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  1. Ha, thanks 😀 yeah I thought the beach was bad. These are all shredded or crushed, found a couple intact but no wheels. Worst part is they all sound like coins, from pennies to quarters. 🤣
  2. I dig everything that shows in that range, don't consider it "iffy". It's been anything from a really good penny (I've seen 30s with a few, best ones have a 25 in there), a dime, silver, or a quarter. Yesterday it was 3 mangled steel tubes in the same hole, but getting junk in that range is rare. 😀 It's kinda the "sweet spot". Glad you did the test though, and got some great advice.
  3. Great coin! They only minted 1.5 million of them, it's not very rare but cool to find. Interesting stuff about them here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coinage_of_Upper_Canada If it is struck in medallic alignment it was Royal mint, if in coin alignment it was Heaton mint. Which do you have?
  4. The finds are all in the 2-8" range. First day I found a few things right on top. They are usually in the plug or just under it. I'm using a Predator Barracuda shovel which digs about that deep. Settings are Park 1, 23 sensitivity. I always use the horseshoe button to hear everything. I used F2=0 Iron Balance, and ground balance varied in spots from 4 to around 30. When using F2=0 Iron falses so I dig a lot of it.
  5. Yes, the circle I mowed here is the front yard of an old farmhouse, ca. early 1900s, maybe a little older. All the toys are from the 70s. Most have dates on them. I guess the kid threw them around a bit or left them everywhere.
  6. A little history: The A & Z Chain Company, founded by Carl Ashen and Saul Zeitlin in 1905 in Providence, Rhode Island, as a chain manufacturer. ... Hayward Company (founded in 1851, Attleboro, MA) merged with The A & Z Chain Company and became The A&Z Hayward Company.
  7. One of the local landowners stopped by today, told me about a road that used to be there. I sort of figured out where it was, and followed it a bit. That is where it turned up. Oldest coins so far were a 1908 IHP, a 1910 wheat, and 2 1911s. There is hope for others. Guess the composition changed in later pennies.
  8. Kinda an iffy day today, I was worried it would rain this morning but I drove just outside it to the farmhouse I've been hunting (and mowing). They tilled the field so all the cornstalks were knocked down! This made hunting outside the circle easy. Here are the finds, I dug so much trash, most of it was broken Matchbox cars, even a small helicopter. I have dug at least 10 or so cars in parts. Shame, I would much rather dig a coin collection than a matchbox collection. Even dug a Wonder Bread truck! They are everywhere. Got the usual clad, all 70's to 2012. 6 wheats from 1911 to 1947. 4 dimes, 3 memorials and 3 Zincolns. I was thrilled to find a piece of Civil War Calvary spur to put in my display box, dug a whole one just like it last time. The brass ring thing is some sort of tack as well. The 1911 wheat fooled me, at first I thought I had an IHP, it was so green. Best find of the day albeit in parts about 4" apart was the sterling leaf earring. It could be soldered back together, and the screw still works.
  9. Nice hunt. Been "forked" a couple times myself, too bad neither were sterling. I'm digging that much crap or more mostly to clear it out, and to stop swinging the detector for a bit. Any silver is a good day for me. 👍 Great job. I'm always impressed.
  10. It's a Ferris. IS2100z. Gravelies are great mowers. 👍I got this one because of the 4 wheel independent suspension with springs and shocks. It's great for slopes and mowing rough terrain. They make them under a couple of names. I've had it almost 10 years now, bought it initially because the Dixie Chopper I first bought was scary on sloped ground and terrible on rough land. Gonna be using it at some other sites, it makes it easy to find the coins!
  11. And the circle is mowed... I'm headed there tomorrow and probably Sunday, you're always welcome. As I said before these places are so big I can't hunt them all myself. 😀 I'm still kicking around the circle, but if you look at historic aerials there were 6 buildings. I think we only found 2 so far, I think the distant one was a stable. Besides you need to get your silver average back. 🤣
  12. Yes, USGS topos from the 1800s until they didn't mark house locations anymore, and historicaerials.com. Helps a lot.
  13. Nice haul Cap'n! That ring is awesome. Might even protect you from trigger finger if you wear it at night. 😀 That thingie is a coat/hem weight. Sure it isn't lead?
