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  1. I bought a multi port "semi-smart" charger that shuts down the port when a device is fully charged, but I do not know when it considers the device needs the port turned back on, it just does. It would be like watching grass grow. Since I use my detector(s) at least once a week, I have not seen any issues. It's been a couple of years now. πŸ€”
  2. I'm in this anticipation simply because I feel a waterproof PI possibly with some sort of discrimination is coming, I like the Algoforce but hope competition solves some issues. I have places both in water and on land that it would be good to squeak out a few more finds from, but I don't want to dig 2 feet for an old bolt or farm shard.
  3. I may just do that, and thanks for the kind words. My wife always tells me that, but next week is her "birthday week", so I have to set aside some bucks to get her something cool. We're off to another coastal beach for the week, I go out early and then come back to take her out shopping and to fun restaurants. πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks Lodge, Wow, only 30 minutes? My small beach is about 20 minutes away, fine white sand... and jellyfish. 😬 I've found gold, silver, and other cool stuff there though, it's easy to find fresh drops because I've wiped it out. Don't know if anyone else does it there. I love relic hunting, and really miss it in the summer, but all of my fields are planted and I haven't been seeking new permissions lately. I'll be doing that this fall. Yeah, I'd be out on the beach, but do what Brad says and go early. 10am is basically the "witching hour" at any beach, if you can get out of there by then you won't have to deal with much. Water hunting is very difficult unless there are no waves, which doesn't happen at the Atlantic. Be prepared to be asked 1000s of questions, "Finding anything?" Being the most common. I love knocking them dead when they ask "What's the best/most valuable/coolest thing you've ever found?" My answer to the first one is "Every time I do this, not much today", and the second varies from my 1607 KJ1 to "More Spanish silver than they ever found on Oak Island", to the latest ring I did not find at that beach. 🀣 My answer to "Can I have the next thing you find?" Is NO. Same with "Show me what you found". You'll find most people are really nice, but wayyyyy more boring than you. 😎
  5. Thanks!, I have another one but at the beach in this post it is too light to handle all the rocks and pebbles. It's PVC and Kevlar screen mesh. Dump a big scoop of the rocks and fine sand in it and it tips or sinks. 😡 Works ok with my smaller scoop. Looking forward to next week, big beach in NC.
  6. Thanks phrunt (Simon), Sure am enjoying being here and hopefully posting stuff that inspires lurkers and maybe longtime members to get out there. Sometimes I don't find much and don't post, but if the day is even remotely interesting I'll post something, in the summer it gets sort of lean. πŸ˜… I appreciate the encouragement. πŸ™‚ I've also been reducing my photo sizes to save space for the forum 🀣
  7. I wonder if polycarbonate could hold up to dumping a heavy scoop of pebbles and silt would work, this one beach is almost all pebbles πŸ€”. The other I don't need one, the fine white sand washes right out of the scoop leaving maybe a couple shell bits and your target. Easy. Thanks for the thought. πŸ‘ While I'm no stranger to chasing stud earrings, that is important. πŸ‘ My pending review of the float on Amazon mentions it. I have a smaller sifter with the Kevlar on it, works good with my small scoop. πŸ‘ I can get perforated poly from other manufacturers like this one: https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=34318 https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=34317 It's just that it's $50 more.
  8. I've been to Tybee Island, it's a 4 hour drive from Atlanta minus gridlock possibly, it's about 10 for me πŸ˜… parking isn't free there either. 😡 Hunting can be good but usually wouldn't be worth the fuel combined. Lots of beach hunters there.
  9. Thanks, I'm considering that but ABS, Poly, and PVC screen mesh add almost as much to the price, but it is under $80 to Prime members: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0CZTQ88CL They really should put a thick material like I mentioned above in it with zip ties. What I'd really like to have is the "Tube Tubb", but it's $175 and $25 shipping. Not a scrap of metal on it, the Hoover Boys use them for river hunting in MD. I have some Kevlar mesh I may use with zip ties. πŸ€” Then nothing but sand will fall through.
