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  1. Mitch, a strong contender for the WSPA September "Find of the Month." Keep up the good work. HH Jim
  2. Entitled "Gold N Ghosts". His first video shows him recovering Aussie gold with his Goldmaster 24k at a "worked out" site. Worth watching! HH Jim
  3. Victoria Australia nuggetshooter "Aureous" has launched a YouTube gold prospecting channel called "Gold N Ghosts". His first video shows some of his successes with his Goldmaster 24K at "worked out" Australian sites. Worth watching! HH Jim
  4. Gives a whole new meaning to "sitting on the throne..."
  5. TOTALLY NEW, never used, never mounted. This is the white plastic with blue label CONCENTRIC version. For the entire lineup of pre-24k Goldmasters. Original price $249.95, my price, postpaid, to lower 48 states, is $110.00.
  6. Drive safe, my friend. Remember that 395 has the macabre nickname of "Blood Alley." Otherwise HH. Jim
  7. For me, the run up Highway 395 through the Eastern Sierras to the various Inyo and Mono County goldfields, and then onto the Northern Nevada fields, has always be a favorite of mine. Talk about a world-class geology tour. Friend Mitch, for you to reach the top of Mount Whitney in just 6 hour makes you a far better man than I ever was. But then again I was always carrying a heavily loaded backpack. Speaking of Whitney, I had lunch in Lone Pine on Monday...
  8. Chuck, if you are seeking a true Aussie-style single-field Mono coil which offers BOTH good depth and sensitivity on small gold, you should consider the 6" Super Pulse 150. It's the most maneuverable White's PI coil, and it's in-ground depth rivals that of the Miner John 5x9 folded. When Jimmy Sierra retired, I bought out the last his SP 150's. I can sell you a brand new one for $80.00, postpaid. The original price was $149.95. Please advise. HH Jim
  9. The 24k sends 54% more power to the coil than did the GMT. To accomplish this employs wiring to all 5 of the pin connectors for the 24k coils, whereas the GMT coil only uses wires to 4 pins. Which is why the GMT coils cannot be used on the 24k. Also, all that extra power requires more precise positioning of the internal coil wires within the loop, as well as improved shielding (so I am told). When "Spud Digger" Rob and I tested the first-generation 6x4 prototype at "Diamondville" June 1, we found it worked exceedingly well at mid-range gain settings, but at a gain of 9 it began to overload. We informed White's, and were advised that the engineers would solve the issue. This is essential prior to final FCC testing, which is HIGHLY expensive, and time-consuming. This is all I know at present. HH Jim
  10. Friend Simon, the same basic laws are in place here, and are commonly referred to as "Lemon Laws." Certainly, the consumer should be protected. Hey, the new Chevrolet Colorado I just purchased already has Recall issues! But let me tell you what I know. Since 1994 I have been a Vendor at 129 "Gold Shows," i.e. recreational gold prospecting trade conventions, sponsored by several organizations. Steve and Gerry, and others here, can vouch for that. There are usually between 1,500 to 2,000 attendees at each Show. About 10% of them will spend time at my booth, and MANY of them tell basically the same story.." I bought my XLT 25 years ago. About 5 years after the warranty ran out, the coil died. White's replaced it for free. Seven years later the circuit board fried, White's replaced it for free. Two years ago I sent it in for a tune-up, White's replaced the coil, screen, lower shaft, and circuit board for only $90.00..." OR, "I've used my Goldmaster 3 for 25 years, never had a moments problem with it, I'm up to 11,000 nuggets, and it still works fine..." But on the other hand, I have frequently heard "I like [detector manufacturer]'s products, but their Customer Service is totally abysmal, rude, slow, uncaring, and overpriced." Quite a difference in consumer opinion. The point: ANY electronic device can "die." How well the manufacturer remedies this is testimony to how they view YOU, the Consumer. With respect, or with distain?
