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  1. All I ever see on FB and Craigslist are XLTs and IDXs for $400-500.......no thanks😂😂
  2. Will definitely be sad to see them go if that’s what ends up happening. Seems like Whites and Tesoro met the same fate of making products solely for the “hobby” market. First Texas and Garrett seem to generate the majority of income from products outside the hobby market. I wonder what the odds of First Texas buying them out. Would be cool if someone with more modern manufacturing capabilities could bring the Whites MF platform into the future!!!!
  3. Hopefully they just do factory direct like the Teknetics sales model. Kind of amusing hearing “dealers” talking about pre-orders for a machine that the manufacturer has barely even acknowledged 😂😂
  4. “MultiFlex” was the technology name used in some of the early Vanquish “info” on the tabloid MD sites. I wonder if there was leaked info about this that got mixed up with the Vanquish??? Or maybe it’s some kind of VFlex tech collaboration or licensing????
  5. I’ll have to double check with a friend but if memory serves the florin he found the other year IDed same as a US silver half dollar.
  6. Apparently he purchased it through Kellyco. I just checked and they have them on their site. Surprised that Dilek hasn’t posted anything about it. They always seemed on top of new product info????
  7. And another Facebook “teaser”.........I guess they are sending them out to testers???
  8. That’s pretty much the way I look at relic hunting too Steve. As long as the site is old enough to potentially have gold coins I have no problem “muckin’ around in the iron” for a few hours every now and then and if nothing else learning a bit more about the machine. As to the tot lot gold......or rather foil😂😂.......that’ll probably be what I use this for mostly. An alternative to my Mojave/Cleansweep combo for clearing parks, fields and playgrounds of foil and pulltabs 😂😂😂. All joking aside I did take it to the church playground down the road yesterday and dug this little chain. Not gold but still a nice test.....and I didn’t even break it👍👍. The VCO on these machines is really nice for sizing targets.
  9. That’s an awesome find for the US, even more so when found on the other side of the planet!! i tested a few coins for you with my F19 and the 5x10 factory DD coil. Two silver halves (both tested identical) and a 1967 British penny. The silver halves were 91/92 when within an inch if the coil and dropped to 89/90 at the 6-7 inch range. The penny was 88/89 within an inch of the coil and dropped to 85/86 at the 6-7 inch range. Tested with sensitivity at max.
  10. I have a MultiKruzer and played around with the disc settings a bunch with my deeper test targets due to the commentary in the manual about depth/noise in regards to the disc setting and was never able to discern any difference in depth due to disc settings. Granted that our dirt in Florida is as mild as it gets for the most part. Also I rarely get use any discrimination with tone ID machines and the MultiKruzer is definitely better at unmasking(IMO) when you can hear the iron too. That being said I rarely use it anymore due to the “sizzly” digital audio being extremely fatiguing.
  11. Isn’t there a way to run a version of windows on mac/apple laptops and desktops????
  12. It’s the same machine as TDI SL, just a waterproof version, so anything you can find on that machine will transfer over tothe TDIBH.
  13. I remember TBoykin saying that you might be able to order the TDIBH with different coils. That was right before he left Whites I believe. I wonder if that is still an option???
  14. Just curious if you guys did the factory reset when changing coils? A buddies F44 would have randomly shifted IDs if he didn’t reset when changing coils. Not sure if it was DD vs concentric or size related but doing a reset usually sorted it out.
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