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  1. Jackpine


    A couple pics of Lake Michigan from late afternoon yesterday. The heavy waves lasted around 6 hours here. Unfortunately I won't be able to get out until Monday.
  2. Jackpine

    The New 9'' And 13'' Coils

    I was wondering the same thing Dilek?
  3. Should have gone up the sides some and a little further back in the scoop. Wasn't easy for my friend to weld the ends of the wires. Had to drop and drag the material.
  4. Jackpine

    Some Food For Thought..

    Somebody watching me hunt iron would shake their head as I constantly ride the sensitivity and recovery speed as I hear I to like to give the ears a break when after high conductors only. I just can't force myself to use any disc, preferring to lower the volume and tone pitch on the foil and tab ranges instead. There are many ways to get the job done and we use what works for us
  5. Jackpine

    Some Food For Thought..

    That is a thoughtful well written article. by SteveG ? Large shallow iron I can deal with audibly. It's the smaller deep iron falsing that is the bigger problem and IB really doesn't help there IMO. The conductive part of the signal overpowers. True with every machine I have used. Regarding the sensitivity aspect for unmasking (not mentioned in the article) try this, run a threshold, notch out the predominate iron in a site and see just how much you are running in a null, drop your sensitivity and note the difference. It can be an eye opener. Tom
  6. Jackpine

    Some Food For Thought..

    Iron bias is a finds killer. I spent some time seeing if I could pick up a few more targets at an old pounded site that is loaded with iron and rotted tin etc. Running the 11" in Field 2 with sensitivity at 17 recovery 8 and IB 1 I got a repeatable soft warble buried in the iron noise. Before I dug dropped the recovery to 7 and the signal was not as obvious and probably would have walked over it. Increased the sensitivity to 18 reset recovery back to 8 dropped IB to 0 and there was a big improvement vs the original hit. Ended up being a small brass buckle only 5 to 6" deep. A lot of high conductive metal in that buckle but shows just what we are dealing with when it comes to iron masking. Wish now that I had played around even more with the recovery and IB settings.
  7. Roll roll, roll in zee hay. Madeline Kahn in "Young Frankenstein" I'll never forget that line. LOL
  8. Jackpine

    Beach Hunt With Updated 800

    The other day I dug a deeper quarter and two smashed aluminum twist off caps within a few minutes span and I was immediately impressed with the update. The quarter was 9 to 10" and a nice softer warble with the meter buried. The screw caps were less deep but also nicely modulated and full depth on the meter. All three brought up me to a quick halt. A 1917 wheat at a POUNDED one room country school around 7" was the same. Picked up 3 non-ferrous there in a quick short hunt, the wheat, a a tiny stick pin with a rosette and small button and I was only going after high conductors. That in itself was impressive to me. No way I'm reverting back to the original software.
  9. What a nice reward for a job well done. 👍 Congrats Simon!
  10. The "coin" version is 14 Khz and has a maximum of 3 tones.?? They could have skipped that one unless it's a real price leader. Edit: Keith S on another forum caught the fact that the Pictures for the 14 Khz coin machine and the 19Khz relic are reversed. Good catch Keith! http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,152032,152051#msg-152051
  11. Jackpine

    Took The Nox For A Walk

    Agreed, there is something there with the update. Something nearly hidden or intangible in the audio that speaks out to me. Poetic? LOL
  12. Jackpine

    Nokta Anfibio Versus Minelab Equinox

    They haven't built one for me yet. Always something inherently wrong with every one I have use. Blendy/Bleedy audio, while some can deal with it I can't. Give me lightning fast audio (Nox) with the beautiful soft warble on deep tough intermingled targets any day. MK.. What? The ergonomics are terrible with that top heavy pod. My buddy brought his to a hunt for me to try and after picking it up and swinging it a couple times went right for the Nox. Who cares if it has good performance if it's that off in ergo. It's like trying to swing a detector with a pendulum mounted above the grip. Just my opinions. Tom
  13. Jackpine

    Equinox Coils

    I'm with Steve H give us a 6x10 rather than a 5x10
  14. I seldom if ever use PP to size a target. In fact I mostly try it just to see if it will PP the desired target rather than near by iron and it does a good job picking those out. Once in a while I will interrogate a really iffy signal using PP to see if it's false signal off the edge of iron but that's only on the head scratchers where rotating leaves some doubt and I usually dig it anyway. Not may deep cans around here so lifting the coil works for me most of the time.
  15. I could debate that, but it's probably akin to how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin so no point really.