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  1. Yes sure cant. Some people will be happy with mediocre and others want something better. Think im one of those funny buggers that questions everything and tries to improve everything. Dosnt work out great all the time though. With the pro swing i just couldnt handle the fact that it pulls you forward slightly. Probably more notacble with me than others as my lower back isnt that great anymore. And as we know the zed isnt a light weight. Cheers Rick
  2. Hi Billdean, This dosnt address the size of the harness but more so my opinion of the pro swing I couldnt wait to use the pro swing harness after i bought my gpz. What a disapointment. Its pretty simular to the normal minelab harness except for the struts in the back which presumably take the weight of the detector, were as your shoulders usually take the weight. Also it has a cross beam thingy that is suposed to centre the weight of the detector rather than have the weight of the detector fall to one side of your body. The first time i used it felt so uncomfortable. I watched enless videos on how best to set it up and got it adjusted to suit my size but i wasnt happy. Even tried the setup described in Martin Stone's youtube video on Pro Swing harness setup. The biggest problem i encountered was the design of the pro swing when swinging the heavy zed actually pulls you forward slightly. The weight should be transfered to your hips but it isnt. At the end of the first day (after it was adjusted properly) my lower back was rooted. I then proceeded to remove the cross beam and the two j struts which made the harness more like the original minelab harness. Then fitted my hipstick and away i went. Even swinging my 20" X-Coil is a breeze now. I can detect all day with minimal fatigue. Ive also got a water bladder backback that has hooks near the shoulder that will accomadate the hipstick and that also works well.
  3. Sure does, although id like to know if all the x-coils are watterproof. That one may have been sealed up especialy for working in the wet.
  4. Loving the 10" x-coil. Went out recently and got 3 targets so called over my mate to see if he could hear them with his 5000 (14x9 and 12 evo) Not a sound. Couldnt believe how much dirt we had to remove before he picked them up. The 10" is a killer on small stuff at depth that the gpz14 wont hear also. I too am amazed at Lucky strikes comments to me that an anouncement is iminent. Months have gone buy and nothing.
  5. Not sure where your from Irondigger but here in Australia we have "Jaycar" that sells all sorts of switches and electrical stuff. The green button on the handle is only a switch and Jaycar sell simular ones. A guy once said he replaced his handle switch from Jaycar. You may have to search for the correct sized one as the website has 3 pages of push button switches. You should be able to buy one for under $5 https://www.jaycar.com.au/components-electromechanical/switches/pushbutton-switches/c/2CB?q=%3Apopularity-desc&page=0
  6. Sorry for your loss Jason. Its a real kick in the guts when you have something stolen. Hope someone hears something and you can recover some of your gear.
  7. Yes Strick the cost can add up. We're at $3000 already that includes him and the cost to replace a library book he chewed yesterday. No doubt more damage will follow. As long as its not my car or detectors I wont be too upset.
  8. This is my new prospecting buddy. (English Staffy) Probably too much of a pain in the neck to take out with me yet but hopefully in 6 months time. Wife decided to do a Instagram page to document his life and share stuff with friends. So far all he does is eat, sleep, poop and chew everything in sight.
  9. These ones are half the price and go just as deep
  10. Here are the next few lines from the above sentence. "Quote: The feedback resisters set the gain of the input stage and while lowering the value of these parts does make for a quieter detector, which in some cases can be an advantage in very hot ground, there is an amplification loss of available signal in quieter ground"
  11. Yes, that would be a good next step having someone else manufacture the QED. Would allow much more of his time to go towards R&D.
  12. Think he would have to get past doing everything himself first. Might not be able to keep up with demand
  13. If i were buying another 4500 it would be the older version not the re release. I cant guarantee the following information is correct but its information i read in an Australian gold gem and treasure magazine a couple of years back "Quote: "After some time removing the white paint, that the feedback resisters located on the dual AD797 input opamps (voltage amplifying devices) were a lower value than on the original GPX 4500 models". (the board inside the GPX's are painted white - to cover up what components are used - presumably) His feeling was that the lower capacity resisters (also on the 5000) made for a quieter detector but resulted in loss of depth on some targets. Testing showed that the newer 4500 lost about 15% depth on big, deep target responses compared to the original 4500 He then replaced the resisters on the new release 4500 with the same ones used in the original 4500. The result being that the new 4500 now detected targets at depth the same as 2 other older 4500"s he had. Maybe thats why some people say the old 4500's punched deeper than the newer ones or the 5000's Source: Australian Gold Gem & Treasure - August 2017
  14. 1) What detectors you have purchased in the past couple of years? gpx 4500 Whites Goldmaster V-Sat gpz 7000 Equinox 800 2) Where you happy with your purchase(s)? The Minelabs - yes. The Whites - No (couldn't get my head around how to use it properly in mineralised ground) 3) Have you had to do a warranty claim on it, how'd that go? Yes, broken handle on 4500. Replaced in store (the store then sent the broken one back to Minelab) Also fried the amp in the gpx battery. My fault (I told them exactly what i did) and yet Minelab fixed it and didn't charge me. Hows that for service? 10/10 4) If you had your time again would you still buy those detectors or do you regret it? Would buy all Minelabs again. Glad I started with the 4500 even though my wife told me to buy the best detector at the time (gpz 7000) Wasn't sure if id like detecting so bought the 4500 when it was re released because it was cheaper. The Whites I bought because i wanted to know what it was like detecting back in the olden days. Soon realised i needed a detector fool proof so sold it later on without really understanding how the thing worked. (But i made a profit on that one so cant complain) 5) Do you still use any of your other detectors, if so why? The 7000 is my main go to detector. The 4500 has been sold. I sometimes use the Equinox but only when we go caravaning near the beach. I should drive 5 minutes down the road and detect an old cob and co stop over place, who knows there might even be a few gold sovereigns laying in the ground. Would like to try it in a few creeks that the 4500 couldn't handle with a waterproof coil because particular rocks kept giving of signals. Have tried it on similar rocks and the 800 handles them well 6) Your favourite detector of all time Without a doubt the 4500. Knew how to use it well, and got good results. Paid for itself many times over. Where as ive barely covered the cost of the covers on my 7000, lol.
  15. Yes, came with the detector
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