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  1. I hope that ring is as special as it looks Mitchel- hard to say from just the picture. I'm not familiar with "18C" but the color sure looks right- congrats on an interesting and, hopefully, valuable find! 😲 I wouldn't be too concerned about the weight. It seems about right since it is kind of like a filigree style.
  2. Awesome find AMW- congrats! I love those "18's" but I don't do that much dirt digging.
  3. Congrats on the silver and gold Seeker- looks like a great spot! Yes, 10K gold gets pretty brittle. Even old class rings will shatter if you drop them on a hard surface. Pretty sure that rings get smashed by tumbling among the rocks. I have found shards of silver that used to be rings.
  4. Pretty cool ring and not a bad number of targets for the conditions Mitchel- congrats!
  5. Welcome back! Maybe a 6" coil on that Nox may make it even easier to swing and separate a few good targets as well?
  6. I don't have a Vanquish but my Nox is fairly noisy in the wet sand so I usually opt for my pulse detectors at the beach. However, it sounds like you found a fair amount of targets so I think that you are learning how to pick out the good signals through the chatter. Don't forget that the beach conditions are always changing and even if you are doing everything right with the best equipment you may not find much on a particular hunt. I think it is great that your wife wants to try metal detecting and definitely worth encouraging for a number of reasons!
  7. Been a while since I had a hunt with so many good targets like that- congrats on what looks like a fun hunt!
  8. As far as cleaning I would proceed with caution. Personally, I think those coins look fabulous just as they are!
  9. Just to be clear- based on this comment from another forum: "Talked to Joe tonight , he sounded a bit rough , however he said he will be able to go home this weekend" It SOUNDS like he is going to be okay (survived) but he could face a tough recovery after all that he went through. There was also a mention of a possible shoulder injury while being pulled from the sea.
  10. Holy cow VL....that's amazing!!!!! In all my years of detecting I've never found any one of those coins. The condition of those coins is just as impressive. Happy for you and looking forward to seeing more awesome finds! 😮
  11. I read on another forum that a member there had spoken with him and it sounds like he is going to be okay (survived). Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery Joe!
  12. Wow, what an awesome find Mitchel- congrats! I know that was a great feeling seeing that gold chain dangling from the scoop! Way to go after those "1"s. The smallest gold chain I have found with the NOX was about the same size so I think (hope) that it's real.
  13. I have the stock 11" and 6" coils. One reason I chose the 6" coil was because I hunt in the water where visibility is often poor and it helps me with pinpointing. It has better depth than I was expecting for such a small coil and helps me find small gold jewelry.
  14. Thanks Slim, I suspect that an AQ production model is in my future so I appreciate the feedback from someone like yourself. From what I have read I believe that, performance-wise, the AQ has some similarities to the TDI (Beachhunter) but deeper and perhaps more sensitive to gold with its lower pulse delay. I would like to see some reports on the AQ's ability to find gold chains without pendants- the TDI BH will see gold chains that the Dual Field can't detect but not smaller ones.
  15. Welcome James and thank you for your service! This is the best site for anything you want to know about metal detecting and prospecting. It's a great place to share finds as well so don't be shy.
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