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  1. Ive only used the stock and 5x9.5 coils on mine so far. They go deep enough for my needs and I tend to hunt more wooded areas. Think my next purchase will be the 5”dd or 7” concentric There are a few anfibio vids on YouTube using the KR35(13”) and it looks pretty effective. The KR40 looks like it may be pushing it as far as being unwieldy.
  2. Just a thought. Love the MMKRUZER but I sometimes wish it had the ability to save two versions of the same mode. Or possibly being able to toggle discrimination on and off would be similarly helpful in double checking targets. Curious to see what the future holds for the next machine but still pleased with my current fleet.
  3. Noah (FL)

    Lobo Tune-up

    There was an earlier version of the Lobo that has a manual GB as opposed to the tracking on the newer version. I believe the manual GB is the schematic that you can find online.
  4. Noah (FL)

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    My two faves from last year. Tiny gold/emerald with the Mojave and giant silver/turquoise with the MMKruzer. Can’t wait to see what this year brings. Happy new year everyone!!!
  5. Noah (FL)

    Tesoro Vaquero

    Oops......guess that’s why it didn’t highlight the url. I had stumbled onto the site from a Facebook tesoro group. He offered different mods for most Tesoros and sold a couple euro DIY detectors. I’ll check and see if I can find contact info or a new site.
  6. Noah (FL)

    Tesoro Vaquero

    If Tesoro isn’t doing the tone change any more you can try the guy at depthdevil.com. He does all sorts of Tesoro mods.
  7. Noah (FL)

    Sierra Gold Trac On Sale

    Guess I should have looked before posting. Just saw your post about this from August when searching for info on this detector.
  8. Was checking out Whites website and saw this. Not sure if it’s still relevant with so many newer machines available, but for $289 it seems like quite the deal for a beginning prospector. I may snatch one up to play with in the woodchips for jewelry and incase I ever get a chance to hunt for gold out west! https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/sierra-gold-trac/
  9. Noah (FL)

    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

    Thanks Dilek, and a Merry Christmas to you too! From the looks of the picture we can be expecting more new toys for the new year.
  10. Noah (FL)

    What Happens With The Tesoro Lifetime Warranty?

    Not sure how it will all work out. Seems like in the states you would have to get a group together to start a class action suit or something similar. At this point I’m not really worried. Never had an issue with my Compadres or Mojave. In fact the Compadres would be void of warranty due to one being water proofed and the other having a coil connector installed and the multi disc mod done. Only machine I ever sent in was my used GSII to get checked out and make sure the notch width wasn’t monkeyed with. Used to be a very pleasant conversation talking with Rusty though. Seemed lime he may have lnown something like this was coming along though as the last time I talked with him before he retired he didn’t seem quite as upbeat as usual. Anyway, I doubt I’ll be in the market for a new machine from them. The Tesoros I have take care of exactly what I need them too. Primarily totlot, park, and sports fields for jewelry. The Mojave is my suitcase travel detector. At this point I just wish they would make some kind of announcement. Seems to me the silence is going to do more damage in the long run. The longer it goes on the more the negative reports pile up making it a far less attractive investment for anyone who may be interested in carrying on Jacks legacy. Noah
  11. Noah (FL)

    I Like My Little Compadre

    Here’s my favorite Compadre find. Largie in the wood chips. 5-6” deep and about 6” from the center pole of a giant monkey bar tepee thing. Probably lost by a kid who took it from his dads coin collection for show and tell or something similar.
  12. Noah (FL)

    I Like My Little Compadre

    Hard pressed to beat it in a totlot. Between the compadre and Mojave I’ve found over a $1000 worth of gold jewelry. Close to half of that was within 6” of steel poles in playgrounds and swingsets. Ive tried to replicate that with other machines and nothing comes close to their ability to doubl/triple beep on targets laying near big steel. They may be simple dinosaurs but they definitely have a place in my arsenal.
  13. That guys got some great spots and isn’t afraid to dig the weird beeps!
  14. Has anyone had the chance to compare the two of them? With the Kruzer I run the wireless phones at 6 but have to run the w/p phones at 9-10 and if it’s windy or lots of boat noise around it can seem a little quiet. If they have upped the wired headphone volume I may consider an upgrade.
  15. Noah (FL)

    Tesoro Lobo Scores Anglo Saxon Gold

    I remember seeing them on eBay at some point. Can’t remember the name though. Pretty sure it’s a UK/EU manufacturer. Edit.....just found it on line blackada.com