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  1. Since this was posted, I have determined that most of these hits are a reaction to the ground. Specifically, the wave patterns in the sand. They are gone when the coil sweeps away the little ridges and do not give a signal in Field 2. Have seen this with several VLF's in a few lakes here.
  2. Many pages back it was referred to as a "recreational" detector. My suspicion at the time was it would be below the Equinox in price aimed at a wider mass market. An obvious and smart move on ML's part.
  3. Welcome ! Are you the same Dino that used to post on US forums a few years back? Tom
  4. What a beauty, congratulations on an outstanding find Strick.
  5. It appears to be the same software update as it said I have the current software installed when I ran it. Probably just a bug fix for the down load itself.
  6. Daniel the cable on the Hungarians I originally had was too short and I'm 5'8". I used a heat gun to stretch out the last 6" or so of coils above the connector. Doesn't have to straighten out completely, just enough heat to relax the coils a bit.
  7. It's frustrating at times. I remember hitting and old neighborhood ball field and the first foil target dug was a gold band. 20 some pcs of foil later I hung it up and left. LOL
  8. Strictly a fresh water guy but for ocean hunting does threshold play a major part when setting sensitivity and recovery?
  9. Trading in a detector for the Nox was a toss up between the F75 and X-T 705. Both being equally deep in my ground on coins. The 705 stayed only because the control pod is removable and I had invested in a coil cable extension which makes a nice back up detector for my fresh water hunting. Tom
  10. Thanks for the reminder Ted. Just finished up Tom Thanks for the invite JW that's quite the offer. Snow just starting here so works out fine for me. Ticket purchased just need directions from the airport to your house. 🍸 Tom
  11. Probably buried by a robber shortly before he was beheaded. LOL
  12. My hunting buddy has a Lobo with the 6" concentric... The depth and separation is top notch.
  13. Yup, and field 2 is a real corker in or out of the water. I can run iron at 0 and sens 24 in almost all lakes and it runs smooth as silk. The big lake can be a problem however due to the rollers creating larger ripples farther apart.
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