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  1. Reno Chris

    Digger Bob, Miner John Derloo, Any News??

    I spoke with Miner John as well yesterday. He and Bob escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs. John and his wife are staying with friends. He has insurance but its going to be a mountain of work to reconstruct all the things he lost. John is a big cat lover and he was forced to leave his pets behind in his house - which was later burned. He told me the loss of his pets was among the most difficult things he has had to deal with.
  2. I talked with a friend yesterday and he mentioned that a common prospecting friend of ours had lost his home in the "Camp" fire now burning over in the Paradise - Magilia area of Butte County. (this is a guy very unlikely to be known by any of the prospectors here). I thought of a couple of folks many of you here are likely to know - Digger Bob and Miner John Derloo (maker of Miner John Coils and accessories). They also live in that same general area. I hate to call as they are likely busy with other more important things (like evacuating or their neighborhood on fire) and I was wondering if any of the folks here had heard anything on how they were doing. Both of these men have a number of friends, so I was hoping to hear some news. If not I will give them a call within a few days.
  3. If anyone has any problem trying to subscribe, Just call the office at (831) 479-1500 during normal business hours Monday through Friday. I've gotten some reports that the program for signing up on line is acting flakey and some folks have not been able to make it work. So just give a phone call and they will process your order over the phone.
  4. At the ICMJ we've decided to post a free issue of the prospecting and Mining Journal magazine on the internet for any new folks who are around to see what it is. (Also experienced prospectors who are wondering about the magazine). We have up to date articles about how to get more gold in your prospecting, legal issues and the best equipment out there for finding gold. If you have any interest in prospecting, this is the magazine you will the most learn from. I may be a little biased as I'm the assistant Editor, but on the other hand I've been getting this magazine since the late 1970s and its always been a lot of fun. Take a look, I think you'll be glad you did. I you want to subscribe, the subscription info is on the inside of the last page. Its worth not missing a single issue. https://www.icmj.com/resources/news-and-events/miners-news/free-online-sample-issue-392/
  5. Reno Chris

    Is This A Good Prospecting Area?

    Iron is the fourth most common element in the earth's crust. Iron sometimes occurs with gold and often times iron occurs without gold. Test it and you will know what you have.
  6. Reno Chris

    The Chisana Story

    Lots of fun you've had up there at Chisana over a long period of many years. Thanks for letting me be a part of that. I've wondered since I was there what an SDC 2300 might do on those benches as some of the bedrock was a bit noisy with the GBII.
  7. Pretty sure it should more correctly be editions, not volumes - although new material is added at the back of each "volume". Jim told me some years ago that the original and only typed computer copy of the dry washers book had been lost (and that prompted me to make lots of extra copies of the files that form my book). That typed computer version is needed to edit it and add any new material. Jim said that no one really wanted to re-type his book, so they just re-printed the old part and then kept putting in additional addendum at the back to cover any new or updated material.
  8. Reno Chris

    Home Coming For Steve H.

    Oh, you mean here.... That was indeed a great trip (years ago when I was there).
  9. Reno Chris

    Large Cent Variations

    There is lots of info on the internet that can be found quite easily with a little searching. Try "Wiki US Large Cents" and you will get plenty of info. The more corroded one seems to be a "matron head" type (1816 to 1839). The better on of the two seems to be a braided hair type.
  10. Reno Chris

    World Bored With High Frequency Detectors?

    Hey Steve: Back in the day we told a number of folks that there was room in the market for a higher frequency VLF oriented toward gold prospecting. The older units were good, but we all knew there have been design improvements in VLF since the GB2, GMT and Eureka Gold were first developed (not huge changes but small worthwhile ones none the less). I dont know how many of those folks were listening to us or just saw the same thing in the market that we did, but hey, we were proven right and now there are an overabundance of 30 kHz nugget detectors on the market.
  11. Reno Chris

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I remember that..... Good Times!
  12. Reno Chris

    Visiting With Jim Straight

    Yah, I never knew Jim when he was really heavy. I think he is like 5'7" or 8" and one of the guys we chatted with said he was up over 300 lbs at one time. Its been a good long while since that was the case. Chris
  13. Reno Chris

    Okay Time Travelers Back To The Early70’s

    Fall '70 and early 1971, I would have been in grammar school, in the 6th grade........
  14. Reno Chris

    Visiting With Jim Straight

    Looking forward to it.
  15. I was at the GPAA gold show in southern California (Pomona) recently and had the pleasure of having Jim Straight sit in with me in the ICMJ booth for some hours on both days. It was fun, though at 88 Jim is slowing down just a little. Otherwise, he is doing fine. Jim was not the oldest prospector at the show, Pete Pederson was there and he is 90. I hope I can hang in that long! For those who dont know, Jim is one of the early day metal detecting prospectors, I think he got involved in the 1970s or something like that. He is well known for the books on prospecting that he has written. Some of the members of the forum might like to know that he is still up and at it.