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  1. Meh, I'm going to stick with Gary. I think XP could have chosen a much less flamboyant individual as America's representative. I appreciate Gary's low key, no frills videos and plain straightforward instruction. But then again I don't really need anyone to follow. 🤔 At one time that was the point in this country. 🤪
  2. Nice hunt Ghound! Yeah the 13" can be a bear with tilting, but nailing small coins on the beach at 8-12" is a thrill for me. Little 89-90 blip and I know I'm on a dime. Dug so many this past summer! It's also great you noticed the value of the coil in overgrowth. Your watch face is part of a pocket watch that looked like this: Probably radium paint. 🙂 Beautiful Barber dime, that really is the star of the show. Judging from the concertina reed, knife pommel cover and the watch parts it seems more like that school was on a commercial site long ago. It's all similar to what I found at an old steamboat landing. 🤔 Definitely a site worth returning to as long as it's not loaded with poison ivy as well 😀
  3. It hasn't snowed here in a couple of years, I'm grateful for that because the ground didn't freeze either. I too admire y'all with the fortitude to get out and do that, but my hands and feet couldn't take it. I close up shop when the temperature drops to 32 or less F. Congrats on some great finds! I guess the D2 LCD screen isn't up to cold weather. 🤔
  4. Try to catch farmers outside, or knock on doors, have a pocketful of compliments and try to interest them in what you might find. Offer to split the fortune you make off that valuable coin. 😀 Promise to turn over all family stuff.
  5. Thanks Colonel, The weather was right, the ground was saturated and easy to dig but not muddy, a lot of factors in our favor. That and this spot was apparently undiscovered like a couple others there. It's a big place but sadly about half of it is woods. It was much larger at one time, it has been farmed for almost 350 years. It's a very fortunate permission.
  6. We were asked to keep out of the woods at this place during bow season, we're already up to hunting with dogs and firearms now, a very old tradition here. Week before last I was "hunted" by a couple of dogs that came right to the edge of the woods at my house where I was sitting in my golf cart taking a break. Ol' Number 8 and 10 heard me speak to them, turned around and went off on another trail. 🤣 Another few weeks of total mayhem and it's over here. At least the legal stuff. 😬 I think everyone went back to work after Thanksgiving. 😀 Worst time is right after Christmas when they zero and pattern the Christmas presents. 😏
  7. Thanks for the back photo, I was wondering whether it was a cast or soldered shank. 👍 It appears you have a great place to hunt, and a lot of excellent finds. I often wonder whether it is experience or a fresh angle with a new detector, but many of the places I've hunted heavily produce nothing new. 🤔
  8. No worries, at my stage of detecting I'm exponentially more prone to wishful thinking 🤣 Thanks to you I'm a bit more careful now. 👍 I was hoping you'd catch this post and weigh in. 🙂 Heck I thought it was an 1802 at first glance! Still got the adrenaline rush. Even the 1607 KJ1 cut in half I dug isn't all that valuable, but the context of the buttons and broken spectacle buckle I collected near it were priceless. These are the things that keep me going. 🙂
  9. You're welcome anytime my friend, much more to discover and after my injury it's preferable to have a friend along, a 50% less chance of being a target for a hunter, and a second cell phone 🤣 Seriously, I have gone through life with few mentors, and really appreciate getting schooled now and again. 🙂 I also much appreciate your knowledge of detectors and history and finds, more than you may realize. So much to learn, and so little time. Going to make the most of it!
  10. Thanks BSG, I wish. 😅 I'll take it though, it's a great find nonetheless. 🙂
  11. 😅 Thanks GB, but after reading that with even more than two syllables 🧐 I discovered the truth, which I discussed with another forum member who nailed the ID on my 1607 KJ1 in less than 5 minutes while I was in the field. I sidelighted the coin yet again, and photographed this: Then I went to this site and got these images for comparison: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/an-introduction-to-the-u-s-large-cent-part-1.362560/ I downloaded these two images, first the 1798: And then the venerable and more valuable 1793: Believe me I would love it if it was the 1793, but the endowment of the lady in question is almost off the coin in 1798 as opposed to the more modest 1793. Apparently, sidelighting can be gaslighting too, lesson learned. 🙂 Thanks for the fast heartbeat! 🤣 What remains now is discovering which of the hairstyles she has. 🤔
  12. Thanks Chase, You're always welcome no matter who finds what. I don't envy you the trip, but I thought you found some really cool stuff! 👍 Think you might have got more buttons which are always great to find. Those tack decorations are cool, sometimes they represent families. Layers of history... 🤔
  13. Thanks Cap'n, I think it was karma for the injury, I don't know about the docs and nurses but I had a blast at the hospital 🤣 all things considered. The more it hurt the more I laughed, I wonder where that training came from 😏 of course the morphine helped 🤔 Sooner or later you'll find one that was a lucky coin passed down and lost. 🙂 Spanish silver was currency to the 1850s, so you have a chance of finding that as well, just not on a site that has been cherry picked many times. I gave one farm owner a Chinese Cash coin I found next to his grandfather's house, those things can be 100 to a thousand years old. I imagine his granddad wore it slick and lost it. It's the only one I ever found, but he let me keep a 1690 Spanish Cob because he didn't have any attachment to it. He was very grateful for that coin.
  14. Thanks Dan. 🙂 I ended up with a painful heel from wearing boots instead of shoes, and I had got some ankle braces because after the fall my ankles got weak although there was no visible damage. Wearing proper shoes corrected that and I'm ok this morning. 😀 Both of us agreed that there should be more there, it obviously wasn't discovered. It's about 60 acres of field, and conventional wisdom would indicate the probability of relics being elsewhere. I can't stress the importance of scouting large areas carefully. This was a remote part of the field where horses were kept for sure, indicated by all the tack relics we found. I know from other experiences that where there are horses there are buttons and other small objects, even some coins.
