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  1. Yeah, I got to the beach once after a long drive, turned on the Excal...nothing. Didn't have a backup detector with me either. Also broke a scoop a couple of times without a spare but that was with cheaper scoops or wooden handles. I didn't know that used PI's were in high demand - maybe it's time to sell one?
  2. Thanks VL, Any time I find enough to pay for gas I'm happy!
  3. I have a TDI BH, EQ 800 (stock coil and 6") and Excal and used all at the beach this past year. Like others have indicated, conditions and type of hunting will dictate which detector I opt for. I've enjoyed using my TDI because I feel that I don't miss as much using it. I have a hearing disability and the TDI really belts out the tones when I get near a target. I also like its big coil, sensitivity to gold and small targets and ability to work in mineralized areas. However, as I get older my tolerance for digging trash has been waning and I've found myself using my Excal more and more. I don't care for the EQ "beach modes" but maybe if I had the Bigfoot coil I would like it better? If there were lots of targets and they were shallow I would probably be more likely to go for the EQ.
  4. "Year of the Beach Pirate" is what I think the translation is on that Kanji medallion! 😉
  5. Last week I hunted the wet sand of some local beaches for the first time in about a month. I wanted to go earlier in the month but just had too many other things going on. When I got to the beach I was surprised to see that a lot of beach erosion had taken place and was afraid that I was too late to take advantage. Sure enough, targets were few and far between below most of the cuts but I did find 2 areas where I was making some deeper finds with some regularity. I was finding more trash than I expected with the TDI and hunting in a steady rain which tired me out sooner than usual. I also think I was out of shape from not hunting much the previous month. I did manage to find a few silver rings and silver earring before taking a break to warm up with some hot soup for lunch. I decided to swap detectors because of the trash and continued where I left off with my Excalibur. The very first signal I got in "all metal" rang out in a solid mid-tone when I switched to "discriminate". I scooped out some wet sand and kicked it off to the side and saw a quarter-sized disc with that unmistakable yellow gold color laying on top of the mound! (7.5 grams of 14K) I didn't make nearly as many good finds in 2021 as I did the year before but Mother Nature had a lot to do with that. I am still grateful for the little treasure I did find and for the health, time and resources to be able to enjoy this hobby of ours. Wishing you all the best in 2022!
  6. A lot of fakes out there but it looks pretty good in the picture so, yes, test or have it tested. My gold calculator says almost $2,000.00 worth of gold, if real! Find of a lifetime - congrats!!!
  7. Thanks Hamid, It doesn't look as strange now that it is cleaned up and I know what it is. When I first found it I knew the chain was gold but the tag was a reddish-brown color and did not look like jewelry at all!
  8. Nope, I just checked. I thought that maybe the Excal would detect the clasp but not a peep - even rubbing against the coil. I also checked with my Equinox in Gold 2 mode and can get a repeating signal at 1 inch.
  9. Thanks Mitchel, I was using my Excalibur on this particular hunt and the target had a very low "grunting" tone to it. It had been a while since I had used the Excal and I had forgotten what a fun and effective detector it is.
  10. The basic shape is similar to a Canadian military dog tag but it's not for military use.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys and strick had the answer I was looking for. Good job and thank you strick! Here is an image I found:
  12. Thanks Kac and VL, Both of your observations are correct - there are slight differences but maybe because one is an older version or a different size. Unfortunately, I have heard that Tiffany will not authenticate any jewelry brought into their stores.
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