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  1. Anyone had experience being part of a group that owns claims that allows its members to prospect on? Here in Australia "Little Ripper Gold Inc" has formed a not for profit group that has 4 or 5 claims already and will be using members yearly fee of $100 to buy more. Im told that you Americans have similar setups over there. https://www.facebook.com/FreeGoldCamps/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/LittleRipperGold/
  2. The Nugget has been found! Big thanks to the wider community, the 83 yr old owner and his wife are very, very grateful, relieved and very happy. #fb This update came from the Dalwallinu Police on Twitter
  3. Im afraid Simon that my gold tally for the year would only feed me for a month at best. As you know first hand working hard and investing sensibly pays off later on. I still feel its a little flashy for what im used to but the wife talked me into it when she saw it at the dealer. My Prado that im driving now is 17 years old and not that safe anymore. My wife said she wont let me drive to Perth in it next year when i go prospecting. (8000km round trip)
  4. Sort of hoping there is a wait now on the 8" coil. Have just got back from the car dealer in Melbourne. Went in to buy a new Ranger Wildtrak and walked out with a Ranger Raptor. Id be to scared to ask the wife for a penny for at least a couple of months.
  5. Up most of the night with little sleep ... thats the excuse ill use for not reading your post properly. 😫 I thought you already had it. My bad. Sorry. Yes the Russian manufacturer sure looks after his clients. Not sure if the "other" manufacturer would make coils by request. Concerning the other manufacturer, i heard the other day that the 12" winding's are in a 13" coil. Cant be right surely.
  6. Geez Simon, how come you are getting all these new coils first. Im starting to think that it must be a marketing ploy by Mr Rusky. I mean after all you do promote them well. (saying that in a good way 🙂) Anyway ill just have to be patient and keep swinging my mammoth, oversized, hard to get into places 10" coil. The coil looks good also, so it balanced out the ferrite ok?
  7. Best stand i ever saw was on my previous trip away when i met a couple of guys with sdc's. One had made a fold out leg that attached to the sdc. When folded out the sdc stood upright. He said it helped him not have to bend down to pick up the machine all the time off the ground (bad back or knee). From memory he would stand the sdc upright then use his pick to scrape the ground. Only when he had the target located would he bend down to the ground to retrieve it
  8. My efforts from last week with the 10” x-coil. Originally I was using sensitivity @20 which I normally do on reasonably quiet ground and was pulling lots of small shot at depth. Tried mucking around for 3 days with different settings and found one piece of gold (which I lost). I’d raked one spot (small area) which in both normal and then difficult I found 4 bits of deep lead. In the back of my head I always think about JP’s comments of not over doing the sensitivity. So I put on the gpz14 and lowered the sensitivity to 5. Bugger me, a soft signal stood out. So after going over the whole raked area again with the 14” for no more targets I put the 10” back on and re did the area. The sweet spot for the coil on that ground seemed to be sensitivity of 7. Going back over the spot there were 8 more targets that were obviously masked by ground noise, although I don’t think there was much of that so im not sure why they wouldn’t of screamed especially when using normal timings @20 but they didn’t. Anyhow the targets were mostly pellets but 2 were gold. I am totally blown away how good this little 10” is. After many trips actually getting gold using maxed out settings i thought i was smart and had some kind of advantage over the person using lesser sensitivity, but i realise now that ive left many nuggets in the ground. My new way of detecting is a low sensitivity and listening for the faintest of signals. I wish i recorded the signals that i stopped to investigate because you could barely call them a signal. More like a faint, really faint change in the threshold. A couple were so faint that i began to think i was imagining things but i kept thinking that if i my initial reaction was to investigate ill keep doing so. Usually 2-3 swings over the target the zed will remove the surrounding noise and the target clears up a bit. I’ve stuck to auto balance (my x-coil wont balance out the ferrite properly) because I still think overall it gives the best detecting experience and will only turn on manual if I’m really not sure but usually a quick boot scrape and the doubt is gone. A few of the smaller bits didn’t register on the scales. Over all a 4 days away the gold wasnt great but what i learnt from this trip will certainly help in the future. From memory my tally was 1.5 grams. The biggest bit being 0.40.
  9. Sorry guys, have changed the topic title to read WM12 instead of Prosonic. Just trying to get some feedback if bypassing the WM12 wireless system and plugging a booster and headphones into the Zed directly gives a better or clearer target response.
  10. Sorry, having a clueless moment...again. Yes i meant the wm12 that comes with the Zed.
  11. Plug in a booster/headphones into the WM12 (Gpz7000) or plug it directly into the 7000?? Obviously, wire-free would be more convenient but would the signal be clearer/stronger going hardwired? (I'm not concerned about the minute bit of lag when using a wireless system) Thought i would ask before testing this on my next trip.
  12. As mentioned in the thread post, the coil is a from NuggetFinder. By the pictures it looks to be 12”. Wouldn’t know what other sizes they plan on doing
  13. I asked a Minelab dealer whether the new coil will have a patch lead or not. His reply was the chip will be built into the lead and not requiring a patch lead. Good news for those that are paranoid about chopping the chip off a standard coil and making a patch lead. Coil is due out (in Australia) at the end of June.
  14. Thanks so much for this write up on the Nox. Its given me a real enthusiasm to get out and try mine a lot more. The first time i used it i hated it but with some wise words from Steve H about lowering the sensitivity until i got the hang of the machine I’ve begun to like it a lot. Until now I have only got it out when at a caravan park to scab up some coins around my campsite. I think i might just get myself a few new coils and a swing arm and start actually using it more now.
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