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  1. It's amazing how quickly one can pay for a dector with shallow water finds. I study The Markets a bit and several Billionares are predicting silver at $100, gold at $3,000 and Bitcoin $220,000 this year! Minelab Excaliburs have always found the most big gold and platinum for me in the sea, in the least time on treasure hunting vacations. But in some conditions the Excal meets it's match (like in black sand) and over the years I have tried every waterproof machine old and new, looking for something to either beat or partner with the Excalibur. The 3030 can't, nor the Equinox, BH TDI or ATX. The closest was the Infinium, as I found both the Excal and Infinium loved big gold in the sea and made a good combo for conditions encountered. But Garrett dropped the Infinium. The NOX hits gold chains, but I gave up looking for small gold in the sea, because one must concentrate harder to hear every tiny signal, which mostly turns out to be junk. I find more spending my time looking for bigger gold pieces. (Hey ML, as I've mentioned many times... Design a more compact modern version of the Excalibur. "WINNER!" I could offer my vision and what features not needed) 🙂 I sure hope an updated version of the AQ gets released this year. Oh, I got excited about the NOX as a travel machine and managed to get one of the first available through Cabelas of all places! The NOX is good and finds gold, but it's no Excalibur and 3 600s flodded on me in shallow water. When I search for the AQ I've only looked at videos and to see if it's available. I've really not read Limited reviews, but gather they're not glowing? Like the NOX I was hooked on the claimed AQ abilities. Have no idea if the hype is true, but can see how the AQ might find more gold. At first I wanted the Limited, despite knowing it was "Limited". I was hooked line and sinker. I'm glad I didn't get one as 3' waterproof is questionable for me anyway. I'm always looking for a better mouse trap and when/if the improved AQ becomes available, can't wait to get my hands on one! Same for the AQ gold version!
  2. Supposedly I was on the list for a Limited, but there must not have been enough machines to go around? At this point I have lost total interest in experimenting with the Limited. However when/if the revised model is released, as a traveling shallow water treasure hunter, I'm all in! For what it's worth: We currently have the Impulse Limited which does have a waitlist. The second revision of this model is scheduled for release in April of this year. That is all the information they’ve provided to me at this point. Regards. ARTURO BARRIENTOS Sales Support First Texas Products ... just received this email response today: 2/1/21
  3. Hoping I got on the list for an AQ Limited as I inquired with Rick. If not I can wait for the final production. Perhaps some of you PI guys can chime in. Obviously the Impulse depths on gold rings is fantastic and like many here can envision the potential. I do not know how the FCC regulates detectors, but was wondering about the early Whites TDI Pro. I'm told by someone very knowledgeable the TDI Pro hits gold rings 20 inches easy. Whatever the depth it's impressive. I do not know why Whites stopped TDI Pro production- perhaps design Rights? Then Whites produced the SL and later the TDI BeachHunter, neither of which have the power of the TDI Pro. My friend says not even close. I currently have a TDI BH. So why did the raw power of the TDI Pro go away? Did FCC regulation require watering down? Or again to do with design Rights? I'm asking because does the AQ Limited being so powerful meet FCC regulations? Might actual production units be a bit less powerful? I suppose not, but perhaps I should cross my fingers I make the Limited list? There was a time I wanted a TDI Pro for deep gold rings and couldn't get one and ended up with the less powerful/still fun TDI BH.
  4. Took a chance and bought these waterproof Equinox headphones off EEEE Bay for a fast approaching Caribbean shallow water hunt. They're from Hungary! I even wondered if I would get them in time as the estimated shipping delivery date was more than 2 weeks! All the ML retailers I contacted keep telling me 4 weeks for ML waterproof phones and it seems it was 4 weeks 4 weeks ago. I'm also told the GG phones will be out soon too. But I needed wp phones for my trip now and to my surprise they were delivered in 2 days! Amazing and I will test them later. At least I can now take an Equinox on my trip!
  5. Well that didn't last long! I would still watch their site as they may get more available/ in. I tried sharing and can't believe I snagged one there!
  6. My dealer friend discovered his allotment of Equinox detectors was far less than he thought and now my 2 800s will be delayed. I still want to take an Equinox on an upcoming Caribbean trip, so started shopping around on the web for one. Especially after Carter (Detector Comparisons- YouTube) and Drayton (ML Blog) demonstrated how good the Equinox is detecting gold/gold chains in saltwater! I have no idea how long this Equinox source will be available for/dry-up, but thought I would share this info for those of you wanting an Equinox now and are not yet on a waiting list. Of all places to find an Equinox 800 or 600 for sale..... Cabela's online website! That's right the 600 and 800, FREE SHIPPING and no waiting list! It seems Cabela's has made a deal with Minelab to drop-ship. I had my doubts, but what the heck and placed my order 2 days ago. Cabela's indicated it could take up to 7 days for the manufacturer to ship and guess what? ... I just checked online at Cabela's today and my Equinox has shipped! So for now, this is the no waiting list real deal and thought I would share with all not on the list for an Equinox. So if you want an Equinox better get to Cabela's website now! You're welcome, but do not blame me if this source dries up!!!
