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Find More Stuff! An Updated Tutorial On Historic Aerials And Onx Hunt With Another Tool

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Some of you will remember my short tutorial on using Historic Aerials incredible website and the extremely powerful app, OnX Hunt.

I can't edit the old one, but Steve graciously retained it so here it is:

Ironic that it's too cold for me to get out for the next couple of days, as it was over a year ago. 😀 Great time to pass on some new technological tricks!

What I want to add to it is the fabulous new website that one of our members brought to light since I wrote that post. USGS has created the National Map - a website that allows you to look at LiDar maps of the areas you have permission to, and find ground anomalies that indicate cellar holes, the existence of foundations, and other interesting topographical features.

For those of you unfamiliar with LiDar, it's laser imaging of the ground from satellites, aircraft or drones that "sees through trees and buildings", which is about the simplest way I can think of to describe it. Yes, now disturbed ground can be found from space 🤔

Go to the link above (it's embedded), and you will see the opening screen:Screenshot_20230202_144055_Brave.thumb.jpg.0c8f74a889e708e19caefd0127ad1f95.jpg

Zoom in to the area you are interested in hunting (I'll use an area that is not one of my permissions 😀😞)Screenshot_20230202_144912_Brave.thumb.jpg.1b01a3990b4b0cc24a6adc51fc22673b.jpg

Do yourself a favor and don't visit those coordinates, at best you'll end up in jail. 😁

Tap or click the "layers" button the cheesy red arrow points to above, and select "3DEP Elevation - Hillshade Stretched".


The map will fill in, showing you ground detail. Click or tap the menu box "x" to close the menu, and boom! You can see all the disturbed ground in the area up to the date the image was recorded.Screenshot_20230202_150316_Brave.thumb.jpg.7ff699349b59679a9ed6941aa74ecb86.jpg

Zoom in and out as required, and again mark the points of interest in OnX Hunt as best you can match features.

Really powerful tools! 🙂 You're still gonna have to get out there and get your coil over something 🤣

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