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  1. Equinox Waterproof Headphones

    SittingElf, I held back when I usually speak my mind. You said it! Plus, if the minleab WP phones are $150, you're paying more for these in the end...I was hoping to see something a little less expensive.
  2. EDIT: 14k is 6.1 grams, melt about $150 and 18k is 9.9 grams, melt about $315
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'll most likely save everything I've found and hand them down to my girls to do with what they please but this thought did cross my mind. Skeleton Coast, I love that! Domestic CEO haha! I heard one other, I think here that killed me...Minister of war and finance. That's my wife's nickname now. I'll put up pictures in a minute, just have to find them quick. My favorite one is the two tone 18k band with a hammered center.
  4. Equinox Waterproof Headphones

    Yeah Steve, that's what I found too. Pricey...I thought they'd be less
  5. Something just popped into my mind and I thought I'd ask everyone...has anyone ever taken a found ring to a jeweler and had them re-finish it and shine it up so that they could then sell it for significantly more than they would've gotten for it at melt? I was wondering if doing this would be (more) profitable...found ring is worth $x in melt value + $y to make it sparkle. Could the value of a nice shiny new ring be greater than $x+$y. I know things are only worth what someone would pay for it but maybe just maybe...
  6. Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    This is great! I'm thinking of doing the same thing and I have some questions. First about the lower shaft lock. Does that lock it into one single position or can you slide it in and out of the carbon fiber pole to adjust the height? Also, after you drilled the holes did you treat them in any way to seal them up? I read about having to put super glue around the hole so that they don't fray. Thanks!!
  7. Equinox Waterproof Headphones

    How much did you pay for these? $120 + 35 shipping? I want to see if I'm seeing the same ones...
  8. Book Excerpt : " Iron Bias "

    Chase, I saw Calabash's video yesterday about separating in thick iron and I would have loved to see him turn his iron bias down to 0 and test the same target that way, especially after reading tnsharpshooter's posts on here about how iron bias affected the separation in his tests. Oh well, maybe he'll see this and try. On a side note, before this detector was announced I was trying to decide between buying a Deus and an Impact and I was watching both very closely. After the announcement I started to keep a close eye on it and I was especially waiting to hear a couple peoples thoughts and experience with it, mostly from Deus users. Calabash being one of them and you being the other. But here's the catch, I didn't know you were who I was waiting to hear from until I saw your civil war finds posted on another forum! Now I'm going to go back through your posts on here and look more closely at what you have to say!
  9. Sold! Send me your address and I'll have them in the mail tomorrow haha! To be honest, I hate having stuff laying around the house, I grew up like that and it drove me crazy. But I also understand that things I don't want, someone else might actually love to have. That's why I'm offering them up. And I'm still guilty of having crap laying around the house...
  10. I haven't checked into it much, someone else mentioned to me that they might be old. I'm guessing they're not that old, they were only an inch or two down. Who knows. Either way I'm not going to try to sell them. Thanks for the heads up though edit: the real old ones have a driver from what I saw quickly looking it up
  11. Guys and gals, I have found a few things that aren't significant to me but I'm sure there's someone that would like them as collectibles. If anyone else wants to use this thread to post their stuff too go ahead. Here are mine, one is a cub scout tie thingy (I think) and the others are metal monopoly pieces. These are things that I would just toss but again, I'm sure someone would like to have them. I'm willing to mail them out at my cost but if you'd like to pay for shipping that's great too. Please don't feel like you need to though. -Josh
  12. This is awesome! Can you say what country you're in at least? Great finds!!
  13. TripleT, I found my first gold ring with my Mojave a couple weeks ago. A 9.9 gram 18k band. I would've found this one with the Mojave too if I was over it. It wasn't down that far, maybe 3-4 inches. Fskafish, maybe it was that sweet Equinox mojo! Hopefully it'll keep going. One of the main reasons I bought it was to take to Costa Rica and use on the beaches down there for jewelry hunting. Thanks everyone!
  14. ...finally happened to me!! I got my Equinox 800 on Saturday that I ordered from Gerry and took it out in my back yard. I've gone over this part of the yard plenty of times and pulled out most high conductors but somehow managed to pull a '41 wheat...from the surface! Not sure how I missed that but I'm thinking I dug it the other day with my Mojave and it fell further away from the plug and I just skipped over it. But that's not the luck I'm talking about. I charged it over night and took it to work with me the next day because I wanted to hit the beach down the street from where I work. It was cold and windy so I just decided to go to a baseball field that I've been detecting near my house. I was listening to the tones, trying out 5 tone and 50 tone on park 1 and 2 and settled on 50 tone park one. I noise canceled and ground balanced and didn't change anything else. I was picking out some coins and digging some foil looking for small gold. I dug a couple nickels at 12 and some at 13. I got a 12 and was expecting another nickel and out popped a 6.1 gram 14K gold band. Sweet, finally some of that beginners luck! Here's a couple pics from the field
  15. Armrest, Power Bank And Carbon Tube

    Nakky, I've been checking this thread over and over trying to figure everything out. Is there any chance you can get good detailed pictures and explanations of how you made the carbon fiber shaft? I see what tubes you bought on Ali Express and I see you used the AT Pro cam locks I think to connect them but what about connecting the coil to the shaft? I was looking around and found some telescoping rods and was thinking making something like this would be awesome but using a telescoping method and using these type of connectors... https://www.rockwestcomposites.com/connector-accessories/locking-telescoping-mechanisms/telescoping-clamps