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  1. Probably speaking out of line as i didnt see the post that got Phrunt removed/banned. But IMO big mistake Steve. I may be wrong on this but watching from the sidelines ive noticed that when Phrunt stops posting for a while things start to go quiet here. Which of your members is going to stand up and post as many posts as Phrunt which keeps threads alive, non that im aware of. Non of what ive said is said with disrespect but rather hoping that Phrunt may be brought back into the fold. Im sure he will behave himself from now on, as we all make mistakes or our message gets misinterpreted. p
  2. For me, it has to have performance greater than the 5000. I couldn't care less about batteries, leads, speakers or screens. Performance is the only reason ill upgrade a detector. If its better ill buy one. Ill be keeping the zed though. From PA forum. https://rogermontgomery.com/codan-goes-from-strength-to-strength/ JANUARY 2021 UPDATE - Minelab GPX 6000 Revealed!
  3. Anyone had experience being part of a group that owns claims that allows its members to prospect on? Here in Australia "Little Ripper Gold Inc" has formed a not for profit group that has 4 or 5 claims already and will be using members yearly fee of $100 to buy more. Im told that you Americans have similar setups over there. https://www.facebook.com/FreeGoldCamps/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/LittleRipperGold/
  4. The Nugget has been found! Big thanks to the wider community, the 83 yr old owner and his wife are very, very grateful, relieved and very happy. #fb This update came from the Dalwallinu Police on Twitter
  5. Best stand i ever saw was on my previous trip away when i met a couple of guys with sdc's. One had made a fold out leg that attached to the sdc. When folded out the sdc stood upright. He said it helped him not have to bend down to pick up the machine all the time off the ground (bad back or knee). From memory he would stand the sdc upright then use his pick to scrape the ground. Only when he had the target located would he bend down to the ground to retrieve it
  6. Sorry guys, have changed the topic title to read WM12 instead of Prosonic. Just trying to get some feedback if bypassing the WM12 wireless system and plugging a booster and headphones into the Zed directly gives a better or clearer target response.
  7. Sorry, having a clueless moment...again. Yes i meant the wm12 that comes with the Zed.
  8. Plug in a booster/headphones into the WM12 (Gpz7000) or plug it directly into the 7000?? Obviously, wire-free would be more convenient but would the signal be clearer/stronger going hardwired? (I'm not concerned about the minute bit of lag when using a wireless system) Thought i would ask before testing this on my next trip.
  9. As mentioned in the thread post, the coil is a from NuggetFinder. By the pictures it looks to be 12”. Wouldn’t know what other sizes they plan on doing
  10. I asked a Minelab dealer whether the new coil will have a patch lead or not. His reply was the chip will be built into the lead and not requiring a patch lead. Good news for those that are paranoid about chopping the chip off a standard coil and making a patch lead. Coil is due out (in Australia) at the end of June.
  11. Thanks so much for this write up on the Nox. Its given me a real enthusiasm to get out and try mine a lot more. The first time i used it i hated it but with some wise words from Steve H about lowering the sensitivity until i got the hang of the machine I’ve begun to like it a lot. Until now I have only got it out when at a caravan park to scab up some coins around my campsite. I think i might just get myself a few new coils and a swing arm and start actually using it more now.
  12. Wish i knew what the next detector from Minelab is going to be. Having seen how good the SDC is on minute gold I would love to buy one and add one of these coiltek coils to the mix. BUT, got this funny feeling Minelab might be going after the masses again like they have with the last few detectors and release a pretty good machine at a cheap price. One chap that seems to be in the know mentioned on Facebook that the new machine would sit between the SDC and the GPX5000. Buggered if i know if that’s anywhere even remotely close to the truth but i think I’ll wait and see before committing o
  13. Thanks for replying and sorry if i asked a question that caused any problems. It must be enjoying sometimes being a tester and always having to analyze everything you say or show. Anyhow i only asked as we hobbyist hang of what you and other influences do (to hopefully increase our chances of success). On looking at that coil and thinking it may be the 19” i was thinking maybe i should be using a larger coil more myself.
  14. What coil JP? Coil shape in one of the pictures almost seems like the shape of the gpz19.
  15. I think i may have asked this question before but interested in others opinion so will ask again. Would XRF machines be accurate enough to sample soil for traces of gold? Amagine how good it would be to use one as a tool for loaming, instead of collecting soil and panning it. They arnt cheap though, up around $30k in Australia im told.
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