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  1. More later? Well... I'm sure it will be well worth it, especially the photos. Regarding Mitchel's ability and endurance as a long-distance driver: he is the kind of guy who can leave Santa Monica at 2:00 am, to arrive in Yucca Valley at 5:00 am, pick me up, and by 6:00 am be at the Rattlesnake Canyon trailhead, all kitted up, about to start the 2 mile hike to the old Spanish Workings. Dig and detect all day, back in Yucca at 8:00 pm, to be back in Santa Monica by 11:00 pm. Really. Hey, the guy runs marathons! My hero.
  2. There are no "simple" answers to Skookum's excellent questions, but Tom and Jason have given some really masterful info. Several more thoughts need to be mentioned or repeated. The current geological formations we detect are often far deeper (lower in elevation) than the original auriferous deposits of times past. Thus, erosion at euvial locations, over time, have repeatedly both revealed and re-covered, shifted, dispersed or concentrated, auriferous deposits, making it difficult to precisely locate the original lode gold deposits of times past. The original lode deposits may no longer exist.
  3. Of course, we're only crediting European finders, the original Aboriginal finders of gold have been discounted. When the Conquistadors "discovered" gold in Mexico it was centuries after the Aztecs and Mayans had perfected the recovery, refining, and casting of gold. Credit where credit is due... Regarding Hargraves, he was one of the first Englishmen to find AU in California, being a Fortyniner, and he later introduced Sonoran (Mexican) placer mining techniques to Oz.
  4. Way to go, Mitchel, thanks for sharing your Midnight Madnes with us. HH Jim
  5. Outstanding post, old son. Reading it revived some faded memories of places and faces, regrettably some now no longer with us...
  6. Simon, thanks for sharing your adventure with us. That site sure looks like the Mojave Desert. Best wishes for your continued success. HH
  7. There exists a SoCal lost treasure story involving a gold-filled strongbox that had been aboard an ill-fated stagecoach. The driver foolishly stopped in the bottom of a dry wash to take advantage of flowing water to quench his horse's thirst. The reason that water was flowing was because it was raining heavily in the nearby steep mountains uphill of the parked stage coach. The sound of clattering boulders upstream alerted the driver and passengers of an approaching flashflood, so they all safely fled to higher ground. According to what I read, the mangled wreakage of the stage was later fou
  8. Hmmm... Hyperinflation due to unbacked fiat currency. Sounds all too possible. One German Mark in 1918 had the buying power of 100 Billon Marks in 1923. One story I read was about a German guy who took a wheelbarrow full of money to a store to make a purchase. Leaving it outside, he went inside to see if they had what he wanted. Upon his return, he found that someone had dumped the money on the ground but had stolen the far more valuable wheelbarrow.
  9. Dave, I am acquainted with Forest Falls. I certainly wish the best for the inhabitants.
  10. Regrettably, both the Big Bear and Rattlesnake Canyon placer areas in Southern California are being threatened by a fast-moving wildfire. Bummer. These are the prettiest auriferous areas in SoCal.
  11. For those who possess gold, these high prices seem great, but in reality they reveal that the US dollar is in bad shape, which negatively affects most people on this forum. An ounce of gold remains an ounce of gold, what changes are the number of dollars required to purchase it. When the dollar is weak, MORE dollars are required to buy that same ounce. Nonetheless, I will admit that the fat check I received from Midwest Refineries for a handful of ugly nuggets certainly was gratifying. 😀
  12. Depending on where you live, protection from venomous snakes can be vitality important. Snake gaiters and venom extractors help for common rattlesnakes. The Ozblokes on this forum can advise re: their more deadly serpents.
  13. Yeah, I'm bad. Here in the Mojave viewing conditions were wonderful, Hawkeye and I really enjoyed star, comet, and satellite gazing last night.
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