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  1. Great hunt Steve, nice collection of coins. I'd take that hunt any day.
  2. No I hunted the majority of the park, this was the only section that produced heavily. Very little came from where the vintage playground equipment was. All the playground equipment had been there since the early 60s. The spot that produced the most, was just out in the open nothing in particular about it.
  3. I was hunting an old city park that dated back to the thirties and forties. The barbers all came from an area across from the train depot in the same town. One of the tokens is an Oklahoma tax token, the other one I can't quite make it out until I get home to clean it. Everything came from a small area about 30 to 40 foot wide by 150 foot long
  4. Lol....it's a roll of the dice, I certainly was second guessing myself in the beginning. You never know how it's going to play out.
  5. Finished up my road trip today on a good note. Started the trip up in the Texas panhandle where I did quite well at an old park. Dug lots of silver, wheats, couple of rings and a couple of tokens. I've been doing a little relic hunting in southern New Mexico the last couple of days at a 1850s fort site. Manage to put the coil over three good buttons, some percussion caps, fired mini balls and some buck n ball lead. My detectors of choice were the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Minelab Equinox 800. I used the CTX primarily for coin shooting and the Equinox for relic hunting. Second picture is from hunting in Texas. I'll be headed back first thing in the morning to Central Texas to unwind and get ready for another work week, thanks for looking.
  6. I had a rather awesome hunt today, scored a barber grand slam and a dime trifecta... Started the day hunting after a 6 1/2 drive to my old stomping grounds. First site gave up the barbers, rosie and a wheat..... Ending the day by doing a test hunt at a backup spot, looks like both are going to produce very nicely. Scored 2 wheats and the merc in 30 minutes.... Found the barbers with the Equinox 800 and the others with the CTX.... My wife kicked me outta the house for 8 days....so...I did some research close to where I grew up and arrived today for nothing but digging, eating and sleeping First spot was across from the old railroad depot next to a dried up man made lake from back in the day..... Second hunt was an old city park.....
  7. I've come across this on deep, at the fringe of detection targets, not just coins. I've dug 3 ringers over 9" that registered between 33-38 at an 1850 fort site. The first time it happened I was quite surprised to see a piece of lead read so high. The first time it happened was on a 9.5" silver dime using the 15" coil, my first thought was I was about to dig a rusty nail.
  8. I sent mine back, I had the same problem..paired up, showed the plus sign, but no audio on the Nox. Paired them to my phone and computer and had audio no problem. My Nox paired up just fine with my other pair of Q-12's(not HD's) the problem isn't with the machine.
  9. What else can be said, that's what makes digging hundreds of pieces of trash worth it. You just never know when the next plug's gonna be a bucket lister. Congrats on a find of a lifetime!!
  10. Great hunt Steve, multiple silvers are a real treat these days, congrats!!
  11. I'm a firm believer in "Detecting Intuition" I've had many a situation that has lead me to know it's a fact, something mystical almost.
  12. Great finds!! Congrats on two outstanding coins.
  13. Lol... All the jewelry I find is filtered through my wife's hands. It is a very vivid color.
  14. My day started off with an eyeball find at the post office. I spotted a round object on the ground as I was walking into the post office. I didn't look at it closely until I got into my car. I thought it was some costume jewelry at first until I saw some faint lettering on it. Still, not thinking much of it, I drove 5 miles to hunt a new beach on the lake I've been hunting. I picked a spot and was doing some sampling and not having much luck, very few signals. So, I drove to a new spot and started hunting. First signal was a penny, a good sign, walked about 20 feet and got a solid 21 signal. I thought for sure I was digging a zinc, much to my surprise I found another piece of turquoise jewelry. It's been a while since I've found a piece of turquoise, here I am today with two! Not much else was coming out other than clad, so, I decided to head home and eat lunch. After taking a couple of pictures of my finds, I enlarge the pics and darn near fell outta my chair. The 2 pieces of jewelry are silver and they are made by 2 Navajo silversmiths from different states, but, the makers are related to one another. The pieces were found 5 miles apart, the large one in the parking lot and the small one at the lake. That's one of the many things I love about this hobby, you just never know what weirdness is going to turn up.
  15. Chase, I received a new one and it works, APTX LL in TR and RX, also bought a Trond 5.0 BT DUO II, same results + symbol in both modes.
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