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  1. Dear Valued Members,We are very happy to announce that we are adding 2 new accessories to our line up!MULTI-PURPOSE BACKPACK (Accomodates all our models including Simplex, Kruzer, Anfibio as well as accessories)PINPOINT LEG HOLSTERPlease find the link to the introduction video we have made below: Regards, Dilek
  2. Premium Sand Scoop Stainless Steel 2-piece handle for easy transportation 3-Way Adjustable Angle 7/16" (11mm) Laser Cut Holes Sharp Front Edge Perfect 9" Size Opening MSRP: NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP-$99,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP HANDLE-$15,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP ROD SET-$11,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP-3-IN-1 SET-$119,95
  3. Dear Valued Members, We would like to share some exciting news with you! As you know, Nokta Makro has been growing tremendously, thanks to all of you, over the past few years. During our growth stage, we believe we have proved that Nokta Makro is a serious player in this industry when it comes to development and innovation. As the COVID hit the world earlier this year, we felt that as a technology developing company, we have a responsibility and a moral duty towards humanity during these tough times the world is going through. We knew that we could touch more lives and make them
  4. Dear Valued Members,As our market share and sales are growing in the USA, thanks to all of you, the amount of service requests are also increasing.Responding to end-users in a timely manner to provide them with the best customer service experience is a MUST for Nokta Makro Detectors.For this reason, we have recently added a second service center located in Missouri.Please find below the contact details for the new service center:NOKTA MAKRO SERVICE CENTERName: Andy O’NealAddress: 120 Black Ave. Chaffee, MO 63740Tel: 573-270-0447Email: Noktarepairs@wedigmetaldetectors.netThank you!
  5. Ken, can you please email me directly at dielk.gonulay@noktadetectors.com? Unless I know what email address you sent it from, I cannot find your email as we get hundreds of emails a day. BUT one thing I am sure is that if we received it, it was answered.
  6. ''they should be sending it back to you guys to look into it.'' This is where the confusion begins. We are located in Istanbul Turkey - nobody will send us that coil back and we will not be able to look at it. Unless I understand who you are, who the dealer is and have more detailed info, I will not be able to track this and help you out.
  7. Hello there... This is Dilek! Who are you referring to as Nokta Makro? Whom did you contact at the company?
  8. Hello there. This is Dilek - Now, I do not know whether the product is faulty or not because I need to look into it. And yes we may have sold a faulty product because there is no company in the whole world with 0% failure whether in this industry or any other! UT the part ''NOKTA MAKRO is doing nothing about it '' is something I will reject to. Are you referring to the service center as Nokta Makro or us? Have you gotten in touch with us? I cannot tell who you are from the nickname. So if you can email me at dilek.gonulay@noktadetectors.com with details, I will try to help you.
  9. Now you are challenging me:-) Check your email please!
  10. Hello there...just happened to read this post. I am sorry you are experiencing an issue to reach us. As a matter of fact, all our emails ARE RESPONDED TO WITHIN 24-48hrs or 72 hrs max under special circumstances. I actually have ALL MY TEAM'S INBOXES SET UP ON MY COMPUTER AND I LITERALLY CHECK EACH EMAIL TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE ANSWERED. Now, may I please ask you to send me your email address so I can check whether we did get an email from you or not as there has been many cases in the past where the email was in spam folder or was not received at at all. My email is dilek.gonulay@noktadetectors
  11. Hello Duncan and everybody else.... it shocks me and really upsets me when I see such posts from users, especially when I have personally gotten involved to help them out! Below is a copy of my emails to this gentleman (with the last name and email address deleted to respect his privacy) who claims we blackmailed him...we actually replaced his coil after my email (without even having real proof that his coils was in fact faulty) and he is still not happy ... my team and I try our best to help each and every person who reaches out to us ... and yes we do respect them ...and yes we keep ou
  12. Steve, why did you not contact me? We will take care of this for you. Send me an email with pictures/serial number and I will get it replaced thru service center or directly!
  13. Dear Valued Members, First of all, I apologize for not being on the forum lately... but I could barely keep up with my regular work plus a few hundred messages, emails I get everyday!! I miss you guys:-) Please find below the links for the video commercial of the upcoming Mini & Midi Hoard Kids Detectors: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE:
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