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  1. I think its a great time, equipment wise, for people to be entering the hobby. Its too bad the weather disasters have killed the resale market and eliminated the buy & try & trade-up market in the USA. Garrett rode the ACE for a long time, followed by the AT series. First Texas rode the T2 for a long time along with the F75. Whites rode the MXT for a long time. Now....it looks as if it may be Nokta/Makro's turn. We will see. Will be fun to watch. I think the big difference for me is I no longer feel obligated to buy & try anymore. I'm set and happy, equipment wise, for the foreseeable future. HH Mike
  2. phrunt.....that Le-Trap is a different design....square vs round...... Hmmm.... HH Mike
  3. No, you are right, Steve. Just developer feedback on the Aqua Manta. Tantalizing feedback, but still just developer feedback. HH Mike
  4. Well....not exactly new, but new to me. My wife was thrift shopping yesterday and picked me up an old used Estwing 12" steel gold pan as a surprise gift. I was happy that she recognized it and bought it for me and I think its pretty a cool pan. I normally use a green plastic pan but I think it will be cool to swirl a metal pan. She wants to see it in action. She "suggested" I go pour some gold into some yard dirt and pan it out and see how I liked it. I "suggested" that we go out Sunday morning to a local spot and see how it works on fresh gold. She then suggested we wait and do a road trip and make it a long weekend thing......oooh......better and better.... I have no idea how it will turn out but I'll let you know. HH Mike
  5. The MDT-8000 is getting good reviews.... The Fisher Aqua Manta is getting good reviews.... HH Mike
  6. Sorry everyone but I sold it to fund other things. Mike
  7. Pam, you didn't say where you were hunting, turf, beach or what. Here is my advice. Pick a program that you like the way the audio sounds. Lower the disc to -30. Nothing notched. Put it in 3 frequency correlate mode. Set the Correlate setting to somewhere between 5 and 10 points. The default is 20 points and that is too big....10 is good, try for 8. 8 will give more trash rejection. And then just dig whatever gives a good repeatable response. You should be able to cover ground and get your coil over more likely ring targets and skip a lot of trash. Remember that Correlate is comparing the two strongest reporting frequencies. Due to the nature of the frequency selection, one of those frequencies will always be 7.5 kHz. It is easy to correlate high conductors because 2.5 kHz is close to 7.5 kHz, however.... For low conductors, there is a greater span between 22.5 kHz and 7.5 kHz. This means its harder to correlate targets between these two frequencies. So when you use fewer correlate points it removes a lot of low conductive trash. Rings conduct a lot better than most low conductive trash so you can keep most rings responding in a narrower correlated window. Bottom line is that you cover more ground and are only hearing and digging signals that have better chances of being a ring. Hope that that helps, Good luck, Mike
  8. I'll Pre-order one next week after I put some money in the account. What happens if you don't reach your goal? HH Mike
  9. Very nice ring. Silver rings typically have semi-precious stones in them. Here is a good resource for identifying ring stones..... https://www.gemsociety.org/gemstone-encyclopedia/ Mike
  10. Sweet white gold. White gold stones are normally real. Size the stone...... Mike Diamond Carat Weight per size table.pdf
  11. Time travel?.....3K in my pocket.....take me back to 2008 just before the crash. I'd spend 40 bucks on a used tracker IV and buy stock with the rest on the day after the market crash. HH Mike
  12. Those bubblegum machine rings will eventually lead you to mom's gold, Kac . Keep at it. HH Mike
  13. I like my Gold Kruzer. I haven't had any time to write about it. HH Mike
  14. My personal view is the new F75's (plus and LTD) with the DST are so much better performers than the pre-DST models that I would be hesitant to buy one even at a coil price point. Since its a true multi-purpose detector you want all the the new modes (FAST, BOOST, & CACHE) to have in conjunction with the old ones (Default, Jewewlry, Plowed Field, and Bottle Cap). I like the F75 better than the T2 because any of the audio mode selections can be used with any of the operating modes. Its also hot on fine jewelry (read small white gold) out performing many high frequency yellow gold prospecting machines. HH Mike
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