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  1. Steve, my "mega performance" comment was solely directed to the Shadow, being a direct quote from their original TCD advertising. Like yourself, I prefer to take a "wait and see" attitude regarding manufacturer or dealer performance claims.
  2. I have read every post in this topic twice, and although some good points have been made, frankly, friends, there has been a great deal of highly optimistic speculation made about yet-unseen detectors, as well as strongly-held opinions about "which detector manufacturer is going out of business next." Perhaps the most highly promoted "soon to be released" mega-performance metal detector was the Troy Custom Detectors Shadow X-7. For nearly a year numerous detectorists, claiming to be using prototypes, hyped that this machine would ramp TCD to the top, and put all other manufacturers out of business. Public opinion about this unseen machine was hugely favorable. So I got one. A total waste of money. The initial reviews by totally disillusioned users killed it before 200 units were produced. TCD folded. So, let's wait for actual user reviews on the Simplex before passing judgment. Furthermore, only time will tell which metal detector manufacturers will survive this ever-changing business environment. Here in Yucca Valley in the last few weeks numerous national chain stores have folded: Sizzler, JC Penny, Quizno's, Rainbow, Food For Less (Kroger), Payless Shoes, etc. In the business world, few things are certain anymore. HH Jim
  3. Jim, would you be so kind as to repeat those tests with the standard 12 volt battery pack? I am sure many of us would appreciate knowing how the two compare. Thanks!
  4. Rled, yes, many Minelab coils will work on the various TDI versions, and some TDI coils will work on some of the Minelabs PI's. Are you seeking a coil size/type for the TDI not already marketed by White's, Coiltek, or Miner John Designs? If you are seeking a 6.75" Concentric for a TDI please see my advertisement in the Classifieds.
  5. G'day, mate, so you lot fancy yammering like an Ozbloke? Cheers!
  6. Certainly, lead poisoning is a risk factor for nuggetshooters who pop newly-dug targets into their mouth to spit-wash them. One of the first symptoms of lead poisoning is short-term memory loss and mental confusion. Er, or is that loss of short men...or, tall memory fusion... Hey, just what are we talking about? I'm confused... 😊
  7. The oldest inhabitant of the now, nearly deserted, Montana prairie town, had told me that, back in1915, a man surnamed White had operated the local pool hall/saloon for nearly a year. During it's short-lived heyday, it was frequented by old cowboys, many of whom bore scars from bullets, arrowheads, knives, and bull's horns. Even the celebrated Western artist Charlie Russell had "bellied up to the bar" and "pulled a pint" there many a time, often listening to those old "saddle bums" spin yarns about Indian fights, crazed buffalos, and lost loves. Gaining permission to detect the site, now nothing more than a patch of mown prairie grass that passed for a lawn, one by one I unearthed metal items, many of which clearly related to the saloon industry. Finally the turn of my trowel revealed a small, rectangular, piece of brass. Wiping away the dirt, I first spied the number 5, in fancy script. More rubbing revealed "Good for 5c in Trade." A token! Flipping the token over, it read "Star Pool Hall... Windham, Mont." As I held that token in my shaking hands, suddenly I could hear the mixed sounds of an out-of-tune "honky tonk" piano, the clink of glasses, the giggle of a dance hall girl, and smelled the combined odors of stale beer, sweat, and horse dung. And there he was, the great artist, sitting in the corner, sketching an 1880's scene as it was described to him by a weather-beaten old cowboy who had been there when it happened.... Yeah, metal detectors help us touch the past...
  8. If it is in good working order, with no problems, and still fitted with the original DD coil, then $150.00 is a bargain. Especially so if it is a chest-mount with chest harness. HH Jim
  9. Alaska Detector, the FIRST nugget is always the hardest. I was mentored by nuggetshooting greats Jimmy Sierra and Woody Woodworth. My first nugget came on the morning of the third day hunting with them. As I plucked the raisin-sized bit from my palm, the heavens opened, rays of light beamed down on me, I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus... uhh, well maybe in my imagination. But I was thrilled. I'm glad to report that 36 years later the thrill is still there...
  10. Aureous reports that in the last 5 months at "worked out" Australian sites he has recovered over 500 nuggets with his Goldmaster 24k. Just wait until his health improves AND he gets the 6x4 DD Shooter! HH Jim
  11. Ballarat. Isn't that the Ozbloke word for "gold?"
  12. Let me clarify some misconceptions, at least as much as I am permitted to do so. Sales of the 24k are steady, and improving. In my own case, for my White's/Minelab dealership in the Mojave Desert, my sales of Goldmaster 24k's are better than I would normally expect for the summertime here. And, I have noted a pronounced trend: MOST 24k sales are NOT to total newbies, but rather to experienced nuggetshooters who own other models of high frequency machines purchased before the release of the 24k. Why? Because most have "outgrown" the "entry-level, easy-to-operate" machines, and are seeking to capitalize on the greater number of user- adjustable, performance-enhancing features possessed by the 24k. One final thing: the 6x4 "Shooter" is to be released SOON, and work is progressing on the 14x8. 'Nuff said for now. HH Jim
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