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  1. I wonder if we will see Axiom deliveries in the US before the end of 2022? I hope so but it’s almost November now. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. Awesome, great job on the angle adapter! Now if someone could come up with an adapter to make the Noxie’s grip feel like the one on the Legend we would be in business!
  3. Does anyone know the voltage rating of the flux capacitor on that coil?
  4. I can’t believe we’re still settling for monochrome screens. How many of us would accept that on our cellphone or tablet?
  5. I’m going to pass on this release. I just don’t see any real advantage over the machines I already have. Maybe, a year after release, if the reviews are glowing, I would consider picking one up on a dealer discount.
  6. I have a spare 16.8v TDI SL battery pack and charger that I would be willing to let go. It was professionally built-up with 4 Panasonic LI-ion cells and a balance circuit board. PM me if interested.
  7. That is how I use my Sun Ray probe to dig shallower, not deeper, holes. Digging any type of plug is not permitted on some of the properties that I hunt and the pinpointing mode on my MXT Pro can only narrow a target down to about a 1.5” radius. Before digging anything, I will use my Sun Ray probe to get an exact lock on the target. This almost always works because of the increased depth of the Sun Ray. I’ll then take my Lesche and make a 1” slit incision directly over the target and extract it from the surface using a coin popper tool. This “surgical” extraction method leaves no trace of digging, even on finely manicured lawns.
  8. I predict that neither the Axiom or the Manticore will be released before the end of September ‘22.
  9. I own a Profind 35, and it’s a great pinpointer, but the ferrous/nonferrous disc is very rudimentary at best. The Sun Ray probe uses your detector’s discrimination circuitry, so you get the same sounds and VDI numbers as when using the main coil… Basically using the full power and features of the Equinox as a 1” pinpointing coil. That and the depth are the main selling points of the Sun Ray.
  10. The Sun Ray inline pinpointer is really just a 1” coil attached directly to your detector. The advantages are that it provides full discrimination, VDI, sound through the detector’s speaker/headphones and greatly increased depth. The detection depth on my Sun Ray probe is at least 1/2” more than my F-Pulse or TRX. Depth can be controlled by increasing/decreasing the sensitivity setting on your detector. The disadvantages are cost, additional wires and added swing weight.
  11. Interesting, those inline pinpointers are great and I still have one for my MXT. However, the handheld pinpointer market was somewhat less competitive at that time…
  12. I know what you’re saying. On my Legend I actually mount the external battery pack under the arm cuff just to improve the balance point. For me, it swings much better with that 8 ounces of weight hanging on the back. It seems like the recent design trend is to try to break the 3 lb weight threshold at the expense of overall balance.
  13. If White’s would have ever incorporated the automatic ground tracking system from the MXT, onto the V3i platform, and put it in a waterproof housing, wow! So many missed opportunities with technology they already possessed… The first wireless, integrated pinpointer… Ugh, don’t even get me started.
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