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  1. I had a post up a couple days ago. Adorama Camera carries them 254.00 no tax and free shipping. If someone wants one they are out there for the advertised price.
  2. Great news! A member spotted it and would like to take the deal. He has purchased from me before and likes the analog machines.
  3. Hate to say this. I have a Tesoro Outlaw two years old in perfect clean shape with 6" and 8" coils on separate rods. AND a brand new Makro pinpointer that I can't get 150.00 for everything. Been trying to sell it but all I hear is I'll give you 100.00 and that's it. Can't really blame them but I'm over 400.00 into it and I'd rather keep it than sell it away for that. Aggravates me everytime I look at it.
  4. George, Just slow down a bit and get to know the detector. Everybody has most of the same issues as you except the noise cancelling thing you mentioned. There is no machine that just sees desirable targets. Many targets show good when they are trash and that's all there is to it. If you recover 1 good target for every 10 bad ones you're doing good. Don't get discouraged it's a hobby not a sport to get rich with. Take a look at the Minelab 705, Nokta Simplex machine or Minelab Equinox 600. There are many easy to use machines out there new and used. However there is no "best" machine that will find only good things. Learn the machine, research the area to increase your target finds and be patient. Good luck! John
  5. Looks like the beginning of the X files!
  6. Sounds like a personal issue. Try some anti-antiperspirant in your ears. Sarcasm!
  7. And don't forget about the "lifetime" warranty, LOL!
  8. Yeah well as in inherently curious person, I was wondering when someone will design a smart phone app that makes your smart phone into a virtual metal detector. Might use a coil like the X35 on a carbon fiber shaft bluetooth connected or USB "c" connected. My Galaxy S10 + certainly has more than the processing power and ram required to do the job. Bluetooth headphone capable, gps, you name it. Just thinking again Johnny
  9. Sorry if I posed old material. It is the second of two videos. If it is please delete post. Johnny
  10. More Minelab drama. Yay! https://www.minelab.com/usa/vanquish October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  11. It sucks that they couldn't leave with some dignity to their followers. My Tesoro's are worth ZERO along with the fact that my newly acquired Makro Multi Kruzer's price just dropped 15% a month after I bought it doesn't please me. I never buy things like this thinking they are any kind of investment but I ain't buying any more machines in the foreseeable future unless they are Minelabs. They really hit the market hard with the Equinox series. I can see Whites folding in the not too distant future too. Sad because I was raised on Whites machines. Survival of the fittest I reckon.
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