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  1. Will be interesting to see how the 22x21 goes when we get them Rick. I've also ordered the 10" for crumb finding when things get desperate.
  2. Nice day out. I much prefer the freezing cold than any kind of heat. I reckon you also get a depth advantage with a cold coil and cold ground. Just out of curiosity both those target sounds were pretty loud, do you also hunt listening for the faint breaks in the threshold?
  3. Well done mate. I guess you'll be searching that area well now.
  4. We rented a car from Europcar and around one month later got a bill for damage to the car (marks/scratches) I'm pretty thorough and had kept the original invoice that detailed damage done to the car before I hired it. The bast#rds tried charging me for damage that was done by previous people. I emailed them a copy of the invoice and that was the end of that. It just annoyed me that they wasted my time. If you look at most rental cars they have damage all over them. They never bother fixing minor damage. Guess what car rental company I walk straight past in the airport now.
  5. Hoping to spend a couple of weeks in NSW later this year myself. Never detected there before but have seen a few nice nuggets from that state. Fantastic photos Pat and nice bits of gold.
  6. Thanks Aussie but ill be getting one off Dave when I get back from overseas. The Muk picks are cheap but I know what I'm after and Daves picks would suit me better.
  7. Thanks Dave, If you could send me some info/price/sizes that would be good.
  8. Any suggestions on a good pick? My last one snapped the blade in half when digging in hard ground. (It was previously broken and welded so didn't expect it to last forever - got it for free from the next door neighbor) I got suckered into buying a medium sized pick 4 years ago, with the salesman saying the larger ones were for people that felt inadequate in certain areas. But I think a bigger pick would be better for digging bigger holes. What do the Aussie guys here use? I still have the medium sized pick but the tip seems to be too rounded and doesn't cut into the ground as well as my broken one that had a sharp pointy end did. I plan on digging plenty of 3 foot plus holes shortly, it would be great if the handle of the pick could incorporate a mini crowbar head on the end. (never seen that anywhere, just saying it would be good.) Once you get down a bit it gets tough swinging in a confined space. Cant be carrying a crowbar a mile from the car.
  9. Don't think anything else, other than what Codan has informed their shareholders is on the horizon. And if there happens to be something, I doubt it will be groundbreaking technology. More like a fancied up new shell/body with a couple of new bells and whistles. I'd probably buy it though, lol
  10. So someone has already made the patch lead and it doesn't work?
  11. This book covers all the theories experts had over the years about how gold formed. A few other books I have mentioned the theory of gold growing.
  12. From Codans Management Briefing & Site Tour Presentation. I guess there's more money making machines for the bottom end market than the top. Looks like no zed replacement just yet.
  13. Have you tried loaming to find the source? loaming is going to become a big part of the way I search for gold in the future. Well done though on the gold and thanks for sharing the pictures and write up. The 10" coil looks like a winner. It would be good to see how the 12" performs. I reckon a 12' coil is about the perfect size for detecting. It was for me.
  14. The best hamburgers are from fish and chip shops. "One with the lot" ...make sure you add pineapple or beetroot.👌
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