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Minelab Vanquish 340 User Guide 4901‑0300‑2

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    • By Bash
      So I've been getting a lot of clad coins with both the Equinox and the Vanquish 440 in the local parks, but even in the older ones, silver coins have escaped me for a couple of months now.  In between thunderstorms this afternoon, I hit the neighbor's parking strip, and in less than ten minutes, I pulled two silvers and a wheatie!  My first silver quarter, AND my first Canadian silver. The quarter is pretty trashed, but I'm glad just the same!
      Felt good to break the slump!

    • By Bash
      Found this Crackerjack Mystery Club coin yesterday with the Vanquish.  These were distributed from 1933 to 1934.

    • By Tometusns
      First time on the beach so it was a new experience for me. The Vanquish ran very quiet over the dry and wet sand. I was able to run the sensitivity maxed 99% of the time. No great finds but did get some deep and some small targets. I ran in the jewelry mode with 1 notched out. Couple opals found about 15ft. apart I'm sure they came from the same piece of jewelry. A sterling earring back along with another small silver(?) piece off something and a fake coin that I at least said hmmm when I first dug it Lol . Plenty of clad coins. I almost (almost) quite digging those 10 plus inch zinc signals but it was a good experience. Thanks for looking! Tom

    • By ColonelDan
      Anyone interested in a report on the 440 can find it here:
      My hunting buddy Gary and I collaborated on the report for Kellyco and they published it on their website.
      We found this a very impressive machine for $279 but you can read the report and judge for yourself.
      Note: Gary and I are not employees of Kellyco nor do we have any financial interest in or relationship with Kellyco.

    • By Bash
      I was playing around with the Vanquish 440 in the parking strip yesterday afternoon, when I got a very strong consistent signal in the 4 -6 range. I haven't been digging many signals in this range, as I don't get many, and all I have dug, have been trash. This one was strong and not choppy at all, so I proceeded to dig.
      Glad I did!
      I pulled out a James M. Cox presidential campaign stud from the 1920 presidential election. His running mate was Franklin D. Roosevelt!  They lost to the Harding - Coolidge ticket.  This is pretty degraded, but cool to find just the same. Gonna have to go back and dig those lower signals!  I've included a picture of one in good condition.

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