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  1. I have had deep low-mid conductive targets read high on just about every machine I’ve used over the years. Not regularly but every now and then. Not sure what causes it?????
  2. That definitely is interesting!!!! ATX is an excellent machine having used a friends a few times water hunting but like you I have no desire to tote around 5+ lb machines. All about the technology bringing us ultra light tools!!!!
  3. Garrett’s response to these new machine rumors appears to have been sending the “HooverBoys” a few ATXs. They have been releasing youTube vids the last 2-3 weeks with nothing but ATX relic hunting. If they are pushing those machines it’s doubtful anything new is in the pipeline
  4. Used a 12x10 dd on my mojave for a while. It was great for field hunting but was a little out of balance for a uMax housing. Probably not as bad on a tejon with the batteries out back. If the site has lots of iron you will be better off with the concentric IMO. The dd coils don’t seem to reject iron as well as concentrics with the Tesoro circuit. Also in regards to the lower rod. I won’t be home until April but I should have an extra lower rod to part with. I’ll send you a message when I can confirm.
  5. I already have all the Tesoros I need, hopefully they will keep finding me jewelry as long as I can keep digging!!! I just happened to be looking for a certain coil and noticed that the Compadres seemed to be out of stock on the dealers websites that I usually deal with. I live in the US but am currently traveling in OZ, NZ and Japan for work. That’s why I wasn’t sure about Tesoros website not loading, sometimes US sites don’t load properly from foreign servers. But alas, it appears to be down and inventory appears to be quickly running out. Ive said it before but I am so glad that I learned detecting with a Tesoro. I can confidently take a Mojave or Compadre into a playground after watching someone hunt it with another machine and know there will still be targets that were too close to the posts for them to find with anything else. Just a shame that Tesoro never found a proper way to market their machines and educate the users.
  6. I was poking around online and it seems that nobody actually has a new compadre for sale??? Have looked on every dealers website I coukd find and not a one!!! Also it seems the website is down???! I’m currently outside the US so it may be a server thing??? I’ll have ti check tomorrow but the end may indeed be nigh🤔
  7. Manta will be in the same boat. Loosing the high conductive nails will loose high conductive silver. The tester that posts as LeJag on Dankowskis forum has discussed it a few times.
  8. Kind of bummed, but it seems that the pinpointer will only pair with the latest “green “ headphones and not the “blue” that came with the Kruzer.
  9. I love checking out a park or school for the first time and not finding many coins. Usually means someone has cherry picked all the coins relying on IDs and as a byproduct left the jewelry behind. I will make no claims of being able to dig gold without digging junk but I don’t mind digging foil and tabs in a spot that may hold gold jewelry. I will say that with the newer Mojave the audio is the best so far in regards to tone differences between a good ring vs. foil or tabs. But the majority of jewelry found is broken or misshapen and rarely gives a nice “round” tone. Either way, finding gold in parks is far from glamorous. To consistently find it you’re going to dig a bunch of crap.
  10. It really comes down to them loosing or maybe just not competing in the changing world of marketing. The companies selling tone and visual ID detectors have sold the necessity of distinguishing a penny from a dime or a nickel from a pulltab. “Coin shooting” is great and all and the potential for a windfall coin find is out there but none of the forms of ID are of much help in distinguishing a gold ring from a pulltab or a gold chain or earring from a bit of foil. Don’t get me wrong as I do enjoy using these more modern detectors as well but most of my detecting time is spent jewelry hunting and for that a Tesoro is hard to beat. I have confidence in them and that is the most important thing. In a selfish sense I am glad everyone doesn’t have a Compadre. If they did there would be a lot less gold hiding in the playgrounds for me to find!!!
  11. Seems like it will be in line with Fishers “weather proof “ F22 and F44. Lower price will probably be fixed GB amd next price level will add adjustable GB and an extra feature or two maybe? Offering a fully waterproof detector at that price is pretty amazing and it will definitely shake up the entry level marketplace.
  12. Probably won’t vary much in ground unless a coin were next to a nail or other lower conductor. The zinc cent giving a high tone is the deal breaker for me. Wouldn’t matter for old site/woods relic hunting but for school yard/parks it makea the screen/VDI necessary to wed out zincs. Same reason I don’t have a CZ. Guess I’ll stick with my current tools unless I go full Deus for the tone hunting versatility or maybe give the Equinox a go??? Till then I’ll keep on Kruzin’.
  13. Congratulations. Looks like it’s working for ya!!
  14. Always get a kick out of the comic strips when they dabble in detecting or prospecting.
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