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  1. The best thing to do is not talk about their negativity, it just fuels the fire. Then, once the detector comes out those who buy it use it, report back on it, show their finds and demonstrate it can actually find stuff. The people that are happy with it have every right to be happy with it, those that are unhappy with it then have a right to say so and describe why, who knows Garrett may update it to resolve their woes if they're constructive criticism rather than blatant bashing, those who have never used one and are adamant they don't want one need not buy it, no one is forcing them to buy it, it's just another product on the market, they can just ignore it and go on with their lives like they do with every other product in the world, we all have favourite brands of every type of product, cars, tv's, phones, food brands, takeaway meals, bikes, chairs, computers, we don't bag out the manufacturers of all the other brands in a frenzy whenever they release another product different to the one we like. You have to wonder why some people do what they do, what's the goal? to kill the brand entirely? the last thing we need is less brands in the market, it's not overly competitive as it is. It would be fantastic if this forum as a place that's welcoming to anyone regardless of which detector they want to swing can establish a nice community of Garrett Vortex users showing their finds and discussing their success with the detector., that would be great, and then I would hope that the Ace and Apex users would feel comfortable to join and follow the Vortex users lead showing their finds and discussing their detectors too, and every other brand of detector regardless of how expensive the detector is, bring on the Bounty Hunter people and their great finds, I'm sure there are plenty of them. This can be done all within the safe harbour of a moderated forum to prevent the nastiness they may encounter elsewhere, and that's why the brand sections of the forum exist, to keep the negativity out. That would be ideal and I hope we as a forum full with very good people can achieve that.
  2. I'm puzzled by all this behaviour of people, the best metal detector is the one someone's using and having fun using finding some stuff, nothing else matters to that person, certainly not opinions of some highly opinionated people. My first proper detector was an Ace 250, and to this day I still enjoy taking it out, and I can find plenty of good targets using it and to me, that's what detecting is all about. I'm more than happy Garrett have released another range of detectors into the marketplace, it's great, more choice for people that want to try another detector out, the detector might not be the right fit for some people, it will be the right fit for others, there is no need to dramatize everything and blow it up to be this massive drama we are seeing play out now. It's good to have a variety of brands making a variety of different metal detectors, they don't need to be all the same, with the same features, different detectors will appeal to different parts of the market, some like simple, some like advanced, it really doesn't matter to me which detectors anyone else likes best, it's their choice, all these bitter arguments take all the fun out of it. Time would be better spent using the detectors than arguing about them.
  3. I think they should do a waterproof version at some point; they would have to produce their own coils for that model which they're very capable of doing as no GPX coils are properly waterproof for that sort of usage. Demand is what motivates manufacturers, if they see the demand is there, they're more likely to do it. They're amazing at implementing user requested changes and new features. Anyone can do it, you just have to come up with a viable idea suitable for the detector, contact them whereby you are speaking directly to an engineer and they discuss your idea and the best way to implement it, then they get to work, in short order they have a new firmware available with the new change or feature. The detector has undergone some pretty amazing enhancements since release, and further good changes are in the pipeline.
  4. I really like that guy, never seen or heard of him before but the guy makes so much sense and has mirrored my opinions on much of this fiasco surrounding the Vortex release. It's not just the Vortex, happens almost every time a new detector comes out. I'm sure his video will be attacked like crazy now with comments and even counter argument videos, although I think his words will sink in with the sensible.
