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  1. Hey IronDigger. My bad, I didn`t multiply the dry weight by 1.9. The correct answer with my formula is minus 239.7 grams Dave
  2. Hey IronDigger I`ve always used the formula 3.1 x the weight in water, minus 1.9 x the weight in air. With that formula you speci has minus 21.9 grams. Dave
  3. phoenix

    2nd Year On My Monster 1000

    Congratulations billdean, that`s a very impressive collection ☺️
  4. phoenix

    A New Plan For 2019

    Peter that`s a terrific piece of gold mate, what`s it weigh?
  5. phoenix

    Last Gold Of 2018

    Well done Chris, that`s terrific gold to finish up the year ☺️
  6. In my mind there is no doubt the 7000 is the best detector for depth I have used but the last couple of years of working low and slow, my results have been anything but stellar. The depth of some of the gold I have found amazes me, but the 7000 just wont find gold that`s not there. This year I am going to concentrate more on ground coverage than depth. I used to find reasonable gold with my 4000, but when I bought the 5000 the amount of gold I found went up and the weight of the pieces went down. I no longer own the 5000 but I still have the 4000 and I think the 4000 is a very capable detector on gold a gram and up. So the new plan is more ground coverage away from the recognized gold areas and I`m thinking my 3 main coils will be the 24x12 UFO, the 18x12 Goldstalker and the 14x9 Blitz. I remember years ago, before the 5000, I was hooking in with the 4000 and UFO in open ground, I got this terrific 7 grammer at about 8 or 9 inches. If I want to do deep work, I`ll go to the 7. All the best for 2019 everyone, may we all get more gold in `19 than we got in `18.
  7. Good stuff Gerry πŸ™‚ I love the look of the country where you were detecting. Who won the day out of the high end detector and the 2300? I would think it would be the 2300, but then again, Lunk is no slouch with a detector πŸ™‚
  8. Because of my almost complete lack of success lately I`ve only been getting out for a couple of hours a day. The one on the dime is a 2 grammer and I think just about any detector would have got it. It was a big broad signal and I just happened to be the one that waived over it. The other one, I got out at Waanyarra the other day and thanks to the wonders of usb microscopes, it`s a hell of a lot smaller than it probably looks. πŸ™‚ Dave
  9. phoenix

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    Now I`m really confused. You`ve gone from not being able to find a piece of gold to saying the 2300 is a good detector for finding half ouncers at depth.
  10. Simon steam locomotives are small potatoes. Imagine the fun you could have with your very own tank ☺️
  11. phoenix

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    Hey nighthunter. Very rarely do I use my 2300, I just don`t want to chase point oners anymore, so a lot of days I come home empty handed with the 7000, but if I absolutely need a gold fix today, I go to the 2300 every time. Yesterday I went to a spot with 2 mates that has produced a lot of gold for detector operators and me and the guy with the 5000 got one small piece each and the guy with the 2300 got five. Dave
  12. Gerry that is a terrific find. What a great piece of gold 🀯 Well done mate
  13. phoenix

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Here you go Simon. The big centre copper wire is the transmit winding and the 2 smaller outer coils are the recieve windings. Dave Minelab GPZ14 "Super D" coil for GPZ 7000 internal configuration
  14. phoenix

    Quick Late Arvo 2 Hour Detect

    JW congratulations getting that 1.39 grammer and those 2 photos of the mountains in the distance are stunning πŸ™‚
  15. I haven`t been posting any finds recently because, well, I haven`t been finding much. I`ve been spending a fair bit of time in a area where years ago multi ounce nuggets were common, but most days I come home empty handed. Today I got one of those "is that a signal or isn`t it?" targets. I run very conservative settings now and because the detector runs so quiet I dig a lot more ground noise than I used too, I thought this was another one. It was just the tiniest change in the threshold. When I was down about 4" it was giving off that lovely electronic warbly signal I like and somewhere down about the 8 or nine inch mark this little speci popped out.