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  1. I've always been a big fan of the F5. Very capable detector. I really enjoyed the independent gain and threshold controls. Normally you can buy them new for $349 with the 11" DD coil and they are running the $299 specials now with the stock 10" elliptical concentric. (metaldetector.com) It is hard to find the F5 feature set in other detectors. The threshold controls turns into an weak target audio boost feature once you move into the positive numbers and even though it runs at 7.8 kHz its pretty hot on little gold at positive threshold settings. Very nice detector for hunting really small gold in the grass roots with very low gain settings at very high threshold settings. 1000+ ground balance setting point (salt inclusive) so it is possible to get dead on balance in mineralized ground. The ground phase number can be used to id deep targets. You can disc out the 50+ segment which helps in flat iron. Overall its a pretty decent detector. I have been trying to replace it with Whites V3 (independent gain and threshold with ground phase but i miss the weak target audio boost. Can't say any thing about the Simplex as I didn't find anything special in its feature set to draw me to it. Good luck! HH Mike
  2. Both the TRX and the F/Tek points save the settings when turned off. HH Mike
  3. Looks old and outdated. Considering today is thursday the 25, the last modified date is an untruth. HH Mike
  4. Hi Rob, The V3/V3i is a one of a kind model. There will never be its like on planet earth again. You owe it to yourself to get one and experience it. HH Mike
  5. Operating frequency of the White's TRX pin pointer is 12 kHz.....not 14 kHz. It is excellent on small gold. One of my favorite pin pointers. It should not be allowed to die out. It will cross talk with 12 kHz detectors like my Tesoro Golden Sabre II. Not so much with my 12 kHz Tesoro Compadre. I don't have any trouble with TRX driven interference with any of my other detectors. HH Mike
  6. This news makes me feel like swearing. Hellfire and Damnation!
  7. The hard part of this particular item seems be locating the price. Its seems to be a closely guarded secret. I'm hesitant to make contact as I'm not particularly wanting all the email spam and phone calls that will become a part of my everyday life from making contact with the company. One of the key attributes of the Whites V3 is its ability to search walls and floors and identify whats behind them. All the normal metal in the wall or a floor has a V3 spectra-graph signature. You can easily map a wall or a floor, or a ceiling for that matter, and locate any metallic anomalies. However you can't actually see the object. But this can actually show you, and not only show metallic items but non-metallic items as well. This is a huge jump forward for those treasure hunters who are into structures if they could swing the price. I'm not sure how well it might do in looking at dirt. I'd imagine well enough to search the top two to five inches of grass root depth, maybe. HH Mike
  8. Public schools....be discrete. Public parks....check the signage...be discrete. Public athletic fields...check the signage....be discrete. Yards.....ask permission. Churches....ask permission. For the places that require permission....I wouldn't offer anything unless they tell you something specific that they would like you to watch out for, like a wife's or daughter's lost ring or something. Here in New Mexico the state parks are off limits, However, the Corp of Engineer maintained parks and lakes are not off limits but you have to check in at the local office and find out what sections are open and what sections are not. Wilderness area's areas are typically open but Federal Forrest Lands are not without expressed written permission. My take,,,,research the rules on line, and like Tom states, it it isn't strictly prohibited, then detect with discretion. HH Mike
  9. Hand held backscatter xray. I want one. https://www.dael.com/assets/files/Documenten/hbi-viken-sec2.pdf HH Mike
  10. This has been an interesting thread. At a high level it says if your existing detectors are better than your Nox, its because you bought the wrong NOX. HAHAHAHA. Sorry....just really funny reading when you don't have a horse in the race. I'm not surprised about the F70 results. If you put the little 3x6 concentric on it you have a pretty decent micro jewelry detector that is about as sensitive as the GoldBug Pro. I liked the concept of the F44 but I didn't really care for it, mostly because I couldn't hear it very well. HH Mike .
  11. I have a 1st generation Tek-Point (15ns pulse) and a TRX ( 12 kHz VLF) that I'm quite happy with. Both have been robust and flexible enough in their operating settings to handle most any situation I put them to. I can recommend both of them. I got a Nokta pinpointer with my Gold Kruzer purchase but I haven't used it yet so can't say anything about it. HH Mike
  12. Nice heavy gold! I'd still be carrying that around in my pocket and grinning about it. HH Mike
  13. It's a Garrett. It's going to be a Garrett. Its not going to be anything else. I fully expect their the Multi-IQ to offer nothing more than full spectrum target detection and salt cancellation. Audio is personal. I dislked the Xterra audio but enjoy the F75 delta pitch audio and hunt in dp fairly often...unless the iron & hot rocks get too noisy then I switch to 1N or 2F. But then again I'm a bit hard of hearing in one ear and headphones make a difference. HH Mike
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