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  1. I also had a couple of opportunities to purchase a Limited and decided not to - mostly because of the problems that many users were reporting. If that small sample size that OBN has seen (4 out of 12 really happy customers) represents all of those who purchased one, 25% customer satisfaction is pretty scary and that percentage could even be lower. Even if the detector was free of problems I still see its uses somewhat "Limited" to specific situations . I also have a TDI Beachhunter to use in those situations and it has been a reliable "workhorse".
  2. I'm sure that others will chime in here on your settings but here are my 2 cents. Sometimes you can be doing everything right and still not find gold. I have had hunts where I have dug several hundred targets and not found gold or even silver. I am not a fan of the "beach" modes and that is why I prefer to use my Excal or pulse machines around salt water. I don't usually dig TID's predominately below "0". If by "plumbs" you mean lead fishing weights then I would say that that is generally a good sign that you have the machine tuned right but do a lot of adults swim at that beach or is it mainly used by people fishing? Beach orientation, sand movement and timing are also important.
  3. Congrats Skate! Looks like some of us are finally getting back on the gold train. 🙂
  4. I have found many surfing St Christophers over the years but this one was just the old-fashioned kind. I beach-hunted with a guy once who found a tent stake with a gold chain wrapped around it. Maybe there is some science around these types of finds.
  5. Well, How is this for a coincidence? Yesterday, I posted congrats on your gold chain and was thinking that I missed out on all the fun. Last night I headed down to the beach and eventually found a productive spot. I was using the Excal in the wet sand and after scooping out a target, I saw a small gold chain in the basket. I was startled because the Excal will not hit a small gold chain but when I looked again I saw ANOTHER, much bigger chain (stainless steel) in the scoop amongst the wet sand and shells. And, it had a St. Christopher medallion attached to it. The gold chain is VERY similar to the one you just found. I don't know how I found this but thank you St. Chris!
  6. Wow! Impressive find with such a big coil - congrats!
  7. Ouch, I think I missed an opportunity as I have heard of some recent sand movement. I didn't think that the tide was that good but I guess a good swell can overcome a poor tide. Anyway, thanks for the report and congrats on what looked like a fun hunt.
  8. Thanks Jerry, It didn't take long to realize that the lack of sand movement was going to limit me to fresh drops only. I could have opted for a dry sand hunt but I like the wet and, fortunately, I got the drop I needed. Always happy to share VL! I forgot to mention that I bumped into another hunter with a shiny new Deus 2 - first one I have seen in the wild.
  9. Thanks! I actually did that a couple times today. 😄 It's been a strange year. Good finds but not much gold.
  10. Thanks Rick. Yes, it was beautiful at the beach. Now I am back home where it's warm and humid. 🥵
  11. ...it wasn't. After 3 hours in the wet sand I had only found a few coins but I wanted to hit one last spot before calling it a day. I was pretty sure that it was going to be a long, disappointing drive home but soon after reaching the area I wanted to check I got a nice, loud signal on the Excal. I switched to "disc." and got a smooth full tone and had the target in my scoop on the first try. A quick rinse in the surf revealed a nice silver colored band in the bottom of my basket. I could tell that it was a fresh drop silver ring and when I picked it up for a closer look I was underwhelmed by the design and thought, "Oh well, another one for the melt pile." I was pretty shocked when I looked inside the ring and saw "Gucci" "Made in Italy" and "Ag 925" stamped inside. A few weeks ago I found what I thought was a nice gold chain (see picture) only to find that it was plated. Now I found what seemed to be a garden variety silver ring that is pricey "designer" jewelry. You just never know! https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/jewelry-watches/silver-jewelry/silver-rings/guccighost-ring-in-silver-p-477339J84000701
  12. I use my Excalibur, TDI or Equinox depending on the situation. The sound I enjoy hearing the most is from the Excal when switching from all metal (pinpoint) to discriminate and getting that low or mid tone. I use the Excal mostly at the beach in the wet sand where there are fewer pull tabs and foil bits so those lower tones are often from jewelry.
  13. Thanks VL, That thought did cross my mind but gold is gold and I don't care WHO wants to donate it to me! 😄
  14. Thanks Joe, Well, today I had the rug pulled out from under me again but I'll post that story another time. Yes, I will keep plugging away and best wishes to you as well!
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