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  1. Does can't mean the same thing over in oz. Because if you read my reply post that is what i said, Cant with the gold monster. But that is not always true. Ive used both monster and equunox for gold and sometimes i can get away with not using a scoop. It is the same for most detectors. Including gold kruzer. It is very sensitive 16khz stronger then monster. So on some days it picks up my hand more. I believe it is the salts on your hands. Actually i really believe the scoop technique comes from oz, beings it is mostly a pi or zvt country. Not as many vlfs. I dont think u ever saw a pi o
  2. I generally dont use a scoop. Unless im using a pi or zvt detector. Most times i can pinpoint very well and i can get the target on the coil in a couple pinches of dirt. Usually faster for me then a scoop. But i guess you cant while using a gold monster. Thanks for watching
  3. Hello, I finally had a chance to get out and try out the new Makro Gold Kruzer on a old gold patch that I like to use for testing. The mineralization there is tough and can be quite variable. ive tested many detectors there before and there is still gold present. I never detected all of the diggings so there is still some untouched ground. now it was the Mak gold Kruz's turn at it. The new Mak Gold Kruz is a very nice, well built vlf detector with a higher frequency that is quite capable of going after those small to tiny bits that are left over at many pounded sites. most don't like
  4. Take the coil cover off before you start it up. Then start it up and then put cover back on. My coil does same thing once in awhile. This always fixes the overload upon startup. The coil works fine after this procedure. Maybe steve can come up with some tech reason this might fix the overload. I have no clue. It just works. Everybody that had issue it work for them too after i told them. I had a 15 inch nokta coil that did the same. This procedure fixed it aswell. Good luck
  5. Go ahead and take the equinox to oz. Just leave the 7000 here with me and ill make sure it finds enough to finally be paid off. Lol. After im done i will forward it to oz thru Fedex. Lol
  6. Nice find for a quick hunt. Any spare change you find can be donated to my Fed Ex go fund me account. Haha. Take care brother.
  7. Matt kelava has some videos with his 4500 on youtube under "goldhunter" channel. He had his done by woody. He also uses detech coils and swears by both the mods and coils.
  8. Great job klunker saving a fellow lots of money. You should get the minertarian of the year award for that effort. Cheers
  9. If paul chops off any more toes with my pick he probably will have to switch to wearing clogs instead of his flip flop dress shoes. They may end up keeping him over there for the circus. I guess ill have to get another zed man for my gold sites this winter. Best of luck Nurse paulus. Lol
  10. Nice chunks lunk. Ive been working 7 days a wek so i havent had a chance to go detecting and probably wont till November. Thanks for reminding me of what gold colored lead looks like. Cheers
  11. Ya know, now that i look at the picture of patty the squach, it looks just like nursepaul. Even has the same face. That was him in that gorilla suit that was traipsing around over in bluff creek. Probably trying to scare the kids off so he could try to take their fishing hole. Great gold finds again. I assume alot of people will be showing pictures of the tiny stuff the monster can find. Once they find a multi gram nugget it will probably sound like a hood of a truck buried under ground. Good luck with your gold monster finds.
  12. Before you come back with my new supersede pick, can you let some other prospector that can actually find gold touch it for good luck. Haha when you get back you can have these gpz spare parts and flip flops that you keep shipping to me. They dont work on my gpx. Everybody back home is finding lots of nice gold, too bad you missed it. Must be good luck for us for you to be downrange. . I bought a nice used couch in hoopa. It came with a gold nugget some nut lost. See you when you get back. Have fun get some gold.
  13. The ground phase number is always reading the ground and changing despite having a proper gb. One tip i always used is, if you go over some hotrocks, they will transmit a audio signal and possibly a very high or low target id. But during then the ground phase will jump around like normal. But if it is any metal, the ground phase number will drastic drop lower towards 0. Usually somewhere between 0 and 20. If it is a hot rock it will not drop towards zero. Youll just hear the zip zip like a signal. Ground phase is not a target id but can be used to identify a hot rock or metal. I had this happe
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