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  1. Probably hot ground down there in CR. Volcanic basalt everywhere I would imagine. Thats the fun part of Tesoros or other analog machines for that matter. Being able to get hands on and adjust things and see how it plays out.
  2. Just curious as to what number your ATpro ground balances at?? Probably just more mineralized soil in your area led to using “high” ground setting. Mojave is my go to travel machine and depending on location have used both settings. Tesoros are great fun in the tweaking and modding department. I have a coupke frankensteined compadres that are super fun to use in certain applications. The only problem I see with adjusting the GB on Mojave is giving up the more neutral “low” ground setting. If you have ground that suits it you will definitely get a bit more depth. But in hotter ground your solution will probably serve you better.
  3. They pop up on eBay from time to time. I keep toying with giving them a shot
  4. I use these with my Tesoros and Garrett Carrot. Picked up a 4 pack of 600mah 9vs and charger for 10 or 12 bucks about 2 years ago and they are still going strong!! No problem getting 2 full days in the tesoros and 3-4 in the carrot.
  5. Just hoping they stick with the EQX lightweight format and don’t release another 5 pound behemoth!!!
  6. Congrats, that spot sounds like it has plenty to give! When you describe your tone break, are you running two tone with tone break at +17???
  7. Thats a big pile of Great Seal buttons!!!! Awesome token too!!!!
  8. My local dealer in Tampa Florida has them in stock. Myersdepot.com
  9. They aren’t waterproof but if you can find a used Tesoro Compadre with the little 5-3/4 coil they will run relatively stable on the wet sand with the discrimination set up into the foil range. The Simplex from MakNok may be a good inexpensive choice but I’m pretty sure it will be standard with the 11” coil and not be any better fir him to swing than your EQX is. Getting a 6” for the EQX would probably be the easiest solution
  10. The metal tab is probably mounted in a plastic slot on the chassis and the slot has become loose. Might be able to bend it back with some long needle nose pliers??? You maybe able to open the case and super glue the tab back into position but if something goes awry you may void the warranty??? The best option is to send it to the manufacturer if it’s still covered by warranty. That way you won’t have any worries about ruining it permanently.
  11. Initially I was thinking it may be some form of ground but since the housing is plastic that probably isn’t the case. May be some form of antenna that works with the DST tech in some type of noise canceling???? Great times to be alive when it comes to DIY repairs!!! A few clicks on the old interweb and you can find a photo of most anything.
  12. Hopefully Minelab will let Coiltek do an EQX version of the solid 6x10 they made for the CTX!
  13. Crosses and odd shaped rings and charms will often give a more broken signal and ID lower than the alloy/base metal normally would ID. Most ID systems are based on “round” items since they best project the eddy currents that a vlf detector reads to detect the item.
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