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  1. I would have bailed long ago. I bought 4 new 800's since Feb. One for me and 3 for some buddies, they were there to be had if you did a bit of calling around.
  2. Norm, I counted a dozen 800's for sale on E-bay at $899 shipped last week, so I think your right about the backlog being more less filled. My hope is Minelab will focus on getting the coils and the accessories to the dealers in short order. I have to agree about the fun factor using the Nox, I've had either an Etrac or CTX as a back up since Feb. haven't taken either one out on a hunt yet, just didn't feel the need!!
  3. Dan(NM)

    More Big Fun With 800

    Hey Andy, greetings! I did the manual GB at first, but, I really couldn't tell the difference between that and the default. I only run tgh default setting of 0 now. I'll be moving to a different part of the country next year, so, that may change depending on what I run into.
  4. Dan(NM)

    More Big Fun With 800

    For me...I have to swing at a much slower speed to get the most out of the CTX. The Nox is much more forgiving with a faster sweep speed. I believe I increase my odds of hitting what I'm looking for by covering more ground faster.v
  5. I haven't been out much in the last 2 months due to getting the house ready to sell for a big move to Texas. So, the last couple of days I've had a few hours to finally get out and hit a couple of places that had played out for the most part with the CTX. I went to the local zoo hoping to score at least a wheat or a Rosie, well, it turned out better than I expected. I sure love the fact I can move right along with Nox rather than crawling with the CTX and cover some serious real estate. Using my trusty 2-tone cherry picking mode I popped out 2 rosies, a merc and a wheaty. Having big fun lately 🙂
  6. Dan(NM)

    Equinox Fulfilling My Expectations

    The nice thing about that type of hunt is being able to cover a lot of ground fast. I'm not talkin an absurd swing speed but I'm talking moving along until I hit that tone that I'm looking for. Once I get that Hi-Tone then I'll slow down, do the wiggle, try to clean up the signal and then go after the target. Cherry picking at its finest :-)
  7. Dan(NM)

    Equinox Fulfilling My Expectations

    Park 1.... 5 tones...with tones breaks set to make the nickle range tight (12-14) other setting the same.
  8. Dan(NM)

    Equinox Fulfilling My Expectations

    Thank you, when I first got the Nox, I would do a manual GB, now, I leave at 0, it seems to do just fine at that setting. Most of the finds were 4-7" down, not sure how I missed them with the Etrac or the CTX. I had gridded the site from both directions with both machines. I cannot explain how in the world I missed the wheats and the silvers 😵
  9. When I first read that the 800 had adjustable tone breaks, adjustable tone pitch and an extremely fast recovery speed, I knew at that moment I wanted one. The waterproofing and lightweight are just the icing on the cake. I had tried the Makro Impact and Racer looking for a fast and adjustable machine for my cherry picking hunts, but, I just never gelled with either one. From my very first hunt with the Nox,I felt that my expectations had been satisfied with a very affordable and feature packed detector. Today was the perfect example of why I bought the Nox, short cherry picking hunting. I was running Park 1... 2 tones...default GB...recovery speed 6....iron bias 0....tone break at 22...full volume...no discrimination and sensitivity at 22 I hit a very small park that was built in the late 50's I've taken a couple of dozen wheats out with the Etrac and CTX, but, no silver. That came to an end today while hunting with the Equinox . First good hit was a 57 wheat, I checked the spot after I replaced the plug and got a nice high tone with a solid 31-32 VDI, I already knew what was there Prettiest sight I've seen in quite some time, some shiny!! Within 30 minutes I hit the rosie followed by a couple more wheats, an oriental coin and the junk ring. I did not dig one zincoln today I think I may have dug 4-5 pieces of junk, but, I spent most of my time digging nothing but coins. If this had been an older park, I would have had a different approach obviously.
  10. I just got my control pod back from Minelab after a replacement due to a faulty on/off button. 11 day round trip, they got it on a Friday afternoon and shipped out the new one on a Monday afternoon. Due to the extra warm weather 10-12 days of 100+ temps, I wasn't going to do much hunting anyway. Every rep I talked to thru the process was very friendly and helpful. Thank you Minelab!!
  11. I called Minelab USA this morning asking about the 6" coil, the rep informed me that the 6" coil will be shipping out next week. Now, I didn't ask if that was from Australia or from Minelab USA to the distributors. It looks like the coil will finally be available very soon.
  12. I sent my CTX to PA. to be repaired, it used to in FL. They moved the repair center to PA last year, I think since it's just being replaced, that's being taken care of in Naperville.
  13. I think I saw a video of someone opening the pod, and your right, they basically destroyed the pod to open it. Fix or replace, no problem to me, I figured now was a good time to send it in, the temps are hitting over 100 for the next week or more and it's bone dry here anyway.
  14. After getting my RMA# and printing out the return label, I noticed the package is being shipped back to Naperville Il. instead of the repair center in Pa. The on/off button is difficult to operate, you have to manipulate it just right to get it to engage. I take it that it's going to be replaced rather than having the repair center take a look at it. Not complaining, just making an observation.
  15. I use the Fisher F-Pulse, there are times when the Nox is on a certain channel, the audio on the Nox will sound erratic when the pinpointer is on. I simply do a noise cancel when the pinpointer is on and that takes care of the problem.