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  1. Thanks Mike, Yes, the kind of hunt that makes the long drive home from the beach a lot easier!
  2. I really didn't know what to expect on one recent hunt but I certainly didn't think that I would be finding gold and silver including one of the biggest rings that I have ever found. The hunt started off slow enough with lots of trash and zinc pennies for most of the first 2 hours in the wet sand. Then I started to find a few "real" coins and even a couple of small blackened silver items before being stunned by scooping out a yellow gold diamond ring that was so clean looking that it could have been lost that same day. But I know better and that ring could have been lost years ago, especially, with all the blackened silver nearby. Not long after finding the gold came another big surprise and I mean BIG! I don't remember anything unusual or special about the target signal but when I kicked it out of the scoop I remember thinking "no way!" There on the sand in front of me was a huge bright purple blob, so richly colored in the sunlight it looked like a plastic part from a child's toy. However, I've seen that color many times before and when I picked the target up it confirmed that it was a huge silver ring! The gold ring was not stamped but held the 18k acid. However, I don't think the diamond is real from my preliminary testing. Too bad since it appears to be about a carat. At nearly 30 grams, the silver ring may be the heaviest ring that I have ever found. It is stamped "DIESEL" and "925". It turned out to be a fun afternoon at the beach. I haven't detected all that much this year but I have had some memorable and productive hunts like this one. GL&HH!
  3. Congrats Skate and thanks! That is good to know. Pretty sure now that platinum is considered a lower conductor than most gold.
  4. Possibly like this one I found last year. It is silver on the inside and titanium on the outside. Not a big fan as the titanium has ugly wear marks!
  5. Thanks OBN! I had almost forgotten how good it feels to find gold but now that my appetite has been whetted again I can't wait to find more.
  6. Thanks Dave! Seems like our local beaches are overdue for the epic winter storms that we get every few years or so. Now that I am retired I am ready for them!
  7. In the world of metal detectors I believe that gold jewelry are considered "low" conductors relative to the better conductors - silver and copper. I believe that I remember this from school as well. A lot of people think that gold is a superior conductor but its desirability in electronics use is largely due to its decent conductivity and superior corrosion resistance which is why it is prized in marine environments.
  8. Thank you 350Plat. Had no idea what kind of knife it was but you are exactly right on the ID. Cost about $40 with a sheath.
  9. Thanks! The Tiffany ring is silver and the 2nd one that I have found of the same design. It was cool because I was pretty sure by the shape it was a Tiffany even in the dark when I found it. I mostly use my pulse detectors at the beach so I don't know what numbers platinum will come up as. Maybe someone here will answer your question - not even sure but guessing platinum is a "low" conductor?
  10. Last year was my best ever for the amount of nice jewelry I recovered but this year was shaping up to be one of my worst. Granted, I wasn't detecting as aggressively due to other commitments and conditions didn't seem to be as good as last year but I went from 60 to 0 just like that! However, a couple of summer finds lifted my spirits and filled me with optimism for the fall and winter seasons. The gold chain and cross was a shocking find in more than one way. It was found in the darkness of night and my hopes were dashed when I turned on my headlamp because in the artificial light it had a cheap stainless steel look to it. I drove home thinking that the hunt was a bust until I emptied my finds pouch and was stunned by the radiance of big gold amongst the rusted iron and corroded zinc pennies. This hobby never ceases to surprise me. GL&HH!
  11. Thanks Dave, I actually just spoke with Earl (Surfmaster) and am going to buy his machine for my friend who will pay me back. Yes, I believe Earl when he says this detector is pristine. He's got too many detectors to put much time on any one of them. Appreciate the heads-up my friend!
  12. I have a friend who is currently using my loaner Dual Field. He likes it and wants his own. Looking for a clean, low mileage, salt water friendly coil DF. I know that some of those coils have had small leaks making them useless in the salt water and not interested in those. Thanks!
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