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  1. The MK is my first experience with any of your products and I am 300% loving its abilities. I am convinced that whatever your engineers and techs come up with for the simultaneous multi freak detector will be a success. That being said, my MK keeps me too busy digging goodies to think about a new detector for many more years hopefully! Cant wait to see what the future holds!!! Thanks for making great products EDIT......the only thing I would change on MK or add to future models would be to have the backlight be Red. I do some night hunting when it’s hot in the summer and the stock back light really hampers nighttime vision. I usualyy keep a red lighting gel over the screen at night.
  2. Noah (FL)

    Makro Multi Kruzer Chattering

    Thats the unfortunate reality of the internet. It’s soeasy for people to post vids and forum posts of things they perceive as problematic before they have taken the time to really learn the machine’s character and capabilities.
  3. Noah (FL)

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    No more puzzling than a parachute delivery.............. Lets hope it won't take that long to hit the market!
  4. Noah (FL)

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    It will be interesting to see what the pulse delay/timing capabilities of the final production Manta will be. It's been discussed by quite a few folks that the big hurdle is factory production of a coil that can reliably operate below 10uS. Time will tell and at least now,White's may have given them a reason to hurry it along!
  5. Noah (FL)

    Gpaa Claims Vs. Blm Land

    I have a 5x9 for the Makro, but I almost always have my Mojave when I travel. It's so easy to pack the control box and coil in a carry on and the rods and a trowel in the checked bag! I work with touring bands so get a lot of opportunities to jewelry hunt at festival sites and amphitheaters with lawn seating, and a lot of theaters and arenas seem to be cozied up to old parks/ green spaces in down town areas that surprisingly must not see that many detectorists! Thanks for the video link. I've watched a few of his talking videos. Very knowledgable guy, it was a seminar/talk of his that finally made me understand the whole threshold versus sensitivity concept.
  6. Noah (FL)

    Gpaa Claims Vs. Blm Land

    Thanks for the advice! I have been doing some land research based on the links Steve has in his wonderful beginners articles on the website. I guess I'll focus on the Phoenix area since that will maximize family visiting time as well, and I'll be able to borrow my uncles truck instead of getting a rental stuck in a cactus. Probably just give it a shot with my MakroMK or Tesoro Mojave. I know they aren't ideal specialized nugget machines, but both are capable of detecting tiny bits and at this point I'm in it more for the adventure. When it happens I'll pack plenty of H2O and stick to the morning and evening shifts!
  7. Noah (FL)

    Gpaa Claims Vs. Blm Land

    I'll have to look into that. Might just fit my timeline!
  8. EDITED.........For a first timer just doing some experimental nugget hunting would it be worth a GPAA membership for access to the claims or just doing some research and hunting BLM land? Will be in Phoenix visiting a friend after a work trip that ends in Vegas. I am entertaining renting a car instead of flying and trying my luck for nuggets along the way! Thanks...Noah What group/club is best for AZ or NV gold detecting claims??? First time detector prospector looking for a nugget!!! Relic/coin hunter from Florida planning a vacation. Thanks
  9. I’m sure it was location as much as machine, never less the MMK helped shorten the old bucketlist in the last month. The walker wasn’t very deep but the V nickel was a good 8-9” and still a clean ID of 29-30. Land or water I am really loving this machine!
  10. Noah (FL)

    14 Khz Makro Kruzer

    Was going to opt for the 14khz Kruzer until I got a price quote from a dealer. Seems most small dealers will go agood bit below retail. Made getting the multi Kruzer a no brainer.
  11. Can you de-tune it like the Garrett?
  12. Noah (FL)

    Website Performance Feedback

    Two thumbs up!!!!!! Thanks for your hard work!!!
  13. Would be interesting to see some actual sales numbers. I’d be willing to wager that FTP makes alot more selling BountyHunters in the “big box stores” than Minelab will make off the EQX. Im no marketing genius but just by sheer number of stores and units I've seen on display I would think that BountyHunter probably rules the roost in sales. In the US anyway
  14. Most european governments support innovations in technology and the arts very well. Definitely not a negative, makes sense to promote innovation and creativity.
  15. Thanks for the info Tom. Mine are currently en route and will give them a go when I get home next week. I wonder if there is any volume to be gained via an update or if the internal amp is already maxed?