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Minelab Pro-Find 15 20 35 User Guide 4901-0223-9

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    • By Golden pennies
      Hi all,
      I love my equinox 800, but I hate taking off my headphones to listen to my pinpointer signal. I'm looking at getting a pinpointer with Bluetooth technology, but as far as I can tell I'm not able to use the same headphones for both devices. Does anyone have any advice on this in terms of what to buy or how to make two different systems work together on the same headphones? 
    • By CanadianScouser
      I’m having huge interference from the Quest using it with both XP models .Changing frequency doesn’t  help .It is quiet with the Nox .Any help is welcomed .
      Also here in Canada having good success with G’s Sonar programme on the Deus ,though one needs to be vigilant with crown caps as they ring high tone .Pull tabs barely make high tone so are mostly recognizable , at least for me in my conditions .
    • By Kelpike
      I'm using the MI 6 with the Orx. It starts off in program 2 out of the box and shows that on the remote screen. When you change it to program 7 does that show on the top of the screen on the remote? I've played around with changing programs and 7 will not show. Am I not understanding program 7? What programs do you guys prefer to use and why?
    • By Pinger
      Well I got a new pro pointer and it’s acting like this - 
      - just like it should work 
      -  the “I’m getting closer” only goes to about 1/2 the speed it should when literally touching the target . 
      - won’t do anything 
      - won’t stop hardly. 
      - had me digging to China for no reason at all . ( even after a re-tune ) 
      that said , my friend pointed out the fact that the cereal number inside by the battery is not there - only a cereal number on the back ( wondering if it’s a B- quality pro pointer ? Any help I appreciate it ! OH and I bought it to be knew off eBay and it did come in the box sealed in plastic so IDK🤦‍♂️
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Don’t ask me why, but I continue to monitor the closing sales of the TRX since Whites closed its doors. The last two new models went for $380 and $400, with a pre-owned closing at $250. Closing sales for new have been over $300 for a while now. It makes me wish I had the foresight to buy a few a while back, but who would’ve guessed people would be willing to shell out $400 for a pinpointer. I still have one TRX, but wouldn’t sell it now for even $500. 

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