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  1. Thank you!! To answer your question, we are open to collaborating with any third party as long as it makes sense for both parties. Detech approached us for making coils for the Simplex and we welcomed it and worked together on their coils. Now, I know NEL announced coils for the Simplex+. However, they could not technically manufacture coils for the Simplex+ unless they bought certain parts from us. I personally sent them a message via the distributor and told them we were open to collaboration. Last thing I heard was they were going to get back to me with a proposal but they never did. I asked one last time and never got a response and I do not know the reason why... and this was back in January 2021. PI - still in the works.... the project was pushed back a bit because of other projects taking the priority but it is back on full speed...will not even give you an estimate on the release date for the obvious reasons:-) THANK YOU!
  2. Hello there.... wanted to chime in here because you keep on bringing the name contest we did a few years ago. And I want members not to be misled with your comments. Now, first off, when we first said we were going to work on an SMF device, we never said when it would be released and that it was just a concept/project. We clearly referred to it as our FUTURE product. We held a naming contest of which the main purpose was to get people's input NOT on the name only BUT the features and specs! Anybody who applied and filled the form back then can confirm that! Second, R&D and engineering - if you are serious about it - may take years, if you didn't know. The only time we mentioned a release date on this product was November 19th 2021 at the launch and even then I said we are ''hoping'' to start shipments in December. Now, we never asked any END-USER to go ahead and purchase this product as we do not sell to end-users directly. Some dealers take orders and make the customers pay, some do not. This is a decision made by distributors/dealers and the end-users. We do NOT get involved in that at all. We as a manufacturer try our best to keep everybody informed and try to be as transparent as possible. And regardless of what people say, we will ship this product when all the updates are done as our priority is not to start making money earlier but to put the best unit possible in the customers' hands. People put down a lot more money on a car or many other electronics and wait for months to get it and I seriously do not see any manufacturer caring about end users and talking to them directly to give an update. It is seriously very disappointing when we try our best to communicate and interact and at the end hear so much complaint. Hope this clears it for the rest of the members who did not know about the background of this product and the naming contest. THANK YOU!
  3. Hi there.... we have a NOMADS team, you can go on our website and see their names and locations. The program was NOT designed to collect email addresses to sell our new toys...we are not a start up company who needs that! The NOMADs attend hunts on behalf of Nokta Makro and help cutomers on social media with their questions. Thank you!
  4. And another one will say 5, another 10.... I really wish we could... you also need to take into account the price point the product is offered at. Thanks for your understanding.
  5. Hello...I should have explained it in more detail.... The Auto also has 5 levels... so it goes like this: 0-1-2-3-4-5-a1-a2-... You just choose the one you want with the up and down buttons and your last setting is saved until you change it again.
  6. Thank you Steve for this nice message... I try my best to respond to customers who reach out...I have an executive title but I leave my title aside when I talk to customers as I am also a consumer for endless products in the world and more importantly, I am one of you so I try my best to interact with the customers and understand them. I must admit though, I used to do a better job at that...as the company is getting bigger so is my team and my workload. I am actually a very positive person despite the negativity you felt in my video...I believe part of it is cultural, the Mediterrenian blood and part of it is just who I am...anyhow, let's leave it all behind. How about this? You walk at the pace you want and I will run to you and who knows, we may meet in the middle:-) Joke aside, regardless of whether you buy a NM or not, you are part of this community so like many others, you and your words are important. Enjoy your Turkey , a silent one ....unlike me:-)
  7. Hello! I apologize but I am not following it...what do you mean by ''various shades of light''? Are you referring to the backlight? If yes, we have 5 levels of backlight as well as auto - meaning the backlight only lights up when a signal is detected to minimize battery consumption. We also have an LED flashlight under the control box for night hunts. Hope this helps...
  8. Dear Valued Members, Business aside, on a personal level, I really care about this group as it brings together some of the most intellectual and well spoken people together...therefore, on this important day, we should all leave business, metal detectors, competition etc. all aside and focus on the most important things in life and feel grateful for our healths, loving families and friends and think about all those around the world who are just as not lucky.. HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!
  9. Thank you.... there will be a lot of that but we all need to be patient...and we prefer most of it to come from the users and not from us..... in a few weeks when the testers are released from their NDAs, I am sure they will share a lot of info.
  10. Hello! Just want to respond to one thing as I said enough about the other topics.... ''Guess if Minelab was so far off base then why have Garrett, and then Xp, and now you fine folks at Nokta Makro released and or debuted multi frequency detector models.'' I can only speak for our company.... Our customers asked for it ...It is totally acceptable and welcomed if it is coming from the end users, the true judges. But when such a claim comes from a manufacturer and when it is simply NOT true based on % of sales in this industry, of which maybe you are NOT preview to, even after 3 -4 years after the claim was made, yes that does bother all other manufacturers not only NM...but I take the hit, why? Because I say it openly to the public and not keep it as a subject discussed in meetings or private discussions. I respect Mr Herschbach more than any of you can imagine.... and that is why I will drop by to answer questions on the machine for those who are interested only.
  11. With all due respect, your words ''When a company is threatened, especially financially, they immediately go on the attack due to desperation.'' just provess how far off you really are from the realitites of this industry. So when a product is called ''Imitation'' in an official video and misleads potential customers it is ''high'' level of marketing? If you say yes, we simply have very different views... Like I said, an endless debate....so I will let it go. ...and thank you btw for the compliments in the last paragraph.
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