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  1. Unfortunately I've had to give up on the Axiom, it is far too expensive, I guess the sky rocketing US dollar doesn't help but now it's gone up in price again to over $1000 more than the GPZ from the same dealer. Ridiculous to say the least. I do like the sound of it and think it'd be a good detector but there is no way in the world I'm willing to pay that price for it, not even close. I do wonder how the ever increasing USD is going to play out on Garrett's attempts at selling this detector outside of the USA, I suspect it's going to be a big problem for them and possibly the main reason it's not going to do well outside of the USA.
  2. Good example particularly on how poorly the Gold Bug 2 performs in and around hot rocks. While the Equinox doesn't do particularly well in your video with the hot rocks it appears for me at least to do much better than that in my milder soils with hot rocks and gold separation. You also show an example of how much deeper the Equinox is than the Gold Bug 2, something I also find.
  3. You've likely made it better than they did from the factory πŸ™‚ Thanks for the photo.
  4. Yea, I heard about that guy, it must have been you Chuck, news travels quick. I assume you went shopping after getting your gas?
  5. If that's the case providng a shaft most people wanted to replace with something better has backfired on them, it might be why the mandible has a much nicer shaft, we shouldn't need to bother with aftermarket shafts. I find it hard to believe the connection between the pod and the shaft is involved in the waterproofing of the detector and if it is, is it any wonder they leak. It was probably just someone trying to justify the leaking to an upset client, easy thing to do is blame the aftermarket component so they can turn it around to it being the customers fault.
  6. heh, it's almost like buy one get one free, only the one you buy you don't get to keep as by the end of your warranty period you've had the entire thing replaced piece by piece anyway πŸ™‚
  7. Always keep in mind the surface area of the coil, the more coil surface the more likely two targets under the coil at once which isn't ideal. In real junky areas I'd say the 6" is best. In brushy areas the 10x5" probably has the most potential to get right up into places where a rounder coil may struggle. They both have their advantages.
  8. Some nice gold there. My method for pinpointing with the Concentrics is lifting the coil high off the ground, the very center of the coil is deepest so you lift so the target response is small and go over the target area and you should be able to mentally narrow down where the target is to a degree. Here I use a green scoop on green ground, you're using an orange scoop on orange ground, we are just begging to lose them πŸ™‚
  9. The biggest problem with delayed releases at the moment is the rise of the USD against other currencies. Two key examples and I assume both are markets they'd love the Axiom to do well in. The South African rand down 19.43% in 6 months against the USD, the Aussie down 13.94% in the past 6 months, all that does is add to the price of the detector for these countries, and with the USD expected to keep rising for some time this situation is only going to get worse. The detector maybe fantastic but the price in the end maybe the biggest problem they have getting good uptake of it into International markets. It all comes down to if they're willing to take a profit hit in some countries more than others to stabilize a set reasonable price.
  10. I wish I had stuff to find that would justify a detector and coil like that! The coil looks remarkably light for the size of it.
  11. That's the problem when you mix hobbies with business, if you enjoy doing something it's hard to charge for it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't charge for it, it just makes it harder to justify taking the money. I would have taken the approach you did Erik, $50 is still decent because you got paid to do your hobby, now, on that does anyone want to pay me to go recover some pellets, I mean nuggets. I charge $100 an hour, you get half of everything I find 😜
  12. It certainly is an interesting leak location and more likely the molded plastic thinned to make the shape of the port and was weaker because of that than the tiny little USB current heating it up causing cracking, don't know if you've ever accidentally dropped a soldering iron on some of that plastic but it doesn't crack, it goes soft and flexible. Has anyone else ever indicated that's the spot where theirs leaked? Is it a common leak location or was this guy just really unlucky. Looking at his charging port you don't need any special magic tricks to see the cracks they were very obvious. Surely people that have a leaking detector have a look over it and see where the water got in if they can find the spot. A lot of rumours circulate around it being the speaker that leaks and some water hunters sealing up the speaker to try prevent it, not sure if that is a good idea, the speaker could also be the air pressure release location. The way I see it is it's in Minelab's interest to fix any leaking issues the Nox had on the Mandible, 3 years of warranty claims on leaking detectors not only isn't a good look but must be costly for them. They've had hundreds or thousands of leaked Noxes sent into them to inspect so surely they've worked out the leak failure points and improved upon them. I take a different approach, its innocent until proven guilty, at this stage the Mandible doesn't leak, so I'm not concerned about it, if I decide I will be concerned about it all I'll do is wait 6 or so months after release and see what faults people are reporting as no doubt most the faults reported will be there for the life of the product, Minelab don't seem to like fixing things.
  13. Does that mean you will warranty repair a detector that is out of warranty if it has the known speaker fault? If so that is an admirable stance to take and a very rare thing for a company to do. If this is the case I'm impressed.
