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  1. The New Coils For The 2300

    Not owning a Sdc im not familiar with its sound so might be completely way off. Viewing this video on a big high-resolution monitor using windows magnifier you can make out that the letters on the coil and colours are similar to the standard minilab coils (red/black/white). Stoppsy who made this video knows Rowan from Nugget Finder coils and often has pre-release coils he tries out. Looking at the bits of the coil you can see... it doesn't look like a Nugget Finder coil. I just thought that the coil used might have been for the Sdc.
  2. The New Coils For The 2300

    I wondered if this was the new coil for the sdc being tested, but it sounds more like a gpx is being used.
  3. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    jrbeatty, thank you for reposting all those great photos and the stories behind them. Much appreciated.
  4. Coil Cable Neatness Tip

    Thanks kiwijw, I didn't know this little trick. Used to cable tie them in a similar way but stopped as I was using/cutting too many ties. This is a neat trick and in the morning I'm going to do this to all my coils
  5. Been planning on a few days detecting this week. Worked my but off doing extra work in my business and at home so I didn't feel guilty heading off for a few days. Checked the weather and it looks like the area im going to is going to have up to 20mm of rain. It's a 6-hour return trip so a little annoying if I don't get a reasonable amount of time detecting in. Anyway, it's 2 weeks since my last swing and im keen to get back and see if the area has any more surprises waiting, so I'm going anyway. Not too bothered by wet ground but i hope there's no bad EMI which makes running the 18" a pain. I'll take a few plastic bags to cover the control box and keep detecting if it's only light rain. Worse case scenario I don't get a lot of detecting in but I can always walk for miles and look for spots which look good for detecting and put them into the GPS for next time.
  6. Hi Nenad, Its the re-issue 4500. I only recently started using the bigger coil after finding a few 0.50 gram bits with it. It gave me the confidence to know that the bigger coils are quite capable of finding the smaller stuff as well as going deep on bigger bits. I also cover a lot more ground in a day using the larger coil.
  7. This week I got a chance to get over to the goldfields for two days. It's a fair drive so I'm not able to get out as often as others so my experience is limited. Most of what I've learned has come from books, videos, forums, and Facebook. I was lucky last month to stumble upon some ground that had been worked over by someone else but not thoroughly. Out of that patch, i found another 2 ounces. Using what I learned from finding that patch I went looking for more in a different area. On Monday and Tuesday, i found another 40 grams of gold in 4 different locations. It's a shame I can only go prospecting once a month but at least now I know how to narrow my search area right down to make the time im prospecting count. Most of this was found using the 18" Coiltek Elite on a 4500. I do use a b&z booster with Gog headphones which I think picks up those faint targets better. I'm also thinking the reason I did ok is the ground is very cold and damp so maybe the signal strength is better than during the middle of summer. The biggest bit of gold weighed 16 grams and was dug at 350mm or around 14 inches. I was lucky to hear that one as I was walking pretty quickly swinging the coil.
  8. A video I made that might help someone who uses a Google Earth and wants to transfer that data onto a GPS. I use this all the time to quickly drive/walk into areas that I've researched online. My other video that I did shows you how I overlay old maps onto Google Earth. Hope it helps at least someone.
  9. A Site For Overlaying Maps

    That map you're talking about is a beauty as it shows a lot of the nuggets, their size and position found. I just use windows 10 snipping tool to grab a part of the map, save it as a jpg file and overlay it directly onto Google Earth. Then I mark the areas im interested in and download those marked spots onto my GPS. I never overlay a complete map as the fine details are lost when zooming in. Even though that is an old map and many of the roads aren't there the main ones are and it's fairly easy to line up on Google Earth. I did a video on this whole procedure recently if anyone is interested. It is about 25 min long and shows step by step how I go about overlaying maps.
  10. At the Australian Airshow this year Codan had a stand, the Managing Director of Minelab said they were looking into fitting the sdc guts into the Monster box. Doesn't mean it will happen though but it would be great if it did.
  11. How To Not Get Lost

    Great tips everyone. Thanks also to geof_junk for those links. I'm one of those people that have a compass in the backpack and don't know how to use it. Going to make an effort to learn after reading this thread. I carry a GPS with spare batteries (charged) as well as a PLB, light, whistle, compass, lighter and snake bite kit in my backback. Once I got lost and it was only about 300m from the car. I'd walked up a hill to take a look only to lose my bearings on the way back down. The bush was pretty thick and everything started to look the same. After back tracking a couple of times I knew I was lost, and sunset wasn't far off so I started to panic. I then noticed that I had the GPS in my hand, after marking the spot at the car for a look on google earth when I got home. I'd actually never used the GPS to find my way back as it was only new. Fortunately, I worked it out and within 3 or 4 minutes found the car.
  12. What's Taking So Long?

    I was waiting for either a new sdc or 7000 to come out before buying, but it seems what we have already won't be updated (other than the software update) for at least two years. Might be a new coin and relic machine on the way (from Minelab) has anyone heard anything about that?
  13. Targets We Can`t Hear

    Remember seeing this a while back, Guy has modded his GPX to have a screen that displays the visual target response. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Go_kb9nwz0
  14. Finally - The QED Arrives?

    Not sure if its just me but the sound that detector makes is annoying. Didn't seem to be any difference in the audio levels when he picked up the target before digging, to when he was directly swinging over the gold. Usually you get a faint target response and as you dig deeper the response gets louder until it blanks out when directly over the target. I'm in no way an expert (only been detecting a year and a bit) but that's what I noticed when watching the video.