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  1. If you have a Google Shopping account, supposedly you can get another 20% off if you buy it through Google with code NOVSAVE19. Ends Dec 1. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?q=discovery+1100+metal+detector&prds=epd:13270720596415171240,prmr:3,pid:13270720596415171240,tpim:CLXss-ucxsnmlgEQpNadjcTD5dDIARiwsMMoIgNVU0Qo8PSg7wUw65reOw,pdprs:5&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&utm_campaign=125275499&gclid=Cj0KCQiAt_PuBRDcARIsAMNlBdoxM-hOop2DOdXYlKAJ7ZiEDnOJofQEibEKm8cFCdy5Fu1InGhNONIaAs7qEALw_wcB
  2. It's now 85 bucks. https://www.costco.com/first-texas-products-metal-detector-discovery-3300.product.100471039.html
  3. I get it now. I watched a Tony Eisenhower video, in which he air tested a bunch of rings. The TID of 14.7 gram 24K mens ring came up as 33 and that surprised him. https://youtu.be/SsgspduZA_8?t=862
  4. 24K gold will have a TID on the NOX like a quarter or even higher, like silver.
  5. How many crabs have you dug up using your Nox? I've dug up 4 of those toe pinching speckled crabs so far. lol
  6. with the narrow (-9 - 40) VDI? Could Minelab update the Nox with a full range VDI? Couldn't that possibly help with discrimination of bottle caps?
  7. Found it detecting on a beach on Long Island. It's got some weight to it but not like if it were made out of iron. It's not magnetic. I didn't clean out all the sand stuck to it.
  8. So I did the update. Copper pennies are now 24-25, same as dimes. Zinc pennies are still 21.
  9. Very nice! So does gold give a ferrous signal down deep? I hunt on the beach 99% of the time. The beach was dredged last year and there's a lot of iron. Am I to dig every ferrous signal?
  10. Thanks guys, I called Minelab and Jaime said to ship the control unit to them.
  11. Thanks for the reply Dubious. I have tried the factory reset and the coil cable is on right...the unit starts up (while charging) when the coil cable is not attached but then it shuts off. I bought it from Cabellas because I had a $200 gift card...and it was drop shipped from Minelab in Illinois. I'll give them a call tomorrow. I feel like a little kid on Christmas who just got the toy he wished for...but it doesn't work. I got gypped! lol
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