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  1. Eh? Eh? What did Simon say about pitching his headphones? Can't do that, I need my headphones to hear the signals! Pitching headphones, indeed!
  2. When Mitch purchased his Garrett Goldmaster 24K from me last week, we took the time to compare search coils from both the original White's version of the Goldmaster 24K and the Garrett version. The 10x6 Garrett coil was lighter, more stable, more bump resistant, and possibly a bit more sensitive. Mitch and I totally agreed that the Garrett product was superior. I hope this helps. HH Jim
  3. Bud Guthrie's quartz specmen "Fred" was the topic of the "Treasure" magazine article entitled "$75,000 Rock Found." My personal estimate was that the actual gold content was 25 to 30 ounces. Also, don't forget Terry Bone's 27 ouncer, and also Kevin Hoagland's 27 ouncer. Sadly I haven't joined Pounder Club yet.
  4. A rock is either "hot" or "cold" if it's condutive mineral content and/or density differs substantially from that of the soil to which the detector was ground balanced. An individual stone which was "hot" in one locale, if transported elsewhere, may now become "cold." In most severe hot rock areas, with my 24k, I use the 10x6 DD, SAT at 2, autotrack ON, and GB OFFSET at +1. Hope this helps. HH Jim
  5. Hmmm, a strong, localized signal, embedded in (vertically oriented?) shale, in an auriferous creek where you "have done well" on gold in the past. Gosh, personally, i'd say that it would be a good idea to JUST DIG IT! HH Jim
  6. It would not be the first time a large nugget reputedly came from one area, but actually had originated in another. Just saying.
  7. Gold Catcher, the cattle get their water from Vaughn Springs, Mound Springs, and Viscera Springs. You can easily Google those locations. As you may know, RSC is also home to bears, mountain lion, lynx, and bobcat. Adam, we are not sure if the dogs are truly feral, or are domestic animals owned by one or more residents of Rattlesnake, Burns, or Pipes Canyons, whose owners are unaware of the predations. Tony, stay safe!
  8. Most of the Southern California members of this forum are acquainted with the Rattlesnake Canyon area. It has been reported that a large pack of feral dogs has killed and eaten at least 14 cattle in RSC in recent weeks. So if you are going to prospect there, take care. HH Jim
  9. Aureous, were most of your AU nuggets found with your Goldmaster 24k? Well done!
  10. What! I don't believe it! A picture of Gerry holding a nugget in his HAND, not in his mouth!
  11. The primary ore of lead is galena, which can readily be found with a metal detector. I have found galena nuggets weighing up to 12 pounds. But, lead "trash" is manmade, i.e. bullets and birdshot.
  12. Anthony, they were near one of my favorite places, Angel's Camp, founded in July 1848 by Henry Angel.
  13. For a comparison of White's original 4 coils for the Goldmaster 24k and GMX, see the Spud Diggers video entitled "White's GMX and 24k - ALL 4 coils tested" on YouTube. INMHO somebody needs to release a 10" round concentric. Just sayin'. HH Jim
  14. December gold from Montana... Sweet! Well done.
  15. Bill, PM me your email address and I will email you photos of my "Gold Nugget Areas in Southern California" pamphlet as well as my "Goldmaster 24k Controls and Recommended Adjustments" cheat sheet. HH Jim
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