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  1. No mate, no calcium or hard clay build up on it. When I detected it, it sounded deep and I had no idea of it`s size but as I got closer to it, it sounded like the hundreds of birdshot I have dug.
  2. I got this piece yesterday down about 6" and until I cleaned it I was 99% sure it was another bird shot. Over the years I have been surprised how many of my bird shot have turned out to be gold. πŸ™‚
  3. good on you Mitchel. I`m really pleased you wont be going home empty handed πŸ™‚
  4. What a fantastic find, well done. πŸ™‚ Most of the times I get that warble it turns out to be a rusty piece of I iron, but that`s the signal I`m out there looking for. Again, terrific finds πŸ™‚
  5. No worries Mitchel. Inglewood-Kingower is only about 300 square miles. We`ll find you in no timeπŸ™‚ Dave
  6. I haven`t worn a watch for maybe 30 years and I don`t carry a GPS so I find the GPS on the 7000 very helpful. I have my user button set to the GPS. Most of the time I run the 7000 with the gps off, but if I want to know the time or I`m using the gps to find the vehicle, or to mark a way point or find, it`s very easy to turn the gps on and off. I hope you get some gold today Mitchel. πŸ™‚ Dave
  7. Hey Mitchel, sorry you haven`t found any yet, welcome to Victoria. Mate up at Inglewood I`ve never got much more than color, but I have friends that have done very well there. To give you a word of advice, at Inglewood make sure you mark your vehicle on a gps. There are huge areas in Inglewood where if you walk 50 feet from your car you wont be able to see it and particularly if it is a overcast day and you don`t even have the sun as a reference you could wander around for hours and have no clue where you are. One day up there I plotted the vehicle into the gps on the 7000 and I was just head down and wandering and at the end of the day the GPS was telling me I had to go in the exact opposite direction to where I thought I had to go. The gps was right. I was wrong. Best of luck tomorrow mate πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks JP. I don`t use the ferrite ring anymore but I seem to remember in the early days of the 7000 you said something along the lines of in auto GB it take about 20 min for the X balance to come in on the 7000 and since then I`ve always run Auto GB. I always appreciate your comments and observations. Dave
  9. Yeh nothing to do with new coils, but settings, a few months ago I got a target in Difficult/General that I had to dig down about 10" before Difficult/High Yield could hear it. I always thought it was going to be rubbish, but once I detected it I had to find out. It was ☹️
  10. For all I know it may be a terrific product, but whoever is displaying it in that photo, their elbow is a good 3 or 4" higher than where it`s supposed to be. If they put their arm in the arm rest the things going to be near on pushing on their shoulder.
  11. I never understood why Minelab took the word "target" out. I know when I call it target volume I`m calling it the wrong name, but I`m OK with that. Dave
  12. Yeh the very first time I used a WM12 I decided I wanted to run 2 and I was horrified when I discovered recommended retail was $375, but about 2 years ago I found a new one on ebay for $308 so I grabbed that one. If one of my WM12`s were to fail now I would replace it without question.
  13. No mate, I run twin shoulder mounted WM12`s, I`m running a volume limit of 4, I let the background static dictate the gain, this bit yesterday the gain was 7 and I`m now running a target volume of 2 and I have threshold set so I can just barely here it. cheers Dave
  14. I`m sure some will remember when the 7000 first came out I was not a big fan of it, but here it is 4 and a bit years later it`s obvious to me the fault was with the operator, not the detector. Just lately I`ve lifted my game again with the 7000, I`ve cranked the gain a bit and cut target volume down to almost nothing and I now always work very slow, and it amazes me some of the pieces I am now getting at depth that I had previously missed. This is not a big piece by any stretch of the imagination, but for the most part, I am detecting ground that in the last 40 years has seen literally thousands of detectors. This one was the tiniest break in the threshold and down about 6 or 7" in very hard ground. Hopefully there is a big bit waiting for me πŸ™‚
  15. Yeh Rob, I remember that. When they announced the release of the 7000 they said there would be a 11" and 20" as extra coils. Down the track the 20" became a 19" and the 11" drifted off into the sunset. I was told about 3 years ago and I really have no idea if there is any truth to it, that Minelab gave up on the 11" because it kept overloading the detector. Dave
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