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  1. Gotta love a gold machine that uses concentric coils. The 24K gets some great reviews for an IB machine. Am I right that they have a waterproof version out now?
  2. Hey Mike If nothing else you prompted me into pulling mine out from long term storage (under the bed) putting in batteries and firing it up for a few minutes. Batteries are now out and 8500 back in storage I remember all the flack about the audio. Guess I can get used to anything because I had no problem with it. Tom
  3. These have little use mostly just for testing puposes as I primarily use the 7.5 Khz coils on my 705. First up is the 6" DD coil $75.00. Next is a Mars 6"X10" Sniper coil switchable from 7.5 & 18.75 Khz. This one comes with lower rod that has been fitted to prevent damage to the coil ears. $90.00 Lastly for the HF coils is the 9" concentric with cover asking $100.00. On the 10.5" 7.5 Khz DD I'm asking $90.00. PayPal F/F add $10.00 each for shipping Tom
  4. Fred I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Coincidentally I also lost a lifelong friend just over a week ago.
  5. No word on Acc coils yet as far as I can find. Water hunting season starts in May up here in NW Michigan so they still have time to sell me a Simplex and a 9" concentric. On another note 'tecting is gonna have some competition this year as I'm looking at getting a dirt bike this spring to bomb around on in the woods before I get to old to enjoy it.
  6. Over the years I found my share of gold rings mostly consisting of mens bands so I have a good idea of the TID range they will hit based on size, weight, thickness (cross section) and width. Compared to every other TID machine I have used the Equinox is an outlier. Rings that should hit in the Nickel range hit in the upper tab range, Medium size bands hit zinc penny where with other machines that would be a lunker Class ring or large heavy high karat gold band. 14K gold is not a high conductive target, Alloyed gold such as 14K is actually lower in conductivity than either of the constituent metals of gold and copper. Do these high readings have something to do with Multi-IQ? It's real and is consistent across every ring I have found. I don't understand what aspect of the Nox causes this. Rings are the perfect shape for generating eddy currents and so are generally easy targets for a metal detector but what is going on here with the Nox? I am at a loss to explain it.
  7. Totally agree, I have absolutely zero interest in the Vanquish. The Simplex however meets my needs and expectations.
  8. I've found a fair collection of foreign coins old and new over the years. They can turn up anywhere even water hunting. I seldom hunt school yards but have found 2 Britannia large pennies hunting them.
  9. Thanks Phrunt Got a good early morning chuckle out of that. Minelab promoting the Equinox in a way more suitable to an LRL device. Who woulda thunk. LOL Tom
  10. Nice find on the KG. That ship pin could very well be just as old.
  11. Met up with Rick the other day at the site of an old fairground to see if there's anything left there (it's been pounded for years) . Right off the bat the Nox hit a solid 13, I crossed the target and checked it PP mode and they agreed on the location. Flipped the plug and nothing, dug another few inches and my pin pointer showed nothing in the bottom of the hole . Checked the sides and there it was a 1905 V nickel on edge at about 4". It's a good thing the NOX is hot on nickels and Indian Heads as I just can't seem to get the coil over silver.
  12. I believe the key to success with the new F2 mode is mitigating audio fatigue. The other day I was hunting an old beat to death site with good success using F2 2 and recovery speed 4. Anything lower than 4 was overload for my ears and what I mean by that is the slightly longer drawn out iron responses creating a cacophony of noise. I was hunting at my normal sweep speed as well. Note: watch out for old nickels hitting just below the normal nickel 12-13 bounce. Got a 1905 V that was mostly a solid 12 but bouncing to 11 as well with a bit of iron in the plug directly above the nickel. Reminded me of the Fisher CZ 5 where you dig all nickel foil bouncers in old sites and parks. I have had good success on old nickels using park 1. Tom D had stated Park 1 is good for nickels and he's correct on that IMO.
  13. I don't believe a la carte is doable for detectors. Perhaps a base unit where you can select from a few (perhaps 3 or 4) packages would work. they have to consider profit margins and the Simplex I'm quite sure would not be here without the profit from the high end units paving the way. Very few automakers offer a la cart any more. You buy a trim level or package. If there is desirable stand alone option you want, often times it requires purchasing a certain package to get it. It's all about profit margins.
  14. Chase What compromises and limitations? It is what it is. VCO audio will be new to some users however, it appears to be implemented properly with a well modulated response. Other than that I see none. By all accounts from a performance standpoint it appears to be a winner.
  15. Will do. However someone else will most likely beat me to it as water hunting season is over up here. I'll probably hold off the waterproof phones until I see what else becomes available.
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