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  1. What happens if there is a big bit of rust, like a big bolt.. down at the bottom often wonder how they get down that deep. Nah i reckon you will dig up a ripper bit of well here's hoping then your new nickname will be " Mr happy ecstatic Tuna "
  2. Good to see it worked out for you So your not madtuna your happy little tuna.. cool!! Now once you get that beast of a coil, hope you will still be a happy little tuna after digging the nice big deep holes, you will be digging.
  3. Great pics geez Ashley it sure looks green over there, real pretty country side hey mr Tuna thats the strangest looking wild pig i ever seen
  4. Great find Jen thankyou yes the whole hill there was like that. There was the odd pocket that was just soft dirt mostly it was like concrete! I had a giggle at watching the three stooges again ( funny buggers at times ) flyspecks in the orange, saying its gunna be a 3 ouncer hobosgold ( johnny ) needs to wear a hat! He didnt bleed too much. mike said it turned out to being 8 grams Helen ( johnnys wife ) did a great job with the filming.
  5. Well done.. i would have walked away from all those shot pellets but you kept at it hope there is many more there for you. Gold that is p.s any gold is awesome!!!
  6. Not yet pm sent
  7. Congratulations Dave.. keep up the great work very nice
  8. bloody ripper! Congratulations Jen
  9. Thanks for the video JP congrats On a Good dig just don't know how those bits of gold are laying in the ground but the 19" coil heard it
  10. Wow Enio nice gold and what a great friend Dave is supplying the sdc2300 for you and now you are going on a BIG holiday enjoy your travels and we hope to see some pictures. Well i know i do.. thats the only way i will travel overseas through others good luck when you go regards jen
  11. You sure can make those tiddlers look like whoppers very nice. yes its always handy to keep an older computer as even some old games will not run on the new operating systems and i do like some of the older games
  12. Is this the latest up??? As i really do not know
  13. Wow!!!! Very nice.. and to your beautiful mom ( Karla ) Congratulations
  14. when we walk around the bush and see the old makeshift camps, Like the shafts they dug, all by hand, probably with a bit of help of dynamite.. BOOM!!! i reckon a lot of it was hit and miss sink a shaft.. bugger nothing! Sink another shaft, they hit the motherlode A few would have lost everything including thier lives, while others did very well, only to spend it on booze and such
  15. One way to keep fit hey Golden? the skid plate is very light weight. Just a dark colour. Underneath