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  1. There will be a nice obituary article in the ICMJ this month for Jim. He wrote many articles for us.
  2. I got the word that Jim Straight has passed away in recent days. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He was a good man and wrote many articles for the ICMJ. It is sad to see him go. Jim was a great pioneer in the world of metal detecting for gold. He was on site for a great many famous old gold finds with metal detectors. Yet ye was very tight lipped about those locations. A lot of great secrets passed with him. It was always great to chat with him as we traveled a lot of similar paths - we both graduated from the Mackay School of mines, but about 30 years apart. We both spent a lot of time prospecting around Randsberg, CA and the northern Nevada placers of Pershing and Humboldt counties. I will miss our talks, as will so many other prospectors.
  3. Please remind me. I get maybe 50 emails a day, I dont know your name and your email is probably not afreakofnature at gmail.com, so putting together all the alias names, email names and other names on other forums is pretty much impossible. I try to respond to stuff, so let me know.
  4. You know on the internet one never knows if a guy is joking or serious. At the end of the video I promote my book, Fists full of Gold. Like the video says, its available on Amazon. It was published in 2010. You can find it at: https://www.amazon.com/Fists-Full-Gold-Chris-Ralph/dp/0984269207
  5. Hey I just put up another video, The Geology of Placer Deposits, Part 1 (it will be part 1 of 3) This one focuses on different types of placer deposits and how the gold concentrates naturally - then also about finding those natural concentration spots. I do think it has a lot of hints, information and secrets that will be useful to most prospectors. I promise not to continually do this, putting up video notice when I throw something on Youtube. That would be kind of lame of me. So if you want to see parts 2 and 3 also, be sure to subscribe and tick the notification bell. The other two parts will be out shortly. They are geology and doing research, and then also on recognizing rocks and minerals.
  6. Hey I have been meaning to do up some Youtube videos for a while and this last weekend I was talking with Shannon Poe of AMRA at the Portland Oregon GPAA Gold Show and he suggested I video the whole presentation. Well, I had no video stuff with me, but I figured I could do the same presentation on a screen capture at home. In fact I’ve decided to do up all the presentations I give to various prospecting and rock hound clubs as well as the ones I do for the GPAA. I’ve got four done so far but more are coming and as soon as the weather improves I am going to do some live action instructional videos as well on all sorts of prospecting topics. In addition to some other videos I am planning, Bill Southern is going to come up this way to the California gold country this summer and we will do together a series of prospecting videos. Most of them will be on Bill’s channel, but some will be for my channel as well. So if you want to see all of what I have coming, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell and YouTube will let you know when I publish something. In the mean time as I have 4 new ones for you to take a look at: How To Find Gold – Improving Your Prospecting Skills Nugget Detecting Success How To Stake Your Own Mining Claim Dry Washing For Gold
  7. And its not just a late payment sort of thing - they've had those books and been selling them for about a year. A lot of small prospecting stores are going through lean times, though some are better off than others. A couple weeks back, I did a GPAA show in Phoenix for the ICMJ. Many of the prospecting shops that always attend these shows were not around. There is just not the number of new prospectors coming into try their hand. The gold price, which has been fluctuating between $1150 and $1350 for the last 5 years, just doesn't spark the interest to attract new folks to try their hand at finding gold. Most of the folks that attended the GPAA show were long time prospectors who already have the equipment they want or can afford, and they dont buy as much new stuff. Its the excitement of a crazy high gold price and new guys coming into prospecting that really drive sales.
  8. I will note a word of "buyer beware" warning in two points concerning Jobe, the vendor. 1. The most recent Amazon comment on the item complains that the item is cheaply made and fell apart in 1 day. 2. Last year Jobe purchased a box of my books from me (several hundred dollars) and then refused to pay for them, though they continue to sell my book. They owe the magazine a much more considerable sum for advertising never paid for. I mean no insult and, in fact it saddens me to report these facts. Jobe was for many years a great supplier of all sorts of products to prospectors. Still, in general, a business that buys goods and services and then refuses to pay for them is in pretty bad shape and may not last. Few suppliers will keep selling goods to businesses that do not pay for them.
  9. The gold bearing greenstone belts of Sudan and NE Africa which launched the African detector boom roughly a decade ago are also found in southern Saudi Arabia. Same geology, same detector results.
  10. Decades ago, I used to live in Bishop. As far as Lone Pine, perhaps the nearest productive placer area to your home in Lone Pine is at Mazourka Canyon, the road to which takes off Hwy 395 at the south end of Independence. I know of some folks who have detected nuggets in Mazourka Canyon and its tributaries like Pop's Gulch. There are claims up there in some places so be wary. Here is a link to a USGS report on the area. At the end of the report it talks about the mineral deposits of that location. https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/b1181O Best of luck to you.
  11. Its hard enough to tell minerals just from photos, but when the pics are blurry, that's even harder. Just a raw guess is that its galena, a common mineral that is the most important ore of lead. Any chance of a better picture?
  12. Both results are so low that unless you are talking about a mountain of millions of tons of ore to be worked at a rate of thousands of tons per day, this rock is waste. Most ore tests will have some level of minor variances in the results due to just what Clay Diggings observed - an errant tiny gold particle makes it into one sample and the other has no such tiny particle in it. If you are thinking to work this rock as an individual, both tests confirmed it is waste.
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