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  1. No, but there were other peoples lives involved in this last incident. It didn't need to happen. D4G
  2. That's the way I see it. He knew what he was doing & must have known what the result would be. I reckon you guys got off lightly. Makes for a good story though. D4G
  3. Jacob can take full responsibility for starting that s#it fight. Not fair on the rest of you. What was he thinking?? D4G
  4. Exactly.... like large gold at depth..... Sounds like a win to me. You might find you will not fill your pockets with so many lead pellets either. If you don't search for large deep nuggets you are never going to find them. D4G
  5. Agree totally with that. A 3000 was listed on our online auction site for NZ$800 & got passed in but it did sell so a deal must have been struck. I was very tempted myself. If your spot is virgin ground you are very lucky & a 7000 would be a killer. Even with the standard 14x13 coil. Whack on a 15" cc X coil & you just might be blown away from what I have heard about them. D4G
  6. That is a very generous offer from DrillerDave. I reckon you should take him with you. D4G
  7. So are you saying you bought one & have never used it? You might be surprised if you hook it up to your Algoforce. I have found deep gold with my one & it wasn't too shabby on smaller shallow bits either. D4G
  8. I would have to wonder with using an older model ML PI or GPZ 7000 that the bigger deeper gold you are looking for has not already been found with them back in there day. Hence the GPX 6000 mopping up the crumbs these days. A very high chance that any ground you go over has already seen many a coil over it. The gold doesn't tend to grow back. D4G
  9. Just weighed my ML 14x13 & it is 1239 grams. That is just the coil with skid plate & curly cable. D4G
  10. Yes, absolutely. Hence going in with the drone. You can't zoom in as much as you could do on Google Earth without it losing a sharp focus. D4G
  11. That's a tease showing a recreated photo of gold found years ago. D4G
  12. When weren't they worth collecting? No catch & release on my watch. Gold in NZ NZ$3,822.00 D4G
  13. Quite the opposite here in New Zealand. I have found that moisture in the ground enhances depth & sensitivity in our mild ground. D4G
  14. I use Google Earth for locating old timer workings & then may go close to a location & then put up a drone. D4G
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