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  1. Mike Hillis

    Salt Water Beach Hunt

    Always nice to find a match set, Mark. Looks like gold plate? HH Mike
  2. On Micro gold jewelry, the F75LTD with the 3x6 concentric and the G2+ with the 5"DD are basically equal with the nod going to the F75LTD for the Boosted audio. My impression is that the G2+ will do better on the below micro jewelry size gold. So if I extrapolate that to the T2+ vs G2+ comparison you get more detector bang for the buck with the T2+ and I would even point you to the F75+ or F75LTD for even more bank for the buck. The Fisher / Tek units have a 5 year warranty period (7-8 years in some cases) and are easily repairable out of warranty. The Equinox have a 3 year warranty period and currently no out of warranty prices are being quoted. The Equinox is new high frequency multi-frequency so its quite popular with lots of people at the moment. HH Mike
  3. Mike Hillis

    New White's 24K Used Urban Style To Find Bling

    Hi Gerry, That looks pretty decent for the regular small stuff. I imagine it would work good for the micro gold, too. Which coil was used? HH Mike
  4. Mike Hillis

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    I second that. How to say what I want to say without having to write a dissertation? Ground balancing may null your detector's response to the ground mineral as a target, but ground balancing doesn't negate the "effects" of the mineral. While design engineers employ filters to help with some of the effects, we are left to deal with the last effect on our own; when minerals push or pull the non-ferrous target response into the Fe response range. The FE304 measures the strength of the response of the ground minerals. The higher the ground mineral strength, the greater its effect on the target signal, the more it pushes the target response up or pulls the target response down, or worse yet, even mask the target response completely. The FE304 meter tells you how to react to your detector's discrimination and identification methods. When is the iron response not an iron response at all? I've hunted sites where all the shallow quarters were iron tones. The minerals were so high that they pushed the higher conductors over the top at very shallow depths. The FE304 meter lets you clue into this phenomenon on purpose, rather than discovering it by accident. The higher the FE304 graph results the more attention you pay to iron tones and your discrimination settings/patterns. The worst is when the ground masks the signal altogether. I have hunted sites where I could lay a normal 3mm BB on the ground, ground balance, then swing over the BB and raise my sensitivity setting until the BB response broke up and then went away. It was a 7.8 kHz unit in use, but still, the lesson is there....ground mineral strength affects us and the more we know about it the better we can hunt our treasures. Same hunting in salt. The higher the reading, the more gold masking you will experience. Its not just the ground balance null point you have to deal with it is also the strength of the mineral. HH Mike
  5. Mike Hillis

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    The FE304 meter is invaluable. I'll post more when I have time sometime this week. Mike
  6. Mike Hillis

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    yeah, the F75 LTD with DST fitted with the 3x6 concentric is hot hot hot. For 'tiny' target hunting I prefer it over the Goldbug Pro series. Nice mods. HH Mike
  7. Mike Hillis

    Construction Site Finds

    Stay on it while you can, Mark. Pretty neat that you might be finding stuff you lost as a kid. HH Mike
  8. That is a very nice ring. Congrats. HH Mike
  9. Mike Hillis

    Found My 3rd Half Dollar Ever Today!

    Now THAT is a good hunt! Thanks for sharing. Mike
  10. Some of my favorites.... Fists Full of Gold: A complete Guide to the Art of Prospecting: How You Can Find Gold in the Mountains and Deserts. (Chris Ralph) The Complete unabridged Zip Zip (larry Sallee) DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the Whites DFX E series TM Metal Detector. (Clive Clynick) Treasure Hunting Manual Vol 7 (Von Mueller) Tom Dankowski's 5th Edition Fisher Intelligence booklet. (Tom Dankowski) CoinShooting 1, II, and III. (Glenn Carson) I have many more but those stand out off the top of my head. I like the Glenn Carson Coinshooting books because he makes you think about your desired targets. Anyway....a quick 'off the cuff' list. Don't forget the DVD's. There are some really good DVDs out there. Mike
  11. Is the new throw away design of the Equinox the new marketing model? Do you think more manufacturers will move to this model for their waterproof designs? If the term 'throw away' troubles you, replace the phrase with "planned obsolescence". It is interesting to think why a company would even think they could get away with something like that. But the market has shown that for Minelab, they can pretty much do what ever they want as people are willing to pay the premium price for their tech. With 'planned obsolescence" they don't need to obsolete it with technological advances, they can force the obsolescence with a non-repairable design. and kill the used market at the same time. HH Mike
  12. "it allows the machine to track more than one ground balance point at a time" Wow! Ground cancelling is coming into its own. Auto offsets, (several models), Hole-less PIs (GPZ), Ground cancel spans (ATGold) and now multiple point ground tracking (GMT 24K) I like it. HH Mike
  13. Mike Hillis

    Got Out Early This Morning

    Very nice! Something special about going out hunting for treasure and actually coming home with it. Makes you feel good the whole week. HH Mike
  14. Mike Hillis

    Coin Spill Surprise

    Very nice! Say Tom, how common do you find it to be where the rings are marked 417 or 585 vs 10k or 14k? Mike
  15. Last time I had to chance to take a metal detector outside was about a month ago. FINALLY was able to plan for some detecting time Sunday morning. I'd been thinking about my G2+LTD audio profiling abilities, so I unpacked it Saturday night and go it ready to go for Sunday morning's hunt. Was hunting gold as always but was mainly into audio target size profiling so I was digging coins too. This was just another stinking zincoln signal. Boy was I surprised when about 3" down out pops a silver ring. 925 silver with a EC hallmark. Don't have any idea if the stones are real or not. Being silver I don't have my hopes up but you never know. Its like a starburst on the finger in the sunlight. I'll get it tested and find out. If they are real its ching ching. If not, it is still a $100 bill. HH Mike