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Hey guys.  I just got a CTX 3030 this week and noticed there aren't any good Target ID Spreadsheets out there for people to use to create custom programs.  This is my first iteration of the file which I expect to update over time.   My next update should include more information on the target like (date, weight, etc) as well as documentation on detector settings used when getting the TID.   Again, I've only had my CTX 3030 for about a week, so i'm still learning about this thing.   I also built a nice pivot sheet in Microsoft Power BI (powerbi.microsoft.com) that I will upload as well if you want to play with it.  The plotting of the numbers are vertically inverted due to how most graphs are built.  I have to look into how to represent these plots like they do on the detector.  Feedback is welcomed.  I will update it as I have time....

Notes:  The spreadsheet includes the following Columns

  • Target - Description of Target
  • Ferrous Start - Lowest Ferrous number observed
  • Ferrous End - Largest Ferrous number observed
  • Average Ferrous - Average of (Ferrous Start + Ferrous End) /2
  • Conductive Start - Lowest Conductive number observed
  • Conductive End - Largest Conductive number observed
  • Average Conductive - Average of (Conductive Start + Conductive End) /2
  • Average ID - Average of (Average Ferrous + Average Conductive) /2
  • Type - Object type (Coin, ring, etc)
  • Category - Object Category (Treasure, Trash)


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    • By PPP
      Another classic question,but i have a ctx3030 with 17inch coil and do mostly detecting in the saltwater.It goes deep and thats what i'm looking for,depth,,I know that SDC2300 is a PI machine and very sensitive to gold.But when it comes to depth comparison in saltwater and knowing the SDC2300 has 8 inch coil,then the question is which detector goes deeper?is it worth buying that expensive unit just for saltwater beahhunting? 
    • By Dances With Doves
      With the Nox able to bring great results at $899 plus being waterproof it seems many think the CTX is not worth the extra money or to steep a price to pay  for a detector.I would jump on one at 1200 though.
    • By goldbrick
      In my travels in the western USA I sometimes find myself in an area that does not lend itself to nugget hunting. If I want to satisfy my itch to metal detect I must go to a park, sidewalk strip, or relic location. I have been hunting with my buddy Strick on occasion and his main machine is a CTX 3030. I am impressed with his finds and the performance of the CTX. I am unimpressed by the weight of this detector.
      The CTX is the acknowledged king of accurate VID at depth. Is there a machine that weighs less than 3.5 lbs that has nearly commensurate VID capabilities to the CTX that I could purchase for coin and relic hunting? Also any opinions on the Coiltek Joey for the CTX versus the stock 6 inch?
    • By Jbone
      I am considering the purchase of a CTX 3030 and was wondering what would be the best/better alternative there is to the CTX 3030? I live in upstate NY and am relatively new to metal detecting and haven't traveled far to detect, but I do plan on expanding my distance as I properly learn a machine so that I don't waste a lot of travel expenses while learning. I figured if I am going to spend time learning a good machine, I might as well get the better choice and learn that 1. I have an Anfibio Multi now and am in the process of learning what the machine can do and how it should be run. I am by no means putting the Anfibio down. I just figured seems I have a lot of learning to do, I should do it on the best choice of a machine and learn that one instead of learning what I have now and then possibly having to learn another. I don't have a lot of time to learn several machines and can barely make time as it is, so I want to make the most efficient use of that as well because I do plan on becoming a serious and proficient detector as time and experience,also, as many of you know..  money too plays in as well and is why I want to make the best choice now.  I could always resell my slightly used Anfibio if needed to get or step into a better/best choice. Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
    • By scoopjohnb
      Been fishing for about 2 years and I must say the break from the detecting has done me a world of good.
      Dug up the CTX from the attick, gave it a dusting off. And while I was figuring out how to ride a bike again.
      All the mist was blown out of my head and we got down to the nitty gritty.
      Bought myself a new GPS unit to log waypoints. I’m not wandering around like a drunk anymore, this time around I’m gridding.
      As a beach hunter, tried the dirt and parcs. But my heart belongs to the beach, pretty obvious when you like fishing and fresh air.
      So the obvious choice for logging finds and hotspots is Navionics Boating App, weather and tides integrated.
      Several outings with the CTX and a scarred coil protector has opened my eyes and forced me out of my comfort zone. Last time around I tried to use the CTX like an Excalibur. This time I listened and let it talk to me. Learned the CTX language a bit.
      A few outings later I the happy owner of another ring and my most prised CTX targets: a stainless screw of 0,8 gr found on the wet slope that was just a slight blip in the landscape. And a piece of stainless wire 4 cm in length weighing in at 0,3 gr at the wash.
      People say the Equinox 800 can find gold chains, but surely if the CTX can detect such small stainless items. It has a chance at bringing home the goods. GB manual, Sens running borderline, All Metal and trying to wear out the coil cover.
      I’ve watched countless Equinox 800 vids, seems like no other detector is made anymore 🙂 But at the beach people aren’t finding gold chains by the dozen. Just the usual rings and coins. Are they not using it to it’s full potential??
      Anyhow still happy with my CTX, but that gold chain I found with my Equinox 800 MKI is still bugging me to get another. Maybe the Equinox 800 V3 MKIII will be more to my liking. Or have I learned a valuable lesson,... LISTEN and DIG.
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