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After A 30-year Hiatus 5500 SL Back In The Line Up


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Rare to even see a 5500-D SL, especially for sale and in new condition, I had to grab it. Coil shows no use, like it went out to the backyard once, the sticker arm cuff cushions weren't put on. It was my first detector, purchased out of Sears catalog, if I remember correctly in 1990. Dug many great CW relics with this detector my first 2 years in the hobby until I moved on to the Eagle Spectrum in 92'. It cleaned up on a 20 acre virgin battle site, that later greater detectors struggled to find anything missed. Bought it just for nostalgia, but now after playing with it out back using the coils for my XLT, which seem to work perfectly fine with it, I can see this hitting the field with a 15" coil for some shell or hut hunting. After all, as a rookie I never used this machine to its full potential, and knowing what I know now after over 30 years of detecting. might as well try and have fun with it. Sold my original for $150 and snagged this one for $150 👍




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That is a nice one. You are going to have a blast.

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Congratulations, a true blast from the past! Those old White’s big box detectors were built like tanks and seemed to last forever. White’s vintage analog VDI meters were more stable than some of the jumpy digital displays of today.

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