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  1. DolanDave

    I'm Glad That I Didn't Sell It

    Glad you held on to it Mitchel, the 3030 is a good machine. I sold my 3030 to buy 2 Equinox 800 machines. I have found twice as much with the Nox, than I did with my 3030. Especially in high trash areas, old mining camps, where I could not run the 3030, with all the trash / iron. I also love how much the NOX is so much lighter... Dave
  2. JW, I dont use it enough to justify having it. The stock coil is all I use. I could use the money to purchase another prospecting item I need 😉 , it works perfect, nothing wrong with it. Dave
  3. I am selling a Minelab GPZ 19" Coil. Aftermarket coil cover is on it, and comes with stock coil cover also as shown in pictures. $1,000 Free shipping within the U.S. only. Message, Text, or call 702-544-0575 Dave
  4. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    I tried all settings... You cannot have any discrimination on, or it blanks them out. They are an L/LL . With discrimination off, the horseshoe mode, you can hear them... but cannot walk 2 feet without hitting trash out there...
  5. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Richard got a nice 5 gram, and 2 gram piece, Eric got several 1 and 2 grams pieces. Mike (mikestang) and Robby went there 2 weeks before us, and got a nice 40 gram piece with other smaller ones also...
  6. Hey Mitchel, If youve seen Li Bofang facebook he has a lot of pics on it...... tons of meteorite and gold pictures and stories on facebook everyone shares... Dave.
  7. DolanDave

    NZ Gold

    Mitch, The auction ad states found in Buller goldfield
  8. I hear ya Gary.... another meteorite just fell in China, and they are recovering it right now... locals are thinking they are worth a lot, some charging $5,000 a gram.... Crazy 😣
  9. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Hi Mitchel, Thank you !!! Myself, Richard Garcia, and another buddy of mine Eric were there for 2 days. Its a hard area to hunt nowadays to get anything over a gram or two. I just got lucky, right place at right time kind of thing. Dave
  10. Upon looking up the new meteor impact that just happened yesterday in South Africa, I came across this article. I guess its confirmed Pyrite, and not gold.... Dave
  11. DolanDave

    Equinox And The Tot Lot

    Rick, The 800 is a nice machine, congrats on the finds.. Dave
  12. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Rick that looks like a predator skull 😉
  13. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Thanks Fred, about 200 feet from tracks. The rains bring out new ones to the top. Magnet fishing 😉. I continued on to Glorieta, NM. to hunt Palasites for 4 days , but that is another story .... Dave
  14. DolanDave

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Kodiak, That is an awesome find... Ill trade you ... hehe... Dave
  15. Got out to Holbrook Arizona to hunt Meteorites with a few friends. Ended up with 168 Grams of meteorites, a few coins and items from the railroad. Eyeballed the meteorites, and used the Equinox 800 for the items. The Equinox 800 would hear the LL/LL6 Holbrook meteorites with no discrimination. As soon as I put discrimination on, I could not hear the meteorites. I could not hunt with discrimination off because of all the trash on the side of the railroad tracks... Dave