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  1. On the Finders Keepers Facebook page, like afreakofnature mentioned, the Minelab Conference says coming soon a new Multi IQ detector. Now Im leaning more and more on a CTX 3030 upgrade....With the NOX out, its got to have something bigger better 😉🤩... Dave
  2. He kicks butt !!!! He just had surgery, I dont have an excuse, lazy, hehe !!!
  3. Jeff, Yes your right, sorry for the error NE, your right, gold mode only has the 1 tone VCO ... Dave
  4. Hey Everyone... Myself and Chris (Chris Ben) got out for some Nugget hunting , and want to share a video we put together... much more to come later... Dave
  5. NE, I youtube it, to learn the different settings, to me visually watching is much better than a manual, kind of like having your own personal tutor, I just wish it was with some DD's..... 😉😂
  6. NE, You can still customize the machine in any mode to run different tones in your settings, and also add or delete different discrimination VDI numbers..... its a great versatile machine. Dave
  7. Great find Phrunt.....congrats dude !!!! I noticed you run your NOX tones high in negative numbers... I do opposite, using low tones on negative numbers, medium tones on mid range numbers and high tones on high numbers, to allow me to run without discrimination (all metal) and hunt using sound most of the time. Using different Minelab Pulse machines since 2002, I dont think you will ever get the GPX or even the GPZ to run totally smooth. Yeah you can dumb the machine down so low you cant hear any interference, but tune the machine to run optimally, your always gonna hear interference / ground noise, ect. Dave
  8. I would be interested in purchasing the dual sensor detector (countermine) with Pulse Induction, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) if it did this....
  9. Make a detector that can discriminate some hot FeO, basalt, ect without losing depth/ good targets= instant millions.... good luck.
  10. I agree with Phrunt, that unit on the YouTube video is a vlf, and not a PI detector. Highly doubt it's a replacement for the ZED... Dave
  11. Good article Mitchel, Nevada is loaded with Arsenic.... working for the water district, Arsenic is always present in the water here, and concentrated in different places. A lot of places and mines out here in the desert have it. A good indication of Arsenic is the slight smell of garlic when a rock is broke open with a rock hammer, just very deadly to be smelling the stuff... 😮 Dave
  12. I agree with others, it sounds just like a CTX 3030 tone. But notice how fast it is.... Just an updated version of the CTX, with the NOX processing power... Dave
  13. Has anyone had any luck here: 😉 19° 27.900'N , 155° 35.554'W
  14. Minelab is suppose to come out with the MDS-10 soon also I thought... It was trademarked last year. Also they just trademarked in Australia on April 17th something called Super-D, which they currently call their 19" coil for the GPZ, but why trademark now ????
  15. Last weekend a couple of friends and I got out for a meteorite hunt to Franconia Arizona. I found 2 Chondrites weighing 29 and 98 grams. A few small H metal irons, a nice piece of rose colored Chalcedony, and a .50 casing with 43 date stamped. It got past 100, heat is already coming.... Dave
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