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  1. Got it! Loved it! It broke after 4 hrs. Intermittent shutdowns. Sending to Fisher for a new one. I am oddly missing it.....
  2. Johnnysalami1957

    Silver Sabre - What Do You Folks Think?

    Yeah I picked it up for 100.00 and it's like new. Must have been in a closet for years with no battery in it. Works good easy to play around with. I let the seller keep the pinpointer. Found a nickle in my front yard already so I'm slowly paying it back!
  3. I found a Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax, the old one with the red pinpoint button. Has a 8" coil and looks to be in good shape 150.00 with a cheesy pinpointer. Any thoughts for making it a backseat toy? Update! I got it for 100 bucks and it's like brand new! My wife grabbed it and now it's hers. I put a fiber lower rod on it with a nylon coil bolt and it works great. She has a treasure pro and this is lighter for her and easier to operate. It's the small box one Steve like the modern silver uMax.But with an all metal pinpoint button and a threshold control. I'm trying to talk my sister out of her unused Compadre but for some reason it likes the closet at her house.
  4. Johnnysalami1957

    Fisher F-Pulse Versus Garrett Carrot

    I received my F Pulse today. I'm very impressed with it's performance over the Garrett pinpointers. Programming is a bit trying at first but I favor it over the Garrett products.And it fits well in the hand. The tip detection is far superior and it has at least 1.5" further detection depth on small targets.
  5. Johnnysalami1957

    Flutie Tones

    I came off the Deus and Tesoro Outlaw. I love the E800 but I'm underwhelmed with the lack of snap in the tone of a target. I'm sure I'll get used to the softness and do better with this machine. I really want the 6" coil though to get around in the tight spots around playground equipment.
  6. Johnnysalami1957

    X-terra 705 Beach Finds 06-05-18

    Good find's! And best wishes for your Mother.
  7. Johnnysalami1957

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    I've been carrying an extra 50 lbs or so for years. You'd think by now I would figure it out!
  8. Johnnysalami1957

    Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    I gotz mines yesterday!!! Box was hurt a bit but everything is good. Didn't get a chance after work to play but today I will assemble and charge it up. Went out with the Tesoro Bandit to trashland and grabbed .53 cents. I'm going to check the same spot and see how it goes with the Nox. Should be fun if I can keep the sightseers at bay.
  9. Johnnysalami1957

    A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    I don't think that's how Minelab takes it apart!
  10. Johnnysalami1957

    Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    Mine is coming on Monday! YAY! Pre ordered a 6" coil and lower rod too! Richard from Backwoods Metal Detectors in TN. took great care of me. Traded in the Deus, ordered the NOX and had it in a month. Got the military discount too.
  11. Johnnysalami1957

    Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    Darn, it's back to those X-Ray specs!
  12. Johnnysalami1957

    Another Reason Why

    Of course. You can't steal from the government!
  13. Johnnysalami1957

    Sometimes It Just Dumb Luck

    I've been detecting many years. I've found my share of silver coins in parks in the 70s and 80s. Haven't done much beach detecting because of geography. I have found 3 nice 14k wedding bands and a dumpsters worth of trash. You think that if I send you my coil you can rub it on your head and I'll pay the shipping both ways? Great find and good for you! I never go out looking for something, and never come back disappointed.
  14. Johnnysalami1957

    Oldest Message In A Bottle Found

    When I was a young kid I searched for the perfect bottle to put a message in. I spent all day finding one and cleaning it. Then I wrote a long detailed message and carefully rolled it up in plastic and sealed it in the bottle with a cork then dipped the end in wax. The next day I went down to the Hackensack River and dreaming of someone finding it many years later fascinated me. I went to the waters edge and with closed eyes threw the bottle with all my might. One second later it hit a rock and exploded into pieces. I got a metal detector after that and now I'm fascinated by what I might find years later. Bottles are for holding liquids.