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Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ User Guide 2001

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    • By Mike nelsen
      Hello, Live on the Kenai Peninsula and bought a Tesoro Lobo st last winter in Arizona, the snow is going away time to learn the machine, Anthing I should know about the soil up here and any special mode to use up here, Looking for everything from coins to nuggets, Thanks
    • By kac
      I have been using the 9x8 concentric coil mostly for park hunting and trashy areas and wondering how good the 12x10 wide scan coil is on depth and small targets or would I be better off with a Nel Thunder or something similar? I find the 9x8 a little tedious on big fields. 
      Thinking of getting that coil along with a lower pole and other parts as back up since Tesoro seems to have evaporated.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Tesoro 2013 full color catalog, 25.2 MB pdf file, 20 pages
      Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Tesoro 2007 full color catalog, 2.77 MB pdf file, 12 pages
      Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
    • By Rick Kempf
      One popped up on eBay just now - couldn’t resist - Buy it Now - I did 

      No coil. If I understand correctly it takes standard 4 pin coils for the Lobo super trac and similar. 

      Have to figure out what coil to get for it. 

      This will be my third one - Probably made enough off the first two to pay for it - but out of respect for Dave Johnson - who designed it and pronounced it to be his favorite design - I guess I’ll keep this one.

      Rick Kempf 
      Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
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