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  1. Rock Tumblers?

    I use a 12 pound Lortone to clean my clad coins with aquarium gravel. It works great.
  2. Wall Charger?

    I presume you're talking about a power bank of some kind. What exactly is it?
  3. Did They Pre Test The 600?

    I'm buying a 600, already paid for it. I have zero interest in gold nuggets or microjewelry. The adjustments that the 600 lacks are unimportant to me. I'll apply the $200+ savings toward the big coil and go deeper than your stock 800.
  4. Target ID For US Coins??

    I didn't have any such misinterpretation. What I read is that crown caps report in the same range as pull tabs. If true, that may be a problem for those of us seeking war nickels and other deep nickels. Regardless, I don't think any posts should be deleted unless they are clearly in violation of the forum rules.
  5. Why The V3i?

    I've heard from acquaintances that the V3i lacks depth. What's the deepest silver dime you've dug with the V3i using an 11 inch or smaller coil?
  6. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    I've used an Etrac for years, dug 102 silver coins with it in 2017. Why should I bother to get an Equinox? Minelab says the Equinox is less sensitive to silver coins than FBS. I figured I could happily do without an Equinox, until Steve posted some Mercury dimes he found with the Equinox that his CTX had missed. I intend to buy an Equinox solely because of this. If the Equinox doesn't help me find more silver coins in the turf, it will either become my dedicated water machine or get sold off. There is confusion and ambiguity about where the Equinox fits in the Minelab product mix. Is it a stealth flagship? Will it outhunt the Etrac and CTX for a fraction of the cost? This ambiguity is the source of resistance and hostility.
  7. An Independent Review From The U.K.

    That review was posted on another forum some time ago; however, what actually persuaded me to buy an Equinox, and join this forum, was your Mercury dimes.
  8. I'm planning to buy a 600. If Minelab would make an even lower priced model without the ability to select single frequencies, I'd buy that. After years of using an Etrac, and avoiding crown caps with FBS, I have no use for single frequencies. I would expect preorders to be larger for the 800 than the 600. The only people who know about the Equinox right now are hard core enthusiasts who want the latest and greatest. Once their orders have been filled, the remaining mass market will likely gravitate to the less costly 600. The world is full of AT Pros and Aces because of low price, and those price sensitive buyers vastly outnumber the membership of all metal detecting forums combined.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the 600 is the bigger seller. I suspect there are many more coin hunters than gold nugget and micro jewelry hunters. As for prices of used machines, once the initial hysteria passes, a used 800 will eventually probably end up selling for no more than a brand new 600. How many people will buy a used 800 for more than a new 600? The extra features on the 800 are something the vast majority of users do not understand, appreciate, or need. On the other hand, how low can the price of a used 600 go before it's a compelling deal as opposed to an AT Pro, AT Max, F75, etc.?
  10. Totally Amazing

    It's possible that a significant percentage of the pre-orders made without deposits won't turn into actual sales. People wanting a single machine could have placed pre-orders with multiple dealers, as a strategy for getting the quickest delivery, and even some people who only placed a single order, without trying to game the system, may back out for some reason or other.