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  1. Jeff, There are a couple of things I'd like to see added.....I'd like to see a notch feature in Micro mode. and I'd also would like a two tone in Fast and Boost only I want to keep the VCO and add a solid high tone for the high conductive range. On my last trip out with it I switched over from Micro to Boost and I really enjoyed the boosted VCO audio, however I would have liked a little more audio intelligence. Just give me a tone break between VCO and a High tone where I could keep the VCO in play for everything below the tone break and a high tone for everything above the tone break. I could use the Disc and Tone break point to adjust the size of my VCO window yet keep awareness of things that hit outside my desired target range. Also want 20" x 4" DD coil for it. HH Mike
  2. Hi Rick, Congrats on another round with the Gold Kruzer. I'm waiting for it to warm up here as well. Been too cold for my bones so far this winter. Susposed to be a bit warmer this Sunday but I've already got a date with a different model. I made the mistake of running my disc to high, at 40, in Micro. I'll try your 22 setting next time and see how I do. Good luck. HH Mike
  3. I've always liked the Tesoro Cortes. I like the design intent. I like the way it looks. I like the Sum mode with the audio tones. I like the graph. I like the Target ID range. I like pretty much everything about it except the single tone hunt audio in Disc mode and the overshoot null in the non-motion all metal sometimes gives me a fit. I've had six of them over the years and I usually part with them mostly due to the single tone hunt audio. But I get nostalgic after a while and end up getting another one every now and them....which is what has just happened. I saw one for sale and started looking at it again but didn't jump. Then a NIB unit came up for sale at a very good price and I couldn't help myself and jumped. Welcome home number seven. HA. I think I will put the Cleansweep coil on it and just hunt athletic fields with it where beep dig single tone is ok and all I really care about is ground coverage or places that I've already cleaned out and just want to run through for recent drops. Hope to hunt it next weekend and share thoughts and results. Wife is probably going to wack me, though. Only been two months since the last new purchase. HH Mike Tesoro Cortes Data & Reviews
  4. Well....side tracked again.....expect another delay. What can I say. HH Mike
  5. What do you consider West Texas? The is a meteor crater near Odessa. HH Mike
  6. got this picture on my computer background......so I can look at it all the time.....HAHA Actually I normally have it cycling between the F75, Etrac, Impact, Gold Kruzer, and the V3. But I locked this picture into place until I have it hand.
  7. what a steal of a deal!!!! I have a Compadre too. They are nice little units. Mine has an equal place in my rotation. I'm surprised every one doesn't own one. My wife really likes it to because the weight is just right for her and she likes the simple beep dig. HH Mike
  8. Love the gold! I wish they would make a simple little discriminating one for fresh water. I could use something like that! HH Mike
  9. Ok....I'm nearly back....I've got $300 of the required $399 squirreled away to purchase the Omega. Should be able to order in the next couple of weeks. Also....I used the 'contact us' email link on the Teknetics Direct website to make sure i could get a unit from the latest mfg run and they replied back the same day. That was very fast customer response. By the way, the last mfg run was this past November. One thing I really like about Fisher/Teknetics is the 5 year warranty. I have had to use it twice, late in the 4th year of a couple of detectors and they honored it with no problem. All I had to do was pay shipping in. They covered the work and the shipping back. At today's prices its kind of dumb to buy used when you can get the detector at a pretty decent new price with the 5 year warranty. Anyway...looking forward to continuing this discussion in a few weeks. HH Mike
  10. Pretty funny to me. People want information. People get information. People complain about where the information comes from. Its not good enough that information comes directly from the designer and the designer's lead tester...they also want to hear from some company marketing man. HH Mike
  11. I still have a couple of Tesoro. A GSII and a Compadre. Might still pick up another Cortes in the future when I cross paths with the right one. Since I like to use all my detectors, it takes a while for them to come up in rotation to talk about. And I sometimes give the new ones extra attention. 😂 HH Mike
  12. I made a decision to replace my F19/G2+ detector slot with the Impact. I only run it in 20 kHz frequency and I find it to have the same hots as the F19/G2+ but with a lot more options, including a deep (boost) mode. Ground cancelling appears to be very good and it is working well. If you don't need waterproofing (the supplied covers are very nice) I recommend you take a look at the Impact. The pricing is very good right now. That said, the new BH Time Ranger Pro should be showing up soon and it may be a cheaper alternative to the F19/G2+. Love the V3 but the learning curve is long. HH Mike
  13. I bought a equalizer to work with my Gold Strike, thinking I could remove the low tone. Didn't work. Yours might. Dunno HH Mike
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