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    All forms of metal detecting, beach, dirt, mud if there is a coin or ring there.
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    Equinox 600 w/15" coil
    Equinox 800 w/11" coil
    Tarscacci MDT 8000
    Soon the Fisher Impulse AQ

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  1. I just found a mens platinum wedding band Friday when looking for a Rolex for a customer. It rang up a solid 13-14 on the 800. It was the first thing other than a bottle cap I have found that hit 14 on the Nox. It was 10.25 grams of platinum.
  2. I wouldn't use my nox at all but rather use my propointer. The Nox is just too cumbersome in this situation. Grab your propointer and sift the area a little at a time. If it's there you will find it with your propointer.
  3. That is a nice haul. The beaches are a mixed bag this year due to closures. Glad you were able to take advantage of the opportunity.
  4. Awesome. Just like what the Nox did for hammered parks, the AQ is going to do for shallow water and wet sand hunting. Pretty good "niche".
  5. That's awesome. Someday soon I'll be retiring to North Idaho and if I can spend a few hours every week panning for gold I'll be ecstatic.
  6. I don't get the angst surrounding so much that is metal detecting today. I can't imagine what a casual or first time user must think of what passes as discussion on some of these threads on these other sites. It's a hobby, a fun distraction from everyday life and all the crap that comes with it. I guess it's where society is at today so no real surprise. I look forward to finding gold rings when I finally get an AQ and if I can help someone else do the same then all the better. I could give a rats A$$ whether the AQ is "limited", a "prototype", or a shovel with headphones attached so long as it works at what it says it's going to do and I can have fun doing it. Sorry for the rant but all my hobbies are getting politicized it seems and I've reached the end of my rope. It's my money and I'll buy whatever my wife allows me to.
  7. I was told once that for much of the last 50-60 years things have been constructed to fit a 5'8" individual as that is the assumed average height of adult males in the U.S. I don't know if it's true but once again being 5'7" seems as though its going to pay off.
  8. I emailed Dimitar about the salt balancing issue as I've never been able to make it quiet. His response was to send me the manual which I had read several times to that point. Not exactly what I had hoped for in terms of customer support but I think it had more to do with me buying his machine second hand as he had nothing in the sale so to speak. This point concerns me a bit as if I have a problem regarding something breaking I don't think that there will be any warranty support.
  9. #16 bought used from a forum member. I use it exclusively for wet sand. Deal to good to pass up but had intended to buy new. I have issues with getting my salt # correct so that it balances in the wet. I think it's going to be a great machine going forward but we definitely need more videos on the wet sand to help others like myself with the settings. I'm able to use it and am successful with it but I'm probably only getting 65-70% out of it.
  10. It seems there is a divide happening with regards to the AQ. It seems there are those who want to pick it apart to the point that if it doesn't find a ring every swing it's a failure and they just can't wait to point the finger and say I told you so. On the other side are those who are wide eyed like a kid at Christmas dreaming of how much fun it's going to be going to the beach. I've been watching the discussions here and on the other forums and depending on what side your on Rick is either a snake oil salesman or a prophet. Bottom line is if you want to know what it'll find you're going to have to buy it and go hunt and be prepared to move a lot of sand. No matter how good the detector is the detectorist has to be even better, more resilient and more willing to do the work necessary to find anything of value. If you're struggling finding gold it's simply because you're either looking in the wrong places or you haven't dug enough holes yet and the AQ won't change a bad plan or weak resolve. As for me I'm a buyer as I'm that 54 year old kid who just can't wait. I apologize if this is way off topic but it seems like things are getting beaten to death.
  11. Good question. When I use my equinox I dig everything because on 4 occasions that I can remember I dug 4 targets that started off sounding and reading as iron ended up 3 gold rings and one platinum. With my MDT I've yet to strike gold but I have yet to dig anything that sounded or identified as iron that wasn't. 100% accuracy so far but even that might be skewed as now I pass by any target that doesn't come in on the positive side with the MDT because I have about 200 pieces of junk that read as junk that I have dug in an effort to learn the machine. It makes me wonder how the AQ will do on a beach I detected yesterday that was loaded with hundreds and hundreds of lobster/crab trap shrapnel. Every two steps was another piece. Would the AQ drive me batty at a place like this?
  12. Simple is better. My only concern with the AQ is going to be setting it up properly to hunt. I'm an end user. My mind cannot wrap around all the different aspects as it relates to detecting technology. I'm constantly amazed at folks like Steve who can not only understand all this stuff but also explain it in such a way that people like me can go " ok, do this now go hunt." If I miss the occasional small gold but still get 90% of the other gold sitting in the wet sand I'm going to be happy.
  13. Thank you Steve! I've got about 30 hours on mine now and no gold but that's only because I haven't found it yet.
  14. There is no end to detecting, only an end to us. Keep swinging until you just can't swing anymore. I think in the years ahead the finds will still be there but the amount of detectorist's willing to work for them will actually be fewer than today. Those of north of 50 are not "old" we're just "older". Many younger folks today quit the moment things get tough or hard. Steve there are many glorious days of detecting in front of you. God bless
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