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Minelab Vanquish 340 User Guide 4901‑0300‑2

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    • By abenson
      Just got back from 3 days in Oceanside, CA it was nice to get out of the cold here in Utah. Came back to 9 inches of snow this morning.
      Didn't take a PI this time because I wanted to see how the Equinox 11" coil and Vanquish V12 coil compared to each other on the beach. Area I hunted was North and South of the pier. This beach can be awesome after a big storm. I've been there before when one day you can literally pick up targets off the hard pan because the sand has been totally stripped away and the next day 2 ft of sand has washed back in. Sand was pretty deep this time all 3 days, in areas at about a foot you would hit a rocky layer where the targets would settle. Tried hunting in the water with the Equinox a few times but it was just too rough and took way too long to recover good targets. So most of my time was spent between the towel line and waters edge. Nothing exciting found, a bunch of change, and ear gauge and 1 junk ring.
      A few people have said that the Vanquish appears to be Equal to the Equinox in Beach 1 mode and I would have to agree. I ran the Equinox in Beach 1 sensitivity at about 21 and the Vanquish in Jewelry mode, iron bias low. sensitivity 1 notch below max and both machines were very quite. Switching off between the two I didn't really notice any difference in depth both machines recovered several nickels and quarters at the 12" mark and pennies and dime around the 9" mark. Most stuff I recovered was 6" or more in depth. Target ID on the Vanquish is rock solid on good targets, even the deeper Quarters and Nickels I dug gave a solid ID. ID's that were jumpy always turned out to be a corroded piece of aluminum or zinc penny. The only area the Vanquish struggled was in places where there were multiple targets and especially targets mixed in with iron. Because this beach is replenished from time to time with sand pumped from the harbor and other areas, there tends to be places where boat parts, fishing hooks and other junk congregates. I had several instances where I had to use the Equinox because there were just too many targets to separate out the good ones. One in particular I ran into with the Vanquish but had to switch to the Equinox turned out to be a small piece of aluminum, a stainless ear gauge, and a quarter mixed with iron trash in a small 1 foot by 1 foot area. The Vanquish was unable dial in on one target although I could tell there was more than just iron there due to the mix of positive numbers.
      Overall I would have to say the Vanquish is the most capable beach detector I've seen in it's price range (unless you need waterproof). I felt quite confident I wasn't missing much when using the Vanquish unless I was in a junk filled area. Great detector for a beginner, child, to loan out or as a backup for your Equinox. One thing I did notice when changing between the 2, the Vanquish is a little nose heavy compared to the Equinox. If you're getting one for a small child to use I would suggest getting one with the smaller coil or switching it out to the smaller one on the 540.

    • By Tometusns
      I've heard several guys comment that the Vanquish has a more solid id on targets than the Equinox. Isn't that what you would expect from a machine running half the number of segments. I'm certainly no expert but that just seems to make sense to me. With 25 on the Vanquish and 50 on the Equinox. I suspect even less jumping on the 440 & 340. You just simply have a larger area to drop the signal into which given the opportunity might cover more segments if they were available. 
      Just thinking out loud...🤔😁
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Minelab Vanquish was first reported as in development in April 2019 and is finally now shipping to dealers worldwide. I am not counting the early pre-release to one big box store, Dicks Sporting Goods. This also was not unexpected. Almost all dealers except a few told customers not to expect the detector until early 2020. In that regard the Vanquish is pretty much on target. Still, I wanted to officially note that it has been nine months passing between first mention and general widespread availability. The trend, and it’s not just Minelab, has been for ever earlier mentions of detectors on the way. The Nokta/Makro Simplex and Fisher Impulse are a couple other recent examples. It appears that waiting up to a year or more is not out of the realm of possibilities.
      I’m just putting this out there to generally address the inevitable “when’s it going to ship” questions that arise when new detectors are announced. The answer is, later rather than sooner, and don’t hold your breath. 
    • By phrunt
      A decent video comparing targets on the Vanquish Vs the Equinox.
      The Vanquish really looks like the perfect first detector for someone, easy to use, built based on the Equinox so performance is pretty damn impressive.
    • By Ridge Runner
      My reason for asking this question is because Minelab dealer like Rob’s Detectors don’t have none to sell.
       If I never get one it will be a cold day in hell before I go to Dick’s Sport to buy one. I don’t know why are what’s the thinking of Minelab by limiting it to a big chain and not to the little guy at the same time.
       I like the personal service like Rob and others like him offer . I’ll pass on some guy that don’t know what end is up and nothing about what he’s selling.
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