  5. Yep, brain fart on my part, I always mix the two up 🙂
  6. Algoforce is an ever-evolving detector, the Algoforce team are constantly improving it and the latest firmware is no exception. This one is something those of us that have mild soil parks and fields are really going to appreciate, along with those that intend to use the unit as a beach detector, it has a new ZeroGB mode that adds significant depth in milder soils, and a new beach mode that uses the same ZeroGB method to enhance beach detecting depth while ignoring the salt even with the coil submerged in salt water. I really like this new update; it benefits me a lot with my coin and jewellery detecting. The detector has evolved from a gold only machine to a very capable coin and jewellery detector for parks and beaches, and by having Target ID it makes that even better than you would think with a PI. I did a really basic video when I first tried it out by using my Algoforce on 16 sensitivity seeing I was in my front yard which has a lot of EMI, the maximum sensitivity is 30, the coin is a New Zealand $1 coin, and the buried depth is approximately 20 to 25 cm, 8 to 10 inches and I'm only using a little 10x6" bundle wound mono X-coil. I really have no idea how deep the coin is now as it's been there for years but it was initially buried about 20cm so I'm estimating 25 as with the soils here coins sink and sink deep. The Length of a pinpointer is about the average depth I find coins, some deeper especially the UK copper penny's which are quite large coins and tend to sink deeper. The depth of the coin doesn't overly matter for the video as the video demonstrates the difference when you're in mild soils and can switch into the new Mild soil ZeroGB mode. You'll note the pinpoint mode also benefits from the extra depth in mild soil mode, prior to switching to that mode I was unable to get a pinpoint target ID, after switching to ZeroGB the Target ID kicks in. Here's the quick video I did just after installing the firmware to try it out and see the depth increase myself. The detectors also had a hardware change to a new version 2 of the basic package with a new shaft and arm cuff with comfort cover and stand with a new battery holding method that improves upon the original release, I didn't personally find anything wrong with the original shaft package but the improved one seems great with enhancements over the original, I did point out the USA customers are going to get a very well refined unit by the time it reaches the USA market, as it's evolving quickly. You can see more on their website at www.algoforce.com.au Here is the information off their website Our team has been continuously working on improving the AlgoForce E1500. We have been developing new software with enhanced features to unlock its potential, and simultaneously designing a new shaft to further enhance its overall convenience and usability. We are excited to announce that the AlgoForce E1500 Basic Package has evolved from version 1 to version 2. Equipped with the new shaft, the E1500 Basic Package version 2 includes several improvements: a fixed coil yoke, a stable middle shaft, a protected USB cable with a right-angle connector, lighter weight, increased full extension length, and the same compact length as version 1. These enhancements boost both convenience and performance. For further details about the differences between version 1 and version 2, please refer to the product page and page 7 of the user manual. Additionally, we are releasing version 1.1.1 of our AlgoForce E1500 software. This update introduces the highly anticipated Soil Type Setting, allowing users to select between Mineralised, Mild, and Beach options to optimise detector performance in various environments. Other enhancements include increased backlight brightness, an optimised pinpoint user interface, and adjusted target ID mapping for greater consistency. What's New in V1.1.1? 1. Introduction of Soil Type Setting 1.1 What is the Soil Type Setting? The Soil Type Setting allows users to select the appropriate soil type for their detecting environment, optimising the detector's performance. The available soil types are Mineralised, Mild, and Beach. 1.2 Soil Type Options: Mineralised: This option maintains the performance of previous software versions, suitable for mineralised soils. Mild: This option utilises AlgoForce's ZeroGB technology, which disables ground balance to enhance sensitivity for nuggets, coins, and treasures of all sizes in extremely mild gold fields, parks, and fields. Users do not need to perform ground balance when using the Mild option. If the soil mineralisation indicator reads 00 or 01 when you pump the coil up and down, you can try the Mild option. However, if selecting the Mild option reduces sensitivity by 4 or more compared to the Mineralised soil type with proper ground balance, it is not suitable for the soil. In that case, please select the Mineralised soil type. Beach: This option also uses AlgoForce's ZeroGB technology, yet aggressively rejects seawater signals and provides smooth operation on dry sand, wet sand, and even with the coil submerged in seawater. This option offers high sensitivity to coins and treasures commonly found on beaches without the need for the user to perform ground balance. 2. Additional Updates in V1.1.1 2.1 Increased Backlight Brightness: Enhanced visibility with a brighter backlight. 2.2 Optimised Pinpoint User Interface: The target ID is now displayed in a larger font for better clarity and positioned separately from the mineralisation ID to avoid confusion. 2.3 Adjusted Target ID Mapping: Improved consistency of target IDs across different detection modes, regardless of which soil type is selected. Please follow the Software Upgrade Instructions on page 16 of the user manual to upgrade the software. You can also watch Simon's demonstration on YouTube. IMPORTANT: After the software upgrade, it is crucial to perform a factory reset.
