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  1. Yeah well as in inherently curious person, I was wondering when someone will design a smart phone app that makes your smart phone into a virtual metal detector. Might use a coil like the X35 on a carbon fiber shaft bluetooth connected or USB "c" connected. My Galaxy S10 + certainly has more than the processing power and ram required to do the job. Bluetooth headphone capable, gps, you name it. Just thinking again Johnny
  2. Sorry if I posed old material. It is the second of two videos. If it is please delete post. Johnny
  3. More Minelab drama. Yay! https://www.minelab.com/usa/vanquish
  4. It sucks that they couldn't leave with some dignity to their followers. My Tesoro's are worth ZERO along with the fact that my newly acquired Makro Multi Kruzer's price just dropped 15% a month after I bought it doesn't please me. I never buy things like this thinking they are any kind of investment but I ain't buying any more machines in the foreseeable future unless they are Minelabs. They really hit the market hard with the Equinox series. I can see Whites folding in the not too distant future too. Sad because I was raised on Whites machines. Survival of the fittest I reckon.
  5. Nice press release. Next time don't do it in the bathroom of the Holiday Inn.
  6. Nice job. When I used to mod playstations and xboxes I used very fine wire wrap wire. Might be easier in the reassembly due to the tight location of the components. I used liquid electrical tape also with a modeling brush also for ease and simplicity. https://www.amazon.com/Gardner-Bender-07315001126-LTB-400-Electrical/dp/B000FPAN2K https://www.adafruit.com/product/1446
  7. I thought I found a meteorite, but it was a meteowrong
  8. What I did was to get the most expensive machine that I could, got disappointed, and continued to dig. I have found lots of treasures, some had value many didn't. I guess you can say that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Now that I'm a lot older it's just the act of hunting that satisfies the need. Buy one machine first and both try it while the other retrieves. See if you really like it and go from there. Equinox 600 is a good place to start. It has a good price point for what you get and is easy to use, light weight and waterproof. Have fun and stick with it. If you get disappointed put it down for awhile and try again later. I've been doing it for 45 years on and off and I still love to go out with my wife and dig and discuss life. And how much she spends on Amazon. She has her own machine now so we can be together and go on our our adventures at the same time. It's fun!
  9. Could be the leftover material removed from a Wintergreen Lifesaver. The part they take out to make the hole in the middle. If your worried pump the handle full of black silicone and then put it back on the shaft. ?
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