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  1. Great job Slim- congrats! The ring with the rounded top is really unique. Do you think your Sovereign would have found those?
  2. I did get an e-mail from Fisher even though I declined an offer to buy one through Rick a while back. I actually felt a little bad that I changed my mind because I was so anxious to get one at first. However, I think it was a good decision for me based on the reviews of many here. I'm sure that I could have put in the time and effort to make the machine do what I needed it to do but I would rather wait for a more user friendly, reliable version. The e-mail doesn't bother me a bit. To me it means that First Texas knows or will know that interest in the AQ is waning. Perhaps this will resul
  3. Some sweet finds there Mitchel- congrats!!!
  4. Oops! How could I forget about them? My daughter has a few of my better finds.
  5. A real wife or girlfriend pleaser there- congrats!!!
  6. Funny how often that happens. I sometimes think that detectors are like divining rods- just an extension of some inner power we have within ourselves to tap into. Congrats on that beauty!
  7. Beautiful vintage rings- congrats!
  8. Amazing piece of jewelry Joe- congrats! Looks pretty hefty as well!
  9. Passed on my opportunity as well for the same reason. If I had been seeing reports about the Limited killing it on gold I might be tempted but the reviews have been good- not great for the most part. When questioned about gold jewelry finds many users have said that much of the gold that they had found with the Limited could have been found with their other detectors as well. I'm also concerned about the AQ's reliability because of so many issues with the Limited. We'll see what the final price winds up being but 3K? Similar to KOB's thinking I'd rather buy 3 more TDI BeachHunters.
  10. Welcome, The 800 with the 6" coil was a good recommendation. Since you are hiking, it is lightweight and can somewhat fit into a backpack after being broken down. I've gone biking with mine.
  11. I hope you didn't hurt your back lifting that up- wow that's a big silver ring- congrats!
  12. "I'm guilty of this also when I go back to my 'best beach' first. The truth is when things are good at that beach they could be as good or better at other beaches but I sometimes don't know. We just have to go with our instincts. Sometimes they are wrong. A few months back I hit my favorite beach and it was $$. I was the only one one night $$$! The next night there was one other $. The third night I decided to go to another beach with 'similar' position on the coast but 30 miles away. It was a bust and I hit my best beach again about 3 hours after I should have been there. When I
  13. Well I hope so. That is really an interesting find that I would test with an acid kit. Any local jeweler could probably give you a courtesy check. Good luck and, if it is, I'd get back to that spot asap.
  14. Yep. I keep going back to the beach where I found that Cartier bracelet but that is the last piece of gold that I've found and that was 2 months ago now.
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