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  1. I'm heading over to Canada and the US in 2 months. My wife organized a cash passport card. Got it through the banks. You load up any amount of money and it acts as a credit card. You can top it up via the bank or online. Was suggested by the travel agent instead of using a personal credit card. You pay the exchange rate of the dollar on the day you load up the card minus a small percentage (profit for the bank) My wife tells me its a lot cheaper using the cash card instead of a personal card as there are no ongoing transaction fees. Well also take a small amount of cash to incase credit cards aren't excepted.
  2. Cheers guys, all good information and much appreciated.
  3. Could be the case Northeast, although I still did get hot rocks with the zed just nowhere as many. In the future ill head back to this spot and see if it's just a case of user inexperience but I feel I gave the zed a good run using reasonably conservative timings/settings and then had to resort to trying to figure out some more extreme settings as I wasn't finding anything. Funny thing is I showed my mate who has a zed how to use the spo1 (filter 3) and normal timings and the bugger found 9 nuggets not far from my home. He said, yeah it's noisy but when you get over gold it really stands out amongst the chatter/noise of the machine.
  4. Hi Brian, I've done that in one section but found no more. I've raked it as well in other areas. It almost seems like the run of gold shedding off the reef is shallow. Only a few bits showed some wear most was prickly and sharp and hasn't traveled far.
  5. I use Normal mode often with the 4500 although with a low gain, sometimes as low as 1. The ground im more familiar with isn't as bad as some I've encountered but still has ironstone present. Although I've had this discussion with a few that disagree I've found that the Normal timings with a low gain will pick up gold missed with Enhance with a high gain. Probably the only reason I get away with doing this is that I use the sp01 on filter 3 (more compression of the audio response I guess) and turn my audio tone right down. Would I use these settings for everyday detecting? NO, but on a known gold patch what have you got to lose. In one spot no bigger than a room I dug over 20 hot rocks but also recovered 3 bits of gold that when checked in Enhance wouldn't register any kind of response.
  6. I may have misunderstood the scrubbing bit as I was referring to a post from JP sent to me by Northeast. JP: Quote - In the case of Normal Ground Type mode on the GPZ 7000, those modes are very aggressive so will saturate more readily than Difficult mode. I generally keep my coil around the 30 mm mark even in quiet ground.
  7. My second outing with the zed I tried the factory presets except I used semi-auto ground balance and ground smoothing off. Tried those settings on a patch I've pulled many different nuggets out of over the last year. (4.5 ounces) The zed didn't get any more targets using those settings. I then proceeded to increase the sensitivity up a fair bit but still no luck. I tried many settings/timings but alas no more gold with the zed on this patch. As a last ditch resort to try and justify my purchase of the zed after a 3.5-year wait, I cranked the zed up to the most aggressive settings I could get away with hoping to find something that my 4500 had missed. The settings were... Extra Deep, Normal, sensitivity 20, threshold pitch 33, Locate patch, audio smoothing high. (also used steelphase booster with filter 3 to quite it down even more) (ferrite balance etc) I was pleasantly surprised at how well the zed handled the ground using these settings compared to the gpx when running flat out. Hardly any hot rocks compared to the gpx. Unfortunately after a day of trying this and many settings and thoroughly going over small patches of ground that the 4500 had success on the zed found nothing. My conclusion is one of three things. 1. I don't know what I'm doing. Although surely it's pretty foolproof using the zed in factory settings with a controlled coil swing and the coil slightly off the ground. or 2. Hitting my patch over the last year with the 4500 in Normal and Sharp timings with gain at 15 has done the job. Id previously used enhance with a high gain and done ok. But once i cranked it up in Normal there was still gold left that enhance couldn't hear. It makes me wonder if folk who say that they got gold in past patches with the zed ever bothered to max out the gpx on their patches first. or 3. The gold was fairly shallow (350mm was the deepest bit found) and all within the range of the gpx so no chance for the zed to prove its worth. I was a little disappointed with the zed if I am honest but will give it time and look forward to seeing some kind of advantage over the 4500 that I hear about from others who have had 4500/5000 and now swing the 7000. The thing that I didn't like is that it's advised to keep the coil slightly off the ground. I'm a scrubber and like to use the coiltek Elites to push branches/leaves out of the way in an attempt to get right up close to the ground. Sort of defeats the purpose if you ask me to be swinging 3cm off the ground.
