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  1. Update on my Quest. I spend a few hours this morning at the old school grounds, and after finding a few more Wheats (50's), I was fortunate enough to make a Quest find. I pulled two bent nails on my way down, but finally made it about 10" down to the target... Pretty crusty, not able to make out a date... but a buffalo. ~Tim
  2. Great finds guys, and always happy to hear about connections through the forum!
  3. Thanks GeoBill, I placed an order... we will see if the "in stock" shown is true. Tim.
  4. Have you tried detuning the Garrett when going after a target? As you approach a target and it is throwing off a strong signal in maximum sens (solid tone while still a distance away), press the button again and it will lower the sensitivity allowing you to better pinpoint the target. The pointer will reset to max sens when you turn it off and back on (or whatever setting you set it to). I believe you can de-tune it a few times, narrowing the detect field each time. Not a perfect solutions, but a couple more options that may help. ~Tim
  5. I just wanted to add that I have been fortunate enough to return jewelry that has been lost - but not from a lost loved one. But, if you want to see how much it may mean to some... watch the end of this video 🙂
  6. I am on board with the comments above... in my opinion there is a difference between someone losing family heirlooms during their untimely and unfortunate passing, and a grave site that family heirlooms are put to rest with their owners with purpose. Having said that, I may consider reaching out through the police department to over communicate your purest of intentions, which may lead to permission from the family. A similar undertaking may have already been done with coordination from the police department and you would potentially find out about that as well. Personally, I would b
  7. Gold Rush Relics From California Part 2. I am both anxious and fearful of your "Part 3". haha.
  8. A gold coin and a seated. Wow. What a day!!!! Congrats Chris!!
  9. I realize I promised not to bore you all with "non-quest" finds... but I wanted to share this one (a few actually). As I mentioned, I'm taking advantage of this site to dust off many of my detectors after having spent almost all my time with the Equinox since I received it a few years back. So yesterday morning I set out with my Explorer SE Pro/stock Pro Coil for a few hours. Interestingly, I did find a clad quarter that was significantly co-located with trash, near a tree, but the Explorer gave me blip of a high squeak, and only in one direction... but narrowing my swing to about a 2"
  10. I hope you are able to get there DwD, that is some incredible history. I am sorry to hear about your uncle. Thank you for sharing his memory with us. ~Tim
  11. I love that chart KAC!, I am getting a lot of data, and probably a bad idea trying to keep it in my memory banks... they aren't what they used to be. Haha. Pen and paper next time out! Yes, the Vaquero is going to get a work out on this site. If nothing else, it is great on eliminating iron falling, good thought on the pin point trick for co-located targets. This area has definitely been picked... I looking for the squeaker someone left behind. Thanks Kac!, Tim
  12. Thanks Stu! Hmmmm, I haven't noticed this around the area, but it is a great thought, I will see what may be around the area. Also, I appreciate your confirming the lower sens with the 6"... definitely giving that a go next time out there. ~Tim
  13. Thanks Dog, I did go to Historic Aerials, great info there.. that is how I found out the estimate age. Unfortunately, in this area, while topos go back to 1915, the aerials only go back to the 50's... which is ok, plenty to gleen from the 50's too. Great idea about flags, I will try that. ~Tim
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