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  1. My thinking is that no more big box machines. Just use their multi frequency tech and put it in their machines. No real interest in heavy single frequency machines anymore. Good for Whites owners if they honor the warranty on machines already sold within the warranty period. And maintain some parts for other machines.
  2. Why not glue in aluminum foil as a physical shield? Metal is used all time in electronics for shielding. And foil is very malleable too. Wrap the outside of the pod and see if it works!
  3. Hate to say they this, David but NJ is NOT metal detector friendly at all. I hope you have lots of friends and get permissions, or get used to the sand at the shore. You can get a permit for a state park but you can't really legally recover anything. Every town I have been in says no because of destruction of public property and you get dirty looks from the parents in the wood chipped tot lots. And I was taking the trash and making sure the ground was as nice or better after I left. It's okay to trash a park with litter and destruction to playground equipment though. Nobody seems to care abou
  4. Auto Zone or any auto parts store. will have plastic panel hardware. It may not look the same but will work fine. Look in the HELP isle.
  5. Maybe the plastic is too hard and being work hardened further by usage. Try a heat gun on the assembled lower rod and coil ears to relieve the stress at the connection point.
  6. Harder scratches softer. Can push harder soil against the target and scratch it also like sandpaper. Prob won't hold up well in the long run. Excellent execution of the tool! I just dig further away and under a target if I don't want to hurt but still manage to damage some targets. Just have fun everyday!
  7. Brings me back to my days with the V3i where I spent more times trying to fix what I broke than detecting! I hope someday all you have to do is turn the machine on, sweep the coil a few times hit the optimize button and detect! I'm losing brain cells at this point.
  8. I ordered the small round coil and a lower shaft today from Colonial Detectors today. I'll get back to you all how it goes.
  9. My hand can't take the straight handle pressure anymore. But the arm and wrist stay straight now and I just use my weight to cut down into the soil. Just for shallow stuff. This scoops dirt as well. The blade stays sharp but needs some WD-40 once and awhile due to the high carbon content. I like the other diggers but I went for comfort.
  10. I made this awhile ago and has helped me tremendously. High carbon Japanese steel and 1/2 iron pipe to the angle of my wrist. Attached with silicate bronze rod. Slices cut with a 4 1/2 " cutoff wheel and sharpened on one side to make it easy to resharpen. Blade is 11"
  11. It's simple. Open the owners manual and look for the phone number of the closest service center and call them. I can assure you that no one here despite the many different machines we own, promote one machine over another. They all have a different or overlapping role in the hobby. I'm sorry you are having issues with your machine. Don't make more issues with the people that try to help you.
  12. The machine will still be deeper. You just won't see an ID or accurate depth reading and be less chatty. Is what I'm getting. ID stability and depths have been changed back to the same levels of version 2.68. This will NOT affect the overall depth and sensitivity of the device.
  13. My Whites service center told me Whites waterproof detectors work well. Just don't get them wet!
  14. My rule of thumb with a consumer electronics that after 10 years buy a new one!
  15. Happy Fathers day Steve! I hope your eyeballs are doing better.
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