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  1. phoenix

    Good Day Out!

    Congratulations Chris, you and Dave got some very nice pieces there.
  2. phoenix

    Rough & Round The 24K Does Another

    Gerry, that is a terrific find. Well done mate.
  3. Congratulations Gerry, that`s a terrific 2 grammer 🙂 I would probably leave it the way it is, I think it looks pretty good now.
  4. phoenix

    Managed To Find A Small Patch

    Very nice gold there Chris. 🙂 I love getting those trashy chirpy signals you mention. Around here most of those signals are either a piece of gold or a rusty piece of steel.
  5. The five cent piece is the smallest coin in circulation in Australia now and most of my photos where I have used a coin for scale I have used a 5 cent and the creature on the coin is the echidna. In the 7 years I have lived in Victoria I have only ever seen maybe a dozen echidnas, but what makes this guy so special is this morning he was in my back yard.😯😯😯 The half grammer came from Cockatoo Bush a couple of years ago, but I have seen way more half grammers than echidnas. 🙂 Dave
  6. phoenix

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    Mac, never having seen a bear, moose or wolf, and never likley to, I found that a very informative post. Thanks
  7. Well done mate 🙂 Great story and photos. And also, I haven`t eaten much today and those fish and chips look damn good 😯
  8. phoenix

    Website Performance Feedback

    Steve I have a reasonably quick internet connection but not lightining fast. Because you asked, I`ve noticed no difference. I`ve always thought the site ran fine. Dave
  9. phoenix

    Just A Squeak

    A very nice piece Norm. Well done 🙂
  10. phoenix

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    Thats not a yes/no/rarely answer for me. Spoked coils I always use a scoop. I never use a scoop with the 7000 and 14" coil, I just push the dirt around on top of the coil till I locate the target. With the 2300 if its a nice loud signal I push the dirt around on the coil, if it`s a small target with the 2300, I use the scoop. Steve am I allowed to select all three answers? 🙂
  11. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    Hey JW. Over the years I could have won a lot of money with this speci. Everybody that has ever seen it has informed me "of course I`m going to be able to hear that" and they are stunned when they can`t hear it. One of them even asked me was I sure it was gold 😯 I don`t think he even believed me when I showed him that the 2300 and the 7000 could hear it clearly 😯😯😯 And mate I laughed when I read your suggestion there was one sure way to see how much gold there is in it. . While it`s mine, that aint ever going to happen. 🙂 cheers Dave
  12. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    I`ve got a speci I found maybe 30 yrs ago with a Whites GoldMaster that sg`s at 13 grams gold, I don`t believe there`s 13 grams in it but that`s what it sg`s at. Even though there is gold clearley visible, my GPX4000 cannot hear it, a gpx4500 cannot hear it and the GPX5000 can just barely hear it with a 8" Commander. None of the new flat wound coils on the 5000 can hear it. Both my 7000 and 2300 can hear it at 6 or 7 inches. I expect JW will be able to hear your nugget no worries with his 7000. cheers Dave
  13. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    This is my understanding of why one detector will get bigger deeper gold over another. A detector transmits a signal into the ground and then switches to receive the signal coming back to the detector. Think of a opening and closing gate. The longer the gate is open the further into the ground the signal will travel before the detector switches over to receive the signal. With the likes of the sdc2300 the gate opens and closes very quickly, doesn`t travel into the ground very far, so with the high frequency switching, it will find way more small gold than most other PI`s. The slower switching detectors, the signal goes way deeper into the ground where there might be a bigger deeper bit. I hope I`ve got that right. Please correct me if I am wrong. Dave
  14. That`s a terrific collection you`ve got there JW, well done 🙂
  15. phoenix

    A Little Quartz Speci

    Thanks mate. I was very happy to get it, it`s always satisfying for me to get those super small ones. I took the photo with a 150 power usb microscope. cheers