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  1. If you suspect there is a gold bearing reef present then the loaming method is your way of finding it. Good luck. Greg
  2. My suggestion for what it may or may not be worth would be to do what the old timers did. If the depth is only 1 meter then just dig random prospect holes in what you consider the more likely spots until you hit the bedrock. Then wave a detector over the dug out spoils & scan the bed rock. No gold is easy gold & if you cant helicopter a small excavator in to do a bit of the hard graft then you will need to work up a sweat & do it by hand. Either by shovel or how about a post hole borer? To detect to 1 meter is pretty unrealistic as has been mentioned. Greg
  3. Hello Norvic. No. I know of him. Don't know him personally. Have never meet him. The gold world in NZ is pretty small & he has been around a while. Always liked his posts on his adventures & finds on a few forums he used to belong to, including this one. I miss his contribution as I am sure many others do too. All he appeared to do was show a love & passion for 'getting out there' as he called it, exploring the haunts of the old-timers & finding any gold they missed. He seemed fairly well respected. I have been around a while myself chasing gold but I aren't one to put myself out there on forums. While I have a GPZ 7000 I didn't attempt the X coils thing but was impressed with results that I saw from JW & others. Seemed to work for him on ground the Minelab 14" coil had either stopped finding him gold or just the more choices of coil sizes that X coils offered him & others to get into places the ML 14" couldn't or was too difficult to operate in. I know people go on about him "promoting" X coils because he was gifted some, & from a post I saw of his, he also purchased some. The name of this game is to increase your chances of finding gold & I am sure if X coils wasn't doing that job I am sure he & others, including yourself, wouldn't have persevered with them. So obviously they had there place & were doing there thing. I was just too nervous to do the adapter thing. We are all after that advantage in increasing our gold take as the gold is always getting harder to find & smaller. I wont go on about the fall out that occurred & JW's demise, as you will all be well aware of that, but I felt he was dealt a raw prawn & made the escape goat to clear the air. I thought forums were a place where people could share their detecting experiences & what gear they were using without other people ego's or agendas clouding it or prejudice or prosecution as long it was in the spirit of what we do & not targeting or bagging individual people. I have a GPX 6000 & on seeing that footage that phrunt put up of an X coil on the 6000 I am very interested. Time will tell what happens from here & it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Minelab will do about it in respect to making other coils themselves or allowing other coil makers to produce after market coils. After all X coils twisted their hand in allowing Nugget Finder to make the 12" so that wasn't all bad in the end for those wanting a smaller coil. I see Steve made the comment about "was I JW in disguise"? Because that thread got locked I couldn't reply on there & wasn't sure about opening another, so thank you for giving me this opportunity to answer. I have followed forums for many years but just as a lurker. We have been in a two week lockdown due to the Delta variant of covid coming into out country via NSW from your neck of the woods. We had been enjoying life as normal, with the exception of no overseas people entering, for over a year with no community cases in our country. How quickly things can change. I was bored at home during lockdown so ended up becoming a member of this forum. Whether I contribute much we will wait & see. I aren't one that is really into doing posts on my detecting but always show an interest. I am following things to do with the 6000 & as you were an X coils convert on the GPZ 7000 & now using a 6000 yourself & seeming to love it I will watch with intertest what you may find at depth with the 17" coil. Or if you go down the X coils route with the 6000 as well. Cheers. Greg
  4. Hello Simon, Do you have a 6000? I haven't noticed any posts from you alluding to that. Or are you just basing your assumptions on what others have said or told you or you have seen on you tube? One thing I do know is that we are all different in our detecting abilities & understandings. As much as different ground conditions allow to run hot settings or not. So not all is equal for everybody. There will never be one detector or coil that will do it all. IMHO. It appears that X coils made quite a few GPZ owners very happy. Maybe they can do the same for 6000 owners & future owners. All they are offering is more choices for those who are happy to go down the adapter route. It isn't for everybody as has been pointed out & comes down to individual choice. So if they brick their detector, as has been pointed out could & has happened, then that is the price they pay for their choice. No one else's, so I don't know why others make such a big deal about that. No one is holding a gun to their heads saying you must go down the X coils route. It is but an individual choice. Greg
  5. Maybe Norvic, the good bugger, could loan you his oneπŸ˜‚
  6. Where are the big deep nuggets you have found with the 17"? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
  7. Steve, I think you will find the 11" coil can still be used with the made adapter. Just like I believe the ML 14 or 19 inch coil still could be once the adapter was made from what ever coil the user ended up using to get the chip from. I noticed with all the fallout over the adapter drama for the GPZ 7000 to take X Coils that people kept on going on about the false & untrue comment that the ML coil used to get the chip from was then useless & a bin job. That just was not the case & was totally useable. I am sure people realise that now though. So your 11" is still totally useable by the sound of it too. Greg
  8. Thanks. Guess that will ruffle a few feathers just like I noticed the GPZ 7000 X coil adapter did. Was only a matter of time I suppose before the Russians did this for the 6000. Will give the detecting community more options, which is a good thing isn't it? Greg
  9. Hi Phrunt, So is the chip cut from within an original coil & that coil then mended over with the chip being used to make an adapter in a same/similar way as the gpz 7000 X coil adapter that is then on the outside of the coil. So the chip is going from the inside of the coil to the outside in the form of an inline coil cable adapter & able to be interchanged between ML GPX coils & X coils? I guess the adapter would be at the top end connection going into the control box? Interesting. I am picking that the 15x10 X coil is a mono. Thank you Greg.
  10. Good advise Rob. It is crazy how deep you can chase a signal down among the rock piles. Sometimes never recovering it. πŸ™„
  11. Hi Gerry, Nice find & one of the better pieces at a bit of depth I have seen with the 6000. I have not seen the video but it looks like the 11" coil in your photo. I have seen a lot of your great finds over the years & I have noticed that your assumptions of depth are usually quite a bit off. Mostly stating the depth as being quite a bit deeper than it actually is. I am very surprised that a guy of your age & experience in doing what you do doesn't have a better eye for depth & size. How could you see an 8" water bottle as being 12"? You must deal with heaps of different size coils on almost a daily bases that the sizes must be ingrained in your subconscious. Waiting for a monster nugget from you at depth with the 6k & 17" coil. What are the chances? Thanks πŸ™‚
  12. That was a very unusual piece of gold. Good to see the GPZ showing its grunt & raw power & depth. I am hoping the 17" coil on the 6000 can do similar, if there is any left at depth that previous machines & coils haven't already got. My experience so far with the 6000 it seems there aren't any bigger deeper ones left in my neck of the woods. That is with the 11" coil but I am waiting for a 17" hoping I am wrong. Here is hoping. Wicked find that one Gerry. What has happened to it? Has to be a keeper for sure. Greg from NZ
  13. MMMMM, moral of the story: When you are out in grizzly country.......you are out in grizzly country & not the safety of your back yard. It is there territory....not yours & shit happens. Greg
  14. Nice finds Jonathan. What sort of depth were they at? Cheers. Greg
  15. Hey Reg, Then unless the 17" coughs up a decent colour at depth from you then I don't expect to see anything from you. In my experience, with 2 months under my belt using the 6000 across the ditch here in NZ, It loves small gold. While it may get these at better depth to what we have been used to the bigger deeper gold seems to have been got already on old grounds. If it ain't there to be found....it ain't there. It wont replace what has already been found. I am still waiting for a 17" though to put through its paces. So here is hoping. Greg from New Zealand. πŸ™‚
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