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  1. Kind of funny how interested I am in the Vanquish series. Really looking forward to the release just to get more info. If its Multi IQ is the same as the EQ600 I'll probably get one. The thing that really ticked me off with the Xterra was the coil investment. Just a big money pit. But if Multi-IQ can give me full range target focus....at a price less than the EQ series, then I think I'm in. HH Mike
  2. I don't know much but this I do know....its a must have book in your library if you do ANY prospecting what so ever. My opinion anyway. Mike
  3. Gold and Silver......very nice. HH Mike
  4. Hi Steve. I'm attaching the Pantera field test to add to your data collection. If you want the schematic, I have a hand drawn one. HH MikePantera Field Test.pdf
  5. HA....yeah...you can't tell its 26 inches long from the picture.
  6. A couple of notes.....I bought it new in November of 2018 so its not quite a year old. I have the manual. Mike
  7. AT Pro with the 5x8 DD coil and the headphone adapter. No headphones. I have the manual and registration paperwork....but didn't register so would need to do that. I bought this last year for bad weather use only I never went out in bad weather. So it has never been wet by rain or submersion. $325 shipped. USPS money Order or Paypal. Best Regards to all, Mike
  8. I like my V3. Used it some this past weekend and enjoyed it very much. In my opinion its too hard to compare an instrument to a tool. The V3 being an instrument and everything else being a tool. Anyway.... Comparing tools to tools.. I watched one of TNSharpshooters comparison videos on an found, in ground target. It was a good video where he ran several detectors over the target, including the EQ800 and the Infibio (or maybe the multi-Kruzer- i disremember which). The Equinox impressed me in that video as it appears to be operating with the 'Trash Density" feature of the Etrac lock in High. This results in clean signal response of accepted targets in the midst of rejected targets. Could be wrong. But I liked the response. The Nokta/Makro did ok, but the EQ800 response was cleaner. I still do not have any desire to own an EQ800 as my needs are different, but I was still impressed non-the less. If that helps. HH Mike
  9. I like running mixed mode with 3 frequency Correlate on my V3. I get to hear everything in the ground in the all metal channel but only hear the targets that correlate in the Disc mode. Another way I like Mixed mode is to reject the targets I'm after so that that they are only reported by the all metal channel.....reverse mixed mode is how its referred to I think. Mixed mode is very handy sometimes. I wish more models offered it. Sure you can hunt in the AM mode of the F75 but you have to watch the screen. With an audio mixed mode you do it all by ear. HH Mike
  10. Man, that is a small bracelet. But its GOLD!!!! any day with gold in the pouch is a GOOD day. HH Mike
  11. The typical definition of Mixed Mode is All Metal audio and Disc mode audio working simultaneously. I don't think of All Metal with TID as being mixed mode, although I guess you could call it that. I don't define it that way though and most other folks wound't either when they hear the term, Mixed Mode. The only ones I'm personally familiar with are Whites (DFX, V3, V3i) and Rutus (Alter71) I like chasing the bumble bee. HH Mike
  12. Figure out what you want to focus on and then build your equipment and knowledge around it. HH Mike
  13. I like to Notch. I like to do it to help me focus on what I'm looking for. I wish the Gold Kruzer had notch ability. A 4 TID number is always paper foil. I'd like to get rid of that number. I'd also like to disc out everything above a nickel so I don't have to hear it. I wasn't being mean about your post Ridge Runner. Just trying to understand how to visit about notches. I'm a notch fan no matter how you define it. HH Mike
  14. I sell mine ever so often, especially when I get all hot and bothered about buying new equipment and need a little extra. Local guy will give me spot less 15% which is pretty good for walk in/walk out cash. HH Mike
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