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Minelab Equinox 600

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $ 599 Freq: Multi Weight: 2.96 lbs Waterproof?: Yes Current?: Yes

The Minelab Equinox 600 metal detector was introduced in 2018 and is still in production. The Equinox 600 is a fully submersible VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic detecting, and saltwater beach detecting. The Equinox 600 is a multifrequency detector that can also run at one of several single frequencies: 5, 10, and 15 kHz.

"With innovative NEW simultaneous multi-frequency technology, the EQUINOX Series redefines all-purpose detecting for the serious enthusiast. Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions, just set your detecting location and go!" Source: Minelab website

Minelab Equinox 600 metal detector

Minelab Equinox 600 control panel

  • Simultaneous Multi-Frequency - True intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency for maximum performance, plus a wide range of single frequencies.
  • 6 Custom Search Profiles - Each Detect Mode features 2 custom Search Profiles so you can save your favourite settings in each mode.
  • Waterproof Design - EQUINOX is fully submersible, ideal for detecting at the beach and in rivers, streams and lakes. (3m / 10-feet)
  • Fast & Accurate Target ID - Fast recovery speed with accurate Target ID ensures you won’t miss any valuable targets amongst the trash.
  • Sleek & Lightweight - Rugged and lightweight construction allows you to enjoy long detecting sessions in any environment.
  • Wireless Audio Compatible - Compatible with ultra-fast wireless audio with the WM 08, and fast aptX™ Low Latency / Bluetooth headphones.

Official Minelab Equinox 600 Product Page

Minelab Equinox 600 Owner's Manual

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Jeff McClendon

   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

After owning my 600 since they were first released I finally recently sold it (upgraded to a second Equinox 800). It did everything I could ask for from a detector and I used it at least 15 hours per week for almost 3 years with zero problems whatsoever. That's over 2000 hours of use!!!! If you don't need the gold prospecting modes and some of the more advanced features, the Equinox 600 is hard to beat for the money if buying new and buying one used with some warranty left is an incredible deal for around $400 currently. I made some amazing finds with mine and paid for its original price with just one of them. It took me about 40 hours of detecting to really get comfortable with it and trust what it was telling me. Now I can hunt with either a 600 or 800 and know that I won't miss many targets unless I decide to not dig. There are a couple of detectors that can out perform the 600. One is the 800. Otherwise, its rock solid target ID (once you learn to trust it) and outstanding features make it an excellent choice for someone moving up from an entry level detector.

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I have owned a Nox 600 for ten months have found lots of coins. Have a six inch sniper coil as well as grey ghost headphones.

Had an issue with the pinpoint detect button. Minelab were very good replacing the unit. Would recommend this as a great starter pack.


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