  7. Our Caribbean travel group have 8 units on order! We're hoping the NOX is good enough to replace our Excaliburs. Especially since it seems to behave so well in wet salt sand in the video. I would like to see it performing waist deep in saltwater. But things are sure looking good. I have already designed a customized NOX travel bag for myself to carry 2 detectors and 2 sets of waterproof headphones- Oh speaking of which again, ML told me to order water phones now! Last time I inquired no dealer had a clue about the waterproof headphone availability and why I called ML. Mine are on order So I can test NOX underwater as soon as possible. I did everything possible to obtain an Equinox this month for our Jan 16th trip. 7 days in the sea for many hours daily would be a great test, and I expect the NOX to shine! If not this trip will test next months trip, or when released. As nice as the Equinox looks and hopefully will be for all our needs, it would be even better were it a folding design. Imagine just folding an Equinox up and sticking it in your backpack!!! The worst thing possibly about the Equinox will be... everyone will have or want one and there will be less treasure to find!!!! Kidding obviously!
  8. It's good to make a manual available with product availability. Still the nice lady at ML said the manual would be posted on their site, on the release date. Perhaps saying late January does not count as the release date? Oh well, like I said previously I was hoping to take a NOX to Caribbean to test in the sea for 7 days. I wanted to read the manual because it looked like my ML dealer friend might have to pack my NOX to the Caribbean, as there might not be time to first ship it to me for test garden familiarization. I wanted to at least be able to study the manual. I've given up on the idea of getting to test the NOX this trip. But anything is still possible.
  9. Really... when one purchases a detector a comprehensive manual should be included- That's Smart. Garrett has printed nice pocket manuals/field guides as not everyone is an expert. But I guess when some businesses have too much business, they can get away with less customer service. Like some Box stores do. Soon there will be no customer service anywhere and the new generation will not even care. One will just have to figure it out on your own. Perhaps not providing a manual is a way to save money and reduce the price of the detector? Or perhaps too many languages are required for print? Obviously it's modern to use your computer/print one out. I still prefer a real factory printed manual I can touch, one well written and one to show some foreign customs official/cop... what I have in my suitcase. Another reason for not printing a manual might be because of future used machine upgrades via USB? Then the printed manual might become outdated? Quite possible the NOX is so easy no manual is needed and a child could run it? So it sounds like ML did not include manuals for field testers? The testers just had to figure it out? I just find it difficult to believe the Equinox manual is not finished at this point. When I called ML I was told on the Release date the manual would also be posted. Well that did not happen and at this point no longer care. Reading the manual would have been fun while waiting for my machines- a way to familiarize beforehand. Most likely I will not even need a manual to figure the NOX out.
  10. Funny, but kind of true. Deliberate or not by ML, brilliant NOX... Ach mein Furher... Ich meine "Equinox" marketing! So many willing to part $ for an unseen product- Brilliant!
  11. Since the NOX battery is built in, serious treasure hunters will be interested in back-up power sources. Lets say a gold nugget hunter spends 2 weeks in the AK Bush... having power options, including possibly Solar could be a real solution for the NOX. How much back-up power will have to be determined. Does one want just emergency power or enough power on reserve for 10 full recharges? Obviously for the casual hobbyist 12 hours detecting time is plenty, unless they forget to charge the unit before heading out, in which case even the hobbyist should be interested in emergency detecting options. One reason I brought this topic up and after sourcing have 2 prototypes/mounts ready for testing. They mount well on my other machines. The only thing left is to determine how much mAh is needed for extending detecting hours say 6 hours and the mAh required for 1 full detector recharge/how long it takes. A 3rd simplistic design is a belt/pack/ molle mount for larger banks. But on the back burner until the actual provided NOX charge chord length is known and how secure the magnetic plug is. I'm envisioning a way other than electrical tape to secure that, as well as possibly sourcing longer charge cables/extensions. Obviously any typical battery bank will do, but still think NOX users would appreciate an Emergency Power kit for their NOX, and one which provides quick multiple attachment options. This has been a fun research project and I'm surprised ML has not done it already? It's amazing how many battery banks are available. Some waterproof and with solar recharge! Some with huge mAh! One thing I discovered researching is there are battery banks and there are battery banks. Some are pure junk, while others take a long time to recharge... some newer banks claim to recharge in half the time and I'm currently testing the ability of several solar banks. Should other NOX users worldwide be interested- Great. If not, I'll have my first NOX Mod.
  12. Steve, in your NOX photo is that the actual NOX magnet connect charging wire? How solid is the magnetic connection? Comes off easy or strong enough to use in the field?
  13. As a shallow water hunter who travels to hunt, I'm finding the NOX 600 attractive. First I travel with 2 machines and will need 2 sets of waterproof headphones... this as back-up. Imagine arriving at your final destination only to discover your machine quit! The price of 2 600s and 2 sets water phones is less than the price of 2 800s. ML says on a wet salt beach the prospecting mode will not work. So do I need it or any of the other 800 extra bells? Perhaps? If the NOX meets my expectations, then for the first time that I can recall, will be able to travel with a great detector (600) where it will only take 1 or 2 gold ring finds to fully pay for the machine! Which means most likely paid for on my first day in the water! OK the 800 is not that much more, but with the 600 one can almost view it as disposable! Before you all pounce on me by that I mean.... If my CTX 3030 gets broken, run over or stolen on a trip... there goes $2400! If customs or some Island cop decides to confiscate it, there goes $2,400! Were I to lose a 600, well that's far less hurt and won't cut as much into my trip profits... or add big to losses! Losing an 800 there is just a bit more ouch factor than a 600. From years experience, if something can go wrong on a trip it will. Like everything being stolen out of your room, including your passport! So I see the 600s as having less Ouch Factor for my style detecting. Plus it's not that far fetched to sell the 600s after 2 or 3 trips and replace them with new ones- just for better reliability. Now for those who need a Jack of all Trades machine, 800 all the way! Or if it turns out the 800 for some reason is better in saltwater than a 600, again the 800 wins.
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