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  1. Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    I dont read i instructions either
  2. Bit More Zed & GM 1000 Gold

    Very nice gold gold is the scenery that is. Bloody beautiful country side.l i did have a closer look.. it worked fine.. saw that trail.. thought to myself... nah... not for me.. i would look down, fall .. thanks again for the great write up.. those pictures
  3. Thats ok bro.. if you cant take the piss out of family life would be boring we get one or two crappy days, then back to great detecting weather.. Hopefully there may be some sunbakers for everyone over here.. hey Northeast if they are camped out from a town or mine site, they wont have phone coverage.
  4. Sorry for not answering sooner.. i missed your post.. We are Down below Leinster Hopefully they are parked up somewhere, as travelling in this wind wouldn't be the best thing to do. its now 8:03 and the wind seems to have settled down.. ( fingers crossed ) tomorrow"s weather will be much better.. going to get down to 4 degrees tonight. top of 15 tomorrow .. and not as windy..
  5. Knowing me.. i wrote it down wrong. all I know... it was wiiinnndddyyyy had to tie everything down.. pack up whatever was loose. two mats did take off. Lucky they weren't blown away to far.. I will be looking for sunbakers Heres the weather page I go by
  6. Sitting in the eye!!!! Geez Dave maybe where i get my information is sooo wrong. as its sure is rocking us about. And it's getting worse
  7. Nice!!! Looks like this wind isnt bothering you any at all wind gusts up to 48 ks Yep the wind is a rocking the caravan, pushing us over, lucky we nailed everything down now its raining so what do we do?? easy.. sit on our dairy airs.. on the internet
  8. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    Thanks for the links bugger.. it wont work for me!!!!
  9. A Nice 2 Grammer

    Congrats Dave.. a very nice nuggy You braved the weather.. you were rewarded for your efforts
  10. Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    Phew!! And here I thought it was my end.. As my like button was gone..
  11. My like button don't work. I reckon its my ipad thanks all OPhirboy ... we do it pretty much the same way. Flatten the dirt.. If anyone can find those annoying little shotty pellets, there's bound to be a little nuggy around somewhere, just a matter of swinging over one. Red dirt and blue skies, its a beautiful country
  12. Well another day with the GM1000 My brother came over this afternoon and asked if he could have another go with the GM Sensitivity set at 6 ... all metal mode... 10x6 coil Working in the trashy area near camp He found his first bit of gold near our van Near this 40 foot hole We then left him to his detecting, and went back to a patch we are working. we thought it's time to get back to camp, as we saw the sunset.. looks like another great day for tomorrow Once back at camp Tony showed us how he went with the GM He said he was having a ball going through the trash.. oh my you need patience for that here.. lol The gold is on part of an old pocket knife.. 0.53 grams
  13. Hi everyone Well I did buy a goldmonster 1000 :D Thankyou Luckystrikegold.com.au for all your help Now i havent done much with it yet. I don't seem to be able to detach my sdc2300 from myself Anyway My brother Tony has given it a couple of goes.. One spot he cleaned up what gold he could with his gpx5000 and sdc2300 He managed to find two tiny pieces with the GM1000 there. one piece of gold with each coil.. He found the Discrimination worked well.. although this monster will ping the hot rocks.. this spot was full of Hot rocks! It would tune some out after swinging a few times over the hot rock, some hot rocks persisted!! Tony found the more he used the GM1000 the more he liked it.. he said if the sensitivity is turned up too far It made the GM1000 noisy. He also found that at times if you swung too fast the GM1000 couldnt keep up. Was no problem though, just slow your swing speed down. :D As he was using it.. he noticed that he could tell what would be junk or not. Well almost :lol: those shotty pellets could even fool the GM1000 .. we think it depended on the shape and size of those darn shot pellets The rust at this other spot . we didn't put it in the thick of those tins and rust.. Bit of over kill the discrimination worked really well. Where there was the odd larger rusty can or flakes of rust Can you see the Gold?? More playing with it too be done.. would I use it full time.. no ... as i still prefere my PI machines The GM1000 Is another tool for cleaning up where we know there is tiny shallow gold to be had.. Its lightweight, easy too use.. Part 2 Hi all Well it was bloody freezing here yesterday.. the sun was nice, the darn wind cut through like it was coming straight off the south pole brrrrrr.. so we didn't detect lol Today we did though Took the goldmonster for a walk over near some of those tin cans and rust Going through the old timers camp.. as you know over time thier tin cans travel far and wide Tiny flakes of rust everywhere Plus there was an blacksmith at this camp as well.. horse shoes and nails I had first go with it We didnt have it in discrimination mode.. using the 10x6 coil, on mild ground, granite sand, greenstone, quartz, and the odd laterite.. also just watched the gold side of the scale. The sensitivity set at 6 It liked a button.. pellets.. A bottle top.. an old bit of a light When we swung it over the small bits of rust the scale went to the left.. so we knew it was junk.. We could see the rust as well lol All i could get was the pellets and rust.. oh and the button Then Mike had a turn Walking around through the old timers camp. Nope reckons thats junk. More junk.. more junk.. oh look a big piece of junk.. a bully beef tin lol Then he says.. have a different sound here... the gm1000 reckons this may be gold " i said it reckoned the pellets were gold as well lol" it was Gold alright this time.. he found his first piece of gold with the GM1000 today a point 2 of a gram I didnt take a picture of all the junk we dug up.. it loves those shotty pellets! So we have the old bit of a light, from a car i guess. Couple of bits of lead.. a button.. the bottle cap, and the gold sitting on top of it. I reckon for the $$$$ its not a bad little VLF machine.. it loves shotty pellets, actually all non ferrous ojbects. Lol I may find a gold sovereign one day! Cool..... I can only hope.
  14. Hi Jin gee your on fire when you get out onto the gold fields well done thanks for sharing and showing us all cheers