  10. Thanks MSC, These are the experiences of a relic and beach hunter (me) fairly new to water hunting. I've written a few times expressing my admiration of those who can take the pounding in the surf or brave scuba diving, I generally hunt the dry where the waves are big. Here at the river some days it can be flat if you're there at the right time, and if you want to be almost guaranteed a precious metal find, it will be there - apparently. I've had good luck every time anyway. Next week I'll be hunting a coastal beach and likely will be on the sand for most of it.
  11. We've had a spell of hot weather here on the East Coast, but if you get up early enough it's not bad, and you can get off the beach before it fills up. Hit my local (ha, an hour drive one way) beach yesterday hoping to do a water hunt, as yet the jellyfish have not appeared, or are very few. I got there at 7am and decided to hunt the dry first, there had to be a lot of activity because it's the day after the 4th of July weekend. The river was flat and I had a few hours to low tide. For the dry hunt I used the 13" coil. I can sort of get away with dunking it a little deeper than the 9" or 11", in about 5 inches of water I'll lose the signal. Did pretty good there, all the usual toys and coins. A guy came rushing out on the beach with his detector while I was out there, said something about how much it sucked that I was there, threw his stuff back in the car and went to another place πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Cool, all the more for me I guess. πŸ™„ At about 10 it started to get hot, but a breeze came up, so I got my other D2 with the 9" and antenna, and the new float sifter I wanted to test. I bought this one not even thinking that the mesh was stainless, my bad, as the coins and other stuff come up pretty much the same color as the rocks, so they are hard to see, and you can't pinpoint because stainless. πŸ€”πŸ˜ I'm going to either try and get some plastic mesh for it, or return it and get the fabulous Tube Tubb that costs about twice as much. 🀬 Here's the crap, keeping it real for y'all. I did find a big VW Microbus toy that I gave to a little kid, his parents were thrilled, and I got some space in my bag. I like doing that. It was a great karma day, a woman offered me a cold bottle of water while taking to her about detecting. Came away with enough to justify the $3 an hour parking I guess: A couple of toy cars, the Mercedes was over a foot deep in the wash and kept banging 95+. A few of the coins were deep too, I must not have a lot of minerals or salt in the water at the edge because they were 3 scoops or more to get to them and I had my big stainless scoop this trip. I don't see that shift in ID - ever, particularly with dimes and quarters. Jewelry was sparse but not bad, I scored a 4g silver band, and some unidentified metal ring that my wife likes. It's beat up but should polish nicely. Cool looking but no hallmarks. The earring was disappointing, turned out to be 14k over brass, it has a stone in it but it's probably CZ. It finally rained a bit, so I got a nice rainbow photo, an end to a pretty good day.
  12. Nice to see a successful relic hunt in the summer, I miss it πŸ₯². That Tombac does really date your finds as old, Tombacs can go into the low 40s on the D2. πŸ‘ I'm guessing a very old hunting spot, maybe a temporary camp. It could be where a shady spot was that a farmer took breaks and fixed gear. There might be some buckle fragments around as well. Sweat the small stuff, and be mindful of chiggers. I still have a healing bite from my last hunts in May. Of course it looks like bugs may not be the only problem 😏 Great work! A little lemon juice can work wonders on the brass buttons.
  13. Thanks Colonel, Well I didn't get any gold, but it was a great find for this little beach. I dig almost everything there but very deep iron. Some targets are a few feet down. I may revisit some objects in the water that were a combination of high tone and low, like a 60s ID and then 4. Typically these are bottle caps, I've dug a lot of them in the past. I'll always dig them in the dry sand, but it's tough chasing one in the water. In the water I'll scoop everything that is consistent. I haven't checked it yet but I do want to know why a silver object have such a low reading. That ring I got at another beach was high 90s. Just did an air test, the pendant is a 76 and the chain a 51. Definitely the chain caused the lower ID. I definitely would have dug either one, so no problem. Happy Independence Day! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸŽ‡
  14. Thanks, it's not major but context is everything. This beach isn't much more than 100' long, incredible natural white sand with a small mix of black. I'm sure there is history out there somewhere. It's cool every now and again to have a decent find, the beach is not far from my house.
