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  1. I just learned that paypal is no longer associated with ebay, so I will take payments via my business credit merchant's account.
  2. All items are totally brand new, the coils have never been mounted. Prices include shipping . Payment via Paypal or check. 1)TRX (unopened box) w/ sheath $160.00. 2) Sierra Gold Max coil, (14x8) with cover, for pre-24K Goldmasters, $150.00. 3) Sierra Super Pulse 350 coil, (14x8), with cover, for TDI, $50.00. 4) 10" Sport DD , for MX Sport, with cover, $150.00. 5) MX Shooter coil, 6 inch, with cover, $125.00. 6) MX Sport 950, with cover, $100.00. 7) 8 inch PRIZM coil, (624-0179) for Prizms and related machines, no cover, $50.00. 😎 Digmaster, with sheath, $40.00. 9) Prostar headphones $50.00. 10) MX Sport waterproof headphones, $70.00. 11) Signature Roll top backpack, $75.00. Email me at ophirau@gmail.com, or phone or text me at (760) 401-7514
  3. "...And I often grieve, and pine... for the days of old...the days of gold... the days of Fortynine..."
  4. Southern California nuggershooters know that the Rattlesnake Canyon Placer area east of Big Bear is one of the prettiest auriferous areas in SoCal. Regrettably an uncontrolled fire is currently raging west of RSC. Will keep you updated. Last big fire in that area scorched nearly 100k acres.
  5. Almost new White's Electronics Goldmaster 24K, plus new accessories, for sale. This was a very slightly used dealer demo, aesthetically A-, perfect operating condition. Comes with new White's Digmaster and sheath (retail $39.95), Jimmy Sierra nugget cup, my "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24k" book, and my "Goldmaster 24k Optimal Tuning" cheat sheet. All for $499.95, postpaid. Bonus: If the buyer picks up (Yucca Valley area) and pays cash, I will include my "Southern California Gold Nugget Areas" pamphlet and a couple of hours training. Call or text me at (760) 401-7514.
  6. Garrett just informed me that the Axiom, with MS-3 Z-lynk phones, TWO searchcoils (13" DD and 11" mono) external back up battery pack, & carrying case, has an MSRP of $4700.00 and MAP price of $3995.00. HH Jim Garrett Axiom Quick Facts, Owner's Manual, Etc.
  7. From what my Garrett Distributor just told me, Garrett plans to build and stockpile a considerable quantity of Axioms, and then release them to their dealers all at once, ensuring that there will be an equitable distribution of machines to all marketers. Many potential Deus II customers were upset when XP sent large quantities to favored dealers, and the little guys, myself included, had to wait weeks. Current ETA for shipment of Axioms is thought to be 6 weeks, but that is not written in stone. Sorry, I currently don't have any info on retail price. Hope this helps. HH Jim
  8. Eh? Eh? What did Simon say about pitching his headphones? Can't do that, I need my headphones to hear the signals! Pitching headphones, indeed!
  9. When Mitch purchased his Garrett Goldmaster 24K from me last week, we took the time to compare search coils from both the original White's version of the Goldmaster 24K and the Garrett version. The 10x6 Garrett coil was lighter, more stable, more bump resistant, and possibly a bit more sensitive. Mitch and I totally agreed that the Garrett product was superior. I hope this helps. HH Jim
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