  7. You're not going to find any coil as sensitive as the GM1000, your expectations are too high.
  8. You might need to clean out your mailbox on the forum Jeff, must be full.
  9. I prefer to go the other way and get stuff straight away, it backfires on me sometimes but other times its highly beneficial, take the Algoforce as an example as I got one of the very first ones of it, the manufacturer is very open to suggestion for improvements and I've put forward a fair few things I would like it to be able to do, and bam! they're there with more coming. I've been able to tailor the detector to my needs, sure not every manufacturer is like this, and perhaps more will become this way over time, Nokta are a little bit like this for their customers, who knows, Garrett may end up incorporating customer feedback into their Vortex too, the hardware is very open to that being done, the unit is very much designed to be modified in that way like the Algolforce was. If they take on customer feedback to enhance their detector, it will be great. They can really just make this base of a detector with the hardware, and release new models by software for the next decade or more whereby we can just pay for the major software upgrades and the smaller ones and fixes be free. The Manticore was the same, it was quite weak on small gold when it first came out, I pestered Minelab about it, no doubt others likely did too, and soon there was a firmware update fixing it up perfectly. Waiting doesn't always work, I waited over a year for my 6000, still had the faulty coils and EMI problem unresolved at that time and missed out on a year of using it doing so. I'd rather just jump in; the problems get sorted out eventually. The ability to update firmware on detectors solved a lot of the need to wait.
  10. Sounds like the new range is ooming to replace them, maybe just not the larger sizes. So sad for a while, as stock will be limited, but happy overall as new better ones are coming. People have been buying the new model 12x8", or at least able to order it not sure if they've got it yet from JP's shop, so perhaps it's the first cab off the ranks and why the website says the 12x8" will still be sold albeit slowly as the new model of it must be ready for sale. I saw this screenshot of an email saying the 12x8" new design is ready on 2nd of July, with shipments starting in a week so that brings us to 9th of July, only a couple of days ago. So that's good news, it's happening, and happening quite quickly. Sounds like at that time he hadn't even informed the dealers of this. The Algoforce seems like it's really built up demand for these smaller GPX coils.
  11. Made In Australia, no doubt using Chinese components like the Minelabs and likely every other brand you can think of.
  12. yup, scored 2 bits using it, but quickly learnt it wasn't very sensitive/deep compared to other coils I normally use. When mn90403 (Mitchel) visited NZ a few weeks ago the 10x6" X-coil prototype was being used on it looking for gold, sadly none was found then, I find it more sensitive even though it's a bundle coil too and a larger size. At least they have established there is something going on and working on releasing a version 2 of it to support these more sensitive detectors. I last used the Agloforce looking for gold two days ago as I specifically wanted to test something out, but that was with the 10" X-coil, I found no gold, although it was just a couple of hours after a busy ski day so I was worn out and lazy at digging 🙂 I've not used the Sadie at all since I found those two bits of gold using it, I just prefer other coils. Lately I've mostly been using the Algoforce as a coin detector using various coils and exciting things are happening with it in that regard, the next firmware being released this weekend will bring some of that to light. At the moment I have little time though, skiing 5 or more days a week.
  13. I just hope they're using the right people to test it, and not just Youtubers, they need some serious gold prospectors onboard, especially in Australia.
  14. Well, I stand corrected, doing some research I found the Sadie is likely being made again as a version 2 coil, here is a photo of it as a prototype on an Algoforce, it's not released yet and in testing but a good sign. I just bought my Sadie at the wrong time!!! unlucky.....
