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Garrett ATX

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $2120 Freq: Pulse Weight: 6.9 lbs Waterproof?: Yes Current?: Yes

The Garrett ATX metal detector was introduced in 2013 and is still in production. The ATX is a fully submersible ground balancing pulse induction (PI) metal detector aimed primarily at relics, gold prospecting, and beach detecting.

"High-End, All-Terrain Pulse Performance. Highly sensitive on tiny gold and extends depth in the most extreme mineralized soils. HUNT ONCE, GET IT ALL." Source: Garrett 2018 catalog

Garrett ATX metal detector

Garrett ATX control panel

  • Maximum Detection on all targets at the same time. No need to switch modes to enhance detection of one target while degrading another.
  • Advanced Ground Balance Has wide range to ground balance from heavily mineralized ground (ironstone) to saltwater without switching to special modes.
  • Quick Iron Check feature Allows the operator to audibly identify iron targets when using a DD searchcoil.
  • Quickly and Fully Collapsible
  • Rugged military-spec design
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes Provides optimum performance based on your hunting preference and conditions.
  • All Terrain use: Weatherproof design for dusty, humid, or wet environments; and fully submersible to 10-foot depth.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity, Discrimination, Volume, and Frequency Scan Each can be adjusted with one hand.
  • Ground Track (Automatic) Choose from four tracking speeds to have the ATX continuously measure ground mineralization and automatically adjust itself for optimum performance.
  • Advanced DD searchcoil Provides easy pinpointing and enhanced detection of small items without having to slow the scanning speed of the searchcoil.

Official Garrett ATX Product Page

Garrett ATX Owner's Manual

Garrett ATX - Steve's Review

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Great pulse induction detector that gets a really bad rep some of the time because of it's weight. The detector itself is cumbersome. It feels much more bulky, when folded, and when in operation than the SDC or other mine detecting platforms - which is what the housing is based on, the Garrett Recon. I love being able to stuff the SDC in a backpack and barely feel it while hiking, you CAN stuff the ATX in a bag, but you are going to be poked and prodded because of its awkward collapsed shape that doesn't fit well in smaller backpacks (think greater than 35L or 21" plus main compartment depth.) 

The first generation of coils were quick to wear, and there is still issues with pinch points when collapsing the shaft in the body of the detector. I put its detection abilities in the middle ground between the SDC on small gold, and the GPX 4500 on deeper gold. Replacement or additional coils are prohibitively expensive for most, and do not offer any real additional performance when compared to the stock DD coils. The only aftermarket coil that seems worthwhile is the 8", and it's not for increased performance as much as it is maneuverability in tighter areas. I am finding the iron grunt future saves me considerable time when working hot hydraulic areas littered with can slaw and square nails. The detector makes a pretty recognizable double bleep over square nails, when on their sides, in which case using the iron ID often isn't necessary. 

I love compact detectors, this ones biggest weak point is it's heft. It's a solid performer for those who have no problem throwing the weight around.

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