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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-Detecting-Tool-Hunter-Rake-Beach-Sand-Stainless-Steel-Treasure-/142775379385
  2. Another awesome hunt Joe! One thing I always wonder, any issues with bull sharks in your waters?
  3. Met an older gent out beach detecting back in January. He was just digging around in the dry sand using a small homemade scoop. I went over to chat and see what detector he was using. It was some home modified beat frequency detector. Had no idea what beat freq was til I got home and googled it. lol He told me he had been detecting for over 50 years. Him and his buddies used to do things like raking the beach and digging deep holes when the beach was sanded in to get to the gold jewelry. I asked him where he sold his gold and he said he took it to a Jewish fella in the Manhattan jewelry district. I asked how much he paid for the gold and he replied 2 points under spot price. I was surprised he was getting such a good deal and told him the best I saw was a refinery online that paid 5 points under spot. He replied...well, I get that price because I sell to him by the pound. They don't call it the good ol' days for nothing. lol
  4. Looks like the Apex is as good as my Nox at finding lots and lots of junk. lol
  5. Interesting. Why didn't he use a dime instead of that token?
  6. Sorry to hear about the cable issue, glad it got fixed. Looking forward to your evaluation.
  7. Great videos as usual OBN. Say you have 4 identical rings but made in 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. Which one will a detector pick up the furthest?
  8. I cut about half inch off the lower shaft of my 800 and was able to get all the parts inside my carryon. The lower shaft had to go in diagonally.
  9. Which buttons and in what sequence do you press them...to beam up the target from the ground into your hand? 😁
  10. Looks like Treasuredepot is no more. πŸ™
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