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  1. Mx7 is a very capable detector, but for me the stock coil should have been a concentric spider coil at about 8 inches. I knew going in that I would be adding 6.5 six shooter and the 6x10 DD. I like to hunt jewelry and coins on dryland ( no ocean here). The 6x10 is used on sports fields and open areas. The 6.5 is used for around structures, tot lots, and trashy parks. The pros are: a) Power, the Mx7 is no wimp, b)Sensitivity on the fly, a must in structure hunting, C) EMI resistant, this the best I have used in my urban environment, D) battery life is over 40 hrs, E) Lots of modes and many can be customized, F) Ground balance is a snap and I use both locked and unlocked, G) Tones are great, and the # used is according to circumstance. Cons: A) Need to look at a different stock coil that is lighter, B) Come on Whites, develop a stand that puts the battery compartment off the ground.
  2. Thanks Mike! Yes the main nickel number is 20 on this machine in my mild ground. HH Cal
  3. Thanks Guys! These things are few and far in between for me.
  4. This 14kt gold band was found with a whites Mx7 in the coin & jewelry mode, with 4 gain and 6x10 inch coil. This ring hit a solid 22. Wt. 4.1grams.
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