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  1. Thank you for posting that. There have been three or four of these exchange tokens found at this place. They are very collectible items.
  2. There are 2 sections to this site, one is the WWI era and the other WWII, this buckle was found in the WWII site. It appears to be a belt buckle. Here's my guess..... I think it's from Japan and a soldier brought it back to the US after the war as a souvenir, but, I'm only guessing. The other buckles, and there are plenty, are about this size, but, very plain.
  3. Thanks guys, the Nox was able to smack those targets in an extremely trashy-iron infested site with no problem.
  4. Not at this site, WWI-WWII dump site, but, makes for some fun hunting anyway 🙂
  5. Had a great day hunting in West Texas at a very target-rich environment. I was using the 800 equipped with the 6-inch coil, that's a deadly combination 🙂
  6. That's my thinking exactly, chances of a key date coin being in any condition worth anything, is slim to none under these conditions.
  7. Thank you GB. 🙂I know I'm going to get beat up for this lol, but, I had to use a tumbler to get the crust off the coins. I've tried every other method I could think of, but, that crust is a tough nut to crack.
  8. Very cool relics, thanks for sharing. I need to download that bottle mode at some point. 😉
  9. Your home owners insurance might 😎 Thank you!!
  10. Finally got everything cleaned up from this week's amazing hunt. Ended up putting in a little over 10 hours in three separate hunts. Unfortunately after the first 6 hour hunt that netted the most, by the time I could get there the following day they had already spread a layer of base coat over the vast majority of the lot. But I was able to pull a few more keepers out of the area that they had not covered up to that point. I may go back in a day or so and chase every iffy deep signal to see if there's anything left in that small area. Turned out to be one of my best hunts ever. I was able to double my silver count for the year which brought me to 38 silver coins year-to-date.
  11. I probably could have recovered more the first day if it didn't take so long to chisel through a layer of asphalt and compacted gravel before getting to the virgin soil. It was very time consuming, only concentrated on solid repeatable hits. Didn't have time to chase after the iffy signals or the energy either.
  12. Lol... Ground here does that to just about all silver.. it takes some more but it'll clean up.
  13. I went back to the parking lot that gave up 13 silvers and 27 wheats yesterday to save some more history. I was hoping that they would scrape a little more dirt off, instead they had already laid down basecoat over most of the lot. 😞 There was a small area still exposed so I decided to hunt it for the last time. In just over 2 hours I took out 3 more mercs and a barber along with 7 more wheats. Ended up with 17 silver coins and 34 wheats, 2 tokens, a silver ring, 3 Mexican coins and a handful of clad in about 8 hours of hunting. I was told that they will be scraping the rest of the lot sometime this month, you know where I'll be hanging around 🙂
  14. They had it blocked off but they all know me so well, they had no problem with me going in. 😎
  15. Well......what a day, I started off this morning at 5 am to head off to a Civil war site. I found the usual relics, lead, percussion caps, but, got tired of not digging and high conductive targets. The first picture is from the Civil war site. I decided to call it a day around noon and headed home to get some things done around the house. As I drove thru town I saw a front end loader and a pile of asphalt at the old zoo. I quickly did a u-turn and drove back to see what was happening, what a beautiful site, 75% of the parking lot had been striped of the asphalt. I was informed that the parking lot was paved back in 1984 and had been a dirt parking lot going back to when the guy was a kid and he assumed before that. The timing was perfect, just as I was ready to begin hunting the guys called it a day, gotta love city workers I started my hunt around 2:00 and hunted until 8:00 pm. I began finding coins within seconds of turning my machine on and hunted until I ran out of light and gas. They didn't cut all the asphalt out completely, so, I had to use my prospectors pick to chisel thru a layer of asphalt and gravel. And of course halfway thru the hunt, my pick decided to crap out on me, so I had to skip all but solid hits until I could get my pick repaired. I'll go back tomorrow after work and chase all the stuff I left behind today and there was a bunch of it 🙂 I'm a firm believer in the depth ability of Nox after today, I have never dug great sounding targets at theses depths until today. I was getting CTX like depths with positive ID's and strong repeatable tones and only running sensitivity at 18. Most of the silver and copper was 6-10" deep and I had no doubt I was digging either copper or silver coins. The 2 nickles hit at 25-27 VDI , which was a good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have gone after them. The only thing I can attribute the depth to today was the fact I was running my recovery speed at 4 instead of 6 like I normally do. My settings were as follows: Park 1 Ground balance 0 Iron bias 0 Recovery speed 4 Sens 18 Tone break -9 to +16, just because of the urgency of the hunt and the digging conditions, I'll drop it down to -9 to + 10 tomorrow No disc 2 tones I found a nice variety of coins and some I have not identified yet due to the crust on most of them. I ended up with: 6- Mercs 1-Barber 1- Washington 1-Walker 1-Rosie 1-Mexcian dime 2-Silver war nickles 2-tokens..1-trade...1 Tax 1-WW2 Eagle coat button I'm not sure how many Wheats, or what all was dug yet, cleaning in process. I'll post a pic after I get everything as clean as possible. It was by far my best silver day so far, I'm sure there is as many left as I took out still waiting to be rescued! Thanks for looking.
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