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  1. Price drop 90 shipping included
  2. Sourdough Moe

    For Sale Nf Evo & Ml Coils

    15 inch evo sold to Mike C
  3. Nugget finder evo 15 $350 used one trip NF Evo 14x9 $350 just used for testing NF Sadie 8x6 $200 brand new minlab commander 15x12 mono never used $180 minelab commander 11 dd never used $100 will consider offers and possible trades
  4. Sourdough Moe

    Wanted Le Trap Sluice

    i have one thats been cut too for 60 plus shipping
  5. Sourdough Moe

    Gold 12ppm

    hard rock vein context, it was tested in 1990 might have not been worth it to them at the time maybe i should stake it?
  6. Sourdough Moe

    Dredge Juice

    in theory once the 2/12 inch hose is filled with water and the pump pushes all that purssuer wont it run well enough for my high-banker combo
  7. Sourdough Moe

    Dredge Juice

    heres more information
  8. Sourdough Moe

    Dredge Juice

    so my little 2 stroke 8 hp fireman's pump puts out a lot of pressure but not enough gpm to run a 2.5 inch nozzle?
  9. Sourdough Moe

    Gold 12ppm

    well the asay was done in 1990 and the finding was 12ppm au and 10ppm silver
  10. Sourdough Moe

    Gold 12ppm

    is gold at 12ppm not worth it or is it good ?
  11. Sourdough Moe

    Zed Strangest Target

    Yup that there you see is strange must be meteorite nugget you can see all the holes when it entered the atmosphere. im only kidding nice nugget!
  12. Sourdough Moe

    The Winner For The Rock Book Is

    Thanks for the opportunity this book is go to help and will educate me thanks.