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  1. In moist soil I've had the target stick to the end of my shovel, saw the image in the dirt(like you described) and then wandered around like a fool for 10 minutes with the pointer trying to find the target. It may have been stuck on your digger, you placed it to the side or behind you, it fell off and now it is outside your hole 18-24". I know this because I have done it.
  2. While waiting for the Fisher Impulse AQ I have also been looking at the Tarsacci and really enjoyed this thread but it seems to have died. Are folks not talking about it because it's too good? Is it a detector not worthy of the price tag, warranty etc.? My interest in it is purely the wet sand and the extra depth possibly available for recovering gold rings. I'm trying to figure out if getting one now is better than waiting for an AQ later but there is very little out there from beach hunters on the machine. Any input related to it is appreciated. I know there is a huge thread at Dankowskis but this is my home base for all things detecting.
  3. Well every other day or so I search the web for any update on the Impulse AQ and the top return is always this site so I thought I'd see if LE.JAG or Rick has any update on release or progress to release. Someone must know something......
  4. The garret carrot will work great. I use the Deus model and there is also Fisher's. Best of luck to you and don't give up or mow the lawn yet.
  5. Like Steve said your detector is going to struggle with something that small. However if you are patient and willing to take the time, get a propointer and sweep the ground with it like a windshield wiper does to your car and just scoot along as you grid the area. I can attest to this as I have recovered diamond studded gold earrings in just this manner. It takes time but as long as you have the time it works. I've run my 800 over these type of earrings and never got a signal/tone but my propointer will pick it up. Best of luck and I hope you find it.
  6. Yes!!!! Awesome recovery Gerry. That's a honker.
  7. 6-1 is great ratio! I can't ever recall digging a 15 that was other than a tab or bottle cap. Very nice!
  8. Hey i'm in! I'm going to buy the Aqua Impulse if it does come out this year but after researching how long it's been since it's been teased to the public it might be 2020. I've been prepping the boss that I just have to have it.
  9. Thanks for the kind words but I really don't want them to be about me but rather what an awesome hobby we have in detecting. I can think of no other hobby where you can find money, history, jewelry, gold AND make others happy in the process. GB is right in that the folks here are the best and thanks to Steve and his ability to shut some things down it has and continues to be the best place to share and talk detecting. To be alive is to be making a difference and man I felt alive yesterday!
  10. I kind of hesitate to bring some of my ring finds for customers because I know some folks think that it's not hard to find a ring when someone tells you where they lost it and ringfinders like me are glorified hustlers. I wanted to share this one because it was truly a quest and the ending was worth every step and every swing of the detector in the 95 degree heat and dust. I got a call from Michael last night saying he had been helping coach his young daughters cross country team at Rancho Santa Susana park in Simi Valley. He went home without his platinum wedding ring. As fate would have it they had run all over the park (It's huge!) and even up on the hills across the street. He thought he could have lost it in the bark area, a couple grass areas, along a 2 mile path and finally the hills across the street. We started with the bark area which was about 300 yards long by 25 yards or so at it's widest. He said he had sprinted in this area with the kids and the ring may have flown off there. Unfortunately for me it didn't as I canvassed the whole area in about an hour and a half just swinging my nox while kids played soccer next to me. I was looking for that 12-13 double beep as it was going to be on the surface. I turned my sensitivity all the way down so I would only get surface signals which helped speed things up. I was also the idiot who forgot to bring water so I was starting to sweat through my clothes hoping I could hijack and unsuspecting soccer players water while they weren't looking. We finished the bark area and detected a path on the way to the grassy area #1. I gridded it, found 2 nickels that had promise given the signal I was hunting for was 12-13 nickel as that's where all my men's platinum rings have come in at. We declared grassy area #1 done and went to grassy area #2. About a half hour in I began to sense he was giving up and truthfully I was beginning to think this wasn't going to end well. I was starting to to tell him the other things he could do to find his ring(police, craigslist, pawn shop) and I had literally covered all but a 10x10 area of the grass and something told me to search it even though it really wasn't an area he thought he'd lost it at. Again I want to emphasize I felt like I was being led/pushed to go search it. I got over to it, started gridding and I got a nice double beep with a 12-13 VDI. I had my shades on so I couldn't really see the grass and I was just pulling out my Deus propointer to verify the signal when Michael reached down and started screaming "you found my ring, you found my ring!" Before I could even speak he put me into bear hug and he started shaking and crying with joy that he had his ring back. He had a hold of me for at least a minute and then we prayed, gave God thanks for the recovery and he got it back together and called his wife. If you've never found something another person has lost you're really missing out on one of the greatest experiences of your life. To me metal detecting isn't my hobby, it's my ministry. Most of my customers are women and they have a tendency to be very emotional so you can imagine I was taken aback by how important this ring was to him as he said over and over that it represented his love for his wife. Finding this ring today was a needle in the haystack recovery that God led me to. I'm not trying to get all spiritual but it's just who I am and how I roll. I hope all of you have at least half as good a weekend as I am.
  11. Funny you should ask. I got a call last week for a ring search in one of the canals in the Channel Islands. A guy lost his wedding ring in about 10-12 feet of water. They know the general area(within 10-15 yards) but I'm not able to dive because I still haven't taken the plunge to get scuba certified. As for SoCal, we've been sanded in at most of my spots and in some new spots I've literally detected for hours on end in the wet sand with only one or two signals. I hunted a reasonably well populated beach the other day during AM low tide and dug one signal in two hours. The wife and I haven't made our trip to Pismo yet. We took the plunge and went to the UK for vacation this summer and blew two or three vacation funds in the process but it was worth it. School is back in session now so detecting time is slowing down for a bit but winter storms are on the horizon. Keep up the good work!
  12. Thats an awesome 1 1/2 hours.
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