  14. Awesome thanks Trev for your super quick informative answer. Appreciate it.
  15. I said I'd post this a while ago but forgot, and this is why I think having a pressure vent on coils is important, to Aussies it probably means less as they're in a big land of flatness but to countries with altitude it's pretty important. It's good to hear Coiltek have a vent, although I'm yet to find it, it's very obvious on other brands like the original Minelab GPZ coils, Nugget Finder coils and X-coils but I certainly can't for the life of me find it on the Coiltek Goldhawks. It's advertised as having it and said to be under the skid plate, odd location to put it seeing a lot of people tape their skid plate on, in fact I have to tape my 10x5" Goldhawk skid plate on or it falls off in a few minutes. This is what happens to a regular packet of corn chips in higher altitudes, I specifically didn't open this packet before heading uphill so I could show what happens, it happens to my chips all the time if I go up a bit higher than low level ground, they're a bugger to open when they're like that, they make a big explosive pop when you open them too πŸ™‚ I usually open the packet before going up higher so it doesn't happen. We also have to be careful with other food items that may pop or explode, especially liquids. I can't imagine having pressure like that inside a sealed coil would be a good thing. If someone can show where this elusive vent is on the Gold Hawks that'd be appreciated as I sure can't find it on either my 14x9" or 10x5".
  16. Both the GPX and Equinox are likely Minelab's most successful products of all time when it comes to sales volumes so their names would be quite a very valuable asset. The 6000 tied to the GPX name makes sense to me, they wanted it to have the GPX name being such a successful detector although it probably has about as much in common with a GPX as it does a Gold Monster, all it has in common with a GPX is that it is a PI, as dig4gold pointed out, it's nothing like a GPX. Ditching the Equinox name in my opinion was all about dramatically increasing the price, the Equinox relatively speaking was a low cost detector to break into the market and gain dominance which it was very successful at, if they wanted to raise the price like they have a new name was required or people would wonder why suddenly the new Equinox is so much more expensive than the other Equinox models. It was like the role of the Equinox was to lure us in, with the next generation Manicure the big money maker for them.
  17. I wonder how they'd go diverting the course of one the size of Texas! That's the one you've got to be worried about.
  18. Yep, the US dollar is going up for various reasons, not only the rising interest rates and other factors but also as people are buying it for a safe investment as you need USD to buy US bonds, a really safe investment in troublesome times, the more people that buy the USD then the demand helps push the USD up even higher. Currency traders are also all buying the USD at the moment as they know investors are going to be buying US bonds which they need to have USD to buy so the traders can make a quick buck on the USD rising. The worse the situation in the world is the higher the USD will go and I guess as Jason pointed out the less value gold will have for those in the US but not necessarily the rest of the world. The Brits are a real mess and the tax cuts they're doing for some strange reason will only accelerate their inflation so gold is a good investment for them.
  19. Forums are very different to social media, forums are like an encyclopedia, you google search anything about detectors and you don't see Facebook come up, you see forums and the forums have the information you're chasing. This particular forum tends to track at the top when searching for detector information. Facebook is more on the spot information that quickly disappears to nowhere, long gone weeks after being posted never to be seen again. It's preferred by the manufacturers as the large userbase, tens of thousands of users in groups related to detecting so yes, they have a bigger reach. You can't beat forums for withholding important information so it's sad when they die, as with them goes years of knowledge. Hopefully the decent users of closed down forums move onto the other good forums consolidating members to maintain good membership to the surviving good forums. This is the only forum I really bother with, I have accounts on a few but rarely show up and even more rarely post anything. A number of good people here who I like to communicate with and less of the trouble that drives forums to a slow painful death.
  20. I was thinking something similar, how could Tom D possibly make gold modes work in multi on the Nox, he uses the detector and gives feedback but I doubt he's there modifying the code to make it work better, I think the credit really goes to the engineers that did it. There is a big difference between giving feedback and actually writing the code and producing the hardware. All he could really do is provide feedback and influence the engineers to make the decisions to put more time and effort into making the gold modes work better in multi to make it viable to include multi in the gold modes I think.
  21. I think the reason the Equinox reacts so bad on hot rocks here is the ground being so mild makes the hot rock signal more pronounced, with hotter ground being closer to the signal of the hot rock so the hot rock is already partially balanced out by the ground signal. Here the difference between ground and hot rock is dramatic. Why the 24k handles the situation better is above my pay grade πŸ™‚
  22. Yup, that's why people don't get along on their opinions half the time I think and have arguments, I learnt that because someones opinion differs to mine that doesn't mean they're wrong some time ago. I know you understand that but some don't seem to.
  23. Yes, IP ratings are certified by independent testing companies, I don't see any IP rating on my Nox box. They just say how waterproof they have determined it to be, it's not certified.
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