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  1. I love your big gold in the mouth sign 🙂 I'm jealous Americans can get these great specials on Minelab products, we get no specials at all here, ever!
  2. It's all well over my head too, I'm just curious and was hoping someone knew something about what it actually does, Minelab's description leaves more questions than answers but I guess they don't want to give away secrets. I probably won't get many responses as I would guess nobody else knows either 🙂 I do really like the 6000 now I've got a fixed up one, can't wait to get the little Sadie for it. They say it detects in difficult environments once thought undetectable, but this isn't the case as it's pretty bad in hot rocks that the older model and the GPZ handle with greater success. Maybe other environments I don't have around here it handles better than other detectors like some really bad or salty soils.
  3. The 12x7" is in stock at the NZ dealer, I don't think he's been able to sell a single coil as he got 4 and still has 4. https://www.dredgenz.co.nz/product/new-gpx6000-coils-coming/ The old owner of the business used to ship to USA and Australia, not sure about the new owner I haven't had dealings with them. I've been tempted to buy one but I'd rather the smaller size Sadie model and have put my name down for that, I think I'd stick to using my 10x5" over the 12x7".
  4. I guess what could explain what you're seeing is if with the 17' coil being larger they didn't need to do the semi spiral windings and were able to lay them out completely flat now as a full spiral coil not in layers on top of each other like the 11". This would likely give the sensitivity increase that you're experiencing that allows it to somewhat keep up with the 11" coil. I've run a lot of coils on my GPZ and older model GPX both bundle and spiral (flat wound) in a variety of different sizes, often the exact same coil size with different windings to see the real world differences between a coil being bundle and spiral and I'm sure many owners with an older model GPX have run say a 14x9" mono bundle coil and then a 14x9" mono spiral coil and seen first hand the extra sensitivity the spiral coil gives them. I first run a semi spiral coil like the GPX 6000 has on my GPX 4500 when X-coils released the 12x6" coil for it which was their first Semi spiral coil as spiral windings wouldn't fit and they wanted a coil more sensitive than bundle windings so they made the 12x6" Semi spiral for the GPX 4500/5000, the same winding design was later used in the GPX 6000 coils. We need @strick with his super-dooper X-Ray machine to X-ray the 17" coil to really get the answers. 🙂 It would explain the almost comparable sensitivity levels you're talking about. I haven't seen the two coils having similar performance on small gold here in my brief encounter with the 17" seeing it miss targets that were easy for the 11" but my grounds very different. I haven't seen JW use that coil since that day. The detectors not hindered by soil in my mild soils so much so I guess in optimal conditions the 11" can shine over the 17", weaken the more sensitive performance of the 11" with some bad soil and whatever Geosense does because of this and perhaps the gap in performance is less noticeable. The more sensitive a coil the more it needs wound back in difficult ground to work optimally. Much like the 14x9" Coiltek coil, I find that very weak on small gold compared to the 11" and 10x5" coil. Some in Australia have said it's almost the same.... I could not disagree more so much so I never use it and may end up using it as a "sacrificial coil" to get its chip out..
  5. What does Geosense do? Surely it's not just a name for auto sensitivity and auto tracking of the ground and we don't even know if it does actually adjust the sensitivity at all. I've often wondered what it actually does and nobody seems to really know from what I've been able to see, maybe I've just missed an explanation from someone who knows. This is what Minelab's description of it is GeoSense-PI™ technology analyses and responds to ground signals with great clarity and precision, so you can detect in difficult environments once thought undetectable. It rapidly suppresses unwanted signals via three overlapping feedback systems for superfast detection of even the tiniest gold pieces. So it's a form of auto ground balance that sounds like it's in 3 different feedback systems, what are these so called feedback systems? could it be like on the older GPX where there was sensitive extra, fine gold, enhance and the 6000 runs in all three of these timings Minelab selected as optimal all at once for the ground conditions its in? So maybe according to ground conditions it selects the timings most suitable out of the range it has available for the ground automatically and keeps analysing the ground and if in a difficult situation it changes selected timings? I guess it's Minelab's secret sauce for the GPX 6000 and the engineers probably have a giggle at me when I say I'd like a way to disable it sometimes as then it wouldn't be a GPX 6000 at all 😉 It would be nice to know a little more about such a defining feature of the detector. It could explain why there is no fixed ground balance as using the three different timings at once it needs to constantly check in case ground conditions change enough that one of the timings is no longer suitable. It would also explain why Jason's pointed out if you hit enough bad stuff, like a few big steel bolts shallow or something the detector appears to lose sensitivity and take a while to get it back, as it's switched out to a more difficult timing that's not so sensitive. If it was just the big bolt throwing out ground balance the auto tracking by Minelabs own admission maybe too slow to update and a quick trak is recommended, see here from the manual. GPX 6000™ tracks automatically to changing ground conditions during normal use. It is effective for typical detecting in most grounds. There will be times when the automatic ground tracking will not be able to track fast enough, such