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  1. Was looking at detector prices lately and noticed the Xterra 705 has really dropped in price for new. Kind of makes me want to go around with it again. Also noticed MarsMD offers multiple frequency coils for it now too, which is a big plus. What to do? what to do? HH Mike
  2. Thanks Jim, Price Reduced to $290 shipped. Mike
  3. Just note that the F75 only has two(2) gain settings, Low and High. The Low Gain settings are 0 to 29. The High Gain settings are 30 to 99. The numbers are actually threshold settings. You pick your Gain setting (low or high) then adjust the threshold setting for that Gain selection. I run at 0 gain quite often in order to have the smallest coil footprint the F75 can give me and still get excellent depth. I don't remember if any of this transitions over to the T2 or not. Its been a long time since I've owned a T2. HH Mike
  4. My original T2 and F75 were the same as yours. Then, what, 10 years went by and out comes DST, which made the F75 a dream machine. Also I find that sometimes the coils need to stabilize a little while, temperature wise. I get different stability from the start of the hunt as compared to about 15 minutes in. So let the coil temp adjust, then go back and freq shift. HH Mike
  5. Mike Hillis

    Fisher F75 Ferrous Tone Quirk

    ok. I must of missed it in there somewhere. HH Mike
  6. Mike Hillis

    Fisher F75 Ferrous Tone Quirk

    Steve, basically a good article. However a couple of misses .... a) ferrous in contact with non-ferrous tends to draw down the identification and can bring it down into the ferrous range of 1-15. The disc level of six works because the ferrous/non-ferrous combined TID is greater than the nail TID by itself. Tom explains that well in his posts. Its basically a post about iron masking and its affects. b) the newer F75 DST models also include a tone mode called 1N. This is a VCO tone mode that incorporated preset 'nail only' iron rejection. HH Mike
  7. Mike Hillis

    Goldmaster 24k XGB Explained

    So the XGB is basically the ATMAX's ground balance window feature automated into the 24K's ground tracking feature. That is cool as that is a good feature on the Garrett. Can you set it into the iron target range? Anotherwords can the ground balance window be set to where iron is included? Kind of like when you run your ground balance point all the way to 0 and move the iron into the ground balance hole that develops there. Or is the XGB setting window fixed to the ground only section of the phase response? it would be cool if you could throw a little iron bias into the mix. HH Mike
  8. Selling my G2+ LTD Forrest Camo model. Works great. Looks great. Comes with stock 7x11" DD coil, armstrap and original manual. $333 shipped. USPS Money Order or Paypal. Thanks Mike
  9. That is a nice hunk of gold! HH Mike
  10. Mike Hillis

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Always nice to find a match set, Mark. Looks like gold plate? HH Mike
  11. On Micro gold jewelry, the F75LTD with the 3x6 concentric and the G2+ with the 5"DD are basically equal with the nod going to the F75LTD for the Boosted audio. My impression is that the G2+ will do better on the below micro jewelry size gold. So if I extrapolate that to the T2+ vs G2+ comparison you get more detector bang for the buck with the T2+ and I would even point you to the F75+ or F75LTD for even more bank for the buck. The Fisher / Tek units have a 5 year warranty period (7-8 years in some cases) and are easily repairable out of warranty. The Equinox have a 3 year warranty period and currently no out of warranty prices are being quoted. The Equinox is new high frequency multi-frequency so its quite popular with lots of people at the moment. HH Mike
  12. Mike Hillis

    New White's 24K Used Urban Style To Find Bling

    Hi Gerry, That looks pretty decent for the regular small stuff. I imagine it would work good for the micro gold, too. Which coil was used? HH Mike
  13. Mike Hillis

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    I second that. How to say what I want to say without having to write a dissertation? Ground balancing may null your detector's response to the ground mineral as a target, but ground balancing doesn't negate the "effects" of the mineral. While design engineers employ filters to help with some of the effects, we are left to deal with the last effect on our own; when minerals push or pull the non-ferrous target response into the Fe response range. The FE304 measures the strength of the response of the ground minerals. The higher the ground mineral strength, the greater its effect on the target signal, the more it pushes the target response up or pulls the target response down, or worse yet, even mask the target response completely. The FE304 meter tells you how to react to your detector's discrimination and identification methods. When is the iron response not an iron response at all? I've hunted sites where all the shallow quarters were iron tones. The minerals were so high that they pushed the higher conductors over the top at very shallow depths. The FE304 meter lets you clue into this phenomenon on purpose, rather than discovering it by accident. The higher the FE304 graph results the more attention you pay to iron tones and your discrimination settings/patterns. The worst is when the ground masks the signal altogether. I have hunted sites where I could lay a normal 3mm BB on the ground, ground balance, then swing over the BB and raise my sensitivity setting until the BB response broke up and then went away. It was a 7.8 kHz unit in use, but still, the lesson is there....ground mineral strength affects us and the more we know about it the better we can hunt our treasures. Same hunting in salt. The higher the reading, the more gold masking you will experience. Its not just the ground balance null point you have to deal with it is also the strength of the mineral. HH Mike
  14. Mike Hillis

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    The FE304 meter is invaluable. I'll post more when I have time sometime this week. Mike
  15. Mike Hillis

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    yeah, the F75 LTD with DST fitted with the 3x6 concentric is hot hot hot. For 'tiny' target hunting I prefer it over the Goldbug Pro series. Nice mods. HH Mike