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  1. Phoenician, not Templar...Phoenician! Haha My top of list item is an 8 real coin or some gold. I've never found either.
  2. Compadre On Basalt(?) Rocks

    I was trying with a dime and not getting it to do the double beep but I may have been a little above iron. I'll check again with lower disc. Yesterday I dug everything that beeped in the playground and rolled the disc up and back down to try and guess what was under the coil. Most of the time I was right about something being garbage or a good target by listening how the sound came back in after getting disc'ed out but one thing did catch me off guard. I dug a target that disc'ed out right above iron and came back in solid and I thought it was just a nail or something but when i dug it, it was a little junk earring. Everyone that has one says the same thing, it's amazing on the playgrounds and hits just as hard on the tiniest pieces of metal.
  3. Compadre On Basalt(?) Rocks

    TabZilla, I watched all your videos about the mods you did, I especially like the waterproofing idea! Luckily I work somewhere where there are many many engineers and I have already talked to a couple about helping add the ground balance and sensitivity potentiometers. I just wish I could find a detailed how to with parts used and solder points and all that info. I'm sure these guys could figure it out easily but I like to be thorough and know exactly what needs to be done. Steve, I hate reading someones problem and then at the end it says "Ok I fixed it" with no explanation. That defeats the purpose, I think, of having an informational forum. Anyway I've been out a couple of times with it and this thing is a coin shooters dream! I had it on max disc and was swinging pretty fast on a little slope at a park and every single repeatable, full tone hit I got was a coin! The obly thing now that I can't seem to get to work is the double beep next to metal posts. I think that might have something to do with the sensitivity and that I turned it up pretty high but I'll explore that more if and when I do the mods. Otherwise this thing is absolutely amazing and it was a steal!
  4. Compadre On Basalt(?) Rocks

    Ok, I fixed it. Here's my solution just in case anyone else is having thins problem. From the video above you see that the detector is in "Max Disc" and is still hitting on the rock that I assume is basalt and is high in iron. I took off the face plate and adjusted two screws, the ground balance and the sensitivity. See this photo (found on the internet)...First I turned on the detector and set it to "IRON" and adjusted the "Ground Balance" screw CLOCKWISE until the rock no longer gave a signal, it was a very minimal adjustment. Then I took out coins and started testing them. I have some Costa Rican coins and passed those and they all gave a beep (They are bronze and aluminum coins) then I took out a large cent, a silver Roosevelt dime, a silver Washington quarter, my silver chain with solid silver pendants and a generic .999 silver 1 ounce round. The reason for the .999 round comes in to play later and I did this after reading "Monte's Power Balancing" and his story of a detector not hitting solidly on a walker half. The large cent hit perfectly, nice loud tone to about 5-6 inches. The silver dime hit good at about 4 inches. The quarter wasn't hitting great until it was about 3-4 inches from the coil which seemed weird and the .999 1 ounce round was only hitting very close to the coil.I then adjusted the "Sensitivity" screw COUNTER CLOCKWISE, turning the sensitivity up high until it started beeping erratically, then i adjusted it back CLOCKWISE (lowering) until it was silent again. After this adjustment I then went back to the ground balance screw (trimmer I guess is the correct word) and adjusted it COUNTER CLOCKWISE until the rock in question was giving a signal. From there I again adjusted CLOCKWISE until the rock wasn't giving a signal and tested all the coins again. Now the silvers are hitting perfectly as they should, along with the Costa Rican coins and my silver chain. This is my solution for my problem, it might not be everyone's solution but it did work for me. I wasn't able to find a clear problem/solution online but instead pieced together from many sources what might work and it did. The only thing that is different now is when I adjust the Disc from zinc to max it gives a little beep but so far it doesn't seem like a problem.
  5. Compadre On Basalt(?) Rocks

    Steve, thank you again for your reply. For now I'll use it on playgrounds and try it out other places here and there and see what the results are. I've called Tesoro and was told that I could send it in, with the rock, and they could tune it for me. It's an option but for now I know it works well on the playgrounds so it'll be a dedicated detector.
  6. Compadre On Basalt(?) Rocks

    Thank you for your reply Steve! Someone else said to send it in to get serviced. I think I might hold off for now and just use it purely in the playgrounds/tot lots and see how it goes, if it becomes a problem then I'll go that route. I do like it even though I'm used to the AT Pro but I'm determined to learn this one. When you say reduce the gain, how would I go about doing that? Would I have to open it up and fool around with one of the potentiometer screw thingies it has on the board? I'd have to get a good video or written instructions if I do end up going that route. I wouldn't want to screw anything up. I made a video I'll link here so you can see whats going on. I also broke the rock open and showed the inside just in case I'm wrong with the type. I don't have the AT Pro with me to show how it doesn't hit on it but you can take my word. Thanks again for everything! https://photos.app.goo.gl/zpbHRl4dijokFvby1
  7. Today I picked up a Compadre at a great price to try out since I've read so many good things about Tesoros. I brought it home and played around with it a little in the yard. I think I've cleaned out my yard of good targets so I was just listening to the tone. Then walked into the garden against the house. I got a hit where I've been over multiple times before with an AT Pro and I bent down to check it out since it sounded like it was right on top. I moved a rock out of the way and probed around with the pinpointer and nothing. So I scanned the spot again and there was no beep and then I started scanning around thinking I moved whatever it was when I brushed away some dirt. Come to find out it was the rock itself that was making the detector beep. Here's the weird part...I had rolled the disc all the way up to max and it still beeped. I bent down and put the pinpointer against the rock and nothing. I went inside and grabbed my AT Pro and scanned the rock and again nothing. I thought it was weird and walked away. Then a little later I went to a park in my home town and was checking the playground with the mulch/woodchips. I found a dime and a zinc penny, both gave good repeatable tones and I had the disc set to the "N" in iron. Then I walked out of the playground and started checking around the edge in the normal dirt and was getting beeps all over the place. I turned disc up to max and again was getting beeps from rocks of the same type. These rocks are ignored by the AT Pro, the Garrett Pro Pointer AT and a Whites CoinMaster Pro that I had before I'm pretty sure these rocks are called basalt, they are brown on the outside and if you crack them open they are pretty solid and uniform and a blueish gray color in the center and a lighter ring around the outside. I'm also pretty sure they are high in iron and of volcanic origin (I learned about them years ago in grade school). I can upload a picture and a video of the Compadre hitting on them if anyone wants. I guess my question is for people using this machine, how do you deal with these type of rocks, do you learn the subtle nuances of the beep given off by these rocks compared to say a coin or junk or do you just try not to hunt in areas where they are concentrated? I honestly bought the machine to try and learn it and probably use it in playgrounds and tight junky areas. I don't see myself using it in fields or anywhere wide open since it has the 5.75" coil on it.
  8. My First Equinox Silvers

    Hopefully this reply is super duper top secret early tester code for we should be hearing something soon! Great finds by the way! I'm super excited to hear anything new about this detector!
  9. No one has replied to this so I will... Would you say that since that this article is coming out in 3 days that we can expect more information direct from Minelab at that time also? I would guess they would time it that way but I don't know squat. Just interested in more info about this detector.