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  1. Yes it is. 🙂 You put a firecracker in it, the wick comes out the fuse hole. 1850s. I could look for the carriage it was broken off of, but see my post above about big iron. 😀
  2. Not sure I'm getting you here, I don't tilt the coil, I come at it from a different angle keeping the coil flat. 🙂 You should always do that with something that isn't solid anyway, I've had a good signal go ferrous on a 45-90 degree angle to how I swing over it initially, and if it does it's usually ferrous. Most times I'll dig it anyway just to get rid of it, but get bitten by big iron that I don't want to lug around. Convention dictates however that if I see it I gotta take it with me 🤬 I bought a pinpointer that keeps me from digging a lot of big iron, it can discriminate between ferrous and non. If I'm pressed for time I press that button! 😀 Don't like to leave it behind but hey.
  3. There's good stuff there for sure. I live in a part of Virginia that was incorporated in the 1640s. The "development" where I live (we bought the "spec" house) has seen multiple farms and activity dating back to then. Here the ground is a mixture of sand almost like that found on a beach, loam created by vegetation, and clay, both red and gray. Thankfully the housing market crashed and a farmer bought the ~100 odd acres in front of my house. I have found from almost two years of searching here and other farms in a 25 mile radius that nothing but large iron has sunk to more than 8" here despite the sandy ground. I doubt even the earliest plows dug much deeper than that. Someone might disprove this with a pulse induction detector but would be hard pressed. I'm sure you'll find what is there with your Legend. I wouldn't worry as much about "deep" targets as clearing the more modern trash that is in the top 2-4", and going back over that area again from a 45 or 90 degree angle. I was lucky enough to get a permission recently that had never been hunted. It is another 100 acres or so, very large. In 3 hunts I got this much, excluding the copper bracelet: That's not much from such a large place, but sometimes people are just not losing or tossing stuff all over. 😀 It's also possible that the early occupants didn't have much money. Conversely I could show you about 5 such cases of finds from a smaller field in front of my house, but nearly no coins, just a few cut pieces of Spanish silver and half Reales. Another example is a 2-acre field where I found the following in about a 30-foot square: And next to nothing else. You'll have to find the "sweet spot" in any area by random scouting, I could make a really long post. 😀 I hope you'll find one there.
  4. This is indeed what I discovered once the coil cover was properly fitted. At first the clip tended to push the cover off, apparently the shop that installed the cover didn't do it right. I hope this is the problem @strick had. 🙂 It's a great clip.
  5. I have many of these chargers, I'm just a bit dubious as to their charging faculty as opposed to the proprietary XP charger. The XP charger, in merely memory from what I have read, is a maintainer as well as a charger. If not then that's what I'll do. 🙂
  6. I think that is a brilliant (and marketable) invention. Gold and silver are heavier than sand and should stay in the insert. Using screen mesh presents a lot of problems, including retaining enough sand to make the modification moot. This insert is easily removable if installed with small zip ties, and presents none of the issues of using unlike or nearly unlike metals in a salt environment, preventing galvanic corrosion. 👍 the holes can be made larger than screen. I'm up for one if you find they're popular enough to make in quantity. 😀
  7. Makes sense NC! 👍 Thing is, I detest that 🤬 lanyard, I'm hoping now to sand the adapter a bit like Cap'n Ghostlight did, and use the thumbscrew to easily remove the RC. Or not. 😁 One of the things I'm not too thrilled with about the Deus 2 is the charging procedure, having to shorten the shaft when I want to charge the RC, coil, and headphones. That will cause undue wear on the clamp, leading to wobble. The other alternative of course is to get another power supply from them and charge the coil separately.
  8. Cost me $650 in fuel to make a 1200 mile round trip last month, I cannot understand why diesel is now more expensive than gasoline as it requires less refining. I was pulling a 40 foot toy hauler. Got about 10mpg. I would go and not regret it. 👍
  9. If Nokta comes out with a 10x5 elliptical for the Legend, jump on it. IMO that seems to be the winning form factor for best separation. 🙂 You don't lose much swing coverage from the 11". You should find coins in the front yard, jump on that too. I'm familiar with the soil up there, used to live in CT near Sturbridge. Lots of iron laden granite, you'll come upon a rock as big as a car. My soil now is zero mineralization with only small stones, much easier. Farmers drink a lot of beer though! 🤣
  10. I found that the coil cover wasn't on all the way, it's worked great since I replaced the cover correctly. Main benefit for be has been the green digits, they're so bright I won't trip over it when it's charging 🤣
  11. It fits the XP color scheme... 😀 I think the maker wants it to be seen and talked about. Just like the charging clip is orange with no black option.