  15. Rumours have been swirling around for weeks on social media about Nugget Finder discontinuing their current line of GPX coils and thinking of remaking some of them in a new design to better suit modern detectors like the Algoforce, and the rumours are larger sizes are all discontinued permanently. I'm hearing the Sadie is completely discontinued with a new small coil coming in the way of the 12x7" by using the GPX 6000 Xceed coil housing which I've seen a Youtube video of someone testing that particular coil on the GPX 5000, that way at least it can be a spiral or semi spiral and more sensitive than the Sadie, as the spirals leave it in the dust. I was quite disappointed by the Sadies performance on my Algoforce and it's by no means the detectors fault, it works brilliantly with better coils, I bought it specifically for that detector, a brand new coil at the time I bought the detector so pretty disappointed to hear it's now a discontinued model due to problems, the feedback is it didn't work well with the modern GPX compatible detectors like the Algoforce, the other detectors that had problems with the current Nugget Finder GPX coils were the modified GPX's from the likes of Detectormods. Sure the coils were intended for the GPX in it's original form and worked well with it but I guess the volume of sales now are more from Algoforce users and perhaps the modded detector crowd as the mods now seem to have matured to be a very good performance enhancing product. Further rumours are Detectormods have been working with NF on this matter. I thought it was just rumours swirling yet it became too real to be rumours when I saw it on the Nugget Finder website. A dealer from the Prospectors Patch released a Facebook video confirming this is taking place, so that's why I'm now posting it as I hate supporting rumours, this gives it some credibility seeing NF aren't very good with communication, although their website has been updated to say the coils are discontinued except for the 12x8" EVO and 12" round but others have said that's just until it runs out., although I'd highly recommend not buying one for the Algoforce, lots of reports of the 12x8" in particular not working well. Not sure about the 12" but people did say older serial numbers worked well but not newer ones (this was part of the rumours) I know many don't use Facebook so here's the Prospectors Patch video on Youtube. Looks like it's the end of an era for the NF GPX coils, hopefully they can get a few models up to scratch like the 12x7" new shell design and the 12" round working well for the Algoforce and re-release them sometime in the future. I've been using my 14x9" EVO on the Algoforce and had no problems, always loved that coil, works as expected but it's an older serial number one that I've had a few years from my GPX, it seems the problems were newer serial numbers, again rumour I can't verify the validity of that, it could be all of them. Have any NF dealers or anyone on here heard more about this to enlighten us? On a side note, all mention of any other Xceed coils for the 6000 have been removed from their website too, so it looks like the other two sizes are possibly never coming out, bit disappointed in that, I wanted the little one.
  16. Ahh OK, I didn't watch it. I'll wait for videos of it in use although I don't overly care about comparison videos but doing comparison videos without one of the detectors....
  17. I see no point wasting my time on any Vortex video from a person without one and a person that's never used one.
  18. Yes, I was pleased to see this video, so much misinformation being spread about in regards to the upgrades/updates that they really needed to officially clear it up, I always thought it was pretty obvious but some liked to jump on and try turn this massive positive feature into a negative. I liked hearing they intend to do future free updates and some are likely come soon after release, no doubt from customer feedback, so that's a positive too.
  19. Thanks for doing your story posts F350, they're an excellent read with great pictures.
  20. A water hunter I know of in New Zealand had two Nox 800's done too, and it worked out well for him. Something I'd only bother with if I was a serious deeper water hunter though, and more for the Nox than Manticore, as Manticore failures seem non-existent so far.
  21. Well. it's not just the Manticore, it's any detector, from 19kHz upwards from my testing that has a carbon fibre shaft that fails Steve's testing method, primarily those used for prospecting have the sensitivity that displays the issue, even some PI's can get a response on a carbon shaft, but not enough to cause a dramatic signal like the VLF's. Even a 5kHz VLF responds to a carbon shaft, but it's far less of an issue for that type of detecting, often said to be negligible, although still bothers me. You can use this test described by Steve to test your detector to see if it might pose a problem.
  22. Yes, I'm super happy with Jason and Brendan, great guys, always found them excellent. I think Minelab will take note on future models, and that's about as good as we could have expected this to turn out, they're were never going to provide free rods to those that "notice" the problem, especially after the 6000 fiasco, I would have been 100% satisfied if they would have sold alternative plastic or fiberglass rods though, but maybe it's just all too hard, at least Steveg's looking after us. The ironic thing is their "VLF coin detector" is better at finding gold than their VLF gold detector 🙂 Minelab went against their moto of Performance is everything, opting for ergonomics and following the craze of aftermarket carbon over performance, they said so themselves (marketing decision) 🙂 I said it all along, they followed the popularity of the aftermarket carbon shafts, knowing they were detrimental, to quote the engineer, "Carbon fibre shafts are conductive, much less than metal, but still detectable by machines with good high frequency target performance (fact check, the Go-Find even detects them). This would be well known to any serious metal detector manufacturer and is not news" The news is they opted to follow the crowd rather than do what's beneficial to the "performance" which is EVERYTHING. At least if there is a Gold Monster 2000, we know it won't have a carbon shaft, and for those with a Manticore that use it for prospecting (wise move) we can increase the usability of our Manticore for the cost of a new lower shaft, a cheap way to get better performance.
