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  1. phrunt grass seed is never planted deep, usually in the top 1/4" at most so the ring should be shallow as well. Might even be a sun baker.😎 TID depends on the alloy and size. White gold and Platinum read low, combine that with the smaller size of most women's rings and it could easily be in the 6-7 TID range.
  2. Jackpine

    Must Have Been Karma

    Thanks Steve, I've been in a bit of a slump lately but that comes with the territory. Still hitting it hard and regular. "Today's the day" I hope!
  3. I mostly dig the iron foolers unless they are large or deep (with a fainter dragged out tone) then I pass. It doesn't matter to me if negative numbers show, that is if I am actually watching the meter during the process, or there are iron tones mixed in I dig based on consistency of tone when the target is well centered under the coil. Like TNSS said it's also my experience that deeper targets can have faint iron sounds mixed in but still give a consistent overall tone and TID reading at some point in off angles of approach when centered. As he said it could be the ground itself or migrated iron from well rotted iron objects causing this. If approached with good coil control the Nox is very consistent on borderline targets. In fact, the word "iffy" almost doesn't apply with the NOX.
  4. Jackpine

    Found My 3rd Half Dollar Ever Today!

    Great hunt with some really cool finds. The button, toy gun and jeep are in great condition. I enjoy making those kind of finds and of course the half too!
  5. Nice find. Have never hunted up there for native copper but being a resident of the lower peninsula of Michigan we occasionally find artifacts from the Indian Copper Culture period. Here is a copper awl I found a few miles from home. Approx age age 800 years or older.
  6. Jackpine

    Getting More Comfortable With The Nox

    Nice hit getting the Seated. I like it!
  7. Jackpine

    I Found A Good One Today :-)

    Outstanding find Congrats!
  8. Jackpine

    Help With Identifying This

    Google wasn't much help for me either. I tried Turtle door knob and came up blank on that too.
  9. Jackpine

    Nox Settings For Fresh Water

    2 tone since I pretty much dig all non-ferrous and tracking GB to keep things smooth.
  10. When I first started using the 800 I stuck with Park 2 almost exclusively but found that in a couple lakes it wasn't optimal. At one sandbar in particular it sees the ripples in the sand as a target with constant low signals that don't balance or track out. This is not unusual as other VLF's I have used do the same. In another instance at one lake constant ones report for some reason. Lately I have switched to field 1 to try and eliminate at least some of the tiny targets the Nox sees. While it still hits on targets that are hard to keep in the scoop I found that it runs very quiet and smooth in that mode. While at the sand bar yesterday I was able to run sens at max with absolutely no response to the sand and with extreme depth on non-ferrous targets in the mid-conductor range. Another benefit is that the edge sensitivity of the coil seems to increase exponentially with the higher gain settings, great for hitting the recent drops while covering an area at a faster clip. After my first couple water hunts I wasn't sure I could get used to the resistance of the 11" coil. While it's still a bit of a bugger, I spent 4 solid hours swinging it in the water yesterday and my arm/shoulder don't feel bad at all. Not sure long term how I'll hold up to it. Minelab we really need a 9" slim line coil like the X-Terra's for water hunting.
  11. Jackpine

    Equinox Hunt

    Nice trip out with the Nox. I was down for 6 weeks last summer after surgery for BPH. About went crazy but well worth it as I can P*ss like a race horse again. LOL Tom
  12. Jackpine

    Don't Lose The Headphones Cap

    Thanks, Since I'm water hunting for the summer I took the cap off and placed it in the headphone bag for safe keeping.
  13. Jackpine

    What A Start To The Summer!

    Awesome Seated! Looks like a good site you have there. Go out and get some more!
  14. Ya never know until you get it tested. Some are allergic to yellow gold and Platinum being pricey it's entirely possible someone had it set in silver. At any rate, Nice Find! Good luck
  15. Jackpine

    Coin Spill Surprise

    Mike Funny you should ask that, on the drive home it occurred to me also that the last two rings were marked 417 and 583 whereas historically for me at least, that is quite rare. Today's is also only one of a very few recently lost rings I have found that are 10K but I'll take it!