  14. It is a home site and a great place to park farm equipment. Each place they own has a similar spot. We're talking hundreds of acres. The owner has tried to think of all the places on his properties where farmhouses stood. He has a couple more, and I've found houses they didn't know about 😁
  15. I pretty much cherry picked it previously, got one silver coin at least. It wasn't easy to search because of the tall grass, so it was an easy choice for me. I may do this at other places as well. They bush hog them but not well.
  16. Finally got around to getting permission to mow a circle in a farm where an old house stood. The grass was at least 12" tall making it tough to search it. Beautiful day, started in the 50s, went up to 75, nice breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Loaded up my off road mower and drove down to the farm. Only took about an hour to mow the place, I blew all the grass out of the circle. Cut it down to around 4", and also mowed the sides and center of the road. The circle is about an acre. The house stood off to the left. I didn't really start finding a lot until the afternoon, mostly digging molten metal, bits of junk, pull tabs and beer cans. Here are the finds, all clad/memorials but for one 1930 wheat penny, and 6 Zincolns. I think I found where the front door was, I dug the keys and then started finding spills of coins, one had at least 6: My favorite find of the day was this tag, at first I thought it was a holed large cent but it turned out to be this: 1930s "Tail Waggers Club" ID tag. TWC started in England in 1929, quickly spread to the US. Apparently from looking at pictures of other tags this is a very low number so it's one of the originals. TWC was a charity for animal rescue and was very successful. It still exists in some form today. It says "I Help My Pals". Bonus: they came to till the place in the afternoon, so now I don't have to worry about corn stalks and can find the other 5 buildings.
  17. An interesting bit of trivia I did not know! 😀 Thanks. I dug it at another site where I found that cavalry stirrup. Gonna mow that tomorrow to make it easier to detect.
  18. I know the person, someone I used to work with. They did not get permission from the landowner. He wasn't happy when he heard of it, but I don't want to raise an issue. The person who told them the landowner wouldn't mind also lets me hunt all his adjacent land. It's kinda sticky. This is an area of trust and cooperation, whistleblowers usually end up the losers. Right now I'm winning big time, I am grateful to have so much at my disposal, regardless of the potential it had. 🙂 I don't do anything without permission.
  19. It sure would, guess that's not the way. 😀 I believe the reason they missed them is because they were extremely high ID's. One was a 39 and the other a 36. There are a lot of steel cans here, they just skipped 'em. I knew I wasn't digging Morgans, but I dug them anyway.
  20. Hey y'all, been busy out there but not finding much. Got permission to mow one place so that may change. Most interesting thing was a little cat pin: Went to one of my original places today, what used to be a racetrack in the 17-1800s. Unfortunately a couple of detectorists spent 3 weeks there every day, and pretty much wiped it out. No one knows what they found. I did get a Merc there in the spring when they turned it. I grid searched one area hoping I'd find something, dug some clad (about$1.75) and lots and lots of molten metal, turns out the barn there had burned. Today I got another rein guide, parts of a Rogers silverware spoon, and these things that I wonder if any of you recognize: The first one is nickel plated brass and somewhat larger than the next, about 2" across. It is heavy and has a threaded hole, and on the other side has holes for pins and obviously fits something precisely: The next one is a bit smaller (about 1-1/2"): It has the same threaded hole and less pin holes. I'm thinking rein guide boss, but the threaded holes are conical.
  21. Great stuff. Really like the details on the IHP, really all your coins are in good shape. Jury is out with me using the lower F2 numbers, large iron here falses big time. Had a piece today that was an 18 until I went to F2=3. Lots of farm shards and other big iron where I am.
  22. So glad you found it. Any of those coins of interest? Lost one of my rings a few days ago and found it in about 5 minutes with the Equinox. Perseverance pays off. 👍
  23. 🤣 Yeah but here it's totally acceptable to wear camo and mil gear. Everyone hunts, and it's our daily uniform 😀 either hunter or boater. Never liked holsters much, I keep my .45 on a chest harness. That would be a worthy thread to start. 👍
  24. Try this one: it's rugged as heck and only costs around $25: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08FF9N987
  25. I really like that bag. It's a bit expensive but looks like it would hold up well. Many reviewers say the pinpointer loop swallows a Garrett Carrot, and again the belt is kinda thin. It also has bottom mesh. I think kac is onto something as far as improvements go. On the one above the left bag fits my poly hand digger, the rubber frisbee and my cleaning brushes. The Doc's bag I use did too but they were tight the trash bag is large and draws tight. As for the belt, it is about twice as thick as the other bags mentioned, and can be used on it's own. I'm not happy with storing tools and trash together.
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