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  1. Did you check inside the nest, sometimes you may find gold coins or other really interesting things..
  2. Bugger!! i was really watching that with interest it does seem touch sensitive hey? that may be a problem for rough old me as I tend to bash the coils around a fair bit. I use them like shovels.. you know shovel the dirt and rocks and bushes out of the way to get to the gold guess i am going to have to learn not to bump my coil on the GM1000 thanks for the vid bro
  3. Hi bro yep your right, i am still using my sdc2300 ( i think its permanently attached to my arm ) I have brought a GM 1000 should have it maybe end of this month or start of next month, its coming hand delivered 3,000 ks.. so its free postage I know what you mean about the tiny bits of gold, you are finding it smaller than I am with my sdc2300 but all gold is good gold. Right? Mike and I are having a great time on our lease.
  4. I am finding tiny bits of gold in amongst the big reef rocks. a smaller coil may do better. So it may be a great spot to try the GM oh you are very artistic with your photos.. cool!!! The Sun setting with the detector.
  5. Cool nugget keep at it, you just never know what you may stumble over next
  6. congratulations Principedeleon What a great first find!!!
  7. gee it finds them tiny!! But they all add up. But gee they are tiny should have my GM 1000 soon.. have some spots to try it out on.
  8. Great pictures!! love the bottom pic, one happy puppy dog
  9. Hi Bloodgold2 ( Dave ) i am looking forward to reading your second book, going by the reviews i read its sure sounds great More twists than the first one congratulations to you and your beautiful wife ( Nikki ) for what I think will be another awesome thrilling read
  10. Ouch! Thats nasty looking, i felt your pain when looking at those pictures.. have a speedy recovery Condor in the meantime enjoy the Ebook kindle take care and let yourself heal Regards jen
  11. Hi john and everyone Yes we are over here in the great out doors of W.A just loving being out in the bush on our leases, enjoying ourselves, plus we have a few friends with us, so theres never a boring moment heres a pic of the ground we are working, the grass grew very well this year, we need to wear gaiters as the grass is spear grass, When it gets in our boots, ouch!!! look No ice or snow while I hate the heat HEAT...... I really hate the ice and snow more, but 40 degrees is too warm Yes i am kicking myself for forgetting those books you sent me. Cheers everyone jen P.s sorry for taking over your thread Steve Congratulations again KiwiJw
  12. Congratulations baby bro ( john ) see I told you .... you could have written a book love reading your story's and i am sure you will give it 110 percent if not more! cheers jen
  13. Very nice Dave hehe i would crush them if they were mine.. i know i am a shocker! not everyone likes to crush their species they are still rippers of nuggrocks
  14. If it wasn't for guys like you Steve! And those from the mining company It would be a very sad world. we would have been reading about it on the news. "Elderly couple perish in W.A outback due to getting bogged" ect ect lucky you followed your instincts and went looking for them, you could have just as easy said to yourself " oh well no one home" and left.. then checked up on them a few days later. The outcome may have been very different I can understand you being very angry i guess you see it too many times, and you have had a gutful.. can not blame you one bit Fingers crossed no more dramas this year.. i doubt it though us grey nomads are on the move. People should understand WHY the pastoralist need to know roughy where we will be, in situations like this, if someone had to notify the authorities, then you guys would have an idea where to begin to look.. they were very very lucky. now i will wait for your next story Steve you should write a book.