as when moving to a different type of ground. In these situations, a Quick‑Trak Ground Balance will quickly recalibrate the detector to the new ground. And for those that say the GPX doesn't track out small gold like the Gold Monster does, again Minelab say it does and when recovering small targets its wise to use quick trak to prevent it happening. I'm sure many of us have experienced targets disappearing when trying to find them with the GPX, especially those of us that hunt small gold. Just like the fully automatic GM 1000 it tracks them out, again from the manual. Quick‑Trak ` Ideal for both new and experienced users. ` Tracks successfully to most ground conditions. ` Detector continuously tracks ground during detecting, but Quick‑Trak may still be used to rebalance to changing or variable ground conditions. ` Ground balances more slowly than Quick‑Trak. ` Quick‑Trak is a manually initiated Ground Balance process for faster ground balancing than Auto. ` Use to ground balance to a chosen area of ground, e.g. patches of extreme mineralisation, hot rocks etc. ` Use in between digging and checking for a target, so that the target is not ‘balanced out’ accidentally. All this Geosense stuff is just a wild theory of course but my understanding of what Geosense could possibly be. Models are usually successors of older models so features we saw on older models are often incorporated into new models like the GPX timings, perhaps in a modern world they were able to automate them and auto adjust which timings you're using while allowing multiple timings at once with the software doing the work to pick signals out of each timings results. We went from having 9 timings on the GPX 5000 to no longer having any on the GPX, although you could say that normal and difficult are its only timings. The conductive setting and the EMI setting on the DD coil don't appear to be associated with timings, more functions of the DD coil. It also detects both small and larger gold at once and handles various ground conditions at once eliminating the need for manually selecting timings like we do on the older models.
  6. We were both in normal. I've heard people say difficult may work better on small gold, I haven't found that to be the case in my soil. There really isn't much in it, but normal gives the slight edge. It's not dramatic like the GPZ in normal being so much better than difficult. I agree with Jason about the 11", other than the quality problems its an outstanding coil, something more I would think the aftermarket would have done and the standard coil would have been subpar on performance, the 11" surprised me with how sensitive it is and Minelab nailed it for sensitivity to small gold with that coil. My ultimate GPX 6500 would have manual ground balance where you can lock it, a way to disable whatever Geosense is doing in the background would be nice, just like Fixed on the older GPX, tracking was bad on that for me, Fixed as I was happy. And in Auto and Auto+ it would be nice if it had a display number on the screen showing what sensitivity it's in, just giving some information so the user knows what's going on. They went a smidge too automated on the 6000, a little more control would have been nice, in saying that, now I've had mine all fixed up with coil replaced and EMI Fix it's a good detector for my needs and so light and easy to use.
  7. Manual leaves Geosense enabled, and it's what's causing the issues Jason is describing I think. Manual is just the sensitivity adjustment isn't it? I don't think it's related to the other "automatic" functions of the GPX. I would much prefer my GPX if it had some reasonable level of manual control beyond sensitivity, I'd love to disable ground tracking on it in my mild ground. I couldn't disagree more with the 17" has almost no sensitivity loss compared to the 11", I saw that one first hand with a nugget I found screaming on my 11" and JW's 17" had nothing, not a mouse fart out of it, and we were both in the same settings and doing side by side checks on this nugget before it was recovered from when it was first detected as a target.
  8. Good to see you getting some results already, once you get some miles on it you'll get to really know the coil and how it works, the Concentrics often give sharper tones than other coils on small gold and remember always use your scoop near the middle of the coil when recovering small targets, not near the outside 1/3. Now you've joined the 6000 owners but in a different way, they're going around finding the small bits the GPZ owners missed, you are doing that now too, without having to buy a 6000, that's why I suggested perhaps just get a Concentric coil rather than fork out the money for a 6000, a coils a fair bit cheaper and seeing you already had an adapter it makes sense. The advantage you have over the 6000 owners is depth so that may end up being the real benefit over time with any luck if there is a bigger deep lurker and you don't have to feel like you're missing out on the smaller crumbs like you would with the stock coil or Z-search as you should get a bulk of them too. The 6000 will still do better on some targets, and the Concentric will do better on some targets over the 6000, there is always give and take but I think you'll end up pretty happy with your choice.
  9. I've been told GPX coils won't work unfortunately, it's not to do with the plug end.
  10. I would say it depends on your needs, which is better in hot rocks for example. The Axiom also doesn't have any aftermarket coils on the market yet to determine if they provide anything to it like the aftermarket coils for the 6000 have. With time that will change. There is always the fact you might need the Axiom while you're waiting for your 6000 or it's coil at the service agent every few months.. 🙂
  11. I've found the TRX to be quite unreliable quality wise, unstable in high sensitivity settings negating it's air test sensitivity performance over other pinpointers that can run in their highest sensitivity levels fine. In saying that, the price is pretty good, I'd certainly snap up the E-trac.
