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  1. I ended up buying a Zagg Invisibi-Shield screen protector for a Kindle Fire($5) on Ebay, cut it to fit the entire screen and buttons and eliminated the cover altogether. The Zagg will last for a year or two. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zagg-InvisibleShield-for-Amazon-Kindle-Fire-Screen/331711478756
  2. Do you have a protective housing cover on it? First summer I ran the 800, the screen turned completely black. After that I didn't use a full control housing cover on it. I haven't had it do it since.
  3. That didn't leave me a message either but they sent me a text within an hour.
  4. I just got a call and a text from Fisher. They stated that I was next in line for the Impulse. I'm in the process of moving further from the Gulf of Mexico, so I told him I was going to pass. Next guy in line should be getting a call in the next day or two.
  5. I took the Coilek out for the first time this morning to the spot at the lake I've been hunting for the last 14 months. I will say, I was a little concerned because of the first couple of reviews about the coil. I had to remind myself that soil conditions, settings, modes and time on the machine decide how well a coil will perform, not test gardens, no offense to anyone. I set the Nox up as follows..... Park 1 Recovery speed - 3 Iron Bias F2-0 GB-0, I did a manual GB and it GB'd at 4, so I decided to run it at 0 Sen. 23, EMI isn't factor out here until I get clo
  6. I'll put some quality time on the coil using different settings and see if it offers any benefit other than coverage, if not, see you later 🙂 I want to be the judge for myself and know first hand if it's worth swinging.
  7. The bolt will work on the Minelab shafts, no issue there.
  8. Every coil tech coil that I've ever owned has always used a smaller bolt, didn't surprise me that this would be the same. What really annoyed me is they didn't include washers 🙂
  9. Thanks for the info Chuck...I plan on going to the museum once the move is complete.
  10. We are in the process of moving further north to Llano in a month or so....When we get settled and I can track down some spots, your more than welcome to head into the hill country and join me.
  11. Thank you, are you still in Houston? I'm just around the corner 30 minutes NW of Austin. I'll be testing the coil at Lake Travis, then in San Gabriel Park in Georgetown for it's maiden voyage.
  12. Lol...too late for me to cancel, I'm fully committed 🙂
  13. Thank you, I was very surprised to get a shipping confirmation. I got on the preoder list yesterday, the dealer received 2 coils today and was able to ship it today.
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