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  1. Yes the 10x5 tends to ID some pennies higher than usual. 👍 I've had them go as high as 28 depending on their purity. It's a bonus to me tho because Zincolns are relegated to 18-19. If anything IDs from 17-19 I'll dig it, because it's generally older silver, but I do get some crusty Zincolns now and again 😀 I generally don't dig 39-40s because I'll use a single frequency to suss them out. Otherwise it could be a dollar, it happens. ðŸĪŠ I think no matter the malady, no matter the effects of old age in my case, it is always good to get out there. Good job testing!
  2. What a great story and testament to your skill. 👍
  3. Great find Dogo! 😀 Looks like you got another interesting object there next to the spoon. Coin? Token? Are the other coins all modern? Shame the stone is missing but you got the gold. 👍
  4. Wow, if only we had such a rich history here. Congratulations on such great finds! 👍 Nice job with the Deus.
  5. Nice IHPs, and it's always great to get a token. Some of them are valuable. 👍 what's the other disc on the left?
  6. So far 0.71 has done great by me, sure makes my metal detector find metal. 😏 Would be nice to see some gold tweaks, it kinda freaked me out that it didn't "see" a 7g 14k chain dropped on the sand in front of me. Had to de-filter my beach program a bit. Don't have too many gold chains lying around to test with probably because of that 😀 My worry is the same as some above, a new version might compromise older programming, and to what end? Yeah, give them time to fully test a new release. 👍
  7. I was talking about this with @dogodog, and he emphasized that it's good every now and again to take a step back, turn off the filters on a programmable detector especially, and dig it all until you're confident you're finding everything, and in what you're finding. At least return to a vanilla program just to make sure you haven't over-tweaked your detector. 👍
  8. I'll tell ya what the jellyfish were protecting after I prove it. 😀 Got a "hunchk" and I'll check it soon. 👍
  9. That is awesome! To make it look like me you'd have to cover it with camouflage, and a bandana. Woodland from the 80s Army! 😀 That's my jam. 😁
  10. Yikes, what's with you and fingernails, Cap'n? ðŸĪĢ Seriously, awesome hunt anyway. That first ring is incredible, and the copper one is cool. 👍 Great job, looks like you were digging most targets. TBH I found a fingernail last week myself. 😀
  11. I was shocked as well, but it sold out so there's that. 😀 Testament to its looks. Could be I found a knockoff. ðŸĪ” I collect knives that catch my eye, so I looked that one up right away. They also sell the Manticore... https://atlanticknife.com/collections/automatic-knives/products/heretic-knives-automatic-manticore-otf-blue-aluminum-elmax-steel-bowie-blade-022b2atq ðŸĪĢ
  12. Nice knife! Ring is cool too 👍 found it for ya: https://atlanticknife.com/collections/rough-rider/products/rough-rider-damascus-etched-karambit-folding-blade-linerlock-black-knife-1651?variant=3724418613288
  13. You definitely have to mind which pressure plug you use in the Deus! Sure it's a bit more fiddlly thing the Equinox, but I still like to drive a fancy vehicle now and again. 😁
  14. The Deus 2 is that easy as well. It's much lighter, and I'm pretty confident with dunking it. They didn't put 12 programs on it for nothing! I've never had a problem in the water with my Equinox which I still have, but it's nice to have a far more reliable water machine. Snap the waveguide on, secure the coil connection with a small zip tie and go. I feel like I have 3 "lovers" now and my wife isn't jealous at all. She likes the rings they bring her. 😁
  15. My clock hasn't lost time since I set it back in March I think. ðŸĪ”
  16. Nice ring, and a chunk of change to boot. Guess you got everything but the kitchen sink. 😀 Great job, I'd have moved away for a bit if there was someone pacing too. Nice to see an older detector killing it like that. 👍
  17. I camped one place this year where I was told he was, but we didn't see anyone of note there that day. Once I saw a famous YouTuber on a beach, he didn't get a video that day. 😁
  18. You don't say where you live, but in my state you call a number and the power company sends someone out to locate the line and spray paints the ground where it is - free. ðŸĪ” Keeps people from getting killed digging holes for bushes and such. My Equinox and Deus both go nuts over and under power lines, but I wouldn't use them for accuracy.
  19. Weather is cooling down here in VA, we've had a bit of drought but all my fields have crops on them, so I've been going to beaches and hunting campgrounds that we visit. The jellyfish are finally gone from one of my beaches, I went to it yesterday and water hunted but got nothing but fishing rigs and a couple of bottle caps. Got one 94 which turned out to be another memorial coin like the one I found a while back. It was a nice day, 83 and strong breeze from the direction I took the picture. The water was clear down to about 5 feet. I tossed the coin back.
  20. Great photos, looks like there are a lot of nice trails there, albeit steep. I suppose no detecting is allowed... ðŸĪ”
  21. Nice find! All our storms are getting blown eastward by strong cold fronts this year. Good because no hurricanes so far, but the beach is piling up. ðŸ˜ĩ Must be nice to get a bracelet like that at 15. ðŸĪ”
  22. Thanks Cap'n! I was an uncle and a Boy Scout too. ðŸĪĢ The main reason they didn't find them is that they were probably cherry picking and skipped all pull tab signals, they have White's detectors. The old man almost fainted when I handed him the Deus 2 at VA Beach 😀 I found 3 nickels too. I lowered discrimination to zero, had reactivity at 1.5, salt sense 1, I think audio response was 5, and bottle caps 3. Detector was running hot and finding tiny pieces of iron which it identified correctly but I dug them anyway. I didn't want to miss any gold should it be there, the plated hairpin was a 6 I think. Bottle caps were always a solid 4. The coins were right near the surface so they probably skipped them. I might have if I wasn't trying new stuff.
  23. Welcome to the forum! I have a 600 as well, you might consider the Coiltek 10x5 as an alternative to the 11" for tight spaces and farm hunting with stalks. Beautiful coins, either they come up like that or you are a cleaning master 👍 Great stuff, looking forward to future finds!
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