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  1. Sorry to hear that.... Oh man Jim was a good guy, he talked about you when I saw him. I have family buried at the Riverside National Cemetery very nice veterans cemetery.... Thanks Mitchel, Dave
  2. Mitch, What happened to the old miner guy that lived out in Coolgardie, I think his name was Jim, or something like that, I heard he passed away?? I met him once prospecting out there a few years ago, real nice guy... Dave
  3. Thanks for compliment Mitch.... Im older than you think , hehe... pushin 50 soon.... 🙂 I grew up in Riverside, California, I lived back in all the hills all around Riverside off roading, detecting, ect in the 80's and 90s. , the old man still lives there. Steve runs a pretty good forum here, and love all the people here with their advice. Julie, like Mitch said, if your ever in the Vegas area, send me a message, could take you at to some spots to detect, also if you ever get a chance to get out with Mitchel hes very knowledgeable in almost everything from beach hunting to gold and meteorite hunting.... and hes probably closer to you than me. Hope you get the coil over some gold, so you can post on here, love seeing finds... Theres still gold in California, just need more patience with so many bullets and trash. Dave
  4. Jinmon, Good to see your getting all that birdshot and lead, everything is working right, you just need to get the coil over gold. Lytle Creek- I used to go there in the 80's and shoot and pan for gold. Is everyone and their brother in southern california still using it as a shooting range?? They should change the name to Lead Creek. If you dont get out more than 3 or 4 hours away from the citys in california, your gonna come across so much trash and bullets with a detector it will drive you crazy..... Dave
  5. Aureous, I've ran vlf's before with auto ground balancing on, and had Chondrites track out, to include LL's to H's large and small, buried and on top, after 2 or 3 sweeps of the coil. Like others say, disable auto, but then your going to be tuning a lot more frequent, as you go through different geology. Like Lunk says, a throwdown, and many hours practicing is your best bet. If your hunting Irons, cover your ears 😳😉
  6. Hi Swegin, Yes read the manual. A lot of good info in there. He talks a lot about his adventures, starting since a young age with his dad in the depression era, to late 90's when he published. Would love to see more history published from the guys been doing this 30+ years. I love reading Steve Herschbach's adventures here on the forum, and from others. Dave
  7. Thanks Jason, it was good seeing ya last weekend. I wish I had a mentor when I first started, I havent been gold hunting as long as others here, only 17 years. I learned myself, and it was a year before I got my first piece. When I'm to old to do it anymore, Im gonna write everything, with locations for examples, and the research I've done, where I went, and what I found along the way.... Love the idea on the backhoe, and would love to throw the GPR in there for those deep bedrock dips 😁... Kick ass out there, oh and we like those videos 😉. Dave.
  8. Thanks for reply Gerry, WesD, Lunk n JasonG .... I bet Jim Straight might also know him. Ben talks about hunting placer gold fields to include Northern Nevada, Northern California, Quartzsite, Rich Hill area since 1947.... Need to get a few more of the old prospectors to write their memories down before its gone into the golden pastures... I know when my prospecting legs get to tired, I will be releasing all my info I know, documented mostly on google earth... for others to learn from. Dave
  9. I use sometimes on my GPZ 7000 the Quest Wirefree Mate- Wireless Transmitter and Receiver. Its 2.4 Ghz Freq, not bluetooth, and the latency is .06 seconds. I think the Minelab Equinox wireless built in latency is .40 seconds. A full charge lasts over 30 hours.... There are youtube videos on it.
  10. Thanks Lunk, yeah Ben talks a lot about Barrel Springs area, in the book. Also Mill City, how some guys pulled out 100 ounces on the water districts property there...
  11. I got this manual at a swap meet in Quartzsite, Arizona. It's a manual written by Ben Thompson, who placer mined a lot in Northern Nevada/ Mill City area. He describes. Terry T bones in 90's that found a 27 ounce nugget, and killed by a train. He also talks about Burns Bros truck stop, and Dick who worked there also found a 24 ounce nugget near where Terry found his (Big Easy). Enclosing pic if his book. Dave
  12. I went out hunting in Havasu Arizona Saturday and Sunday, running in high yield, sensitivity at 18, and had no problems, except the normal, where it goes off on roots/ cactus. The desert was blooming big time, with green grass everywhere. Dave
  13. Thanks for the journey Lanny.... you should write some articles for ICMJ, or other prospecting magazines.... Get one of these to scrub that bedrock 😉
  14. Nice finds on the old spanish Trail Cal Cobra.... I have hunted it a few times in Nevada and California, and found some pretty good stuff. There is actually a guy I know in Pahrump, NV. that found a jar of old silver and gold coins buried alongside the old spanish trail...in the 1990's metal detecting. You guys have done pretty good at that spot... you stuck the cow in there also ... good one !!! Dave.
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