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Tesoro 2010 Metal Detector Information #22 2010

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About This File

Tesoro 2010 Metal Detector Information #22, 2.61 MB pdf file, 64 pages

This detector catalog and field reviews is packed full of extra information that will be of interest to anybody who has or is thinking of getting a metal detector. Lots of good answers to basic questions.

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    • By garikfox
      These discontinued Minelab products are really cool to look at and read about. I was amazed.
      The Golden Hawk looked cool! Wonder what the Klondike looked like.

    • By Ridge Runner
      If what we see of the face of the Vanquish is true with eighteen notch points then it’s bundled.
       This happens in lower end detectors but not totally true being it came in higher cost detector too  My Sport  wasn’t cheap but it too has the problem of having notch bundle .
       I have the ORX and to cut out anything I start at the bottom and work my way up . Like others I can’t pick what I want delete what I don’t want.
       The only one that we all know that will let you notch out what you don’t want and leave the others is the Nox .
       This is the main reason I don’t like my Sport is because of that. Don’t get me wrong I’d like it to run in more than one frequency but I knew that ahead of my purchase.
        I guess you couldn’t make me happy if you would hang me with a new rope. 
      Just thinking out loud again! So why don’t you do the same here.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Check this beauty out. Five km range and depths of up to 75 meters. And only $2500! 

    • By pinpointa
      Hi Guys,
      How many detector brands have Mixed Mode.  Thanks in advance.
    • By Andyy
      Just thought... it would be interesting if the technology ever came about where you could run one detector as either a VLF or a PI (orZVT).  What machines would you combine?
      I would go GPZ and Equinox
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