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  1. I've mentioned what I do a few times, but I think I'm going to random search from now on, leave some mystery. I was using 6 6' fiberglass driveway markers with white tape attached as flags, 3 on one side of the field and 3 on the other, spaced about 6' apart since that's about my swing arc. I moved 2 poles each pass, the objective being when I got tired I'd only have to move the two nearest my cart and wouldn't have to go back across the field. In perspective they look like sights on a gun and kept me on track. The flags help when the poles are in the sun. Each place I did this I wiped it
  2. Have heart Cap'n, I had a skunk day today as well but I expected it. The field behind my house got bush hogged a couple days ago, it was a bad day here but I managed to get out for a little while after all the tornado risk vanished. A neighborhood not too far away got trashed by one. No warnings at all from NWS! While I have found some buttons in my yard, I didn't expect much further back. It's about 2 acres, couldn't hit the whole place so I just randomly walked around. It's just great to get outside, and even if ya got trash ya got something. Hope your next hunt is a great one
  3. Thanks Joe. We're definitely not too far apart if you have a boat! I have to laugh when someone tells me on the phone, "your nearest branch is in California Maryland" 😀 it would be almost a 3 hour drive unless I can cross the Potomac in a boat and get a cab. I'm way up one of the rivers here, the area was settled in the 1600s by folks that left Maryland under Lord Baltimore. The engraving on the flintlock buttplate tells me it was a "trade" Brown Bess, not military. I'm going to go back to that spot and dig iron to see if I can get any other parts, but iron doesn't do well here
  4. Nice finds, RR. Bet that bell about blew your head off! Always gets me when a large target sounds off in 50 tones.
  5. Thanks for the tips, I'll try em. Also going to dig iron near where I found the buttplate, might find the action and barrel.
  6. Didn't dig too much that was iffy, of you mean tone but no id. Tried one but found nothing. I pretty much avoided iron this time, did chase a 32 from under a piling that turned out to be a big hunk of lead. Had to use the composite trowel. I was going slow and covering areas that my foot prints weren't on. Learned a lesson from my grid searching, If I want to find stuff in the future I shouldn't do that 🤪
  7. The cross is very similar to the Balkenkreuz, a symbol on Luftwaffe aircraft and army tanks and vehicles from WW1 on. FZ is German short hand for "vehicle"... This is probably a stretch but I don't see that symbol used anywhere else. Certainly don't know why it would be on an 1832 half penny🤔
  8. Great stuff, Dogodog! Ya gotta love a hunch panning out. Guess you're liking that Equinox. Nice silvers and cool relics!
  9. It says EXTRA so it's probably COLOUR. I've seen that on a few buttons. 🙂
  10. Kinda sad to think about, but probably true. 😕 I'll have to find out how deep the silt and sand go. Haven't dug more than a foot for anything yet, most stuff shows up in the first 8".
  11. Outstanding stuff Chris. This has to be a lot of fun for you and the better half! 👍👍 Maybe a carbon fiber rig for the Equinox? Might help and give her a bigger coil.
  12. This morning was as windy as yesterday, 30 mph with gusts to 45. It was supposed to settle down and stay kinda cool, so I decided to jump in the waders and hit the river. Never saw so much beach before! The tide was way out. I knew low tide was after 12 further down the river so going a couple hours earlier would do. Even the old V8 engine block was out of the water today. In 5 hours I did pretty good. Got some trash but nothing too trifling, a couple of pull tabs and a beer can or two, some fishing tackle, shotgun shells and some odd bits of lead. Bronze bead or roller of
  13. This hill is for sale, wish I could dig. Worse it's waterfront, so I have to be careful to not cause erosion. There are a couple of older places I can go anyway. Thanks Joe, I wonder what the "Line" is sometimes. I post a lot, I hope this saga is helping other new people, and at least amuses the experienced. Now that I'm retired there isn't much for me to do anymore for validation in the world. If I'm seen as spamming I hope someone will let me know. Otherwise I am having a blast and sharing it! Bumble on! 🤪
  14. I use the Garrett pouch, or a Calces365 on the beach. The 365 had mesh on the bottom of both pockets to let dirt out. They are both less than $15.
  15. Another lovely day here, winds at 30 with gusts to 45. It was sunny and fairly warm so I got a quick hunt in on the hill behind my house, I am now calling it Mason Jar Hill because I have found about 50 mason jar lids there, I think it was a dump. It was bush hogged recently giving me an opportunity to search it more. I don't keep any of the lids, they are all rusty and corroded. I doubt anyone would care. I was only there about an hour before I got tired of the wind and the deer flies. Usually deer flies are suppressed by the wind but lucky me, not today! There were some spots on the hil
  16. Great advice and thanks! The Equinox simultaneously goes from 5Khz to 40 Khz, unless a single frequency is selected. I can select 4,5,10 or 15khz on the 600, may try some single frequencies. However, I can't do that on beach mode, and the modes that aren't beach are noisy. I'll try it anyway !
  17. Hey GB, It's coming up as a 1500s 8 reale cob, but I didn't see anything exactly the same on BOTH sides. There are lots of fakes out there, Atocha wreck and such. I think I bought one when I was in Key West. 😀 https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=214138
  18. Hey GB, Truthfully I post my ID's because I know you are interested in them 🙂 and while I'm a prolific poster, I hope it benefits. If not y'all let me know. At low tide there's some beach, at high tide nothing. Everything I find is wet daily. Both Chase and I have searched the high ground, he was lucky enough to find a silver quarter. I think the heavier coins may be deeper than I can detect, this area flooded a couple of years ago and it really messed things up.
  19. Long handle is a great tool, I built mine similar to a popular YouTube bunch that does a lot of river hunting north of me. I need to remember to bring my sling for the detector so I can use two hands on the scoop. 😀
  20. I've seen some other posts regarding running the Equinox underwater. I'll stick my neck out and say that I've read that I should be using tracking ground balance. Can the Equinox be ground balanced in situ, in the water? Seemed to work but I'm afraid to tweak too much from default. Or, should I just switch to tracking? I'd like to get as much depth as I can, I'm sure there are heavier coins deep in the silt. There is another thread that had a lot of useful recommendations regarding beach hunting, but this isn't a beach 😀 there is enough of something to render my Garrett Carrot u
  21. I've been thinking of asking about just that, thanks. I want to get the most depth I can as I know heavier coins are out there. I always run the detector in all metal, I had sensitivity at 22, Beach 2 for the salt and black muck that makes my carrot unusable, although it does work in some places. Should I go higher? Beach 2 is totally quiet, no interference or stray tones as high as 24 sensitivity. I almost wish there was some gravel, there are virtually no stones anywhere in the river here. It would make for more stable footing.
  22. Thanks. Some places I stand I start to sink in, and yes others immediately go down to about 6" when I test them with one foot. Glad I have the long scoop handle, and I keep moving. This is much more difficult than farm or beach hunting. I think I should always wear waders or some kind of steel shank boot. There is a lot of glass and metal in the area.
  23. Nothing special today but still productive. I'm thinking the steamboat unloaded passengers on one side (the high pilings), and cargo on the other (ramp). Hacked around the "passenger" side but didn't go too far out. The sand got kinda loose, and once gave way. There was a 26 ID object in the pilings, dug out out with my pinpointer and trusty composite shovel, when I got it out it ID'd a 31, it's on the left in the trash photo: It's just some sort of aggregate rock, haven't done anything with it yet. The license plate was a 36, again I thought I'd hit the jackpot. 😵 Even the Comet can
  24. Be careful, my only advice. 🙂 They seem to auction for upwards of $1,000, so if it's real you just paid for something! Best of luck to ya.
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