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  1. Gold Catcher, the cattle get their water from Vaughn Springs, Mound Springs, and Viscera Springs. You can easily Google those locations. As you may know, RSC is also home to bears, mountain lion, lynx, and bobcat. Adam, we are not sure if the dogs are truly feral, or are domestic animals owned by one or more residents of Rattlesnake, Burns, or Pipes Canyons, whose owners are unaware of the predations. Tony, stay safe!
  2. Most of the Southern California members of this forum are acquainted with the Rattlesnake Canyon area. It has been reported that a large pack of feral dogs has killed and eaten at least 14 cattle in RSC in recent weeks. So if you are going to prospect there, take care. HH Jim
  3. Aureous, were most of your AU nuggets found with your Goldmaster 24k? Well done!
  4. What! I don't believe it! A picture of Gerry holding a nugget in his HAND, not in his mouth!
  5. After 30+ years as one of White's Electronics top dealers, when they closed down I decided to retire. But, frankly, I miss being a metal detector dealer. So when my friends at American Detector Distributors offered me a dealership (Garrett, Minelab, XP, Makro, Fisher et al, etc.) I happily accepted. I am offering both local and mailorder sales. Credit cards accepted. I am currently highlighting the Goldmaster 24k. Feel free to call me at (760)-401-7514, or email me at ophirau@gmail.com. HH Jim McCulloch
  6. The primary ore of lead is galena, which can readily be found with a metal detector. I have found galena nuggets weighing up to 12 pounds. But, lead "trash" is manmade, i.e. bullets and birdshot.
  7. Anthony, they were near one of my favorite places, Angel's Camp, founded in July 1848 by Henry Angel.
  8. For a comparison of White's original 4 coils for the Goldmaster 24k and GMX, see the Spud Diggers video entitled "White's GMX and 24k - ALL 4 coils tested" on YouTube. INMHO somebody needs to release a 10" round concentric. Just sayin'. HH Jim
  9. December gold from Montana... Sweet! Well done.
  10. Bill, PM me your email address and I will email you photos of my "Gold Nugget Areas in Southern California" pamphlet as well as my "Goldmaster 24k Controls and Recommended Adjustments" cheat sheet. HH Jim
  11. For a review of the original coil offerings from White's Electronics for the 24k, check out Rob Johnson's "Spud Digger" YouTube channel video entitled "White's GMX and 24k - ALL 4 coils tested." I still have one 14x8 left in stock. See Classifieds. HH Jim
  12. True Simon, but with gold at over 2500 NZ$ per ounce I'm sure that it won't be long before you pay it off. "How do you pay off a $1500 detector? One $10.00 nugget at a time." HH Jim
  13. The problem with having Fred as a hunting buddy is that YOU might become HIS lunch. Sixty-plus years ago in Southern California there was a place called the Alligator Farm. They had hundreds of alligators, crocodiles, and caymans. At feeding time often Little Jimmy would pedal his Stingray there to watch whole chickens being gobbled down. During the feeding frenzy sometimes smaller gators got eaten, too. Even today my worst nightmares are about "gittin' et by a croc." You Ozblokes who detect near croc-infested waterways must be muy macho hombres. HH Jim
  14. Simon, sorry to hear of your dilemma. But, when you get the six inch coil you will absolutely love it. Probably 98% my White's Electronics 24K customers bought both coils at the time of purchase. Probably 98% of them exclusively use the 6 in. It is really awesome in cramped, rocky areas. If you have an online subscription to Western and Eastern Treasures magazine, check out the October 2018 issue for my field test report. You can see some of the really tiny nuggets the 24k is capable of finding. HH Jim
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