  11. Chuck, I can understand how a negative experience can really turn a person off. When I was a little bitty Boy Scout we were camping one night, sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, and I was right in the middle of a migration of tarantulas. Hundreds of them crawling over my bag, me, the ground around me, it was horrible. Even to this day, nearly 60 years later, I can barely look at a tarantula without having flashbacks of that horrible experience. But, you did say now that you've had your detector fixed it is a good machine. The fact that White's Electronics stands behind their products speaks volumes as to the quality and integrity of the company. Personally, I have owned over 100 detectors, and have had to send some other brands in, and did not fare as well with their Customer Support by far as compared to White's.
  12. Chuck, I'm sorry to hear of your plight with your MX Sport. May I be so bold as to ask exactly how many times did you have to send it back to Sweet Home for repairs? Personally, I got one of the very first Sports, and sent it back for the upgrade, and it has given sterling service all the time that I've owned. In fact, I have personally owned dozens of different White's machines since 1983, and have never had to send one in for repairs. And I use my machines a lot, and am very rough with them. Yes, the MX Sport IS somewhat heavy, but that is characteristic of weighed water-hunting machines intended primarily for surf hunting. Still, it is a strong seller, and very popular. Since 1989 my White's dealership, Jim's Metal Detectors, has sold a little over 2,500 White's detectors. I always tell my customers that if a problem arises, contact me first. I know of 6 machines (of 2500) that had problems requiring repairs. Five were coil issues, and in each case I swapped out the coils. One problem I couldn't figure out, and it was sent in for speedy, problem-free repair. "If the Goldmaster 24k came out 10 years ago, we'd all have one." To be honest about, many of the features and technology found in the 24k didn't exist 10 years ago. Its' predecessor, the GMT, was released in 2000, is STILL in production, and is arguably the most popular and best selling automatic ground balancing VLF gold machine in history. The first competitor to even come close to the GMT's performance, the Goldmonster 1000, was released early in 2017. Yes, the GM's easy-to-operate, user-friendly, entry-level, "minimalist" approach has appealed to many, especially to those in third-world countries, where maybe 90% of GM's are sold. The Goldmaster 24k is nearing its' first year in production, and sales are very strong, especially for my own dealership here in the Mojave Desert. Interestingly, the overwhelming majority of my recent 24k customers are already owners of Goldmonster 1000's. Fact. Why did they upgrade? One buyer summed up everyone else's feelings when he said "I've outgrown the novelty of easy operation, and I now want to increase my potential for success with the 24k's advanced, operator-adjustable, performance-enhancing features." In another thread on this Forum Gerry McMullen has reported the same thing. Furthermore, take a hard look at the MX 7, which retails for $599.95. The performance, features, and coil options it possesses make it a leader in that price range, regardless of country of production. Don't consider White's Electronics out of the running.
  13. Steve, my "mega performance" comment was solely directed to the Shadow, being a direct quote from their original TCD advertising. Like yourself, I prefer to take a "wait and see" attitude regarding manufacturer or dealer performance claims.
  14. I have read every post in this topic twice, and although some good points have been made, frankly, friends, there has been a great deal of highly optimistic speculation made about yet-unseen detectors, as well as strongly-held opinions about "which detector manufacturer is going out of business next." Perhaps the most highly promoted "soon to be released" mega-performance metal detector was the Troy Custom Detectors Shadow X-7. For nearly a year numerous detectorists, claiming to be using prototypes, hyped that this machine would ramp TCD to the top, and put all other manufacturers out of business. Public opinion about this unseen machine was hugely favorable. So I got one. A total waste of money. The initial reviews by totally disillusioned users killed it before 200 units were produced. TCD folded. So, let's wait for actual user reviews on the Simplex before passing judgment. Furthermore, only time will tell which metal detector manufacturers will survive this ever-changing business environment. Here in Yucca Valley in the last few weeks numerous national chain stores have folded: Sizzler, JC Penny, Quizno's, Rainbow, Food For Less (Kroger), Payless Shoes, etc. In the business world, few things are certain anymore. HH Jim
  15. Jim, would you be so kind as to repeat those tests with the standard 12 volt battery pack? I am sure many of us would appreciate knowing how the two compare. Thanks!
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