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  1. Tiftaaft

    Slow November

    I would be very happy with your slow November Tom. Nice detecting there. The IHP's continue to roll in... and that looks like a beautiful Barber dime... what year?? Tim.
  2. Tiftaaft


    My hunting partner and member of this forum, Flysar is with Ringfinders and covers this area (Pacific Northwest). His approach and the heartwarming stories he shares with me about reuniting families with their heirlooms are part of why I love this past time so much. He truly puts happiness back in people's lives. Much respect to him, proud to call him my friend. ~Tim
  3. Tiftaaft

    Equinox 15" Coil Id's

    Most likely operator error giving me these erratic results. ;) Thanks for the responses everyone. I had a hunt yesterday that I felt like I was holding onto both reigns trying to control the 15"... constant barrage of tones all over the scale.. I don't blame the 15"... I blame myself for not matching the coil with the site. I will continue my education of the Equinox and the 15" coil... as they say... time takes time. :) ~Tim.
  4. Thanks for the redirection. I come from the school of thought "If it ain't broke... don't fix it". I don't intend on upgrading my firmware due to the success I am having with the original. As others have suggested in this and MANY other thread and forums... if the new firmware doesn't do it for you... roll it back. How many other machines give you the ability to tailor the machine programming to the type of hunting and ground/target conditions you have? Not many, and I think that is pretty cool. My opinion is the engineers at Minelab have already addressed this concern.. it is the original firmware. My apologies for posting off-topic, I have nothing more to add to this thread. HH and good luck. ~Tim
  5. Found a 1945 War Nick today in SW Washington... came in at a solid 16 at about 7". My Equinox seems to love war nickels (or maybe I love digging them) I think I have pocketed 6 or 7 this year with the Equinox... ranging from 12 to 18 on the ID scale. Tim.
  6. I have been hunting with my 15" coil for the past 3 weeks or so, and I have seen a shift in the ID's compared to the stock 11 and the 6". For example, my first hunt I noticed that the two 1911 Wheats I dug, both were ID'ing in the upper 20's. (27 - 30). In between the two wheats, I got a solid high tone that was id'ing in the mid 30's (32 - 37) which ended up being a 40's rosie. In my subsequent hunts, I have found that the nickel range is pretty solid (12-13) and zinc pennies usually don't come in above 20... so pretty similar to the other coils... but higher conductors... copper pennies and above, all seem to be coming in more bouncy and with several points higher on the id scale. Yesterday I dug a clad quarter at about 3 inches... solid 35. I don't mind... I am digging anything in the nickel range and above a 17 without question anyway... but was just wondering if other 15" users have see the same results. By the way, my standard setup is Park 1, 50 Tone, Recovery 5 or 6, IB 0 on the new firmware. I have disconnected the coil and re-installed it, run a factory reset on the machine, and even reloaded the update to see if any would change the results. No change. Having said all that... I am really enjoying the performance of the 15 in my ground. Definitely a good addition to my arsenal for those wide open parks and sports fields! Tim.
  7. I have the 6" loaded on my 600 with the original firmware... hunted with it today... found a 7" War Nick in difficult soil in a trashy area next to a baseball field concession stand (you can imagine the noise there). While I am switching back and forth between the stock and 15" on my 800.... this 6" never fails to uncover something I didn't expect. Do I dig some iron? yes. Is that different than any other of 15 machines I have used... resounding no. Your mileage may vary... but I am in no hurry to take the 6" off. Tim.
  8. Tiftaaft

    Oct Finds With My 800

    Tom, looking at your finds, you must have spent a fair amount of time on those 12-18 TID's. I also failed to notice the number of wheat cents in my vision being blinded by all the IHP's. That is some target rich ground you were hunting. Can't wait to see your next installment. Tim
  9. Tiftaaft

    Oct Finds With My 800

    Nice finds for the month Tom. That is quite a haul on those IHP's!! Tim
  10. Tiftaaft

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    You are KILLING me Bryan!!! Man!... huge congrats!
  11. Tiftaaft

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Dang Bryan! I'm on the wrong side of the state! Awesome finds!! I can't wait to get my 15" this week!! And I can vouch for your comments about the tough ground and the 6" limit. If this 15" gives a little better response at the 6+" range... it is a game changer (on a machine that is already a game changer). ~Tim.
  12. This is very true El Nino. I have done this test once (although it was with the 800 and 600 on different firmware versions... but all other settings equal according to the manual). I had intended on doing a more comprehensive test like this sooner... and still do intend to do that. Unfortunately, I usually have short windows of time to hunt (so I am reluctant to spend it testing rather than getting my knees dirty and digging up as many desirable targets as I can in the short window of time I have to hunt), and then the 6" came - so I have that comparison to get my hands around... and now the 15" is shipping to arrive early next week.. .haha. I need to take some vacation time from work! What I did find in my short test between firmware versions using the 11" coil on the two machines, is that the 10 targets I found with the 800 on new firmware, hit equal, or slightly better than the old firmware. 2 targets specifically sounded better on the new... one happened to be a silver rosie, and the other a 6" wheat on edge. That isn't to say I wouldn't have dug them both on the old firmware machine... hard to tell when you have a spot mark and are cross checking... what would actually happen in a one machine real hunt... but under the conditions, with the targets I had, and minimizing but not eliminating all the variables (maybe my swing path was at a slightly different angle even thought I was walking the same path... etc), that was what my findings were. Hopefully a more comprehensive test sample and report to follow. Tim.
  13. One of the most intuitive things I have ever heard Alluminati. Nicely stated. ~Tim.
  14. Tiftaaft


    Great information Dew, thanks for sharing. I have added that setup in my notebook as "Dew Tones" :). I hunted a modern high school last night for about an hour using the "3 tone/5 bin" setup I talked about on another thread... which is decent for cherrypicking coins around trash, but it is amazing how fast your brain (well... at least my brain) adjusts to ignoring a mid tone, even though I fully intended on hunting them too. By the time I finished my short hunt, I was already ignoring the mids, and stopping to look at the highs. Spending more time learning the nuances between the 18 tone, 13 tone, and 20 tone... I really believe will help my brain not categorically dismiss those mid tones. ~Tim
  15. Tiftaaft


    Dew, so did you set the non coin signals to a high tone, to make them sound smaller? I definitely noticed the "size" difference with a tone 25 that you mentioned. The beauty is that the bins and tones can be pretty easily tailored to each users ear. I applaud your outside the box approach! Tim.