  12. Ordered some for the Deus, nice job on the Kruzer! 👍 I have a slip on neoprene pad, but it could use some help. 😀
  13. Gotta add another one to this list: https://www.detectingdoodads.com/store/p53/Locking_shoe_for_the_Deus_2.html Wish it came in black, but I guess the maker wants it to stand out. One is on the way. Looks like the fit and finish will be great.
  14. You're off to a great start, DS. Good on ya finding part of the other buckle! 👍 Unless you find a burn pile you'd be unlikely to find two whole buckles, and even then, maybe. Also a good call to switch to a smaller coil if you're in an iron patch. 🙂 Seems you have the potential for quite a variety of finds. Somebody lost a coin there if it hasn't been cherry picked. It would be interesting to see the trash you're digging, clues to what's going on there are in the junk. I've found that the finds in a very old place may be more relics than you think!
  15. Haha, busted by the authority! Just glad you didn't start your post with "Surely you can't be serious". Never imagined I'd be called out for calling a "V" nickel a Barber, just as we don't call Indian head cents "Longacres", while it does have an old-timey ring . 🤣 Thanks for validating my ignorant lack of ambiguity. 😀 I was merely offering the good Cap'n some humorous solace, apparently he has not come across some of the older coins. It's kinda a tangential reference to "there's no place like home"... My first old coin ever was an 1809 Classic Bust half cent, not counting the modern coins and cut pistareens I dug near and around my house. As usual it was in crap shape. 😵 I've dug a bunch of IHPs and lots of wheats, all coins floating around the time of the Barbers. My first V nickel came from the river about a year ago, when I looked it up I saw that Charles Barber designed it, so while everybody was posting Barber dimes and quarters I was able to convince myself I found a Barber too. 🙄 I haven't yet dug a V nickel in all that great shape, and was impressed by the Cap'n finding one that was nearly clean. If you Google "Barber nickel", the site acts like it's what the Liberty Head Nickel is called. 😁 I don't know my posterior from my elbow about coins for the most part, but I'm very interested in knowing, I got the red book on your recommendation, and it is a good read as well as a reference. Haven't made it to 1883 yet... 🤣
  16. Do keep telling yourself "The V nickel is a Barber" Say it at least 3 times. 😀 Had to do that until I found a Barber Quarter, almost 2 years. 😵
  17. Thanks for doing these (painfully) honest videos, Aaron. 🙂 I'm getting used to concentrating more on the audio than the ID. I've noticed the more pure the target is, the less drop off (hook?) or "scratch" it will have over a pull tab or aluminum, and the loudness is a better gauge of depth than the horseshoe. Guess that's a given for the Deus 1 users, never had the pleasure. This helps a lot! 👍
  18. That being a "default 2 carat" Mount in the center, I can imagine they went for a CZ or something else. That ring would be over 10 grand. My wife put 3 Moissanite diamonds (difficult to distinguish from a real one) in her setting, two half carat and one 1 carat. My diamond tester says they're genuine 😁 all the others were real. Nice hunt strick! For me that's the payoff, not having my wife say "what do you need that expensive detector for?" 🙂
  19. Sorry about your drought. We had a short one here and it was getting hard to dig. Now the farms are all planted. Great and thoughtful review. I've been switching back and forth with my other detector and have to say I do find the Deus to be more accurate, I don't find targets off center, and IDs are much tighter. It's light, fast and interoperable. I still can't say I prefer it to my other detector but it's growing on me. I especially like your assessment that it will last as a competitor. 👍
  20. I have both the Ranger and the Barracuda. The Barracuda is a T handle and the Ranger is a D handle. There is a longer handle version of the Ranger, if you're over 6' you might look into it. Aside from handle type, the Ranger digs deeper than the Barracuda, I'll often find my target right at the bottom of the plug. I've always had to dig a bit more with the Barracuda. Any model you choose will be good, but I like the Ranger. I'm 6'1, and don't find it hard to use. They are the best shovels out there IMO.
  21. Nice one. 👍 I agree with you - sometimes it's a blast to dig a lot of money. It sharpens your retrieval of stuff. Going to a campground I've hunted before soon, that's pretty much what I'll find there but there is an old farmhouse site. Out of the farms for now 😵 Cool silver coin! Is that all junk jewelry?
  22. This was a 1 on the Equinox, I'll get a Deus reading in a bit. Tested 18k. It is a 32 in both unmodified and modified General.
  23. Good thing, because I've already plucked 4 of the deer tick nymphs off me this year despite efforts to repel them. The larger ticks are dropping from the trees now. 🤬 Killed one yesterday on my mower, and picked a couple off my neck. If you catch a tick within the first 12 hours (fingernail method) you will more likely avoid Lyme Disease. 48 and the chances are increased. Nymphs bite multiple times. Going to try the Sawyer's stuff, thanks. I also use Picardin on skin.
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