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  1. I was hoping to be posting Gold Kruzer finds but haven't gotten to use it yet due to a missing part saga that is dragging out into week 4. So I took my trusty F75 LTD out this weekend and found this little white gold beauty. A nice solid 18 TID number on the F75. Resizing has clearly removed the K content. I'll have to have it tested to find out. Thought it was platinum at first but decided the stones dictate a white gold. Anyway....it made my day. Maybe it will juice up yours too. HH Mike
  2. My tinnitus normally sounds like summer cicadas singing in the background most of the time. Kind of makes me feel like its a late summer afternoon all the time. Only affects one ear though and is more noticeable when its quiet. The hearing loss is more of a bother than the singing cicadas as I can't locate the rattlesnake's location without moving around to triangulate with my one good ear. HA! Just dialing in the right threshold tone pitch works wonders, and varying it through out the hunt a little. After an hour or so it sort of fades out and I need to change it up. Tone Id is nice. Good luck. HH Mike
  3. Thanks SL, I'll have it in hand in a couple of days and will see whats what. Mike
  4. You are not going to find it with what you have. An F75 with the 3x6 concentric coil in Disc, boost mode, at 99 sensitivity will hit it if you get within an inch of it. It will be a tiny signal that bounces all over the place, mostly into the 40s. Hunt in1 tone VCO with the Disc at 6 and notch out everything above foil and hunt for the tiny tight response. The GoldbugPro/F19/G2 will hit it almost as good as the F75 but the F75 boost mode has a much better audio. Good Luck. Even prospecting units have it tough on white gold studs. HH Mike
  5. The poor operating manual means you really got to hunt for explanations of the feature set everywhere else. I've had to read Steve's review four times and ask questions on the board to find out setting ranges and explanations. The GM24K has a fixed low tone break point. That took it off my list. Per Steve's review its fixed at the 50 VDI. HH Mike .
  6. This looks like a very innovated detector for a pulse unit when you examine the feature set. Pulse delay starts at 7 and runs up to 12. (A pulse delay of 7 is a feat right there) Iron Mask Noise cancel SAT settings Sensitivity (Coil Voltage) All Metal mode Tone ID mode Mute mode (silence a tone ) Looks like something to pursue to me. What would you add for inland use? A progressive mute mode tied to the iron mask setting to give a mineral vs metal break point? Choice of mute mode selection. Tie it to the pulse delay selection. 7 -10 mute high conductors. 11, mute hole (medium conductors) 11 - 12 mute low conductors. Any ideas???? HH Mike
  7. Selling off some coils. First is a Mars Lion for the F70/F75. Its a 7"DD coil with cover and hardware. Bought it last fall. $88.00 shipped parcel post. Next is a NEL Tornado for the GoldBug Pro/F19/G2+/F5 and Tek Greek series. It comes with the cover and 1st Texas bolt and nut. $88.00 shipped parcel post. Next is a NEL Sharpshooter for the F5/Tek Greek series. I comes with cover and 1st texas bolt and nut. I bought this used with some coil cable damaged. Looks like a mouse chewed on it here and there. Works fine. $65 shipped parcel post. A bit dirty as I haven't pulled the cover and cleaned it. Shipping has gotten expensive so I'll shipping cheapest way that i can guarantee delivery, which may include a hold for pickup.
  8. For small gold I use the Whites TRX. It runs at 12 kHz and it detects off the tip. Finds it all. I also use the Tek-Point. It runs good too, but its locked in 15 ns pulse delay so it doesn't always hit the small stuff well in my opinion. But it is a gen 1 model so I can't speak to the gen 2 model as I don't have one. HH Mike
  9. Thank you Jimmy. That helped a lot. I am looking for processed gold, particularly fine chains and bracelets and fine gold earrings in sand and turf locations so iron reject is important to me. From your response I believe I can say it should have the iron rejection control I'll need. I feel much better about going ahead with my purchase now. HH Mike
  10. Hi Aureous, Can you answer a couple of questions for me? 1) how many points of iron disc does it have and how does the iron disc setting equate to the iron disc bars? Like is there 10 numbers to a bar? 2)how many points of hot rock reject or bars does it have? None of the reviews go into the setting very well and the operating manual isn't very clear either. All I have to go by are some pictures, some that show one bar of iron disc, another picture on another site that shows two bars of iron disc, and then another picture on another site that shows three bars of iron disc. One video show up to 9 or 10 settings, another video shows where they ran it up into the twenties, but there isn't any definitive information about it anywhere by anybody. Same questions for the hot rock setting. Hate to play 20 questions to buy something but nobody is talking much about it. Thanks in advance, Mike
  11. Tom, I enjoyed watching your GM24K video. You presented very well. It was clear you were very familiar with the detector and its features and performance. Good luck on your next endeavor. HH Mike
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