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  1. Jesse, but then again big cobbles can often hold LOTS of gold. A buddy of mine found a cobble about a foot wide that the oldtimers had had placed on a claim marker, that had 26 oz of small gold in it. And Jimmy Sierra found similar piece with 27 oz in it. So, feel free to detect the big cobbles, too, you have my permission!😊
  2. For the record, the GMX Sport uses the exact same coils as the Goldmaster 24K. So far there will be four coils for both machines available very soon, the 6.5 inch concentric, the 6 x 4 DD, the 10 x 6 DD, and the 8 x 14 DD. I have all four, and they work great. Personally, I prefer the 6.5" concentric for all-around work, due to its extreme depth and sensitivity, and the fact that being a concentric means I can push it forward in the nooks and crannies, which I cannot do with the Double D. The 8x14 Double D has extremely remarkable sensitivity to very small nuggets, but might be too buoyant for underwater work, unless weighted. When we filmed the intro, we shot different clips showing different combinations of coils. Since the price of the 10 x 6 is only $30 more than of the smaller coils, I am sure that many dealers, such as myself, would be willing to work out a coil trade-in deal. I hope this helps. HH Jim
  3. Simon, those cable connectors are wonderful, and they've been standard features on White's detectors for many years now. Also, White's dealers have just received the notification email about pre-ordering. It is believed that the shipping date will be the 27th. Suggestion: sell off several of your inferior detectors and upgrade to White's!
  4. MAP price for the GMX Sport and above-mentioned accessories is $827.95. As usual, my customers also receive my MAP-approved accessory pack. When filming the introduction, we also filmed some really detailed comparisons which will appear in an upcoming Spud Diggers video.
  5. The new White's Electronics GMX Sport is now available for pre-order. It is the extremely popular Goldmaster 24k fitted into the waterproof MX Sport housing. Introductory offer for the GMX Sport includes TWO searchcoils, the round 6.5" concentric, and the 4 x 6 Double D oval, plus Whites waterproof headphones, plus adapter for standard headphones. MSRP is $899.95. I am already accepting pre-orders NOW, and will have them at the upcoming GPAA Gold Shows. Check out the YouTube video "GMX Sport intro”.....
  6. Yes GB, it IS good for everyone involved. By expanding the number and scope of Show venues the GPAA reaches out to more old members and many potential new members. As you know, education is a high priority for the GPAA, and the virtually non-stop seminars on a wide range of auriferous topics are of great value to most attendees. By doing the same venues (such as Las Vegas) no more frequently than alternate years, a wider range of venues can be considered. I began attending Shows in 1983, and since 1994, with the release of my first book, I have been a vendor at 138 Shows. I am planning to have booths at Pomona, Phoenix, Sacramento, Concord and Columbus. Members of this Forum are cordially invited to stop by. HH Jim
  7. The issue you describe can happen with any model of detector; usually low quality or low powered batteries are to blame.
  8. I was loaned the prototype GM 4x6 shown in the video. It measures the standard 3.5 x 6.5 inches, but is exactly 1 inch thick, a nice improvement. Sensitivity to tiny subgrain bits of AU is awesome, as would be expected. In Mojave Desert soil 1/10th grainers give clear "dig here" signals," and 1/4 grainers SCREAM. I was informed that the techs in the coil department at WE are still working on even greater performance, hence release dates are not predictable. Even "as is," performance is very impressive. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  9. Oopps. Yes Mitchel is the new dad. But your daughter did you proud at the last Olympics.
  10. If you want to see "sneak previews" of White's new waterproof high-frequency VLF gold detector, the GMX, as well as the long-awaited (but worth it) 4x6 coil for the Goldmaster 24K (and GMX), AND some paltry CA AU, check out Rob Johnson's YouTube channel "Spud Diggers" for the just-released video entitled "We found some gold in California! Also, a sneak peak at the new White's GMX Gold metal detector." HH Jim White's GMX Sport Data & Specifications
  11. Speculation is not verification. Let's wait and see. If we get into the habit of believing every rumor, we'll also have to start worrying about low-flying pigs. Sure, it would be nice if ML would release an improved and lighter version of the Zed for under $3000.00, but don't hold your breath.
  12. Gerry, nice set of new dentures. A bit too big for your mouth, though. And, they need a bit of cleaning, too. Nonetheless, bro, nice AU. HH Jim
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