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  1. Got out to Franconia on the north side yesterday with some friends. The 2 center meteorites are OC's, and the small outlying pieces around them are irons. Until next time, Dave
  2. DolanDave

    Almost 40 Years Ago - The Hand Of Faith

    Right next to the fake display of the nugget at the Golden Nugget Casino, they have a vending machine where you can buy gold bars, good idea I guess as they must be making some good money on those machines do to the prices they are selling the gold for.
  3. DolanDave


    Chris, Ill try to get an XRF on it sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, and let you know.... very cool looking though. Dave.
  4. For new detectors coming out from Minelab, keep your eye out on the patent, and trademark websites for names like Codan, Minelab, Bruce Candy, ect....
  5. DolanDave

    Has Peak Gold Been Seen?

    Dont tell the Colorado School of Mines- They now offer Ph.d degrees in Space Mining https://space.mines.edu/
  6. DolanDave

    Has Peak Gold Been Seen?

    Then it's on to mining meteors and mars.
  7. Real Nice, thank you Steve, never seen a database that covers so many detectors...
  8. That stinks, thanks for the info... I just subscribed about 4 months ago.... Dave
  9. DolanDave

    Deus 6 Pics Fake??

    What does everyone think fake ? Says release Sept 2020.
  10. DolanDave

    Last Hunt, Bb Nugget, And Crushed Speci

    Chris you have been killing it lately out there. This skunk will get off my back soon ...😉. You got a lot more gold on that speci than I thought also... I was figuring 3 or 4 grams, congrats dude !!! Dave.
  11. DolanDave

    Short Day Out

    That is a great looking piece Chris. Congrats on a nice find. If you do specific gravity test on it, let us know how much gold is in it.... Hope those nickels bring you good luck, When some prospectors find a gold nugget they leave behind a nickel in the hole to show appreciation or respect to the earth or God for their good luck. Here is a webpage about nickels... Dave
  12. Doc, Great story, thanks for sharing.... I enjoy reading your adventures... also like your new adjustable bungy design, will have to get one. Dave.
  13. Jim knows exactly where the Mojave Nugget was found out there.... hope he gives the pointy finger to someone 😉
  14. Those darn Vegas Chips ... 😉 , are you going on that private tour with Jim Straight near Randsburg? Bet you could find some nice little pieces there 😁
  15. Lunk, Thanks for the report, and congrats on the great gold with that 6" coil dude. I also got a 6" for my nox800, love the NOX compared to the CTX, which I used for years. It hits great on gold, and have found some nice old coins and artifacts in the desert with it also. Neat little trick I learned not to long ago, from the prospecting, park, and field modes, if you are getting an iffy signal, like nickels, or even trash, place the machine in all metal mode and pump coil above target, a trashy target will usually dip into the negative, as your gold and nickels will usually stay in the 1 and above. Dave