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  1. Wouldn't more junk targets be lumped in with good targets with a compressed scale. I'm used to the Whites -90 +90 VDI scale.
  2. Well for years I've been thinking that there is no valid above the ground canned demonstrations of a detectors "capabilities". Including Montes nail board test. There are no targets in the field that even come close to any of these comparisons. I'll go as far as to say test gardens don't replicate targets that have been in natural ground for many years. You can't apply exact science to these machines due to the variables. You can apply math, physics. in the design of these machines. But someone can follow a D2 with a Compadre and find a target the D2 missed due to just an improper swing. Like the quarter under the foil demo. When's the last time anyone saw that while detecting. You want to really do a demo. Hook up a coil to a robotic arm so everyone can replicate the exact same thing. Coil speed, height angle etc. I'm getting a D2 for one reason, the weight. The adjustments are secondary because I'm not interested in fiddling to get a better result that may change with each swing of the coil. Sure it would be great if we could see into the ground, but for every target passed over because it may be bad, is a potential loss of a good target. Geez when did this start not being fun and so analytical for the small % of people that use these pro features. It's like the side effects of medicine. Not all will experience them and they vary in everyone. Sorry for the run on but this used to be more fun and informative.
  3. Well did you get the machine? We want to hear all about it!
  4. I think that all this work to take care of your battery probably doesn't change the amount of time or performance through the life of the battery anyway. Nobody has mentioned any performance or longevity % difference in these procedures. I'm not going to obsess over a battery that I can replace. I just use a commercial battery charger/conditioner or the factory battery advice and never noticed any problems with batteries. My 5 year old chromebook battery stays plugged in 24/7 and still has a 10 hr battery life. Damn my lawnmower battery lasted 10 years without any maintenance. IMHO have fun with your metal detector find cool stuff.
  5. With the recent freezing developments in D2 I'm in no rush to buy one now, or a Legend for a few months. I'll let someone else beta test for me. Not in and rush to be sending things back and forth for fixes.
  6. Maybe do not let the remote boot fully if the coil is out of range.
  7. These were 2" down in Tennessee red clay. Everyone is obsessed with depth. Buy a backhoe! The larger the coin the slower it will sink due to its surface area. In face they can rise on occasion. I regret selling my Silver Saber Umax. And my Bandito. I still have a Compadre which I use often for curb strips.
  8. Sold My E800 and Simplex to save up for a Deus II. Took out my old Whites Treasure Pro, set to high trash with sens all the way up and found these in the backyard! Sometimes simple is a good thing. Dead quiet except for these dimes and memorial pennies. Got a 1950 Quarter the other day and another Merc too.
  9. I'm thinking all metal detectors chirp, pop, buzzz or some sort of noise that makes you look!
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