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  1. Great news!!! Good to hear they are at least repairing the machines that were sent in. Would be better if they put a notice on the website so people that sent machines in for repair weren’t in the dark about ever seeing them again. Maybe there is still hope of some way to save the brand. Doubtful at this point but I have enjoyed hunting with the Compadre and Mojave so much that I will hate to see them become relics themselves.
  2. There was a GPZ on eBay for bid that had a pic that said email/message and buy it for $2k. The listing was gone in two days. Seemed like a potential counterfeit unit. Someone always seemed to bite on those “to good to be true” deals!
  3. Only manual GB Tesoro I ever used was an Outlaw. It seemed to gain a little depth by GBing normally then turning a quarter turn negative. If I remember correctly the “super tune” also involved a maxed threshold setting as well, but I’ve never used a delta “hot” Tesoro Also there are some tips on “power balancing” the detector in disc mode. Have to crank the sensitivity, if memory serves, and then turn GB positive until it chatters then go back negative until it’s right on the edge of stability.
  4. Thanks Dew. Guess I missed the other thread with the video about these.
  5. Curious if anyone has tried one of these variations on the telescopic rod for the EQX? Says the mount for control pod is from a mold rather the 3-d printed. There are 2 listings, one in UK and the other from a seller in Georgia. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293119857629
  6. Cant recall the name but there is a city in China that is the go to reverse engineering/ code stealing zone. Wouldn’t be surprised if these copies are running the exact same code/processing as the original ML detectors. The actual hardware and build is probably just a little flimsier.
  7. Congrats on the Barber!!!! Those roofing nails with the metal washer can be a pain. Often times the alloy isn’t really iron so they will high tone all day. Definitely worth digging some more after finding that dime thou!!!
  8. You actually need to get aptx-ll for the fastest transmission. There is a good thread in this forum below with lots of different models folks have had success with. I use and love the sennheiser cx6.0 bt buds. They are low latency and sound great. You can find a list of options at aptx.com. They have a list of buds and headphones that use their tech. https://www.aptx.com/products
  9. Glad you were able to get that Mojo BeachHunter! Best jewelry hunter Tesoro ever made IMO!!! Just a shame they never got the marketing right on the realities of detecting and how an old single tone analog detector can still be extremely productive!! I am sure it’s a hard pill to swallow, having to close up a long standing family business. Just wish someone would have made an announcement of some form. Hopefully all of their employees were able to land on their feet and all of our Tesoros will last as long as we do!!!!
  10. Ive used the 12x10DD and 7”DD on an outlaw and Mojave. They cover ground well but the discrimination isn’t as good. Only one I still have is the 3x18 cleansweep that I use on my Mojave for jewelry hunting sports fields.
  11. Hopefully it will help some!! Our beaches aren’t very mineralized but that coil did behave better with the wet salt sand.
  12. In theory it should. I’ve used with the 7”tesoro DD on Florida beaches and it’s far more stable than the 7” concentric.
  13. Beautiful!! That is one rare bird!! 🦅
  14. That’s a fantastic assortment of WW2 history! A friend and I have been researching the different training bases that were all over Florida back then in hopes of similar finds. Unfortunately so much has been built on or paved over and with so much corporate holding of real estate when you find a spot that may still have the goods it’s tough work getting permission. I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun, and often times I enjoy the research just as much as the finds!
  15. Yes all metal/horseshoe. The main school area is pretty much played out. Been getting detected since the 70s. These are from an early 70s built cafeteria that was just torn down and slab removed. Probably won’t be back until they tear out the sidewalks that were surrounding this building. Fortunately I made friends with the superintendent and he said he would keep me posted!!!
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