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  1. Bayard

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    In my experience, these Chinese made tools are much more difficult to plunge into the ground because they are made of thicker material than a Lesche. I presume they are thicker because the steel is less strong and more material is required.
  2. Bayard

    Value Of E-trac

    The depth meter of the Equinox is not nearly as accurate as the depth meter on the Etrac. I don't like wasting my time on shallow clad; so, an accurate depth meter is very important to me. Consequently, I scout new sites with the Etrac, and when Etrac finds slow down or stop, I use the Equinox in the hope of making some additional finds. I normally don't bother to use the Equinox at a site where I haven't already found silver coins with an Etrac. The only instances where the Equinox might be my first choice are extremely trashy sites, water hunting, and for convenience when traveling by air.
  3. Bayard

    Value Of E-trac

    I've been using an Equinox 600 for the last month and a half. I prefer my Etrac for finding deep silver coins, mainly because of the superior depth meter.
  4. Site 14: 1937 Mercury dime in an area that had been recently bulldozed.
  5. Bayard

    Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Anyone who is using one of these, I'd like to purchase your factory shaft. I want to try bending the middle rod into an S.
  6. Has it occurred to you that Minelab might be manufacturing many more 600s than 800s, perhaps because they anticipate the 600 will ultimately be the bigger seller? If most of the production run is 600s, that would explain why 800s are in short supply.
  7. I'm going to pass on the 6" coil for the time being. The 11" coil has impressive separation on my trashiest sites. I don't see a reason to give up coverage. I'll wait for some reports from you guys who hunt in heavy iron, and beds of nails, before I consider buying the 6". Added depth from the 15" is what I want.
  8. I was hoping to have the big coil before then.
  9. Bayard

    800 Depth Gauge

    It seems to work better if the machine has been ground balanced and not left on the factory default of zero.
  10. Returned to site 4: Etrac got me a 1944 Mercury dime. Equinox in Park 2 then got me a 1953-D dime and a dateless Buffalo nickel.
  11. Bayard

    Dating Value Of Crown Caps?

    I remember cork liners in bottle caps in the late 1960s, possibly into the early 70s. There was a promotion or contest where you scratched the cork away to reveal a possible prize written underneath. 10 or 15 cents would have been a typical "good" prize. I think it was RC cola.
  12. Site 13: 1940-S Mercury dime, two wheat cents, and an old bus token. The Mercury dime was a strong clear signal. After I dug it, I hit the horseshoe button and could hear iron in the hole.
  13. Sites 10 through 12: Equinox was able to squeeze out a 1919 wheat cent plus some masked clad, including a quarter with a pull tab on top of it.
  14. Bayard

    Depth Meter And Target Id's

    I have dug numerous coins with the depth meter pegged.