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  1. I picked up a set of MS-3 Z-link headphones and used them a few times with no problem. Today I was hunting and the volume dropped to almost nothing. I thought it was my machine, so I disconnected it, good volume from the machine. I have another Z-link, so I tried using the other transmitter, now the volume is almost completely gone. Tried the other transmitter and same problem. Ok, I thought the transmitters are bad. I connected a set of phones to the receiver and paired up the transmitters and both work fine. The phones were purchased last April 2020, but, not by me. Will Garrett honor th
  2. 11" pro coil for the FBS detectors, Explorer, Etrac, asking $100 shipped. I prefer Paypal friends and family or add 3% for regular Paypal.
  3. I'm looking forward to the flagship Multi-IQ machine. I've sold off my CTX, Etrac and have the Nox on hand along with an Explorer 2. I had 3 Nox's replaced within the first 2 1/2 years. and I hope Minelab has learned a few things from all the issues with the Nox. I'll be in line for the next offering from Minelab
  4. Thank you. Here is the correct tally, did it twice while wide awake 🙂 13 Gold...I forgot to add a class ring return 34-junkers 54-silvers, I typed the count in backward I have 101 FTY
  5. I counted them at about 4:30 a.m. this morning, that might have had a little to do with it 🙂
  6. Got out for a few hours and hunted the exposed ground above the waterline. Had a productive hunt, I dug a lot of holes as usual. 4 rings for the days, 2 silvers and 2 junkers, tons of clad and 3 pouches full of trash....Dug my 100th ring for the year, gold, silver and the junkers. Almost all of them came from the same lake and from the dry ground that has been exposed because the water level is down this year. I was going to hunt for low conductors, I wasn't in the right frame of mind today. This is one of the most trash polluted swimming spots I've hunted this year. 2-3 hits per swing
  7. I hit a new spot this afternoon for about 3 hours, scored 3 silver rings and a AA token. Doesn't appear to have been hit by anyone else. It's a trash dump and I only dug from 15 and up on the Nox. I think there's some gold hiding at this place. I was hunting in the area from the old shoreline down to the water. The lake level is way down and the targets are rather shallow and easy to recover. I'm going back Sunday and dig from 0 and up, I'll grid an area and begin cleaning it out.
  8. Park 1 Iron Bias F2 0 2-tones Recovery speed 2-3 Sens. depends on area GB 0
  9. Thanks Mike, best part is, all 3 parks are within 15 minutes of my house. 99% came from the dry area above the waterline, I spent very little time in the water because it was going down on a steady basis. I'm very blessed 🙂
  10. The monetary value isn't the motivator, more like the challenge of finding the items. I'm new at water hunting, first year, and I'm not sure what to expect as far as chains and small gold. I've sold a couple gold rings which paid for the Nox and just sold some silver jewelry which will pay for the 6"
  11. I'm hunting a semi private park on the lake, the swimming isn't concentrated in one spot but spread out over a 2-3 block long area. The lake level is raised and lowered every year. Right now the water is down 10-15 feet which has exposed 80-100 of beach. The jewelry is spread out from the old beach line to the water and from one end to the other. There are 3 of these types of parks and the conditions are the same. So far this year, I'm the only one hunting it and have done pretty good. I'm just convinced there are some gold chains and earrings waiting to fill my pouch lol.Here's a picture of
  12. Since I have the Nox, I'll add the 6" coil and give it a whirl, thanks for the input.
  13. I'm looking to get a dedicated machine just for hunting gold chains and earrings on some fresh water beach sites while the lake level is down drastically. I'm thinking maybe a Gold monster 1000 or perhaps a GB2. I like the idea of having 2 coils with the Minelab and the Auto ground balance, any suggestions????
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