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  1. Seems you had your mind made up where you were going to mount your magnet before asking the question. In your 2nd to last photo with the magnet sticking that far out is just crazy. Must be close on half an inch. That wouldn't last 5 minutes in ground I dig into. I have mine recessed into the end of the handle & has been in there for years with no issues. Have even had the pick blade rebuilt a few times due to wearing down. I also use my pick as a walking stick & the magnet has handled that just fine. I guess what we can take from this is the differing ground we all have to deal with & while this way & position of the magnet may work for you then that is great. So no hard & fast answer & we all work out what is going to suit us individually. D4G
  2. The steeper the slope could be the chance of bigger heavier gold getting caught up in a crack or crevice too & remaining there. More detectable than the smaller gold. D4G
  3. Try crushing up some quartz & panning it. D4G
  4. Is this your full time "work" or just a spare time hobby? You most certainly earn every bit of gold you are getting. D4G
  5. Hi GS, I did mean Jed from Ghost miners initial posts that we were lead to believe was from "Jed's" journal & so thinking it was real & factual. When he came clean & said it was fabricated by his own words & putting his own spin on it I lost interest. The endless violence was a put off too. The world doesn't need that. Sorry if I insulted you. D4G
  6. Might have to nickname you "Jed". LOL 🙂 D4G
  7. Nice to see some finds. I was going to say you should change your avatar name to goldseeker 6000 but then see you are still using your 5000. No gold is easy gold & you deserve all you are getting. Thanks for sharing. D4G
  8. Well done Aureous. Do you have to travel very far to get to your gold grounds. Fuel costs these days are another large cost in chasing gold that many seem to not mention but becomes part of the equation when talking about gold finds paying the way. Phrunt, just out of interest have you made your GPZ pay for itself before thinking of gold finds paying for your 6000? D4G
  9. My first ounce with the 6000 here in New Zealand was 31.16 grams in 305 pieces. That reflects our small kiwi gold. Just over .1 of a gram average. That's lots of digging & that's not counting the rubbish digs. By far most of it was with the 11" & a few with the 14". I don't have the 17" as there are not many places I could swing it where I detect. Same really with the 14" as I haven't used that coil much but where I have I got a few bits. Have been using the 6000 for over 6 months & have had no issues except for the shaft twist. I like it. D4G
  10. To get the chip & from what I have been reading all along since X coils became a thing, you can still use the coil that the chip came from by putting a connector back on to the cable so the chip is still there via the adapter. If you have access to X coils then you have the ability to still use the minelab coils as well as the X coils. Best of both worlds. What is so hard to understand about that? As we have seen there are issues so it isn't for every body. But it is a choice if you so choose. D4G
  11. Although this has a bitter sweet ending there is some good stuff in this from Bill. Always is in his videos. He tells it & shows it how it is out in the field. For those of you that struggle with the ratty threshold with the 11" mono he covers this & I thought he had his detector running pretty damn nice. D4G
  12. But... have you even tried the 14" DD? You will never know if you have never tried it. It is what it is there for & you have paid for it as part of your 6000 kit. The 14" will go deeper than a smaller coil & you may surprise yourself with its ability. Why are you so reluctant to use it? D4G
  13. Have you tried the 14" DD in your EMI areas? Instead of pushing the mono continually to try to get it to a point where you don't appear you will ever be happy with it because of EMI. That is what the DD is for. I think you have more than proved to yourself, & us, that the 11" mono isn't happy in the environment you continue to keep tying it. D4G
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