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  1. yeh Steve, you edited one of my posts the other day and I took no offence what so ever. I understand 100% why you edited it, but at the time while I was writing it, I thought it was so funny. People need to understand that some things that are said in jest are not always interpreted that way. I`m as guilty of it as anyone else 😲
  2. That`s pretty impressive on the test bed. One of those targets, and I cannot remember which one, is very tough to hear with the 7000, but the 32" hears them all no worries. I reckon this could be a killer coil in the wide open spaces of WA. Not a lot of ground around my way would you be able to use it.
  3. Steve as long as it`s not too much of a drama for you to be policing the threads and weeding out personal attacks and other unsavory stuff, I rather the threads be allowed to run, but if you were to lock or delete threads I think most members would understand. You run a good forum.
  4. That`s pretty impressive. It looks well made for a hand built job.
  5. No mate I`ll probably leave this one as it is. If I were to acid clean it not much more gold would appear 🙂
  6. The 7000 mate. It was only a couple of inches down and a very iffy signal, but once it was directly under the coil it screamed.
  7. Most of my finds pale into insignificance compared to some of the great gold that is displayed on this forum, but it is what it is. I got out for a couple of hours yesterday and got this piece about 10 mins after I got there, then nothing. The good thing about this spot is there is not a great deal in the way of rubbish, so I`m going to spend a bit more time there and hope a few more pieces pop up. Dave
  8. Thanks mate. I had to go back and re read my post to work out what "taking the wife more often" meant. Gave me a good laugh 🤣 cheers Dave
  9. That`s because we`ve got so much gold over here Mitchel. I was walking to the shops the other day and tripped over a 5 ouncer 🙂
  10. I worked for a dangerous goods transport company up to about 10 yrs ago and during a safety meeting we were told about a chemist in WA that spilt Hydrofluoric on himself in a lab and I remember we were told, within minutes this man immersed himself in a swimming pool, and the poor man still died. The day I heard that story I decided I would never work with Hydrofluoric and if anybody had insisted I work with it, I would have quit. I always wondered whether that was a true story or something they made up to scare us so I googled it today and found an article on the incident. https://www.fluoridealert.org/wp-content/pesticides/fluoride.poisoning.1996.pap.htm
  11. Fantastic photos Gerry and great story 🙂 I always liked that 15x12 Commander but used to complain about how heavy it was, but I dare say if I were to use it today, compared to the 7000, I wouldn`t even notice the coil was there. Dave
  12. No GB. This one I dropped it in hydrochloric acid. I don`t play around with hydrofluoric acid. Bad stuff, but there is the tiniest trace of hydrofluoric in the Ali Brite I mostly use.
  13. Gerry what a stunning piece 😲 I don`t think there is any chance mine will end up looking like yours because it seems to me that 99% of the gold in mine is in the brown rock, not on the quartz. Dave
  14. About 3 or 4 years ago I ran a post about a specimen I got at Tarnagulla at about 6" with pretty well no visible gold, and the sg for quartz said there was maybe 1½ ozs of gold in it, but because there was rock other than quartz, I really don`t know how much gold there actually is. At the time, I dropped it in acid and then promptly forgot about it till I came across it today. 😲 The main body of it is about half the size it started and there is now gold and gravel in the bottom of the jar. I`ve taken this photo of the biggest bit remaining, renewed the acid and dropped it back in. I wont forget it again (I hope). Sorry Mitchel, back to the dime 🙂
  15. That speci I got a couple of weeks ago, I dropped it in Ali Brite about 5 days ago and it came up pretty good. After it was cleaned the SG came down a fraction, it now sg`s at 2.082 grams gold 🙂
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