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  1. We have all been there so congrats on getting the primate off your back! That ring IS a sweet color and the best therapy for a number of ailments. Hopefully, your luck has changed and you will get on a hot streak now!
  2. Hi Mitchel, I just saw this. Funny but I use the exact same finds pouch. I have gone through a couple of them already and recently had to get another. I paid like $25 on eBay but have seen them go a lot cheaper. Good luck!
  3. Thanks KOB, I had never heard of this so I looked them up. I have a feeling that I will be visiting them someday.
  4. Thanks for the tips cuniagau, putting it in rice now.
  5. Thanks GBA, These were all found with the TDI Beach Hunter. Funny thing about that Barber dime is that I found no other old coins that day- no silver or wheaties. Being so lightweight it could have moved many miles over the years. Yes, I put in many hours looking for the rest of that bracelet but they were all exciting hunts.
  6. Thank you Seeker, Just to be clear, these collateral finds were on several hunts- not just one or two. If I can manage to find the other half I might just buy myself a Lotto ticket! 😉
  7. Thanks Mitchel, Yes, the weight surprised me. I seem to have problems judging ring weights when I find them. After a few hours of hunting my tired hands lose a little sensitivity, I guess. Also, at night it is hard for me to see the subtle difference between white gold and silver. I wasn't sure about either ring until I got home.
  8. In my last thread I posted about finding half of a Cartier bracelet. I searched and searched on multiple hunts for the matching half but couldn't find it. However, in my efforts to find the rest of the bracelet I did stumble upon a few other good finds. The top/middle ring really had me thinking that I had hit the jackpot. It looked so beautiful and had markings on the inside of it. About an hour after I found it I took a closer look and saw the "ALE" stamp which I learned here means it was a Pandora- still a hundred dollar ring but not the incredible find I thought it was. The 2 silver
  9. What an awesome find- congrats! Even with the "awl" marks that coin is a beauty!
  10. Thanks o.g., I believe the other half is there too! I've been back twice already and even though I didn't find it yet I did find a couple of nice rings that I will post about some time later.
  11. Congrats on those awesome recoveries! Tahoe sounds like a beautiful place to detect- wish I was closer!
  12. Thanks ECris, Pretty shocking how pricey these things are. That name carries a lot of weight!
  13. Thanks VL, I didn't know your Grandpa personally but he did respond to a couple of my posts in a similar way- much appreciated!
  14. Well, yes and no. Sure, I would be over the moon if I found the entire bracelet but hard to be annoyed with $700 in gold bullion. It would have bugged me if I didn't go back and pound that area hard. On future hunts it's certainly going to be more exciting any time I get another signal in that same area.
  15. Thanks kac, Yes, I have already been back and spent hours looking for the other half but like you said, someone may have already found it. Sometimes it is difficult to tell how long gold jewelry has been lost. In this case it could be years or hours. If the halves were lost years ago there could have been quite a distance between them.
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