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  1. Wow - beautiful collection! We also used to go out there often in the 70's and I have fond memories of the group campouts my detecting friends and I had. Several years ago and the last time I went out there I made a video: Good times! media-center-public-room-california-desert-training-center-brochure.pdf
  2. Thanks Jerry, Yes, I would have thought that a silver coin might make an appearance. Hunting up in the dry sand is not my cup of tea - way too tiring!
  3. Nice job! The one with the red stone looks good in the picture.
  4. Very unusual find. I think that you are on the right track but I wonder if it might be some other diety? Most of the other moon goddess pendants seem to have a rounder more feminine look? Silver is always welcome!
  5. I concur....digging "1"s and zinc penny signals in a park is hardcore - well done!!
  6. Thanks VL, Yes, I kind of have a goal of making $15 in finds any time I drive to the beach to cover the cost of gas. Coins, jewelry, knives, tools, sunglasses, paper money, etc. all factor in. 🙂 I used my TDI (similar to the AQ) and, yes, it was tough going. Detecting on the firm, smooth, wet sand is so much easier than working the soft, undulating, dry sand.
  7. Thanks, yes, too many times the surprises are the disappointing ones. I really was hoping for more targets or older ones. I wonder how deep a coin or ring will sink down to in the dry sand over time? Thanks F350Plat, I try to be discreet but, if I thought it was gold, I would have probably tried to get a better look at it when I got to the car. No stone - here's another pic:
  8. After many years of metal detecting I'm amazed that I still discover nice finds days or weeks after a hunt. A week ago there were bulldozers making winter sand berms on a local beach so I decided to hunt behind them hoping that they would uncover some goodies. Targets were few and far between so I only hunted an hour or two before heading home to beat rush hour traffic. I finally emptied my finds pouch this morning and looked more closely at a small ring that I had assumed was silver. It was dull and a bit rough but when I examined the inside expecting to see "925" I saw "14K" instead. A quick acid test confirmed that it was gold and it cleaned up without much effort. At 2 grams it isn't the biggest ring but $65 in scrap gold value covers gas for a couple more hunts so that's a win!
  9. Thanks RVP, That was over 2 months ago and I haven't found much of anything since. Patiently waiting for some winter storms to shake things up!
  10. Thanks Joe and good luck! Be safe out there.
  11. Wow! Scary story and good lesson, especially, for night hunters. I love those target rich hunts - congrats!
  12. I've given this matter some thought since I can only hear from my right side and may eventually lose that as well. I always use headphones but the bonephones may allow for situational awareness if they make them for the Nox. (?) The new Manticore will have a handle vibration mode and , I believe, some Noktas already do. They also used to make a vibrating adapter to plug into a headphone jack that you could place on your body somewhere to feel vibrations when a target was detected. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. Awesome results with a great treasure to trash ratio - I see lots of jewelry in the picture - congrats!
  14. You never know but I would be more concerned if his scoop had more signs of wear like a ground down tip. Personally, I don't like to see other hunters where I hunt but there are often newbies who don't have local knowledge or experience.
  15. Well, I was thinking door knob at first but hairpin and door knob are not much stranger than the real answer!
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