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  1. Nokta Detectors

    The New Anfibio / Kruzer 9'' And 13'' Coils

    Hello guys...sorry I am responding late..was in the US for 10 days and I am in Mexico now. All coils have been available with the release of the detector.
  2. Hello Steve! Thanks for sharing this... I will also be in the Orlando area between November 6-10. I know it was a last minue notice and I apologize for that...but seriously I have never been so busy in my entire life before.... I, too, would love to meet you....
  3. Nokta Detectors

    The New Anfibio / Kruzer 9'' And 13'' Coils

    Let me help Steve... 9'' is concentric -at the request of customers.. 13'' is DD. 9" concentric search coil for Makro Kruzer and Nokta Anfibio 13" DD search coil for Makro Kruzer and Nokta Anfibio
  4. Dear Valued Members, We got requests from customers for longer shafts for our devices. Please note that we are now adding a longer middle shaft to our accessories line up that will be compatible with the Fors / Racer and Kruzer series. The length of the shaft is 4 inches longer than the standard one included in the packages. We hope this will satisfy the need of taller customers who have been asking for this. The part number and pricing will be sent out to dealers tomorrow. We apologize that it took us long to take action on this. As a matter of fact, all your requests / demands that we believe we can accomodate always stay in my notes but as you can understand, some things take priority over others as the resources are not unlimited for any company. Thank you! New longer middle rod for Makro Racer, Kruzer, and Nokta FORS metal detectors
  5. Nokta Detectors

    Who’s Excited For Nokta / Makro?

    Thank you on behalf of myself and team!
  6. Nokta Detectors

    Naming Contest For New Multifrequency Detector

    No I thank you for showing the interest! Let's just hope that it is developed and done the way the majority of us would want it to be! the rest is easy...
  7. As promised, here it is guys:http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp?g=naming-contest
  8. Nokta Detectors

    The New Anfibio / Kruzer 9'' And 13'' Coils

    Correct...all Anfibio coils and Kruzer / Multi Kruzer coils are compatible ...just to make it all clear..there are 9 of them right now: KR13 / KR18C / KR19 / KR24 / KR28 / KR40 / AF23C / AF28 / AF35 - you can see all the Kruzer (KR) coils online... the new Anfibio coils will be added to the website tomorrow or on Monday. Gold Kruzer can only be used with the GK coils which are GK19 / GK24 / GK26C / GK40. You are also amazing that you can follow all these details Steve!
  9. Nokta Detectors

    Nokta Invenio Fourteen Video Series

    Hello guys...the goal is to integrate this into the hobby machines in the future... believe me I wish for that as much as you do...
  10. Hello all..... some of you guys have been asking for 9'' and 13'' coils for the Kruzer...it is done.... we have developed these and will start shipping them at the same time with the Anfibio series. Both coils are compatible with the Anfibio and Kruzers. Thank you! Search coils for the Makro Kruzer and Nokta Anfibio metal detectors (excluding Gold Kruzer)
  11. https://www.facebook.com/noktadetectors/videos/168482174016055/
  12. Nokta Detectors

    Future Of Nokta & Makro

    Copying from another forum: Hello everybody... I have been in the UK since Monday and just got done with Detectival this evening. I have been reading some of the posts and comments and I figured the best way to address some of the questions you have would be to start a new thread so it is easier for me to follow them. Please understand that I have always tried my best to be as transparent as I can while writing on these forums and sharing info. First of all, Detectival has been great (except for the timeframe where I was literally buried underground). Yes, we did announce a few products there and I will just try to give you a short rundown here and then I can answer any questions you may have... Please note that we just announced the merger of the brands moving forward… this means we will no longer produce products under separate brands… soon we will consolidate the websites/Facebook pages and all. This is all done with the best intentions to simplify everything for our dealers, our valued customers ...and for Nokta&Makro to be able to focus more on developing new technologies and products rather than trying to provide products for 2 brands. You all pretty much know the history of our company - 4 years ago Nokta & Makro companies merged..but we had to keep the two brands separate as the distribution channels were different in many countries around the world. So we had to feed the two brands with products....since the merger of the companies, I personally have been trying to push both brands thru the same channel so we could eventually combine them...But believe me guys it took me 4 years to finally achieve this goal and consolidate the brands--... some of you guys, naturally, only look at what is happening around you in 1 country only! But please do not forget that we deal with the whole world.... in many countries around the world, especially in non-English speaking countries, customers are not even aware that Nokta&Makro has been the same company for almost 4 years now. Just to make my case clear I will give you an example - we started working with a new reseller in one of the Asian countries - when we were discussing our first order, the dealer listed the Makro products he wanted and when we asked about Nokta, he said - no, thank you Makro is a better brand..no matter what we said, we could not make him understand that it is the same company, same engineers and same sales team. Another and a similar example is that while I was attending a dealer day in a another country, I was told that customers in that specific country believed Nokta was Lexus and Makro was Toyota... funny but real…what I am trying to explain you is that while some of our releases upset a few people, please try to look at it from our point of view. We had to produce products for both brands ..and because we release them at a faster pace than what the customers in certain countries, such as the USA are used to, I am aware of the fact that it upsets certain customers. If you look at the manufacturers in any industry today, whether it is the cars or cell phones, they constantly offer new products because development is an ongoing process and demands and needs differ from individual to individual, country to country… Now, if as a manufacturer we are to be blamed for listening to our customers and for developing products and offering them pretty fast, then yes we are guilty ….but also very proud of our really hard work and our worldwide increasing brand awareness. With the consolidation of 2 brands, we are discontinuing a few of our products (Golden Sense/Velox/ Fors Series) and start with a new fresh product line up on our new website soon - The Anfibio Series - I see that there are positive and negative comments on this one - now to clear it up - Guys, no need to get upset – we did not go to Detectival and create any hype – we sincerely shared what we have in the pipeline with everybody – did not make any claims other than what we have been told by our testers, did not say it will obsolete anything, and neither did we ask anybody to sell their newly bought Impact and/or Kruzer to buy the Anfibio. If you are happy with your Impact or Kruzer – please keep it and we will be more than happy. Anfibio will be distributed to dealers next month… once it is in the hands of the users, you can decide for yourself whether you want it or not. Anfibio comes with our new design coil + 7 optional coil to choose from – And yes they are all compatible with the Kruzer series! Among the 7 optional coils – we will offer a new 9’’ concentric coil which many users have been asking for! The Scuba Pointer - Scuba Detector + Pinpointer - patent pending, 2-in-1 device and it is pulse. Simplex - Entry Level, Waterproof (fully submersible) with built in wireless module - 2 versions between $249 - $399. This will be the first waterproof detector at this price point. Our future simultaneous multi-freq. device - planned to share the design / form of the enrty level one (with slight changes) as the form is pretty light and compact -- looking for inputs/feedbacks in terms of what the customers would like to see in this device – unique ideas/features or anything that you believe is currently lacking on other simultaneous freq. devices. I will stop here as I have slept a total of 6 hours in 3 days but will answer any questions you have… thank you all!!
  13. Nokta Detectors

    Detectival 2018