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  1. Seems very convenient to leave tracking on and not do multiple manual ground balances during a hunt. Which is better?
  2. Thanks. Since the 800 will fit that make my search easier.
  3. Looking for a screen protector for the display. Not interested in the cover that goes over the control pod. Thanks.
  4. Don’t know if you made your purchase yet as your last post shows one hour old. These are now being sold for $259.99 shipped plus 25% off for first purchase. Don’t know if we are allowed to link to other sites. If Steve says ok I will link it or you can pm me. I purchased one and have my order acknowledgment. .
  5. Same problem. Running iOS and have not been able to log in there for over a year.
  6. Chase that was so precise. The links and research were a lot of work. I learned everything about the Aptx LL jungle and more from you. I wish everyone who has struggled with this issue could see this post. Many thanks.
  7. I ran a title search inquiry here for “earbuds” in hope of finding low latency Aptx wireless earbuds. I read most of it from 2018 forward. It appears this item is very difficult to find. I have searched Google, ebay, Amazon. No luck. I do not want a neck band or any type of wire leading to the earbud. I am considering a new X-Terra Pro or a used Equinox 800. I want earbuds because of the heat and awareness of my surroundings. I have found multiple Aptx LL transmitters that will work on the Xterra Pro but no Aptx LL earbuds. If I go with a used 800 I can escape the proprietary Bluetooth of the Pro and the 700 and 900 but still need Aptx LL earbuds. Is there a solution for this. Something I have missed? Thanks…
  8. Are there any situations where it would be beneficial to use the 8 kHz beach setting for searching on land?
  9. Tried six dealers. All declined to offer the military discount. Bass Pro Shops / Cabelas does offer 5% military and have them in stock with free shipping.
  10. Is the discount dependent on individual dealers or has Minelab set a blanket policy of no Veterans discount on the Xterra Pro?
  11. That looks like more than a light/photo issue to me but I also will defer to those with the expertise.
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