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Detector Prospector Magazine

Articles on metal detecting and gold prospecting. Forums about metal detecting for coins, gold, relics, jewelry plus equipment reviews and more.
    1. Best of Forums

      The best posts from forum contributors
    2. Gold Prospecting

      How and where to look for gold and other minerals for fun and profit. Includes all rock and mineral collecting subjects, geology, etc.
    3. Steve's Guides

      Guides on metal detecting and gold prospecting
    4. Steve's Mining Journal

      Gold in Alaska! Thousands have spent their lives searching for the elusive metal in the Great State. My name is Steve Herschbach. I am fortunate indeed to have been born in Alaska, and to have been introduced to gold prospecting at an early age by my father, Bud Herschbach. Prospecting and metal detecting has taken me far and wide across Alaska and around the world. To this day much of my spare time is spent metal detecting and gold prospecting. While the extra income is nice, it is the search itself that keeps me going... the adventure of prospecting for gold!
    5. Steve's Reviews

      Detailed reviews of metal detecting and gold prospecting equipment by Steve Herschbach
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