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  1. Johnnysalami1957

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    When someone asks me what I'm looking for I tell them years.
  2. Johnnysalami1957

    White’s I Need A Senior Citizen Detector

    Don't forget the 10% off senior citizens discount!
  3. Johnnysalami1957

    TDI Beach Hunter Finds Odd Snorkel Of Some Type

    Doctors actually did that to try and resuscitate drowning victims!
  4. Johnnysalami1957

    TDI Beach Hunter Finds Odd Snorkel Of Some Type

    From one angle I'd say it was a CRACK pipe.
  5. Johnnysalami1957

    My Expanded Case For 3 Tones

    I tried this today and I liked it.
  6. Johnnysalami1957

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    I think Minelab made some butts tighten up a bit and if they don't deliver a product that is at least as good they're gonna be in real trouble.
  7. Johnnysalami1957

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    Just wanted to to tell the forum that I received my machine back from Tesoro repair department with a handwritten note stated what issues it had and that it was repaired. I reversed the credit card dispute and I don't know what's up with them. Godspeed to Tesoro I hope they can work out their business issues.
  8. Johnnysalami1957

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    Well after repeated attempts to contact all departments at Tesoro with no response. I filed a credit card dispute for the items I purchased and a repair since I don't know if they are sending my machine back to me. In all honesty if Tesoro wanted to go out on a positive note they should reflect on their website their situation or at least tell people that have their machines or money tied up with them. If they are selling the company they could at least state corporate restructuring. And to what capacity someone is going to do repairs either under warranty of fee based.
  9. I played golf once. I stepped on a rake and hit two good balls!
  10. Johnnysalami1957

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    Great, I sent my machine in last week to be checked out and now nobody picks up the phone or gets back to me.
  11. Johnnysalami1957

    Pointer That Works Well With Nox. Need Suggestions.

    I think you are overthinking the pinpointing thing. Just relax be patient and X the target. Make a mental note on a point on the soil where you get the strongest signal. The NOX has a dual bar graph that will help you and can also ratchet down to a smaller area. Then use the handheld pinpointer on that spot on the soil before digging and in close proximity to it. It may zero right in on your target and give you a really close dig point. Using the handheld digging tool dig a 3" crescent shape 3/4ths around and as deep as you can go then pry up the soil and see if you have your target. Or using a hand weeding tool or a screwdriver just pop it out of the soil. Sometimes your treasure will slip down to the bottom. Continue to use the handheld until you find it. Sometimes small old rusted away things disappear. But if something gives a good signal it's there. Usually something very tiny that moves around. Or you might have already taken it out of the hole and tossed it off to the side like an earring back. Other times its a large deep target that shows a strong small signal that you have to decide to dig down for. When I'm in an untraveled area, field or a place where finesse doesn't come into play bring a slim shovel and just scoop it out. Swing the coil over the pile you removed and go from there. Use a scoop when beach hunting an always position the scoop before the target and at an angle that you would most likely intersect it. Sand is another animal so be more patient. I never really used a handheld for most of my recovery because they weren't invented yet. Now I can't live without it. I saves time, labor and is kinder to the area you are recovering from. This method must be used on nicely kept lawns Please cover your tracks always and pick up and discard the trash. I find that picking up even litter goes a long way in this hobby when people see you policing the area. It's the right thing to do anyway. This hobby is for enjoyment. If you get frustrated you're gonna have a closet queen detector. If I find myself getting obsessive and disappointed I head for the car. I see lots of people finding really nice things on here. I used to find crazy silver in the 70s and 80s. I Only actually found one fantastic gold and diamond bracelet and a few wedding bands. Been very dry for the last 2 years but that's how it goes. So slow down relax enjoy the scenery. Let your mind wander and listen to what the machine is telling you. It'll happen don't worry. Good Luck!
  12. Johnnysalami1957

    Pointer That Works Well With Nox. Need Suggestions.

    Lol. Nothing. Just that pinpointing sometimes is a mystical process. Dig we must!
  13. Johnnysalami1957

    Do You Listen To The Ground Or Hear Targets?

    I try to listen to.......and use the force.....
  14. Johnnysalami1957

    Pointer That Works Well With Nox. Need Suggestions.

    Sorry, I couldn't help it.....
  15. Johnnysalami1957

    Roman Coin Cache - News

    Figures, no metal detector needed......