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  1. One thing with the volume control on the B80's, the volume may be low when you first pair them up. There is plenty of volume when you raise the volume on the B80's to max.
  2. Aukey's run time for me is about 6 hours, no threshold tone. Very good sound and volume compared to my Soundbeats Q-12's older version, newer ones will not pair.
  3. Thank you. The toe ring hit 12-14...the chain and pendant was jumping around 15-19 ...the earring hit ...18 As far as the chain goes, I have a test kit.
  4. I spent about 5 1/2 hours digging in the dry beach area of the lake. My goal was to dig as much trash as possible and it worked out great I was able to nab a few keepers among the junk, silver toe ring, 2 silver earrings and a silver chain with the pendant. Also dug the usual clad and junk jewelry as well. Ran the Nox 600, my settings were: Park 1 F2-0 Sens- Recovery-3 Man GB-4 1-Tone I dug everything from-2 up
  5. Both, this is Lake Travis in Texas and they raise and lower the level constantly.
  6. Had a good hunt at the lake today, hunted for 6 hours and ended up with 5 pieces of silver, handful of clad and a pouch full of trash. 3 silver rings, silver pendant, silver chain and a couple of junk pieces of jewelry. Stayed on the dry beach today because the lake level is dropping. Ran the Nox 600 in Park 1... recovery 2... Iron bias 0 ...Sens 23 ..1 Tone, dug everything from 0 up.
  7. I dig anything from -2 up, it's a drag after a few hours, but, I'm greedy and want it all 🙂
  8. Lol...this thing was a huge chunk of gold.
  9. I guess that will be up to Minelab, since moisture is behind the screen and I would assume inside the electronicsas well. Being that it cannot be opened, I hope they would replace it.
  10. I have the battery out and will leave it out a few days. I felt inside today afterremoving the battery and there was moisture inside the compartment.
  11. I ended up finding the guy's class ring, it rang 19-20 and ended up being 10K.
  12. Took the Nox down to my local lake for an all day hunt on the exposed beach area. The lake level has been dropping all summer due to the lack of rain in central Texas. I spent most of the morning digging nothing but trash, mainly pulltabs and bottle caps. First good hit was the palladium ring, VDI was 15. Next keeper was the little silver rope pendant, VDI was 24. Last find of the day was the 10K ring which hit at 12. This is my first palladium ring, I thought it was stainless when I first saw it, but when I picked it up, it had some weight so I figured it was white gold. I was pleasantly s
  13. I have my RMA number as of yesterday, I was told it's good for 30 days and I will be sending it to Pa for the repairs/replacement. I'll be shipping it off as soon as my vacation is over. I'll be looking for another 800 as a backup before I send this on in, just in case there is a delay in the turn around process. I took it today and the condensation formed again and stayed visible for about 3 hours or so.
  14. I've been using the 800 for fresh water hunting for the last 2 months. Deepest I've taken it is neck deep with no issues. I was out this morning, hunting the beach and about an hour into the hunt, I see condensation forming behind the screen. The machine seems to function normally except the volume of the external speaker is weak. I decided to burp the speaker and when I pulled the battery out it was wet. That was not what I wanted to see, I have a vacation coming up in a couple of weeks and need my machine to hold out until the end of Sept. I'm unable to get the pressure to equalize, ea
  15. Thankfully my 800 hasn't leaked yet, but, I'm on my 3rd Profind 35 since Feb. and may have to send this one in because the speaker quit working after being used in knee deep water.
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