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    Xp deus..at-gold..atx..👍👌
  1. How Well Do You Know Your Gold Detector?

    Xp deus and 9"hf coil and modifield hot program...
  2. Ei hopeakolikoita, mutta parempi kuin mikään
  3. I hate gold-bug tones .. and deep coin hunting.deus is the best europa relic.coin and maybe sometimes golden peaks .. Lappi. sorry my off topic..🤔
  4. XP Deus For Beach Hunting?

    I have euro coin program my deus.8khz...disk 40 notch 69.no pultabb or folio...good iron separation.
  5. Yesterday 150 pieces and 78 €.today 52 pieces and 31.50€ https://postimg.org/image/i4oz4p9kr/
  6. Silencer Setting On Deus?

    -1 silencer...reactivity 2....
  7. Silver Ring From Beach...

    9"hf coil first beach detect...nice 95 id and 925 silver...
  8. Mystery Stone

    What is this stone?
  9. Maybe take atx next time...at gold too noisy this place..emi
  10. Deus rules maybe 25cm deep..clear sound and vdi number..
  11. Great app with deus.. https://m.apkpure.com/xp-detect-unreleased/cz.juicymo.contracts.android.xpdetect
  12. Nokta Impact Finds

    Uskon kyllä että xp deus häviä yhtään impactille...
  13. XP Mi-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer

    Mi-6 pinpointer is great!! I have now test it maybe 15hour in field...headphone connection is fast..sorry my english