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  1. If you liked the Equinox and don’t need the gold modes, just get a 600. They have a deal that comes with a free 6” coil
  2. That’s why First Texas isn’t worrying about hyping/promoting new machines like the Manta. They make the bulk of their sales in the big box stores. They always have a market for their older housings. I believe these share housings with the old F-2/4/5 detectors. Pretty solid marketing/manufacturing plan being able to move older models/housings from the top tier brands down to the entry level big box store brands.
  3. Arduino for blog cred😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Go to mouser.com and search either SL-404MX of SL-404FX. One is male the other is female. Can’t remember which way the delta coils are wired.
  5. Probably made by Switchcraft, same as 5 pin. You may be able to source one from mouser.com
  6. Good one Phrunt!! Forgot about Svens page. Always have to pay close attention when opening up uMax Tesoros. The wire they used is rather stiff and easy to break if bent too far at the solder points. I’ve modded a few Compadres and I almost always have to resolder something when I open them up.
  7. Just enter “ cibola circuit board” or something similar into your web browser. Here’s a link to one of the first ones that popped up. https://images.app.goo.gl/XFRPG9mto7CZS4249
  8. No need to shorten it. Just takes more wraps around shaft
  9. Was just checking Tesoro coils on eBay and I believe I saw a 5.75 concentric for the Vaquero
  10. Tesoro discrimination just works best with a concentric coil. Not sure why that is but it just is. I always struggle with steel bottle caps when I use my cleansweep. Usually to get them to discriminate out witha DD coil you will be well into foil zone and will be passing little gold jewelry. For trashy park hunting it’s just a trade off of wanting extra coverage vs not digging caps??????
  11. The ones I’ve found with the EQX and others previously found with other machines all test consistently from machine to machine in my experience. These 3 are 10K and were found with the EQX and IDed as 9, 15, and 19 from top to bottom.
  12. Probably will pick up a 340 to keep in the van. For $200 it’s definitely worth the gamble having the Multi-IQ DNA. On a side note, I probably will get a 6” for the EQX at some point for hunting thick overgrown spots (or a small elliptical if one appears) but the EQX is the first machine I’ve had for more than 6 months that I didn’t get a smaller coil for. The 11” in conjunction with the Multi IQ is plenty good at separating goodies from the trash for me!!
  13. How long was the CTX out before Coiltek was allowed to make coils for it? Maybe they will be able to follow suit with the EQX in the near future.🤔
  14. Dilek said in a post some where a while ago that the coils were not interchangeable with the Kruzer and Anfibio. I would have considered picking up a Simplex to keep in the van if the coils I have for my Kruzer were compatible but unfortunately they are not. Definitely not investing in another platform for a backup machine.
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