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CTX 3030 TID Worksheet (Work in Progress) 1.0.0

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About This File

Hey guys.  I just got a CTX 3030 this week and noticed there aren't any good Target ID Spreadsheets out there for people to use to create custom programs.  This is my first iteration of the file which I expect to update over time.   My next update should include more information on the target like (date, weight, etc) as well as documentation on detector settings used when getting the TID.   Again, I've only had my CTX 3030 for about a week, so i'm still learning about this thing.   I also built a nice pivot sheet in Microsoft Power BI (powerbi.microsoft.com) that I will upload as well if you want to play with it.  The plotting of the numbers are vertically inverted due to how most graphs are built.  I have to look into how to represent these plots like they do on the detector.  Feedback is welcomed.  I will update it as I have time....

Notes:  The spreadsheet includes the following Columns

  • Target - Description of Target
  • Ferrous Start - Lowest Ferrous number observed
  • Ferrous End - Largest Ferrous number observed
  • Average Ferrous - Average of (Ferrous Start + Ferrous End) /2
  • Conductive Start - Lowest Conductive number observed
  • Conductive End - Largest Conductive number observed
  • Average Conductive - Average of (Conductive Start + Conductive End) /2
  • Average ID - Average of (Average Ferrous + Average Conductive) /2
  • Type - Object type (Coin, ring, etc)
  • Category - Object Category (Treasure, Trash)


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      I decided I'm going to sell my GPZ 7000 and Equinox 800 and go with one detector because I could use the money right now. So I picked up a used CTX 3030 to be my somewhat all around machine for now and on my first hunt I noticed that the target ID numbers were all over the place and target indicator jumped around as well. I think I got taken unless someone can tell me some possible reasons.
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