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  1. (No Longer Relevant - Issue Resolved) Bill
  2. I wonder if the original poster asking re gold nuggets and lead "trash" is referring to their typically being found together in modern streams and rivers. When working crevices or sniping when I'm finding lead I know I'm in the area of the active channel that is also likely to carry gold - a good sign. Detecting away from active stream channels I will usually ignore iron but on bedrock adjacent to or in the rivers I dig everything. While not as heavy as lead, iron can also be an indicator of where the gold may be. Along those lines, hoping this next year will be great with reworked stream bottoms and lots of new catches full of heavies .
  3. Yeah, it is just their recent posts for "slightly used" 600's and 800's. Strange. I agree that the current 600 deal with the wireless headphones is very tempting but I'm really hoping to move into the 21st century and get an 800, replace both the 20+ year old Sovereign XS-2 at the beach and the V-SAT for gold (well not completely into the 21st century, much to my children's dismay I still use a flip phone).
  4. Here's another one. I haven't seen this in any of their other ads showing the bottom, or from any other ad from other sellers. Looks weird to me? But I'll go with your experience!
  5. I'm still looking for an Equinox 800 and have been cruising ebay. Serious Detecting has several "slightly used" 600's and 800's with the images of the bottoms of the coils with white material exposed. Where the white isn't exposed it appears to me that the bottom of the coil is just covered with a plastidip or spray bedliner like substance. I know nothing about the Equinox and I'm guessing that the white is the internal expandable foam that holds the coil wires in place? From the images the coil bottoms don't appear to be worn to expose the white, is this a quality control issue? Are the bottoms of the Equinox coils generally exposed like this, with no hard bottom, or are these coils an anomaly. This image also shows a coil cover/skid plate, but several of the ads don't indicate that a cover is included.
  6. You might try emailing Todd Marshall at centrevilleelectronicsnw@gmail.com. I think Todd was the lead repair technician at White's and now does warranty and repair work on White's detectors. He has answered my questions in the past. He also has an online store with some White's parts. The website is https://centrevilleelectronicsnw.com/ Cheers Bill
  7. Norm, I was very saddened to read about your ALS diagnosis, and Jason’s note about his struggles with MS. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts here and on other detecting sites, and I am sorry that I may never get to meet either of you in person. My heart is lightened some because I believe that for both of you, while your diseases may in the end take you, I don’t believe that they will defeat you. I think that Harold Kushner framed it well, I can’t remember which book or the exact quote, but essentially that no man at the end looks back in regret and wishes he spent more time at work with his nose to the grindstone, that it’s family, friends, and spending time with, sharing, and doing the things we love. From your and Jason’s posts I believe that you have done and will continue to do very well in that regard. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you. Bill
  8. Out here, following the many California wildfires, I have been completely amazed buy the photos of rivulets of molten aluminum flowing away from the melted rims and engines of burned cars. Slagged aluminum usually has an oxidized surface but in those pictures it is bright and shiny. Had to be very hot fires!
  9. You didn't mention how heavy it is. If it feels relatively light for its size I would guess aluminum campfire slag. That would also fit with the somewhat botryoidal texture. -bill
  10. Tom, If you really miss that Vision/V3i, Centreville Electronics has a reconditioned one on their "used" website: "Vision Upgraded to V3i - Batteries, Headset, Manual, 1 Year Warr. - $800" Has the Vision sticker!! https://www.centrevilleelectronics.net/used.htm Can't say that there are ones I've regretted selling, buying is another story
  11. Here is Reg explaining how changing the ground balance can enhance the identification of coins https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/whitesgoldmaster/my-tdi-or-sl-chart-again-t865.html and I believe that this is Reg demonstrating the process
  12. Steve has an article here on using the TDI for coins, I think based on Reg's work. There is also a video on Youtube by I think Reg also showing this. I will look for the video and Reg's writeup and add to this.
  13. If you're looking to unload the parts I might be interested. Thanks Bill
  14. I'm assuming Beach Hunter ID model. About 10 years old I'd guess. Here's link to reviews referring to issues with coil float. For $100 would probably be a good deal. http://metaldetectorreviews.net/detectors/12-1-beachhunterid.html
  15. After a rather long hiatus (knee replacement) I finally was getting out to do a little detecting this weekend and found that my pinpointer had decided to go on a walkabout. Over the past few months I’ve directed several forum members to opportunities to purchase a TRX and now I needed to find one for me. Not an easy task. There is a used one on Ebay right now with bid already over $200 with five days yet to go….. OK, to the point of this post. Searching around I did stumble across a site selling TRX’s for $55 ea for a lot of 10 pieces, with about $150 for shipping (~$70 ea). Normally I would just move on assuming that this is more Alibaba/Aliexpress knockoffs but I decided to do a little more looking around. They list a fairly wide range of detectors and brands, including a number of MineLab models. My understanding has been that MineLab is very aggressive in shutting down dealers carrying counterfeits. Doing some online searching I didn’t find specific mention of counterfeit TRX’s, though plenty of discussion of Whites detectors, particularly the GMT. The Goldbug 2 and GPX 4500 were also quite popular. Here’s my questions. Do you think there is a possibility this may be a legitimate dealer? Last fall just after White’s announced their closing there were some dealers who were discounting their inventory before Garrett said they would be covering warranty issues. Does MineLab truly aggressively go after dealers selling counterfeits? How much mark-up is there on detectors, and could this be a dealer who is not following the pricing “covenant” or functioning as a middleman to smaller dealers? I will admit that prior to retirement I might have thought about taking a fly at these just for the hell of it, I’ve certainly taken bigger gambles (and losses) on gold stocks. At worst I may have been able to unload them as fakes that work as well as other pinpointers that sell in the $50 range – or just another bad stock investment. There’s always that risk when we buy anything used on EBay, Craigslist, Treasure Classifieds, TreasureNet , etc.,(i.e. the TDI SL I recently bought that wouldn’t ground balance and hopefully can be repaired), and I question the number of “new” gpx4500’s I’ve been seeing pop up in ads lately (really, how many people are going to buy one and then sell it unused at a significant discount?). Well, I’ll keep looking and hopefully a reputable dealer will find some hidden in their stockroom.
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