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  1. RIP Dave. Had some good exchanges with him on the Friendly forum when I was first starting out.
  2. There’s gold jewelry hiding in all those bits of foil and slaw in our parks. I would wager that the majority of lost gold jewelry is broken chains, charms and earrings that will ID as foil compared to bigger rings in the nickel to tab range. Just have to spend the time digging all the crappy foil and slaw signals til ya find some. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to be worth your time but ya never know what might pop up!!
  3. The checks in the mail my friend so hopefully you can get some sleep tonight and dream of gold and silver!!
  4. I just enjoy trying out different machines every now and then. After the F19 is gone I’ll be down to a few Tesoros, a NOX and a Vanquish340 I found onsale a few weeks ago for $169, pretty amazing machine for that price point!! Only machine I possibly regret selling was my Explorer II. I miss the power not the weight, LOL! That machine found some deeeep coins. The NOX comes close but hopefully those FBS machines will be the next model for Minelab to replace.
  5. I’m definitely interested in comparing one of these on my F19 against the cleansweep on my Mojave. Having the ID may be useful but I usually use the cleansweep as a jewelry/clad hoover and dig everything. Any idea on a time frame??
  6. How close were the machines while checking the targets? Were they noise canceled near each other? Different noise cancel selections? So many random RF variables come in to play when these machines are within 10 feet of each other it’s hard to pin it down really.
  7. I don’t know if it’s the “best” coil but I love the stock 5x10DD that came with my F19. I use it predominantly for jewelry (a.k.a. foil) hunting at some local schools and sports fields.
  8. I’m in!! I’ll use the $20 Compass flea market find and hunt jewelry at a large school/sports field I have access to.
  9. When everything at the grocery store has gone up in price it stands to reason that our toys will too. Our government has printed so much money this year with the stimulus bills that we haven’t even seen the real start of the inflation that is coming. A $50 increase for a MD that was massively undervalued when it was released is just the tip of the iceberg. If you stop and take it all in it’s just depressing, so my advice is to turn off the TV and go hunt for treasure!!! Treasure always makes us smile😊😊😊
  10. When I first got my 600 I ran the FE at 0 after experimenting with it. Since the F2 option came out I’ve switched to running F2 of 0 and haven’t switched since. 50 tones and low recovery speed really gives an intelligible sound to commingled targets, once you get used to it anyway.
  11. I use Sennheiser APTX earbuds when land hunting. I have a wm8 module that works fine and I’ve experimented with different headphones but it’s one more thing in the chain and I’ve just stuck with the Bluetooth for land. I have a pairof wired waterproof earbuds that a seller on ebay makes that are fantastic for water hunting.
  12. In our mild dirt/sand down here there are places I’ve found plenty of fringe depth coins(10”+) that you really had to be going slow to hear. I may be tempted to try the 15” and see if it offers any extra punch. I’ll have to wager the cost versus the reports when they finally hit the streets though.
  13. You probably did read it somewhere............but like Abraham Lincoln said.....”don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!!”
  14. Depth is usually somewhat physically tied to the smallest of the two coil dimensions, so in theory the 15”round should offer some potential extra depth when compared to MLs stock 11” or the 15x12. Not sure where that leaves the 14x9?? Maybe just offering that because they already have the mold from the ctx version Coiltek makes??
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