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  1. Time travel?.....3K in my pocket.....take me back to 2008 just before the crash. I'd spend 40 bucks on a used tracker IV and buy stock with the rest on the day after the market crash. HH Mike
  2. Those bubblegum machine rings will eventually lead you to mom's gold, Kac . Keep at it. HH Mike
  3. I like my Gold Kruzer. I haven't had any time to write about it. HH Mike
  4. My personal view is the new F75's (plus and LTD) with the DST are so much better performers than the pre-DST models that I would be hesitant to buy one even at a coil price point. Since its a true multi-purpose detector you want all the the new modes (FAST, BOOST, & CACHE) to have in conjunction with the old ones (Default, Jewewlry, Plowed Field, and Bottle Cap). I like the F75 better than the T2 because any of the audio mode selections can be used with any of the operating modes. Its also hot on fine jewelry (read small white gold) out performing many high frequency yellow gold prospecting machines. HH Mike
  5. Thanks phrunt, Its a neat looking ring. I'm going to have to have the amethyst ring tested. I found it's twin on Amazon. Its twin is 14k White gold. My ring even has a marking at the same location, only its filled in with the coating and un-readable. Fingers crossed..... Mike Presentation1.pdf
  6. First rings with the Gold Kruzer. The anchor ring is rose colored 925 silver. The white ring is costume but the stone looks to be real. It is very pretty. The camera just doesn't do it justice. Everyone I show it to tries to keep it. HA. A fun couple of hours. HH Mike
  7. Was out scouting a new site Sunday morning and found this little gem....10K with about 12 diamond chips. Only got to spend about 40 minutes there before the people ran me off (read : when people show up I leave). I have a feeling this is going to be a good site. I'll have to get there earlier next time out. Again....F75LTD DST, default settings, 1N tone, solid 24 TID. HH Mike
  8. Only wild mushrooms I ever ate grew out of cowpies
  9. Nice Gold!. 22 VDI is pretty solid in the tab range if the MX7 follows White's normal VDI chart where a 19 is a nickel. HH Mike
  10. I bought this package with a good discount. Quite happy with it. One thing to note that it doesn't come with headphones so you either have to purchase the Garrett Headphones separately or purchase the headphone adapter to use your own headphones with it. In my case I also bought the adapter. HH Mike
  11. I was hoping to be posting Gold Kruzer finds but haven't gotten to use it yet due to a missing part saga that is dragging out into week 4. So I took my trusty F75 LTD out this weekend and found this little white gold beauty. A nice solid 18 TID number on the F75. Resizing has clearly removed the K content. I'll have to have it tested to find out. Thought it was platinum at first but decided the stones dictate a white gold. Anyway....it made my day. Maybe it will juice up yours too. HH Mike
  12. My tinnitus normally sounds like summer cicadas singing in the background most of the time. Kind of makes me feel like its a late summer afternoon all the time. Only affects one ear though and is more noticeable when its quiet. The hearing loss is more of a bother than the singing cicadas as I can't locate the rattlesnake's location without moving around to triangulate with my one good ear. HA! Just dialing in the right threshold tone pitch works wonders, and varying it through out the hunt a little. After an hour or so it sort of fades out and I need to change it up. Tone Id is nice. Good luck. HH Mike
  13. Thanks SL, I'll have it in hand in a couple of days and will see whats what. Mike
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