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  1. Thanks Tom, it's a great combo for coin shooting, they compliment each other quite nicely.
  2. Nox and the CTX, about equal time on both depending on the site. None of the spots were that old unfortunately.
  3. I Detech 15" Ultimate coil for the Etrac, Explorer or Safari, that was bought new in March 2021, I used it one time, so the coil is in excellent condition. I'm asking $130 shipped. I prefer Paypal friends and family, please add 3% for goods and services. You can contact me at drc59@yahoo.com or text me at 575-921-6211
  4. I remember finding my first penny with a Garrett Groundhog VLF/TR machine back in 1988πŸ™‚ I was hooked and like Tom said, it's only the beginning of a great journey, have fun!!
  5. Yep, the count down has begun, Oct 30th can't get here fast enough!!!
  6. This trip was a gift from my wife for retiring from the postal service next month πŸ™‚
  7. I closed out my 5 1/2 days of hunting in Texas Panhandle today and I ended up with a few more keepers. What a productive trip it was. Since I will not be coming back to this area again for some time, my intent was to hunt for wheats and silver only. I did not want to spend most of my time digging trash chasing nickles and low conductors. I hunted 3 different parks and 1 school. I'm not sure how many hours I hunted, maybe 50 or so, but, I hunted until I could not swing the coil anymore each day The first 2 pictures are of today's hunt followed by the total's for the week. Thanks for stopping by and having a look.
  8. The crusty is a war nickle at hit at 24 on the Nox, thought I was digging a penny πŸ™‚ I drank a gallon of water that day, thankfully there was a nice breeze. I did roam around the rest of the ball field, nothing doing, it was only a small portion of the field.
  9. It is a war nickle that rang up as a penny, came in at 24 on the Nox, that's the only reason I dug it πŸ™‚
  10. That spot I was running the Nox, been using both the CTX and the Nox on this trip, both have done well πŸ™‚
  11. I never dreamed I would find a spot like I did today, turned out to be my best silver coin day ever!! I've been on a 6 day hunt starting last Wed and ending Tuesday morning when I head home. I've been hitting a couple parks in the town I'm staying in and a couple of surrounding towns as well. I managed to get into some producing spots and have done pretty well with multiple silver days everyday. Today, my plan was to drove over to a town about 60 miles from here and hit a pretty big park that's been around awhile. I got up early, grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. About 20 miles in, I figure out I forgot my phone, so, I head back to the motel. I decided to stay here and look for a new spot so I googled the town and saw a couple of parks and schools that I decided to go check out. Well, none were in older neighborhoods, so I headed to a park that had produced last year. As I'm driving over there, I see an old high school that's been renovated and drive around back and see a big open area with old backstops in each corner. I decided what the heck, might as well stop and swing awhile, maybe I'll get lucky and find a wheat or 2 I started out in front of one of the backstops and get a copper hit. The shovel slid easily into the ground and I pulled out a memorial. I move straight out towards the pitchers mound and get another penny signal. I go to dig a plug and the ground was hard as a rock, nothing but compacted rock and gravel. I take my pinpointer and scan the ground, thankfully I got a hit. I began to chisel my way thru the rocks and pop out a wheat, oh yes, it's on now. The next target was another wheat, again, within range of the pinpointer, out pops another wheat. Now I'm getting excited, within 5 minutes I have 2 wheats, that's good sign. The next 2 hits were funky signals and turned out to be mercs, both shallow and picked up by the pinpointer. Every swing of the coil sounded like a machine gun, 6-7 iron targets per swing. I'm in the middle of an iron infested spot, with compacted ground. I hunted for the next 30 minutes and ended up with 3 merc and 6 wheats, no clad, I'm only 45 minutes into this hunt and it's only 8:15 am, gonna be a long day lol. This old playground area is about 1 square block, so, I head off toward the other backstop and within 50 I get a hit. The ground is as soft as butter and out comes a clad dime. I hunted about 30-45 minutes at the other backstop and dug nothing but deep clad. I realized real quick that the spot I was in must have been avoided because of the rock hard ground and all the iron so I headed back. I decided to start grid off the area and see how far this hot spot goes. Turns out it's roughly a 60-70 foot area in front of the backstop. The soil outside of this spot is completely different and relatively trash free. I guess they dug out the original soil and missed this area, I have no idea. I hunted all day, started at 7:30 and called it quits at 5:45 when I quit digging keepers. I never thought I would stumble on a place like this just out of pure dumb luck. I'm glad I decided to stay in town. I ended up beating my single day silver coin finds of 13. Sorry for any grammar or punctuation errors, I'm celebrating with a couple of cold ones:)
  12. Thanks everyone, feels good to hit the right spot πŸ™‚
  13. Thank you, I deliver the mail and find money, phones, tools, etc etc quite often. I haven't found any bills buried yet, but, you never know what the next hunt will bring!!
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