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  1. Hi Rick, The little 3mm 10k white gold stud earring is really more of a mineral target than a metal target and the premise is that if you can hit this difficult target at some acceptable distance (acceptable as determined by the user) then you will be able to detect any of the ultra small (micro), difficult to detect gold jewelry items, including the tiny non-round angular items. If your equipment passes this test, you know you have a capable detector for this type of hunting. You still have to learn to how to do it. Reality is that most of the gold targets will be yellow gold with is much easier to detect, and the majority of them will have some sort of closed loop, however small, to detect, which makes it much easier. For me I want some thing that I can take to a known hot spot that I KNOW has a good chance of holding these little and tiny gold items and if it passes this earring test then at least I know the equipment I'm using has the capability. HH Mike
  2. I enjoy finding foreign coinage. I think its cool. Very nice dime!!! HH Mike
  3. I was hoping they'd link to a operating manual. I like the blue color. HH Mike
  4. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro is now available at Amazon,,,,,,,$449 Sorry,,,,,removed the link.....you have to search for yourself. HH Mike
  5. Looks like a great trip to me. You have some outstanding rings to tie the memory of the trip to. Gerry, I really like those ring boxes you are using, Those are great showcases for great rings....Where can a person get those? HH Mike
  6. I wish I hadn't heard that. Its very depressing. The V3 release was historic. It was "World Fair" class. The vibrant display, the ability to see multi-frequency results simultaneously, the ability to discriminate by correlating across frequencies. The ability to completely customize MY metal detector. It was like the future was now and was only going to get better. I thought, "Now we will see more color displays!" I thought, "Now we will see more frequency based discrimination!". I thought, "Now we will see Density!" Only we didn't get any of that. The V3/V3i was a far as it got. The rest of the mfg's politely stayed in their lanes. The new guys politely copied what was already out there. And the users base stayed predictably dumb. My hope is that someone at Whites keeps the vision alive. I'm going to put everything else on hold and start raising the money needed to go buy a brand new V3i before they go extinct. HH Mike
  7. I love the both of those Vision boxes!!!!! I would love to be able to order custom coils......like a 4" x18" DD. I want one right this very second for my F75 LTD. I'd pay a premium for it too. I don't care. I just NEED that coil. I need it I need it I need it. I NEED IT HH Mike
  8. If I was coin hunting that place I'd be looking for the hot spots....clothes lines, transportation enter/exit areas, outhouse paths...the big shade trees or where the big shade trees once existed....sunny side of the house.... Find the hot spots and focus on those to the exclusion of all else. Good Luck! HH Mike
  9. I like posting content here because Steve makes me feel welcomed, regardless of what equipment I'm swinging or posting about. I don't feel like I have to be using the latest greatest to make a contribution. And I think the other folks that frequent this site feel the same way. It doesn't matter if you are swinging and talking about a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV or the Minelab GMZ 7000 your content contribution is appreciated. I like that. HH Mike
  10. Serial number 233307. I can't read the code so I have no idea. TID boundaries appear to be 0 to 20/22 for foil to nickel. 20/22 to 74/75 for nickel to zinc cent. 74/75 to 95 for zinc cent to dime. That is a pretty decent spread of TID for the mid conductive range.... 20 points for low conductors, 53 points for middle conductors, and 20 points for middle high conductors. The Cortes is an analog detector. As you raise your discrimination it will affect the depth all all targets near the discrimination point. So using the nickel for an example....maximum depth is possible with a minimum disc setting, but as I raise the disc setting I start shaving off distance from the nickel response. So using discrimination is a balancing act between rejection and response distance. Since I plan to mostly use the Cortes with the Cleansweep coil I have to be ok with the distance I can get on my lowest conductive targets with the iron rejection I'll need. I tend to think that the lower TID range of my unit's nickel setting has an affect on narrowing this balance. At this point, with iron disc set where I need it, Sensitivity on 5, my lowest conductive ring (TID of 3) gives a air test distance of 3" on the Cleansweep coil, while maintaining a 4.5" nickel air test distance. This translates to 1" of distance lost from my iron disc use. Which is acceptable for the Cleansweep coil. I focus on the staying rather low on the sensitivity setting as EMI could well keep me here, if EMI lets me use a higher Sensitivity setting then life gets more golden. I'm still good to go Cleansweeping for rings. HH Mike
  11. I dunno...Its a new in box unit that is at least 2 years old. I'll post the serial number and we'll have a go at it. HH Mike
  12. My Sunday morning got rained out. Woke up to heavy fog, then drizzling rain an hour later...and next week is laundry day so....maiden voyage is still a ways out. Bench testing with the stock coil shows this particular model to be tuned a bit different from the ones I've owned in the past. It seems to be tuned more in line with the 10 kHz operating frequency. All of the other Cortes models I've owned have had the Nickel TID in the mid to high 30s, from a 34 to a 39, and there is one for sale on the 'depot classified that has a nickel id in the low middle 40s. Mine has a nickel id in the high teens/low twenties. The Cortes uses a TID of 0 for iron and 95 high conductors start at penny/dime range. That leaves a spread of 94 numbers for low and mid range conductors. My model is giving a 20 point spread for foil and 74 point spread for the middle range...I don't recall my zinc id at the moment...it was in the 70s but at the moment I can't peg it to a single number...I'll have to go back and double check.. At first I was a bit bugged that the nickel id was so low, but in reflection I find that it is really more in line with the operating frequency. In reality how much useful resolution can a 10 kHz unit put into the foil range? That said, my entire mid conductive range has really opened up and it's TID spread is completely in line with a 10 kHz unit....74 points of resolution between a nickel and a dime is right where a lot of non-ferrous trash resides and where the resolution would be the most useful in picking goodies out of the trash. So I'm a bit stoked about that. Another thing I am seeing is that I'm not experiencing the over shoot null on this model...at least not on the bench...I'll have to wait and see if it does it on the ground. The other surprise is the All Metal mode is much deeper than any of my other units. My past Cortes' (remember I've owned 6 of these in the past) usually only detected slightly deeper in all metal than they did in Disc mode. This unit is much deeper in All Metal. The no-motion all metal mode still only gives an id at DIsc mode distances but the all metal threshold operation goes much further... The one real negative is that the detector is tuned to the stock coil and not my Cleansweep coil. Which means that large high conductors wrap to iron much faster than they should. So where a dollar coin would stay in the non-ferrous range at 12" on the stock coil, it will start wrapping to iron about 4" on the clean sweep coil, and all high conductors move up accordingly...dimes are staying at dime but quarters and higher are moving up the scale. Not a big deal for a jewelry hunter but a good thing to know. I'll ponder about this for a while and see if I really need to care or not.... Anyway....over all I'm pretty happy with it's potential. Now just to get it on the ground. HH Mike
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