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  1. River Rat, Im sure its a little pricey for these new detectors, I have stashed some dinero into the stock market about 2 weeks ago, gonna let that ride for a year, hopefully it will pay for it.. so far up 20 % in 2 weeks....keeping fingers crossed... 🙄
  2. Phrunt, If I remember I run detector volume about 8... Dave
  3. I have the Steelphase SP01 for my GPZ 7000. I love it... It sure quiets up the sounds from the detector, and only allows targets to get through, faint targets were passed through and amplified with no problem... Dave
  4. I was wondering if anyone has heard any new information on Minelabs new Metal Detector MF5 ? Im assuming MF5 would be 5 multi frequencys? Dont know could be wrong? If this topic has been discussed please delete... Picture is from US patent, Trademark website Thanks.. Dave
  5. Hi Geelong guy, I learned the hard way, metal detecting by myself in known gold area's till I found my first nugget about 1 year later.... Best advice, is to metal detect, drywash, or whatever way your hunting for gold, is to get out with an experienced person, whos willing to show and teach you. Wish I did that myself. If you offer to pay for gas, lunch ect... Im sure an experienced person in your area would be willing to take you under their wing for a little bit, most of the prospectors on here, and know are awesome guys !!! Take Care, Dave.
  6. 1515Art, I was also approached by a deputy and investigator looking for the same guy... Weird how they found me, their helicopter hovered 50 feet above me, till the deputy showed up.... Jason, glad the guy is dead.... sorry for your losses on all your stuff, it sucks, been there done that in Dolan (Stolen) Springs... Dave
  7. Gerry, You've got that NOX dialed in dude !!! Your killing it.... Here is a picture of my first gold found with the Equinox 800 when they first came out, I think this picture was April 8, 2018.... I never leave home without it... Dave
  8. Talk about stock, dump $2,000 into some stock like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, American Airlines, Delta, ect, and wait to sell the stock Fiscal year 2021, when minelab comes out with their new $10,000 detector, all the stocks will be back up by then.... Dave
  9. Flak, I also had an original production WM12 that took forever to charge. I ended up getting a new one, that doesnt take that long to charge, but those darn things are not cheap....☚ī¸ Dave
  10. The total price is auction fees right? It sold for $7250. Including total price of $ 8700 , thats a little over $83 a gram, that is pretty darn good..
  11. Now thats a great day 1515Art... congrats... That last pic with a little piece thats shiny, what is that, meteorite ?? , hard to tell from pic. Did it respond to detector and magnet different that the other meteorites??? Thanks, Dave
  12. Nice Nugget, with that selling price of $7250, it went for a little over $69 a gram at todays prices, not to bad..... Gold is steadily climbing. I believe once the economy gets back to normal, it will go back down. How many of you are selling ? Dave
  13. Hi everyone, Been real busy lately, but put together a video from last weekend coin, and relic hunting... let me know what you guys think?? Thank you... Dave
  14. 1 Ounce US Mint $50 American Eagle Gold coins are all sold out everywhere I look. On ebay they are selling above $1800 an ounce, close to $1900.
  15. A no skunk day in the Basin, is always a great day.... congrats on the gold and meteorite. Dave
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