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  1. I hunt the 15" 95% of the time. With practice it does an extremely good job separating for its size.
  2. Fair comment GBA. You are right, I am passing up some potential wheats with more disc. 18+ is my normal disc mode, but wide open is my preference in old parks, and then battle the discrimination between my ears. Tim
  3. Great write up Mitchel. I have been out a few short hunts with the 15 testing 4k. I have found similar stability you describe. I can't say I have ever found a guitar part in all my hunts... that tuning gear is fun! I wonder where the rest of the guitar went ;). Tim
  4. Thanks GBA! Good to be back. I moved for work from the moderately weathered Pacific Northwest to Houston Texas, and the transition has taken longer than I had hoped with regards to my detecting. But happy to start getting back in the "swing" again. Hopefully some goodies (and pics) to come soon. And to take my own advice from above, my gold jewelry setup is Field 2, multi, 50 tone (most of my hunting regardless of intended targets in this setup) and depending on my patience at the time, either wide open (a la horseshoe) or 6 and up. Just can't swing without stopping for a 28+ (a si
  5. Good thread, nice to see a thread actually about detecting tips and tricks. 😉
  6. Nice finds Dan! I really like the thought of that two tone setup! Can't wait to give it a try!! What kind of depth were you getting? ~Tim
  7. The Predator Raptor is my go-to. Perfect "u" shaped plugs that disappear when you replace them. And the weight is perfect. I have a couple of Lesches, and a White's digger... but the raptor is the one!
  8. I am still getting comfortable with it myself... but it is all about coil hours on the ground for me. The more I hunt the better I understand the Equinox "vocabulary". Tim.
  9. Great thread!. Thanks everyone for taking the time to detail your personal experience and results with the Equinox. Hap, I bet you didn't know the Hornets nest you were poking when you posted your first question... haha (and I mean that in a good way). My experience has been very similar to Bryan's here in the Pacific NW, though my finds have not been as impressive. I have been running my 800 with the 15" (I agree with Bryan, it is a beast!!) In field 2, 50 tone, all tones (with a custom disc similar to Bryan's for really noisy areas), recovery 4 and IB-2 (though I have used IB-0 a f
  10. Dang Bryan!!! That is impressive right there!!! Tim.
  11. I dug one of these a few weeks ago at an Elementary school... next to a pencil (must have been the lead in the pencil that rang in at a solid 12 ? haha) . But I had no idea I was digging a coin cleaner! Can't wait to try it t! Thanks for the tip Bryan. ~Tim
  12. Perfect Goals Steve ! Especially the "fun" part! ~Tim
  13. I was fortunate enough to dig an 1897 V Nickel at an old park yesterday. In the ground (about 9") it was a solid and repeatable 11 TID. I air tested it after cleaning and it read 12-13, just as a nickel should. I credit depth and soil conditions to the lower reading in the ground. ~Tim
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