  8. Hi Northeast, went and gave it a run today. No gold but dug some pretty deep bits of rubbish. I was up till 2 am downloading some videos and other info on my phone to go over when trying out the zed so got little sleep. Didn't like the pro harness so reverted back to my camel backpack and the hipstick. Connected the bungee and it wouldn't stay in place and the detector was dragging on the ground. Being tired and not thinking straight I thought I must have left a part that holds the tension on the bungee at home. So swung the zed for 5 hours straight with no bungee. My bicep feels like its done 1000 dumbbell curls. Obviously, when I got home I realized my stupid mistake. The ground in Gippsland wasn't too bad so I ran the zed in General, Normal and sensitivity on 18. Using the steelphase enhancer I switched it over to filter 3 which quietens down noisy settings a lot. I used these settings for about 4 hours and although quite chattery targets stood out. I got a lead bullet quite deep in some old-timers tailings which got me excited thinking this might be my first zed gold. The last hour I reset and tried high yield, difficult and sensitivity on 9. The machine was nice and quiet but I didn't get any targets with those settings.
  9. Thanks Steve, All updated now.
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but if my zed hasn't had any updates do I have to install them all or just the last update?
  11. When you connect the zed up to install updated software does it tell you if you any updates have been previously installed? The machine I just brought has only been used a few times (3 years old) The chap I bought it off didn't know much about prospecting so I'm presuming no updates have been done.
  12. Phrunt, my 4500 picked up the 0.27gram bit easily just nowhere as deep as the 7000 did. I think from memory i found this bit using the 18" Elite coil.
  13. Hi Nenad, 0.27 gram was the small one. I dug a thin trench about 2" deep gradually getting deeper to around 10" deep. We moved the gold deeper until we felt the zed would recognize it as a target if we were detecting the area.
  14. One of my mates bought his second 7000 a few weeks ago. We did some testing against the 4500 using both the 11" and 14" coiltek elites coils. (not a lot of difference between a 4500 and a 5000 IMO) We placed some test bits of gold in some mineralized ground and at another site with less mineralized ground. No matter what settings/timings I used I couldn't hear the small bits of gold that the 7000 could. We even tried cranking the 4500's gain to 15, stabilizer on 20 and audio set to boost. We also tried using sensitive extra and normal timings but it couldn't match the 7000 on the small gold. On a larger bit of gold, I matched the 7000 but not using Enhance. Had to go to Normal timing and set the gain to 5. However, the 4500 was not really usable in the surrounding ground unless the gain was lowered to 1. At Gain of 1, it still picked up the test bits but not as clear as Gain on 5 which i felt heard that bit as clear as the 7000. Obviously, testing like this is not the same as testing undug targets but unless one machine handles air tests better it seemed a reasonable way to compare machines. From what I saw it made up my mind that its time to get rid of the 4500 and buy a7000.
  15. Hi Mitchel Geovic and geological maps are all you need to find prospecting locations in Victoria. Do your research at home and mark all your intended prospecting spots onto a GPS before arriving here. Otherwise, you'll find yourself driving around in an unfamiliar area and wasting a lot of time. Geovic - The youtube videos below show a basic overview of how to use it. If you need help understanding anything related to Geovic just ask. Make sure you activate the reefs and contour layers, they help a lot in understanding where gold may have shed. http://earthresources.vic.gov.au/earth-resources/maps-reports-and-data/geovic Geological maps covering a lot of the golden triangle http://earthresources.efirst.com.au/categories.asp?cID=30&c=164920 Another good resource for researching - Trove is a digital Newspaper archive that has a lot of useful information from the old mining days. https://trove.nla.gov.au/ Pandora has a lot of information about the history of mining in Victoria. http://pandora.nla.gov.au/col/13063#13065 Hope some of this info helps you out.
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