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  1. The 800, although more complicated, offers you more flexibility over the 600. That's a good thing even if you're a new owner. Best way to start detecting your yard, without losing your mind, is in stages. First detect and recover dimes and quarters. Set the detector to 5 tones. On the 800 you can adjust the Tone Break. When I'm out hunting for coins in a location that has a very large amount of targets, I extend my t3 Tone Break from 10-20 to 10-24 by using the + button. I then go into the advanced Volume setting and lower the volume to 0 for t2 and t3, also lower the iron volume (t1) to 10. Doing this will only allow iron (t1) and VID numbers 25 and up to generate a sound. You'll also detect some copper pennies as well. Most trash will also be ignored but not all...such as aluminum siding/flashing, copper piping. I prefer doing it this way rather than by manually discriminating individual VID numbers because IMO, it makes the target signals less clipped off sounding. After you clean out the copper pennies, dimes, quarters, aluminum and copper bits and maybe some silver...you can return the t3 tone break back to 10-20. Next raise the volume of t3 (VID 10-20) back to 25. Now you can clean out targets that were earlier ignored between 10 and 24...like nickles, zinc pennies, a lot of trash and maybe some jewelry. Once you've cleaned out those targets, raise the volume of t1 back up to 25 and detect everything left in the yard. Here's a link to the 800's manual so you can see how to access the advanced settings. Page 50 explains how to adjust the tone break (do that first) and page 43 explains how to adjust tone volume. https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/414877/4901-0249-6 Inst. Manual, EQUINOX 600 800 EN WEB.pdf
  2. Only complaint with the crutches is the handle is different than the one shown in the Ebay photo and is a little shorter than the one he used but I couldn't find a pair of crutches like he's using on US Ebay. So I'll have to think something up. Next is a remote PP button and a Plano waterproof box.
  3. Got it off Ebay from a gent in California. I also got an amp for it and it works pretty good for 22 bucks off Amazon. And a straight shaft which fits the lower Minelab shaft almost perfectly for 20 bucks off Ebay. Got the idea for the straight shaft from those crazy Aussies!
  4. Thanks Steve for the link. I remember seeing a chart somewhere, I figured you posted it cause you're like a depository of MD knowledge.
  5. Hey Steve, I think I remember seeing you post a conductor vs frequency chart. Would you be able to post it again please?
  6. Don't know if this has been posted before but worth watching. Gets good at the 3:30 mark.
  7. Am I missing something here? Most finds don't appear very deep, yet the Minelabs couldn't find any gold but the AQ did?
  8. You foreigners really know how to kill a joke. ☚ī¸ LOL
  9. Just noticed my post got posted up at midnight. So I had to edit it. lol
  10. A lil birdie told me the release date is soon. 22 days from today to be exact. 😉
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