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  1. Excellent work, that's just too cool!!
  2. Man you're killing it on your lunch break!!! Congratulations on the last two hunts, those are beautiful coins.
  3. Thank you Steve, it is mind-boggling how much stuff is out here. It sure makes for some interesting hunting.
  4. That bridle rosette was, from what I was told, used during the civil war, but, I can't confirm that. The collar disc you mentioned is the first one I've found from the 3 sites we hunt. Im unsure what it represents.
  5. It's a military horse bridle rosette from WW1, when I first dug it, I thought I had a watch fob.
  6. I got out this past Sunday to hunt a place we hunted a couple weeks back to give it another pounding. It's a WW1/WW2 dump site out in the desert, it looks to have been burned somewhere and dumped here and spread out. Just under the surface is powdered ash, some things look burnt, others don't. It's littered with every type of metal you can think of, copper, alum, brass, lead and iron everywhere. I was running park 1, using the 6" coil, recovery speed 6, sens 18, 0 disc, 0 iron bias, 2 tones with my tone break at 17 and ground balance at 0 I decided to go over the same area that me and another guy had hit previously only from a different direction, ? man we both suck lol, it was like we never hunted it before. I spent close to 9 hours going slowly thru all the crap, I was amazed at how much we had missed !! I finally had to call it a day when it hit 104 ? As you can see, it pays to hit a spot from different directions multiple times. My favorite finds are the large rosettes, the 2 WW1 dog tags, the heart rosette and the collar buttons.
  7. Did you try taking the coil cover off and cleaning it out. My buddy's machine was acting up, he had a small piece of wire inside the coil cover.
  8. Yes, I always have to press the detect button twice after I do a noise cancel. If I don't, my machine will still function normally, but, it will not display the vdi, only the noise cancel screen. It has been like that from day one.
  9. Met up with a couple of fellow hunters to hunt a WW1/WW2 dump site, it was a button feast today. Also was able to score 2 mercs, a barber and a wheat. Overall a great way to celebrate Independence Day, thanks for looking.
  10. Those are some very impressive finds, congratulations!
  11. Thank you, my buddy and I have not heard of anyone else digging one in New Mexico, but who knows. Back in the day a couple of gold coins of came out of here, so we are on high alert ?
  12. Yesterday my buddy stumbled onto another hot spot at the 1850's site we've been hunting since the beginning of the year and found a Dragoon and an R button along with a really nice rosette. He wasn't able to go out today, but he gave me his blessing to head over and hunt it today. I'm sure he's not to happy about that now ? I got there at 05:30 this morning and right away period items began to come to light, dropped musket ball, pistol ball, percussion cap and a trouser button on the first pass. That's always a good sign when you start to pull some keepers right from the get go. On the next pass, a percussion cap, 2 pulltabs, a pistol ball and then I get a 21-22 on the Nox 800. We seldom get very many items that hit in the 20's except aluminum slaw or deeply buried aluminum cans, most hits are in the 9 to 19 range. I fully expected to dig a piece of trash and was totally unprepared for what came out, when I saw what it was, I just threw it back onto the dirt pile, stood up and started walking around stunned. A major bucket lister that I always wanted to dig, but just never figured I'd ever see come outta the hole, my first Spanish Reale. My goal for the day was to at least dig a Dragoon or maybe another R button. This was the last thing I thought would ever come from this site, I'm still in awe that I was privileged to find such an awesome coin. Somehow I was able to compose myself and continue hunting for another 9 hours and ended up with some excellent relics to add to my display case once I finish hunting this site. I did dig a lead, 1 piece button, my 3rd from here, anyone have any idea if it's period and what it's from? Once again my settings on the Nox 11" coil Sens 23 Recovery 4 Iron bias 0 No disc GB at 3-6 Park 1 2-tones Tone break -9 to +8
  13. Still hunting the 1850's fort site that we started hunting around the first of the year and I was able to dig a few keepers. I started the morning using the CTX, but within 30 minutes, headed to the car to put her away. There's a time and place for the 3030, but, this place isn't it. Wandered around for a little while trying to get in tune, so I decided to hunt in between a couple of trees in an area we haven't put much pressure on. I stayed in that one area for about 7 hours and dug an unusual amount of epaulette debris today. I managed to score my first R button along with a Dragoon and a plain Eagle cuff. Targets were plentiful, so, we'll be back to give this spot a good working over. Towards the end of the day I dug a toasted copper coin that was banging 28-30, which after a little cleaning at home, it looks to be a mid 1800's Mexican 1/4 reale. This makes the fourth one to come out of here so far. My settings on the 800 were: Park 1 11" coil Sens 22 Recovery 4 Iron bias 0 2-Tone Tone break -9 to +8 Auto GB No Disc
  14. Thank you, everything in the picture hit between 10-21, the small pistol ball hit at 10 solid, with the GC button coming in at 20-21. Sometime a piece of large tin foil will bleed over from 8-9 I'll get a mixed low tone high tone while sweeping over the target. The tone pitch is 1 from -9 to +8 and 25 from 9-40, I do this to keep me from having to listen to 5 different tones. I'm focused on a repeatable tone regardless of the VDI, if it's in my range, I'm digging it anyway. It keeps it nice and simple for me, my buddy hunts in 5 tones and cannot stand running his machine the way I do and vise-versa. That's the beauty of the NOX!!!
  15. The GC button, to me, is just a beautiful button, my buddy had found two, so I was determined to get me one ? On my tone break, from -9 to +8 the tone pitch is set at 1, the lowest pitch possible. From +9 to 40, the tone pitch is 25, I'm listening for any repeatable hit. The true relic hunters dig it all, I simply don't have the time nor the patience for that. I've dug from 0 up at the beginning and didn't dig anything but slaw, tin foil, bits and pieces of iron, nothing but trash.
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