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3 hours ago, PimentoUK said:

Quote:"I hope it´s interesting for you too"
Unfortunately, these tests are almost meaningless. Half of the 'depth' difference you are seeing is caused by the larger search-coil on the Legend. I assume you have the LG30, 30cm x 23cm ( 12" x 9" ), and your G2 clone has the 11" x 7" bi-axial clone coil? If you had a larger coil for the clone ( a proper brand one ) you would find the air 'depths' increase.

In-ground testing is the best way to sort out what works when comparing multi-frequency vs. single frequency.

[What would probably be more interesting is a comparison between the Teknetics G2+ and this TX850, with original search-coils, and with genuine Tek coils.]

I agree completely, and I've done the test you're talking about at the bottom there using a real vs clone model, results were surprising but not all that surprising I guess, let's just say I could easily pick up the wrong detector and not be too worried I did, the key is the coil as they seem to not know how to make coils properly, ditch the fake coils and get a Nel, Detech or genuine FT coil and life is good.  Who knows when it comes to build quality of the detector and how long it will last, by looking at the dodgy one and the real one I couldn't tell much of a different except the foam handle thing was a bit loose on the dodgy one, not as tight of a fit and obviously the branding printed on it.   The PCB quality looked fine, I think the build quality over all will be it's let down, one of the screws was done up so tight at the factory it had broken its mount on the control pod, the battery clip has popped off a few times, it just doesn't appear the quality of the genuine.

The fakes are all over the place in this country, largely as FT has no presence here after their only dealer shut down a couple of years ago and the local auction sites have been flooded with fakes so I couldn't resist trying one when I could pick it up second hand for the price I spent on dinner the night before.

I ended up giving it to little nephew to muck around with, and left a Nel coil on it for him and threw out the fake coils it came with, they're poor performers.  I don't think he's ever used it except the day he got it. 😉

It's more of a moral question of buying one and that's up to the buyer and their reasons for buying it, if it's all they can afford it becomes a difficult decision, I personally don't agree with buying a fake as I'd rather First Texas stay alive but if the patents have ran out and it's all legit making them then who knows, I don't know how that side of it works but I'd guess what they've done is still wrong as they seem an exact duplicate from software to hardware so it just seems wrong to me and I'd rather they put their efforts into making their own detectors rather than stealing someone elses. 

I guess it's also an issue as they've been selling the detectors for decades its really opened them up to fakes, brands that keep progressing making new models rarely get fakes and they incorporate encryption to prevent them, you don't see fake Legends and by the time there is, if ever they'll be making a Legend 2 and the Legend will be an old discontinued model.

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