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  1. Yes, I knew a guy that used to work for me that drank a minimum of 25 coffees a day. We often spent 14 hour days together so i saw this first hand. Unfortunately he passed away a couple of years ago in his mid 30's. Got some pain in his back which ended up being cancer and he was gone 3 months later. I always wondered if the excessive coffee drinking and smoking was a cause
  2. Just shows that you cant please everyone all the time. The videos were short and to the point. Most only being one minute or so in length. If some one has a problem with one aspect of the machine then there's a short video that covers the problem. No need to try looking for the section that covers your problem in a lengthy video. Anyhow, the videos wont please everyone but I'm sure they will help many
  3. I thought all the videos Minelab uploaded on the how to use the 6000 were pretty good. Must admit I'm a bit jealous of the guys getting one now after watching all 13 videos. But will control my urge to buy until I get a chance to test one against my current setup. Deep down i feel that the geo sense thing is a game changer. 1st video here for those that haven't viewed the series
  4. I guess this is the new JP we will be dealing with in years to come. That's if any gold is left from the amount of prospectors entering the hobby and machines becoming more idiot proof. (I sometimes wonder what the future holds for this industry/hobby.) Thanks for sharing some real live footage.
  5. Ok, hope the 26" turns out to be a winner. Can you shed some light on why John retired from prospecting? Did he just grow tired of it? My old man used to be an abalone diver. He said it killed his love of diving that he had from an early age. I guess doing something day in - day out takes the joy out something after a while. For me prospecting is my life. The bush is my retreat from the pressures of business and all the other things in life. Couldn't give a hoot about the financial gain but find the challenge of finding something so elusive stimulating. The joy of see
  6. From what i can make out there were 2 partners in the X-coils business. One decided to sell his share. I would be interested to know if they both had coil building experience (the original owners) Reg Wilson (ex dealer wrote this) I discovered that the Russian partnership competed with each other and he wanted me to be his dealer and to sell all Xcoils. This to me seemed a mad arrangement. Then the partner (Elnur) who had been supplying Dave sold his share and Dave got the chop and Simon got dealt out of the picture. The new partner (Alex) would appoint a new agent (you there Jonatho
  7. I cant say I've dug many really deep targets in comparison to shallow bits but what you explain above is exactly what I've experienced. I remember once using the 10" on the zed at a pushed site. I changed things up a bit and decided to try general/difficult with a low sensitivity (cant remember exactly - but my fav sensitivity is rarely over 6 - many times at 1 or 2). The machine was dead quiet. I then heard a very faint groan, which after a couple of swings confirmed that something was there. I'm positive if the sensitivity was higher it would have introduced ground noise and i would of misse
  8. Seems odd that i put my order in for a 22" spiral ages ago after seeing Dave test one here in AUS, only to be told that the maker wasn't happy with the results. I got offered the 20" instead. Either the new owners don't give a stuff what they pump out or they're smarter at making coils. It will be interesting to see how the bigger 26" goes. Do you think on deep gold the zed with a 26" will be any match for those prototypes you guys swung 30 years ago? Especially that big ass bismark coil.
  9. Thanks to James Beatty for mentioning this Russian site that shows pictures of the 6000"s internal circuit board. https://md-arena.com/razborka-minelab-gpx-6000-chto-vnutri-ochen-dorogoj-novinki/?fbclid=IwAR2q9Cll560LUXoC0arxPr8zDALHI-5LLDM0S5zCeLUJYs--_d9KraNCIq0 I was reading the comments (translated) and noticed that Steve and his comrads are held in high regards in Russia as well.๐Ÿ™‚ Quote: The circuitry of this device and me, too, "amazed to the core"! Made "very good" (really good, no kidding!), BUT why done - absolutely incomprehensible! (SIXTEEN (!) IMPAD / Pirates "In one
  10. Having just had the LCD sceen replaced I was surprised that the actual cost was only $120 for the screen. (The whole job cost $287 which consisted of replacing the screen and postage to send it back)
  11. Will dropping a detector have any other adverse effects, like breaking solder joints or upsetting other internal electrical components?
  12. Im a little undecided now. I get the feeling its going to be great on small gold at depth which my zed with the 10" coil already is. (much better than the gpz14) I can also buy other aftermarket coils that will perform better than the original on different size gold. I like the simplicity of the 6000 but for me its all about performance, nothing else. Im now thinking a ktm or husky dirt bike might be a better choice for finding gold. Ive got areas my Ranger Raptor wont get into and my electric mountain bike runs out of battery power to quickly. So a motor bike could be handy. Still undeci
  13. JP, that article must have taken some time to write, so thank you.
  14. I wonder if a tester would have any knowledge of what the 6000 is likely to retail for .... probably not, but one said recently that the price would be (in australia) $6500.
  15. Could it be a gpz killer? Someone who knows a tester mentioned that you may see a lot of gpz's advertised shortly. There wasnt a HUGE difference between a 5000 and 7000 IMO. If the 6000 narrows that gap why would future buyers consider buying the flagship detector (gpz). I havnt used a 3030 but many seem to think that the nox800 is close in ablity at half the price.
  16. I use both methods if on a known gold patch. Clean up using conservative settings. Swith over to other avaliable coils, flip through multiple timings/settings, and then run the detector flat out with no threshold (usually 14-19). An area as big as a tennis court usually takes a day to detect thoroughly. All methods usually extract a little gold.
  17. i reckon everyone as well as you will probably disagreee but my best gold is coming from a very low sensativity. 2 seems to work best for me on shallow gold with the zed. Im amazed at what seems to be missed with higher sensativity because of a little noise.
  18. Yes very brave, a little in common also. Bloody religion ...it can cause some long lasting damage to some. (sorry and no offence to the christian believers)
  19. For me, it has to have performance greater than the 5000. I couldn't care less about batteries, leads, speakers or screens. Performance is the only reason ill upgrade a detector. If its better ill buy one. Ill be keeping the zed though. From PA forum. https://rogermontgomery.com/codan-goes-from-strength-to-strength/ JANUARY 2021 UPDATE - Minelab GPX 6000 Revealed!
  20. Anyone had experience being part of a group that owns claims that allows its members to prospect on? Here in Australia "Little Ripper Gold Inc" has formed a not for profit group that has 4 or 5 claims already and will be using members yearly fee of $100 to buy more. Im told that you Americans have similar setups over there. https://www.facebook.com/FreeGoldCamps/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/LittleRipperGold/
  21. The Nugget has been found! Big thanks to the wider community, the 83 yr old owner and his wife are very, very grateful, relieved and very happy. #fb This update came from the Dalwallinu Police on Twitter
  22. Best stand i ever saw was on my previous trip away when i met a couple of guys with sdc's. One had made a fold out leg that attached to the sdc. When folded out the sdc stood upright. He said it helped him not have to bend down to pick up the machine all the time off the ground (bad back or knee). From memory he would stand the sdc upright then use his pick to scrape the ground. Only when he had the target located would he bend down to the ground to retrieve it
  23. Sorry guys, have changed the topic title to read WM12 instead of Prosonic. Just trying to get some feedback if bypassing the WM12 wireless system and plugging a booster and headphones into the Zed directly gives a better or clearer target response.
  24. Sorry, having a clueless moment...again. Yes i meant the wm12 that comes with the Zed.
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