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  1. Late to the party, but I agree with noticing the lag. I have tried aftermarket and the minelab LL, and there is enough of a lag that I went back to wired. I blame my swing speed. Using LL, I hear the targets, and then can narrow and slow my swing speed to get the target location... so I wouldn't say it causes me to miss a target... it just takes me longer to pinpoint it for extraction. So my preference is the immediate feedback of wired phones. Now, when there is an option to hear my pinpointer in my LL phones, I might have a reason to put up with the latency. ;) Tim.
  2. Tiftaaft

    Flutie Tones

    It is all in what your ear likes. I prefer the sound of 50 tone (or even 2 tone) over 5 tone... the way the in-between targets (the ones bouncing from one tone section to the other and back) is not pleasing to my ear... in 50 tone, the tone variance is not as large, so it creates a smoother and pleasant tone, and I can better separate a desired target from a non-desired target... but that is just ME.. My friend prefers the 5 tone (as does Tom in his note above and others). The beauty of it is..... we have the ability to choose which one we like better :). Good luck MarksB! Tim.
  3. Tiftaaft

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    I am interested to hear how you address the loose cam Steve. I have the same issue with my 800 I received last week. My 600 is rock solid, the 800 has significant play. I would like to sure it up myself rather than having to send it in. Thanks Tim
  4. Great report Steve! Those are some awesome data points for those of us hunting with the Equinox. I would be interested to know how the equinox would have sounded using a faster recovery.. having just received my 800, I am experimenting with with 5 and 7 (since I got somewhat a feel for the 6 recovery equivalent on the 600). I have found this as well, the Equinox has been giving me a more stable ID at depths where my other machines start to get squirrelly. And... nice find btw! A buff and a indian in the same small area is pretty awesome!! Tim.
  5. Tiftaaft

    Hello E800 - Hat's Off To E600

    Thanks Norm, I have my 800 charged and ready for action. Now all I need is a break in the workload and a break in the weather. :) Thanks GBA! No new hobby for me - just been sidetracked with work and family. That and spending too much time at my 'quest for silver' school with no luck. My wife said she is going to sneak down and plant a silver Rosie there so I can stop obsessing haha. ;) Thanks Chase! I can say from first hand knowledge that Bald is Beautiful ;) ~Tim.
  6. Tiftaaft

    Hello E800 - Hat's Off To E600

    Agreed Steve. For many reasons, getting the 600 while waiting for the 800 was one of the smartest things I have ever done.
  7. At long last (and sometimes not so patiently waiting), my Equinox E800 is scheduled to arrive at my home tonight. Unfortunately, I was travelling for work all last week - so I wasn't able to do any hunting, but just before I left town I spent some time at a 1940's school with my E600. In all my time detecting, I have found only one Half - a clad Kennedy. I have had better luck finding various dollar coins. So when I got a solid 35-36 signal I was expecting a nice sweet piece of bent rusty iron... but to my surprise, I found a beautiful silver rim at 7". A few steps away, a more broken, but solid 30-31 signal revealed the Washington on edge... and was off center to the pin point by about 4inches - at a depth of 7". A part of me hesitates to transition to the E800 after all the success I have had with the E600. But of course, I am very excited to utilize the additional functionality of the E800. While my time with the E600 will not be ending (I plan on equipping it with the 6" or 15" coils when they are released, as well as using it for water hunting), if the E800 exceeds my experience with the E600 - that will be INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE based on my experience with the E600 over the past few months. HEH (Happy Equinox Hunting) to all. - Tim.
  8. Tiftaaft

    Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    Awesome Awesome Awesome STEVE!! That is just incredible!! And thanks for the detailed write-up of your hunt. I can hear the excitement you were/are feeling in your words. 1864?!?!?! wow. I also love the history you shared with the homeowner. Happy for your Steve! Tim.
  9. Tiftaaft

    Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Yes, it was angled, maybe at about a 45 degree... I pinpointed it about 3-4 inches off center, that is probably why.
  10. Tiftaaft

    Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Thanks for the response Tom, Just today I found a similar odd id target. I was sweeping a park that has been refreshed since I got the Equinox 600. I was focusing on digging mid-tones since I had already been over this area with the Equinox... so basically my intent was to clean the ground a little and see if anything interesting popped up. About 10 steps into the park, I get this 14-15-16 tone but every once in a while it peeps a 27-28... I even got a few 37-38's in my multiple sweeps, but it was repeating in the mid teens. I got some modulation with the pinpointer, so I knew it was probably 4+"... and fully expected to pull a bent rust nail. Low and behold, off center in the hole, at about 6"... a '52 Rosie. So I agree, it is very interesting what the ground/other target conditions can play on the ID's. I did resweeps the hole, and it was silent, but then, there could have been iron nearby that I was then disc'ing out after breaking up the halo by digging. But, it gave me a solid enough tone to investigate... and that is what I am enjoying with the Equinox. Thanks for your info above, more relevant data for the 'ol computer between my ears. ;) Tim.
  11. Tiftaaft

    Equinox 800 At My House!!!

    Outstanding Tom!!! Interesting that you are running IB 3. And did those Indians come in using your custom settings, or were they below 22? Tim.
  12. I have 5 kids too, but mine are from 10 - 16. Total age of 60. Which is about how old I feel most days. ;) Tim
  13. Tiftaaft

    Wheat Penny Respect

    That makes sense.