  15. I agree with you 🙂 I'm hoping someone will eventually make a hard attachment (not a wire) to magnetically charge. Most people don't use the BH-01 headphones, and there are so many good wireless headphones. The relic hunters would be thrilled.
  16. 2mm steel would be the minimum for stone digging, but expect to use up a scoop pretty fast regardless. 😀 Too bad pry bars are so darn heavy, you could use dynamite and that would get you some fish too! Might bring some unwanted attention however. 🤣
  17. Still a productive hunt, you're doing just fine. 👍 It's never over until everything is frozen, and some intrepid Forum members make the most of that. 😀 I live in a rural area and we have no parks at all, so for local hunting in the off season for farms I have to find house permissions (very difficult) or spend my time traveling to two beaches. I'm thankful I'm retired and my wife likes to travel to distant beaches too, she doesn't mind me getting out early in the day. Good luck, and do what you can. 🙂
  18. Thanks VL, I kidded Chase about the "Death March" to get to this spot, we actually considered bringing my off road golf cart next time 🤣 From where we have to park it's nearly a mile alone. Sure, a mile is nothing on pavement, but in a tilled corn stalk or bean field it's a whole different story. We both brought blaze orange but didn't hear any hunting activity all day. The road was probably the most dangerous part of the trip, but we didn't hear anything in the woods. Lucky day I guess. No worries, I've already got two trips booked for next year where I expect to find more Hot Wheels. 🤣 I won't let you down. 😎
  19. Thanks Rattlehead, The DBLC is not my oldest coin by a longshot, 416 years is my record (1607 King James I), but to get one in such identifiable condition was practically a miracle. 🥳 AFAIK it's my first so there's that. 😀 At first I thought it said 1802, but that was probably adrenaline fueled. 🤪 Better to find it was older too. I have found another '16 Merc in the past, but this one is by far the nicest. It was on that long road making the trip worthwhile. We have eagerly waited about a year to get to this spot, got some Intel recently that a house was moved. Chase found it and it paid off. I'm just grateful that it's not going to be planted with a spring crop so we can go back. We didn't do much of my "Farm Hunting 101" after we found the hotspot. 😀 There is more ground to cover!
  20. Thanks! I know that persistence is the major factor, but I can't imagine making it all that way with a heavier machine, especially after an injury. 🙂 Luckily other manufacturers are joining in with lighter stuff since we have to cover more ground to make the better finds. Also the accuracy of the Deus 2 makes for a lot less junk, even my trash had historical significance! 😎
  21. 8.28 miles is the OnX Hunt total. It was long because we checked out an old road that was way longer than we thought, but I used OnX to find a shortcut back up a 90 foot grade saving us the slog back the whole road. We thought for sure we would get blocked by a steep ravine. The hill was rough and overgrown but it was maybe a fifth of the trip. 🥳 That gave us time to find a few more things. Hey, clad adds up. 👍 Better to find "A-thing" than no-thing 🤔 Glad you got out! That same storm only gave us drizzle. A week or so ago we got 2.5 inches of rain, that was a blessing because we had a drought for a while and this dirt was turning to concrete. That's the only bad thing here. No minerals and very few rocks.
  22. Thanks Ghound, It's the 11". After dislocating my left shoulder a couple weeks ago, I wanted to get the most coverage with the least weight. I have all the coils, I kept the 13" in my backpack vest. The 9" might have helped me in some places tho 🤔 there was a fair amount of iron but no aluminum. I really like that place. It took us quite a while to find the hot spot, but find it we did.
  23. Thanks Joe, The digging was insanely easy too, it rained yesterday but wind dried it up enough to not be muddy. 🥳 Perfect day.
  24. Today I wanted to get out for a whole day hunt at my oldest permission, it dates to ~1640. They cleared the half that hasn't been hunted since I got it. Unfortunately they planted winter wheat on the other half 😀 It wasn't a bad day at all, started out about 43 and went up to around 50. I invited Chase down to hunt it with me, he got there later and did well himself. Today I walked nearly 8 miles, it was pretty rough on me, and in the afternoon the wind came up. It got colder pretty fast. Here are my relic funds for the day: Got a nice newer brass buckle, a couple of horse tack decorations, some other interesting bits, and 10 buttons or pieces. The most interesting relic was the odd shaped brass object next to last on the top row, it had decoration on it. Not sure what it's from but it is curved. Got a pretty big pile of trash today, lots of lead, a few pieces of iron, and some other junk. But the day was made by the coins! We hunted a road that went about a mile or so back behind the farm and I got this: A beautiful 1916 Mercury dime. Haven't got much silver lately so it was a relief! Sadly it's not a D 🤔 This is how it came out of the ground, I didn't need to clean it at all! But the real thrill of the day was getting a 96 and digging this coin, it's my first one of these. I had to sidelight it to get the date to stand out, it's a 1798 Draped Bust Large cent. The reverse is pretty good too, enough details to show. I dare not clean it any more than I have. I also got what I think was a wheat penny but it's horribly toasted. I hope Chase had as much fun as I did today. 🙂
  25. Wow Lodge, That button and the one next to it are really old. I'd like to see the shank on the green one. Also, nice star Tombac on the top left! 👍 Sadly they don't always come up whole. 😢 I'd try polishing the "silver button", also sidelight it. Looks like a half Reale to me. If you get tarnish it's at least plated. Does it have a shank on the back? Great short hunt!
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