  12. That looks one solidly built shaft, I like the statement in the video "a detector is only as good as it's coil", so true and what a difference a good coil can make to a detector. Good to see a concentric coil on that too, many manufacturers have moved away from them or only offer them on their entry level machines for some odd reason.
  13. Every filter poses the risk of losing some targets.
  14. I recently acquired a fake Gold Bug Pro clone to test against my real ones that someone was selling for a VERY cheap price, the coil it comes with seems to be subpar so it's quite possible your TX 850 also has a coil that isn't quite performing how it should hindering performance, the detector worked much better with a genuine coil or an aftermarket coil from Nel. Even vs a genuine Gold Bug Pro / G2 type detector I would say the Legend is a reasonable step up in performance, and on the beach the Legend will do better, but in a field situation it's difficult as it comes down to soil minerals more than anything, the G2 is a good detector for that type of thing especially in milder soils and it's very quick with it's recovery speed so pulling good stuff out of some trash isn't all that difficult for it and with the price you're talking about would you benefit that much money by having the Legend? Would you get value out of the big price difference, that's for you to decide but the Legend is better, it may not find you that much your G2 clone will miss especially if you are in milder soils. Maybe give this field a try with the current detector and if it's a productive field and you think you maybe missing stuff then it might be worth the investment for the Legend.
  15. That's pretty cool, nice to see nature doing it's thing. How can you tell the males? Did he have his ding dong hanging out? And the big question, did you find any meteorites? That's on my bucket list although I doubt I'll ever find one around here.
  16. I can't imagine price reductions taking place, I think they reduced the price of the 6000 in the USA and not elsewhere to clear out the older stock with the EMI problems sitting around over there as even now after the EMI fix being announced in August 2022 they're still selling detectors new in USA with the problem, the ones being sold in Australia are all fixed up new models so you can see where demand is higher. It also fits with them extending the sale in the USA until the stock ran out.
  17. Yes, sales of X-coils have snowballed so much they can't keep up with orders and that's selling direct to customers from Kazakhstan so selling direct can work. How many sales they lose by not having local dealers I guess they'll never know but seeing they can't keep up anyway that doesn't overly matter I guess unless they really wanted to expand the business. Seeing it's not even their primary source of income I doubt it, it was just they wanted coils for themselves, then they sold and gifted them to friends then it went crazy and became what it is today.
  18. Thanks Steve, that's the chart I could find too but they combined metal detectors with communications in that one and communications was having the biggest growth according to their shareholder report so it's hard to know by that one how well the detectors are doing. I was hoping to find one on metal detectors alone with communications being 48% of sales and having the highest growth. I guess the previous chart is based on them combined too so it's all relative, either way my point was there are other significant markets outside of North America and Europe. 🙂
  19. I'm sure AI or even someones pet donkey could write a better top 10 best detector list than most of the ones I've seen on the Internet.
  20. I use the stock coil, it's perfectly fine and works great, very sensitive too but the little 6" is just more sensitive and for me that's a big deal because I primarily live in an area with very small gold.
  21. My Manticore had a blue film over the screen, this made it more obvious it needs removed, I can see how people may think the clear film is part of the screen itself. The blue was obvious it needed removed as it tinted the screen blue 🙂
  22. No I was meaning this problem Random shutdowns like you're describing would be a battery connection or a detector fault you would think, I would report the fault to them and see what they say, it should never shutdown for no reason so that I would consider a fault. If the coil disconnects, has a bad connection or has a fault the detector shuts down like in the video above. This turned out a completely dead 11" coil, we got back home and tried the 17" coil on it and it worked fine.
  23. I'm extremely happy with the Manticore, except for it's Target Id's, the Nox 800 and Vanquish leaves the Manticore for dead when it comes to ID capability. It's my only disappointment with the Manticore, although somewhat a big disappointment. I thought I'd hate the Deus 1 wireless coil stuff, but it's grown on me, I don't mind it, I'd prefer coil cables but in a way it's nice and quick to change coils and works perfectly fine. I don't like the fact it's planned obsolesce with the coils and batteries but other than that, it's pretty good and reliable. I can put batteries in my Gold Bug 2 decades after it's release and I want to as it's still a good detector today, can I with my Deus 1? I don't know...
  24. That's the great thing about the GPZ 19" coil, most hold no value in it and sell them very cheap and you can buy it to make adapters out of 🙂 I have two 19" coils, although both have had the snip. I kept my 14" coil original in case I wanted to get rid of my GPZ someday, in hindsight I should have cut it and not bothered with the 19" coils as I'm never getting rid of my GPZ, it's my favourite detector.
  25. You make me want a Deus 2, although my Deus 1 experience wasn't all it was cracked up to be, a year or so ago it was the greatest thing since sliced bread to some people... so I got one, and well, big disappointment..... I'm tempted by the Deus 2... but also after my Deus 1 a bit iffy on it for my needs. All I want is deep with reliable target ID's in mild soils and my Ace 300 towers over the Deus 1 for this.....
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