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  1. Looks like that one sold. Not as good of a deal as the other (no lower shaft) but same seller has another one listed for $80 w $8 s/h, obo https://www.ebay.com/itm/WHITES-GoldMaster-Shooter-DD-4-x-6-Search-Coil/164619917017
  2. I realize that it has been awhile since you were looking for this coil but just saw one near you on ebay for $85 + 15s/h, obo https://www.ebay.com/itm/WHITES-GoldMaster-Shooter-DD-4-x-6-Search-Coil/164607967541?
  3. Earlier people were looking for a TRX pinpointer. Centerville Electronics has a refurbished one on their used page for $95 with a 6 month warranty. Already have one or I would have jumped on it. Cheers
  4. Thank you all for your feedback. After my V-SAT and MXT being completely overwhelmed by the quantity of black sand and hot rocks at the site I was working in the foothills earlier this summer I've been looking for a PI detector. I recently got a line on a little used TDI Pro with the standard coil and am looking to see what to add to the arsenal. Jeff, from your comment I guess I missed a great deal, and reading some of phrunt's early posts it sounds like the Joey gave him some great results. Well damn, now to decide where to spend my limited (self) Christmas budget. Thank you all. Wishin
  5. Just checked and, Yep, sold out. Snooze ya lose! Hope you all now tell me it wasn't that good . Open to other coil purchase suggestions as well. On a side note, I have a line on a Razorback 'Piglet' coil, 5x3. Any feedback on that coil would also be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Thanks GB. I had read all of the HI-Q threads, but really didn't find good feedback on how it performed, mostly speculation, folded, dual field, what makes it HI-Q, would it be available separately? Haven't found a good discussion of the net on performance. If the Joey is sold out, I would still like to hear feedback from anyone who has used the HI-Q. Seems like Serious Detecting is the only dealer that has it in stock. Thanks
  7. Looking for advice on a small elliptical coil purchase for a TDI Pro. As someone pointed out in the Classified section Serious Detecting is having a clearance sale. Looking at the Coiltek 10 x 5 Joey Mono, and the Whites 7.5 x 12 TDI HI-Q Dual Field. See lots of good reviews for the Joey, but not much is posted on the HI-Q. I guess that initially the HI-Q was only available as part of a TDI-SL package and some were hoping that it would be available separately in the future. It appears that when it became available on its own that it was possibly misleadingly labeled as for MX series detectors,
  8. Well, I take that back. I talked with the shop this afternoon on another matter and found that they are now sold out of the pin pointer. Must be a very hot item.
  9. I hope that it is OK for me to post a link here. I've never shopped with this site but they do list the TRX as being in stock for $149 w free shipping. https://wildwestmetaldetectors-com.3dcartstores.com/Whites-TRX-PinPointer_p_258.html That url sometimes doesn't resolve for me but I also reached their site by going to http://www.wildwestmetaldetectors.com/
  10. The classifieds forum is back online and has a few recent postings. There's one for what appears to be an essentially new GM 24K for a very good price. Tempting but unfortunately not in my current budget.
  11. Thought that I would take a stab at this. From the information supplied by the original poster, uknowhooiyam, my guess is this a bit of gash vein. Gash veins are common in massive limestone/dolostone where fluids migrate down (typically calcite veins) or up (basinal brines or other fluids trapped beneath) when fractures form. Northeastern Iowa is on the western margin of the “Upper Mississippi” MVT district and has a history of Lead/Zinc mining and considerable production. Mineralized gash veins are common in the district but are generally small and not of economic interest. Lo
  12. Thanks Gold Catcher, I'm down on the Peninsula. Years ago I used to detect with the Santa Clara club we would have outings to where Niles Canyon intersects Mission Blvd, I guess where is now a historical park. Also further up Niles, on the east side of the canyon just south of where the railroad crosses the road at Palomares. I was told that had been in the 1880's the trail from from Livermore Valley, a dump, a campground, and a Boy Scout Camp. Back then it was a very popular site for bottle diggers. I only found more recent coins (>1940's) but one in our group found several military b
  13. Joe, I really can't comment on the MXT Pro. I have the original MXT with the open Eclipse 950 coil and for me it's been a great machine. I have the 4x6 DD, but honestly don't use it much. Previously I was using a Minelab XS-2 Pro which I think is a great detector but now only use at the beach. I think the XS-2 had better depth, but I've just gotten very used to the MXT. It's pretty accurate in identification and depth and I guess having the screen to look at (even though I think I pretty much rely on tone) makes me more inclined to use it. Maybe here in my retirement I as I hopefully
  14. Thanks VL, Joe, and Steve. Guess the intro may have been a bit over the top. I've had many careers over the years and hoping that the next one is as a Detector/Prospector. The MXT and V-SAT are great machines and have served me well. For the V-SAT I guess I should have put that it 'hasn't seen enough use'. Been hard to get out to detect gold for the last 20 years (work, kids), but when I've made it to the Sierra's with the family it has found me a few nuggets but above 4000' where there is only light to moderate background mineralization. Looking forward to giving it a good workout! Never
  15. Been lurking here off and on for quite a while and decided that it was time to join in and introduce myself. Not currently a detector/prospector, but hope to change that. A bit of my background: 21 years as a geologist with the USGS, about 2/3 summers looking at mines in Alaska, 1/2 in CA, NV, AZ, and WY. When I left the survey in the big purge in ’95 I was working on a project looking at lode mines east of the Mother Lode proper. My work in Alaska was almost exclusively looking at lode gold mines and prospects, and spent quite a bit of time late ‘70s early 80’s south of Anchorage: Girdwo
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