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  1. Mike Hillis

    Golden Sabre I I

    This is another of my favorites, the Golden Sabre II. Whats really nice about this one is that it is a true analog audio and the tone break point really mix. Sometimes that mix tone will make me shiver....... HH Mike
  2. Mike Hillis

    I Like My Little Compadre

    I like my little Compadre. While it looks overly simplistic its actually a pretty decent metal detector with a full range disc circuit. I bought it for my wife but then I modded it with a connector so I could switch out coils and now I run my Cleansweep coil on it. I just set the disc to accept my lowest reading ring and go beep and dig with it. Since I'm only hunting the top 5 inches of dirt or woodchips I don't need a manual ground balance and the sensitivity setting on mine is just right for my EMI and depth requirements. The 12 kHz operating frequency combined with the full range disc is plenty sensitive to the targets I'm after. And if you like to tinker, its a cheap detector to mod with. I like it and can recommend it to any and all. HH Mike
  3. Mike Hillis

    Extra 10% Off Tesoro Detectors & Accessories

    Been thinking about that myself, Noah. Mike
  4. Mike Hillis

    My Trx Bullseye Pin-pointer Is On The Fritz

    The video was what I needed. Thanks Tom. Evidently I was experiencing an ID.10T error. I didn't know what I was doing. I'm now back on vibrate and good to go. the TRX is working fine, its the operator that has the problem. HA. HH Mike
  5. Mike Hillis

    What Is Your Wish List From White’s In 2019

    4" x 18" DD coil for my V3 would be very nice. Doesn't have to be figure 8. Just a normal DD would be fine. Doesn't even have to work at all three frequencies. Even if it only worked on 7.5 would be ok with me. HH Mike
  6. I normally run my pin pointers on vibrate only. At some point in the past 3 months I managed to change my TRX to beep and vibrate. When I got tired of it I found my instructions to change it back to Vibrate only and low and behold, the current option is the only option it will give me. When I try to cycle through the target response options it only cycles through the beep and vibrate mode. Will not cycle through all the options. I thought it might be low batteries but a battery change out made no difference. I've never submerged it so water wouldn't be a issue. Any ideas? Guess I'll have to cough up some money and send it off to Whites to get fixed. Bummed me out, I can tell you. I had to leave it at home and start using my Tek-Point which I don't like to use for jewelry hunting as it isn't as sensitive as the TRX on the small gold items. HH Mike
  7. Sorry. Been slow on the picture taking cause I'm not very motivated to sell it.
  8. Mike Hillis

    Makro Gold Racer

    I hate hate hate buying a new detector that doesn't LOOK new. Pet peeve of mine. Send it back and tell them you want a new one, not one some other customer has returned. HH Mike
  9. Mike Hillis

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    F5 might do it at shallow depths with the stock elliptical concentric coil with a 50/ +6 Gain/Threshold setting. wouldn't necesarryly ignore the nails but would most likely flash a non-ferrous ring TID number in the mix. I dunno. HH Mike
  10. Mike Hillis


    Might join something like that when I retire. Right now time is so sort that its all about me when I get out with a detector. I tell people that if they really care about their jewelry item have it engraved with some sort of identification that will help it get back to them if they lose it. If not, and they lose it, a pirate like me will find it. Arrrg! I have found lost items for friends when they ask. Mike
  11. Hadn't taken any pictures in a while for show and tell. But now that I have some, its show and tell time. Nothing spectacular but its still pretty eye candy. A couple of few weeks back I was out with my V3 and got some silver and gold. The 14K DAD ring is the smallest diameter ring I have ever found. In the same patch I also found this really neat silver CZ charm. This past week I took the Compadre/Cleansweep combo out to another patch and found the One Ring! Nothing happened when I put it on so I think its just gold plated stainless. Anyway....some pics to keep the spirits up. HH Mike
  12. Regards Dual Core.......Did you know that the Fisher Goldbug Pro/F19/G2/G2+ has two (2) processors? There is so much going on in the background that we as users never see. HH Mike
  13. Marketing speak requires a different dictionary. Rather than tell you outright which of the five frequencies are being combined/processed for a certain target group for a certain program, they just say the program is 'weighted' toward that target group. Fairly easy to deduce which ones are in play for each program just by looking at the target group of the program. I'm not saying its a bad detector or that its not a true multi-frequency detector. What I would like see in true simultaneous multi-frequency detectors is the ability to select frequencies to correlate target responses with. The Whites V3 correlate feature is big step forward in multi-frequency discrimination processing. I hope someone will build upon that someday and take it to the next step or build more functionality around it. HH Mike
  14. CZ two at time. DFX two at a time. Minelab BBS & FBS three channel at a time, V3 three at a time. Equinox two at a time. What the Equinox brings to the table that is different from past multifreq is the ability to select which two freqs are matched together via the program selections. HH Mike
  15. Mike Hillis

    A Few Beach Finds...

    Gold and Silver and Jewels. You are a Pirate! HH Mike