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  1. How are the X coils on hot rocks to you guys using it on the GPZ? Are you digging 2-3 foot holes to find a hot rock? Thanks, Dave
  2. I made some good money off that rush. Sold 2 new GPX machines ...
  3. 1515art, please include my name, Thank you for the giveaway... Dave
  4. Sorry to hear Jason, If I get back out that way, I will keep an eye out. I know the feeling, had my travel trailer burned down, everything stolen, and my storage in Dolan Springs broke into 2 times. Meth heads getting crazy out there... Dave
  5. I have been unable to find the frequency on these detectors, anyone know, please post... Also the 540 advertises " a customizable frequency range setting" would be interested in how that works... Dave
  6. DolanDave- I lived in Dolan Springs Arizona when I got into prospecting, which is right next to Gold Basin, Arizona.... used the name on all the other gold forums, and stuck to it, even though Im in Las Vegas now... Dave
  7. Bill, The pic was from the Minelab website, just as you show in your link. I agree with what JP says in the beginning of this post : "I also recommend users adopt the GB configured to their USER button approach and to go into Manual mode when checking deep targets or committing to dig, leaving the GPZ in Semi-Auto will allow the GB to drift either through exposure to the pick whilst digging or just general drift through the coil not moving, either way the GB will be out which is not obvious unless you pump the coil. " JP The update seemed to make the detector more stabalized with the semi auto mode in my opinion, as that is what I always use, but I notice it still drifts a little, I will have to rebalance with ferrite maybe every 2-3 hours. But it could just be different soil conditions, EMI (which I notice increases during the day), Saturation, Pick, Coil not moving, blah, blah blah, who Knows for sure ???? I get like you, more confused, as more things are introduced.... One thing I was experiencing a lot on the Yellow T-130 ferrite ring, was it would still sound off a little when balancing to it (It would not dissipate out all the ferrite noise) , then I moved to another Ferrite that was in Minelabs specs, and it works great so far. Just personal experiences, Im sharing...
  8. Steve, Minelabs new site looks pretty nice, the new Vanquish video on it looks like a pretty good relic machine... Dave.
  9. Good Thread Everyone, I have been experimenting with different settings, and ferrites. I have a different ferrite that falls within Minelabs GPZ 7000 specs, that seems to be working pretty good. Also, would be cool to incorporate an audio / O'scope screen option, to see when you need rebalance... I know semi pretty much does that when properly balanced to ferrite and ground, but I noticed you still need to constantly rebalance due to varying conditions, EMI, soil type, ect.. P.S. I tried this new ferrite Ring, but it didnt work to well...
  10. Does anyone know the company that makes the Xcoils? Is there a website?
  11. Nice Pic of Collared Lizard, and some nice gold. Its Beautiful in Northern Nevada.... Hope next time that patch will come to you.. Dave
  12. On the Finders Keepers Facebook page, like afreakofnature mentioned, the Minelab Conference says coming soon a new Multi IQ detector. Now Im leaning more and more on a CTX 3030 upgrade....With the NOX out, its got to have something bigger better ??... Dave
  13. He kicks butt !!!! He just had surgery, I dont have an excuse, lazy, hehe !!!
  14. Jeff, Yes your right, sorry for the error NE, your right, gold mode only has the 1 tone VCO ... Dave
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