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  1. Congrats on a job well done, mission accomplished :) That looks like a great spot to hunt, no doubt a few more keepers are waiting to be found.
  2. Thank you. The hunters around here don't seem to care about hunting around water for some reason. If they're hunting, they're not hunting for jewelry 🙂
  3. Thank you. One good rainy season and the lake will be back to it's normal level. I'll take as much out as possible until then. Hardly anyone is coming here, except the fishermen. It's a very peaceful place to hunt and it appears I'm the only one hunting here.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with Go Terrain. I went out today and completely space out that I had down loaded the app until I was ready to leave. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth, I have no problem identifying where I've been 🙂
  5. Got into a nice little hot spot at a local lake that I call Lead Lake. I was running the Deus 2 and digging everything from 25 and up. I've dug almost 60lbs of lead weights there since January of this year. I dug a lot of holes with trash, as usual, but, I did end up with four possibly five pieces of silver jewelry. I have to do some extra cleaning to verify if the broken ring is silver or not. The little cross pendant is a nice little James Avery piece. I think it's ironic that I found a silver fishing hook pendant here lol. The Universe has a warped sense of humor
  6. Nice recovery, thanks for posting the VDI numbers for the ring.
  7. Thank you. I googled the inscription as soon as I saw it and knew that I had a gold electroplated ring. I guess it's better than 100% junker ;)
  8. I'm going to try it on a hunt this weekend before subscribing.
  9. Funny you should sat that. 2 days ago I dug a 114 gram stainless steel bracelet. I was getting a 85 solid, dug the hole and out pop a huge bracelet. Scanned the bracelet and it read 6 with a low iron grunt, scanned the hole again and took out a lead weight lol.
  10. I'll give it shot next time go out. I never used the GPS on my CTX, this may be more time consuming than it's worth. Some of the places I hunt don't have cell service.
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