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  1. Mike Hillis

    Strange Object

    That is what is left after a troll chews a tire. Trolls chew tires like we chew bubble gum. They cough those up like an owl afterwards. I dunno shrug HH Mike
  2. Mike Hillis

    New Gold Detecting Book Nearing Completion

    That is funny, I was looking at stream data recently just recently. Look forward to adding you to the library. HH Mike
  3. Mike Hillis

    Vegas Here I Come !!

    Looking forward to hearing how you do! HH Mike
  4. Mike Hillis

    I Think This Is My First Gold Of 2019

    Thanks everyone. HH Mike
  5. Thank you for all the feed back and the pictures. I really appreciate them as I come back here and research. I really hope the GMK does good on my test target as the feature set is attractive. I'll find out in few weeks. I'm half way with the funding. HH Mike
  6. Haven't hunted much this year. I think this was my second or third outing. This is a weird site. I started hunting it back in 2004. Back then I was just starting out and was happy to get lots of clad and this site gave me a lot of clad back then. It has been stingy on jewelry but I found foreign coins there ( I like finding foreign coins) and so I'd hunt it three or four times a year. I'm not a clad snob. It pays for my battery money and I enjoy the extra hundred bucks every year. Anyway... My first gold ring from this site came out of there back in 2017. In 2018 I found another, and Sunday morning I found two more and a little silver locket. So the gold finds have been recent. Guess I should have taken a picture of the Canadian dime and 50 cent Euro coin I found too but I didn't. The first ring is small. 10K JTS hallmark. Don't know if its a diamond or a topaz. I suspect its Topaz as its white in the light. Its child size or could be tiny woman. The second ring is 14K, and looks to be part of a set. Its woman sized. The locket is .925 These were found with the Tesoro Compadre running the Cleansweep coil (I modified my Compadre so I could swap coils). Both rings were one way signals and at least half flattened. I worked them back into roundness. Anyway....I love coming home with gold in my pouch. Even better with two gold and some silver. HH Mike
  7. Mike Hillis

    I Found Jesus

    Nice gold. Is that a gold spinner ring? HH Mike
  8. Just to update,,,,come to find out the Gold Kruzer isn't really a micro jewelry detector. Small jewelry was ok, but micro jewelry was out. I know....unexpected but true. Texkenzie on Tom D' site did the testing for me and it fell flat. The EQ800 with the 6" concentric tested well, as did the ORX, but the Gold Kruzer couldn't compete. So I'm looking at Whites GM 24K, it seems to be very promising. Hopefully I'll be able to order one soon. HH Mike
  9. Hi All,Selling my Fisher Gold Bug DP. The Gold Bug DP is the Gold Bug Pro with the 11" GoldBug DD coil instead of the normal 5" coil.Excellent condition with original manual and box.I'll take $335 shipped.ORI also have three used DD accessory coils I can add to make a package deal for $535 If I sold the coils by themselves I'd ask....12x13" DD NEL Tornado - very good condition. $995x10" DD NEL Sharpshooter - well used with some marks on the cable. $75 5" DD Fisher seldom used. $99OR You can can choose an extra coil or two to go with it and we can talk price.I'll hold the package option open for a while before listing the coils separately.Sorry, no trades. USPS Money Order or Paypal.Thanks,Mike
  10. Thanks Jimmy, I think it will do what I want it to do. I liked what I saw on Tom' video. It appears to keep it hots even at low gain settings which is important to me. I don't want to have to run max gain to pick up my little chains and earring studs. HH Mike
  11. I've been looking hard at what to pair up to my F75 for jewelry hunting, specifically Micro jewelry hunting. The Whites 24K is under consideration for this. I like the audio boost features, the iron cancel, hot rock cancel and the non-normalized TID number spread. I also like that it has a concentric coil offering. I guess the main question is, will it actually detect micro jewelry good enough to make me choose it over the Goldbug II. My Micro jewelry measurement target is a 3mm 4-prong 10k White Gold earring post. Any feedback is helpful. HH Mike
  12. I bought a 3 n 1 Treasure Wise digger back in 2004 and that is all I use for plugging. I got a Lesche in a detector special one time but it wasn't compatible with my pouch so I passed it on. I use a Sidekick pouch, just one big pocket with a mesh bottom that holds my screwdriver , pinpointer, digger and all my finds both trash and treasure. Well....I do slip the extra special finds into my back pocket but other than that all goes in the pouch. Works for me. Some pics. I don't use the sheath. Don't even think I have it. And my sidekick pouch doesn't have the Kellyco logo. HH Mike
  13. Mike Hillis

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    .....all the winch talk is making my come-along seem so out dated. I guess I could tape a 9 volt to it somewheres....... I think Jim_Alaska qualifies for a guest appearance on the Red Green show! That was very well done! HH Mike
  14. Mike Hillis

    How To Get Started?

    Remember the ALAMO!!! Sorry, had to say it before it gets labeled hate speech. My big dividing line was "tone id" or "single tone". tone id = different tones used to signal different target conductivity levels. Typical tone id is low tone for iron, med tone for low & middle conductors and high tone for high conductive coins. This would equal: iron is a low tone, foil/nickels/tabs/zinc is a middle tone, copper cents, dimes quarters, half and dollar coins are high tone. . single tone is one tone for everything. Everything doesn't necessarily sound the same but there is no distinct tone changes based upon conductivity. Some people prefer the single tone units, others prefer the multi tone units. I personally discovered that I dislike the single tone units and did much better with tone id and that, of course, changed what detectors I looked at. You and your wife are going to have to do the same discovery. Do an ebay search for metal detectors, sort by price, see what catches your eye, then read the operating manuals and field tests and then come back here and get our opinions on what caught your eye. My nickel. HH Mike