pm which put her in the rising tide. I got there at 4am and as usual, had the entire beach to myself. Dog walker came at 6:30 or so. It's always this way it seems so I'm not complaining by any stretch. If I ever see another detector they are usually hunting volleyball courts and they almost never get to the water's edge or in it which is just perfect.
  12. I got out this morning to look for a ring and while I was unsuccessful in finding it I did get this nice 18k consolation prize.
  13. You went over, beyond, further than anyone would have ever expected and as a result you have garnered huge respect and it's well deserved and appreciated. Well done.
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