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  1. I've used trond on early 2018 equinox with no issues. I currently have a jan 2019 nox 600 and same trond headphones wont pair. one time they did pair when i was pairing them to my cell at same time and was crackly audio. tried to repair cleanly again and wont pair. works great otherwise on other devices no issues. I suspect minelab changed their radio/chipset for headphones.
  2. sometimes when I go into and out of pinpoint the audio drops super low volume but comes back full volume in a few seconds. maybe this bug is more prevalent on yours. This was on a 600.
  3. they sound same as wired phones to me. no clue on bass issue. iron tone is fine.
  4. the day before announcement. but i got a 600 so had to wait for second batch. but did find a 600 online from first batch. Now have 2 briefly.
  5. these are great! more rugged than avantree. similar weight and feel as makro/nokta https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B075VLWPXF/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1519433188&sr=8-5&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=aptx+low+latency&dpPl=1&dpID=414mRSlypwL&ref=plSrch
  6. I know some units shipped from Minelab USA to direct dealers and distro's earlier this week. My dealer received his second shipment yesterday direct from Minelab.
  7. park1/field1 - 18 park2/field2 - 66 5khz - 36 10khz - 46 15khz - 56 Fisher F75 - 64 phase 2 bar volume
  8. If you are ok with discriminating out iron or hearing it as the same tone foil you could adjust the Fe or T1 tone break as just below nickel.
  9. Yep, unfortunately, the 600 is in less supply than 800 though. Great value comes with great wait apparently. :(
  10. That's not entirely true. Every dealer will get one if they pre-ordered any at all. Then X more depending on quantity but not necessarily a set percentage. But yes there was a formula to distribute and the simplified statement you were given is an easier way for people to understand just not 100% true.
  11. Minelab has no idea if a customer paid dealer or not. Not their financial relationship. Minelab fills distributor orders. Distributor fills dealer orders(still doesnt know or care who prepaid). Some distributors are great and will drop ship individual orders that were back orders (pre orders) instead of send to dealer because they rock and want happy dealers and ultimately end users. I suspect some of you with UPS tracking is coming from fort worth area. Best distro in the country. Minelab did do extra work with distributors to determine individual dealer quanties to ensure everyone got one first then a percentage of some kind based off total after that. Hense some dealers got 1 and some a few. They dont normally do that and went the extra mile in my opinion. BUT guess what. They still had no idea or care who pre paid or not. They get paid from distro on their own individual terms not end user. Its not rocket science. Pretty straight forward.
  12. customer arrangement with dealer has no bearing on dealer to distro arrangement and/or distro to manufacturer arrangement. If a dealer is putting prepay first in line thats on the dealer. Not dictated by distro or manufacturer. Each relationship has their own agreement. Stating otherwise is false.
  13. That deposit talk and priority things sound like a lot of hogwash. No offense. I don't sell Minelab but zero other manufacturers/distributors work that way. Now I will say some distributors and manufacturers are better at logistics than others so I can see why some dealers have one message and others have a different message.
  14. MX Sport has a proper angle. This one looks like it has the treasure pro/mx 5 grip angle that is too forward or obtuse of an angle.
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