  15. I'm afraid I will probably never know the answer to that πŸ€”
  16. That's pretty much what I do, most times the river is calm but sometimes there are some decent waves, so it's good for training. When I clean it out of clear stuff, I dig everything and anything πŸ€ͺ So far with the D2 and 13", if I get a 90's if and mid to high tone, even at 14" it's still a coin. Except for when it's not, like a beer can bottom. 🀣
  17. Quite the treasure trove, probably the best iron relics I've seen here in a long time. I imagine if I heard that much iron in one spot I'd investigate, wow. Congrats Doc.
  18. Thanks VL, This beach is so small I'm lucky to get much of anything, but I've scored two rings so far this year, one tungsten and one gold plated. Those were in the dry. One thing that makes it good is the fact that I keep it clean, dig everything so the good stuff stands out. I haven't got many Hot Wheels this year. Maybe it's also because the river isn't salty enough. I'm wondering if the amount of cars is proportional to the amount of jellyfish stings, that might make a kid forget about them. πŸ€” 🀣
  19. These are Sea Nettles, an annoying or pretty painful sting. Last year they were in the water all year, this year we got a lot of rain in the spring so they're just starting to show up now. Depends on how salty the river gets. Once the water hits 59 or lower they are gone. I always hear the little kids talking about catching the jellyfish, and inevitably hear the crying. Apparently Meat Tenderizer or baking soda works better than vinegar on these. Right now they're so few I can scoop them and throw them where I've been. πŸ˜„ If the water gets too rough you can't see them. The chain was open, might have been in a pocket or on a towel.
  20. πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ¦œ Thanks RVP. It's a nice chain.
  21. Keeping the summertime rolling, got out early this morning to my small beach. We had some rough storms yesterday so I hoped some stuff got stirred up. Normally I'd chicken out if there are waves, but some light training with 2' waves seemed ok to me because I'm going to a very big beach soon, and may water hunt. I saw a few small jellyfish today so the season is starting here soon. Detecting will be dry only because it's too hot to wear waders. I was wearing the 5mm neoprene socks in my water shoes again, the silt here is much finer, so I wanted to see if they would keep the fine stuff out and they did. πŸ‘ I was only there for about 4 hours, people started showing up before I was done. I grid searched the water between the fingers in the photo, there are 4 similar sections. The water is a little more than waist deep at the end of the fingers. I was using the D2 with the 9" coil and the BH-01 bone phones, there isn't a lot of aluminum there so I didn't mind being forced to full tones. That way I could fully dunk the detector. Ended up with a small amount of trash: Typical beach junk, I try to get the bottle caps out and any sharp junk aluminum. Visitors don't know how good they have it! 😎 Got a few coins out there, at first I thought one of the quarters might be silver but it's a 1979. Oh well. Just at the wash I got a solid 50, and thought "please don't be aluminum!" It wasn't. A recently dropped silver chain (925) with a silver decorated Islamic sword, called a "Zulfiqar" sword. Not sure what the text says. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zulfiqar Another good water hunt! πŸ₯³ I'm curious, going to air test each piece and see which dragged the other down. 50 is odd for silver, but the chain could have done that. πŸ€”
  22. I certainly can, welcome to the forum. πŸ™‚ https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B09J1F38T6 Used them again today, and again no sand or rocks. They have a sole but it's thin, is recommend wearing them inside water shoes. As for size, I'm a 9.5 and a 10 fits great. Check tonight's post! πŸ˜„
  23. Good thoughts here, I don't mean to force you out of your comfort, but I'm sure that you will find V2 to be much better. Look especially at Relic, that program in my opinion improved immensely. I switch between relic and beach hunting throughout the year, and this year with V2 was a banner year for me. I also do coin shooting sometimes, and really find Relic to do just fine. Now and again I end up using Tekkna, look into that one too. The other most common program for me is Beach Sensitive. In all of my programs if I vary anything it will be reactivity, depending on the amount of targets. I do change other values initially but that is up to you and your conditions. πŸ€
  24. Hell of a haul, NC! Congrats! πŸ‘πŸ†
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