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  1. The 7000 has been out for 4 years now and my original WM12 is taking forever to charge. Somewhere on Steves forums is a parts list for the WM12 and I have no idea how to find it. Could somebody put up a link to the parts list please. Thanks. Dave
  2. My apologies to both Klunker and Lunk. I`m not real bright
  3. I may be wrong but I believe this specimen with 72 ounces of gold in it was found at Poseidon only a few years ago by the people that now have the lease there
  4. ah but there`s the thing Lunk. I have never been able to solve a rubix cube in my life. The only reason I own that rubrics cube is one day, on a completely unrelated search, I came across a site that claimed to be able to solve any rubics cube in 19 moves or less, and I bought the cube to see if it was true. It is 😯 http://rubiksolve.com/
  5. hey Gerry. We tested it yesterday against a 2300 and the 7000 could get it a tad deeper but there wasn`t a lot in it. Dave
  6. Because of heat waves, vehicle trouble and well, almost a complete lack of motivation, I have done very little detecting this year. In the early days of the 5000 I got the bigger speci at Moliagul and it`s got about half a gram of gold in it. Since then I have gone over and over and over that area with the 5000, 2300 and 7000 for no result. Yesterday I was out there again and about 15 feet from the first specimen, I got the smaller one with the 7000. Very faint signal that just broke the threshold and about 6" deep. The bottom picture is the only bit of gold visible in it and is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but the signal it`s giving off says there`s maybe a half a gram to a gram of gold in it. Once the better half has seen it I`m going to bust it open to see what`s inside but I think with this one I`m going to end up with a heap of small bits of quartz with a little bit of gold in them. Dave
  7. hey JW. Yeh mate, the point I was making was on that real shallow ground where there is only a couple of inches of dirt on top of the bedrock I reckon the 2300 would yield you heaps more gold than the 7000. I never suggested the 23 would out punch a GPX or a 7. I could take you to areas here where you could wander around with a 45 or a 7 all day and you wouldn`t get a piece, but on a good day you`d get 15 or 20 pieces with the 23. Nice lot of gold and photos πŸ™‚ cheers Dave
  8. Hey JW. It`s always good to see the gold you get but something I`ve wondered a few times. I know you`re not a big fan of the 2300 and I think I read a couple of months ago you still own it. Have you ever tried your 23 for detecting places like the bedrock in these photos? My experience with the 7000 vs the 2300 in areas like this, the 2300 would destroy the 7000 all day every day. I`m not a big fan of the 2300 myself because I cannot stand that rear pivot mount, but for going after the small stuff in areas like in the photos my go to detector would be the 2300. Any way all the best mate and well done on the gold. It`s always good to see πŸ™‚
  9. Condor what an amazing story. Do you ever have any drama getting back into the states? My entire knowledge of crossing the US-Mexico border is from watching Sicario and Sicario II. By the way, very nice gold πŸ™‚
  10. It sounds like you are doing everything right with what you have been finding and the 7000 would probably give you the best chance, but seeing you haven`t been able to find any gold detecting, I suspect you would not do a hell of a lot better if you laid out the $$$ for a 7000 Dave
  11. Hey IronDigger. My bad, I didn`t multiply the dry weight by 1.9. The correct answer with my formula is minus 239.7 grams Dave
  12. Hey IronDigger I`ve always used the formula 3.1 x the weight in water, minus 1.9 x the weight in air. With that formula you speci has minus 21.9 grams. Dave
  13. Congratulations billdean, that`s a very impressive collection ☺️
  14. Peter that`s a terrific piece of gold mate, what`s it weigh?
  15. Well done Chris, that`s terrific gold to finish up the year ☺️
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