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  1. Well done Mitchel! Thanks for doing that- you probably saved someone some real grief!
  2. Congrats on the gold Mitchel- your persistence paid off!
  3. I think it's always nice to find rings with ornate designs- congrats! Not that there is anything wrong with plain bands.
  4. I can't speak for others GB but, no, I don't envy the storms they get but I do get a little jelly about the old coins and old jewelry that they scoop up! We don't get the massive storms here but we do get storms that can move a lot of sand in a short time. We also get big sand moving swells from storms that never reach us. One such event about 5 years ago generated 15'-20' waves at one of my favorite beaches and the hunting was awesome for a whole week! I am more than ready for the next big one!
  5. Thanks sohn, I agree, a few inches or a few minutes can make all the difference in this hobby and it can be frustrating when you just know that the gold is there but can't find it. It all seems to balance out in the end though.
  6. Thanks tvr, I was hoping that it would continue a couple more nights but the window closed up pretty quick.
  7. Thanks Matt, I wear a 14k yellow gold ring and it looks like cheap brass compared to this 21k ring.
  8. Thanks dog, Yes, the late night hunts have been productive and pretty surreal when under a full moon.
  9. Thanks Seeker, no, and I'm glad it's not. That would seem gimmicky on a quality ring IMO.
  10. Thanks 2Valen, Certainly rare for me- I'm averaging 1 every 25 years! Yes, to me it is a work of art and I could never sell it for scrap value.
  11. Thanks KOB, Funny but when I watch all the people in the water on the beach cams I just know that at low tide that there will be tons of targets on that spot but that just never seems to be the case. Maybe people are being more careful with their jewelry these days or maybe I just over-estimate their tendency to lose things. Most of my targets are also from higher on the slope.
  12. Thanks okara gold, Scary to think that I missed that ring on my first pass through that area earlier that morning and then eventually finding it with only minutes to spare on my battery. I'll bet that there are many times that we are so close to success or failure and don't even realize it.
  13. Thanks Joe, It's only the second 21K ring I have ever found along with a 22K earring several years ago. For a while I didn't see the stamp and thought I got my first 24K piece of jewelry but that bucket lister will have to wait. Yes, I love the design too- it looks hand crafted.
  14. Thanks Mitchel, Even though I've been hitting the beaches pretty regularly the last 10 years I'm still learning things about the beach most every time out. The impacts of tides, swell and wind on sand movement is something that even experts seem to not fully understand. I certainly don't either but from trial and error I am starting to get more consistent results as I become more familiar with the places I hunt whether high on the slope or the negative tide area.
  15. Thanks Dances With Doves, It may seems that way but I usually only post when I have my better hunts. But, since my recent retirement I have been metal detecting a lot more. I also, usually, try to go to the beach only when the combination of tides/swell/wind make the conditions promising for sand movement. Fortunately, I have some productive fresh water hunting grounds when the beach is slow so, all in all, my chances of finding treasure have improved this year.
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