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  1. phoenix

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Peg that is terrific gold. I especially like that 3.9 grammer. It looks like it hasn`t traveled far. You could be near the mother lode with that one πŸ™‚
  2. phoenix

    A Β½ Ounce Of Small Stuff

    I found it one day when I was sailing on the good ship SS Ebay ☺️
  3. I`m still experimenting with cameras and this is a shot of the small stuff I have found over the last few months. I`m not looking for point oners but that`s what I`ve mainly been getting. I`ve dug plenty of deep holes, but unfortunately no deep gold, only deep rubbish. It`s a good thing this is just a hobby for me. πŸ™‚
  4. I was in the same boat as you Northeast. When I read "Come See The Elephant", my first thought was Rye Patch must be somewhere near this guy.
  5. phoenix

    Short Day Out

    A very nice piece Chris. πŸ™‚ Have you checked with a ohms meter if any of the bits of gold are connected?
  6. mate if you`ve got 250 bucks and can only get Minelab products grab the 8" commander. I thought it was a terrific coil. Dave
  7. Hey Simon, until going back and re reading stuff I never picked up on the fact that you have a 10x5. I never thought much of that coil but that could be because I never used it much, but one of my mates swore by that coil, reckoned it was a way better coil than the 8" commander. Another one of my mates has gone back to using the 11" commander mono and loves it. If you don`t have 11" commander I`d be surprised if JW doesn`t have one. It sounds like he was a coil tragic like me.
  8. Hey JW, the last time I went out and counted them I think it was 19 coils. The smallest was 8" commander the biggest was 20" round or 24x12 UFO. Elipticals, rounds, DD`s, monos, you name it, there is a good chance I had it. I kept buying coils telling myself this will be the one that gets me the bigger deeper stuff. Never happened. My 2 biggest pieces, just under 1 ounce, and just over 2 ounces, I expect I could have got them both with the 2300. I certantly didn`t need the 20" round and wasn`t using the 20" when I found them. For sheer number pieces and and quite probably weight, the 8" commander scored me the most gold. Running the conservative settings on the 7000 I`m still not getting anything big but I have dug some way deep holes for good sounding rubbish, but, running these conservative settings, I have no doubt I am now getting deeper small stuff. I think when I do walk over a quiet whispering big bit, I`m gunna hear it. I don`t expect too many people are going to turn their gain down, but that`s OK, we should all be running settings we are comfortable with. πŸ™‚ cheers Dave
  9. For a month or so I have considered starting a thread very similar to this one about settings on the 7000. As Steve said in another thread, there is no such thing as "best" settings across the board for all metal detectors and detector operators. It comes down to what suits the individual and I have found the complete opposite to the settings Steve and JW use. I run twin shoulder mounted WM12`s for the 7000 and a shoulder mounted Pro Sonic for the 2300 and for last 6 months I have been progressively turning my gain lower and lower and I have found no detriment what so ever to the performance of either detector. All my recent finds were found with a maximum gain of 2 and on the 7000 I run a target volume of 4. So I am now definitely in the listen for target responses camp. And Simon, bearing in mind I sold my 5000 before the new range of coils came out and I have no reason to dis believe Phasetech, I found more gold with my 8" Commander than all my other coils combined. Most of these pieces I found with the 7000, but all of them were found with a gain of 2. Good thread πŸ™‚
  10. Good bit of advice there JW. What I don`t know about E Bikes would fill an encyclopedia, but years ago I owned a single cylinder 600cc thumper trail bike and it was an awesome bit of gear for going up hills. I put a $30 chain on it and it lasted two trips, I then put a $130 O ring chain on it and never had to replace it again.
  11. phoenix

    Lost Sound On Gpz 7000

    No mate, the quick track button is not the issue. I turned mine on and started detecting. No ferrite ring, no quick track button, mine just failed out of the blue about 1 min into the day. Dave
  12. phoenix

    Lost Sound On Gpz 7000

    hey lain. I can understand why you are not impressed. I wasn`t impressed when mine failed at 2 years and 7 months, but i think it`s a rare event. When I posted on this forum that mine failed nobody came back and said "yeh, that happened to mine too". The good news is they know what the problem is and there`s a quick turn around. As yours is new, you may even score a new one. I tried that one but Minelab wouldn`t wear it ☺️ cheers Dave
  13. phoenix

    Lost Sound On Gpz 7000

    Iain something similar happened to my 7000 when it had 5 months of warranty to run. The difference being yours is no sound and powering off, mine was no sound and wouldn`t power off. I phoned the Minelab service dept in Adelaide, they said they knew what was wrong with it and I had to send the control box back to them. I got it back about 1 week later all fixed. I suggest you contact your local service department. Dave
  14. In the last 7 years I have gone to Bealiba on 5 occasions. The areas there where I have detected are all re-cemented gravel and very tough to recover targets because of how hard the ground is. I expected this to be another bit of wire or something and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a little nugget. This one goes a whopping 0.14 g I suspect it will also be my last Bealiba piece.πŸ™‚ Dave