  23. @steveg We are depending on you more than ever now. Minelab's response to my query about the shaft, I would like to add Jason and Brendan at Minelab service are awesome guys, always extremely helpful. Engineering are taking the stance we all somewhat expected, so SteveG, you're our only hope, and I hope you make a bucketload of money out of this. Hi Simon, Thanks for the additional video link. Our engineers have read your emails, viewed the videos, assessed this problem and provided the below response. "Carbon fibre shafts are conductive, much less than metal, but still detectable by machines with good high frequency target performance. This would be well known to any serious metal detector manufacturer and is not news. A carbon fibre shaft is only detectable if it moves with respect to the coil. On a detector as it is typically used in the field, this doesn’t normally happen, or the movement is so small that the signal response is also small. So much smaller than all the other sources of noise seen by the detector from typical conditions (EMI, magnetic ground noise, salt, trash, coil bump noise, etc.), that it has little or no effect. However, in certain conditions it can become noticeable. E.g. using Gold mode to search for small gold in near-ideal conditions (low EMI, very low ground mineralisation) were very high sensitivity settings are possible. In this case, the effect might be seen when bumping the coil, swinging particularly fast or when changing coil position. This might require users to modify their technique slightly to get the best out of the machine, when, ideally, they’d prefer not to. In many gold-bearing soils the noise from ground mineralisation will swamp this effect, but goldfields with low mineralised soils do exist. So why use carbon fibre? The answer is weight. As an example, the Carbon Fibre lower shaft on a MANTICORE is about half the weight of the fibreglass lower shaft from EQUINOX 600/800. This is weight reduction at the end of the shaft which where the user feels every gram. Some claim this is unimportant, but the large numbers of coin and treasure users for a long time now have increasingly demanded lightweight, well balanced, ergonomically designed machines, and engineering has taken this seriously in the coin and treasure range. (The popularity of aftermarket carbon fibre shafts made for the original EQUINOX 600/800 series is proof of how important this is to customers, relative to concerns about shaft conductivity.) Some more context – MANTICORE is a coin and treasure machine with a gold detecting capability. It is not a dedicated gold machine and you won’t find it listed as a gold detector on the website. The vast majority of MANTICORE users will spend the vast majority of their time using the detector for hunting coins and relics, where the carbon fibre shaft has no effect on performance, or gold prospecting in conditions where it isn’t even noticeable. For these users (the majority) the improvement in weight, balance and ergonomics makes carbon fibre by far the best choice for the lower shaft. It's also worth noting that many MANTICORE users have been finding good gold with the machine in the 1.5 years since release when shaft conductivity was never noticed. This should put some context around how significant this really is. Would a non-conductive fibreglass shaft be a better choice for a dedicated VLF gold machine? Probably, there’s a good reason that the Gold Monster 1000 has a fibreglass lower shaft. Is it the best choice for a C&T machine? Definitely not – it would penalise most users with extra weight and poorer ergonomics for something that doesn’t affect them at all." After reading this response I went and spoke to our engineering team and asked if they would consider a fibreglass/plastic shaft, unfortunately they declined as the MANTICORE is a coin and relic detector and not a dedicated gold prospecting detector it's something they would not consider. I feel bad having to bring you this news as I try to help all customers regardless if there problem is large or small, all I can do in this case is suggest that if you require a fibreglass or plastic shaft you could find these materials from your local hardware store and then remove the plastic coil mount from the bottom of the supplied carbon-fibre shaft and attach it to the fibreglass/plastic pole to use with your detector. If you do require any further assistance please contact us back. -- Kind regards; Jason Minelab Customer Care
  24. Out of interest I've had a look at their upgrading tool, it's the same tool they use for the Axiom (not yet needed an update) and the Apex. One of the testers showed they were putting a new update on their Vortex and it was using the same tool. It appears you register yourself on the Garrett website and your serial number can be used to buy updates, then from there purchasing updates looks simple, and once done the new update is provided to you just as if it were any other firmware update, only you get an entirely new model detector. I really think it's an awesome feature, I wish it existed a long time ago, I would have a much smaller detector collection and would have saved a lot of money in the process.
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