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  1. Here is the first story on bbc: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-48331769
  2. Iam sorry for that my friend. I heard about the KTS Detectors. Good people told me not to buy that cause its not working. I belive its like FAKE. Hands off! I think there is a reason that they have a manual in turkey and in arbic language. https://kts-electronic.com/de/bodenanalysierer-gpa-1000.html
  3. Here in Europe especially in Austria its very hard to find a used gpx. A gpz you can not find at all. There is just one used about 7000 Euro not Dollar in Germany. People here don't use the Gpx series at all. Cause they are not searching for gold. Only relicts and coins. So they search for detector with metal discrimination so almost never they buy a puls induction metal detector. I think here they are generally more expensive. 😞
  4. Thank you very much for your answers. What do you think can be a good price for a Gpx 4800 , really like New with mono and doubld coil. Would be 2000 Euro OK? Iam still waiting for an answer from the seller i think he went in holiday that's why I ask. @PG-Prospecting : can i get back to you if the time comes that i hold the detector in my hands?
  5. Can someone please give his oppinion to my upper post? Is it true that the GPX 4500 had Deep, custom and Normal setting as the GPX 5000 and the GPX 4800 just have deep, Normal and Hi_Minaral?
  6. Hi Guys. The soil in Tanzania will look like in the picture here. So i guess it will be highly mineralized ground. What do you think - is a GPX 4800 a good option for searching there. Soon i will have the option to buy one like new. The guy just used it one time, even the second coil was nevere used. Also is it not a big disadvantage to have no custom setting like the GPX5000? What you can recommend me? Any Ideas? Thx for answers.
  7. I would have now a opportunity to get a used GM1000 for 500 Euro. As i understand you can not compare this detector to the GPX Series. Because of my job situation i can not go more than 2 Weeks to Tansania visite my friend there so i was thinking to go and make first a big research about the goldfields, mines and see if we are able to find any gold with a detector before investing more money. But what do you think?? If there is gold, can we find it with the GM1000? Greetings Erik
  8. Thx for your quick answers. People are really unfair.Another guy wanted to sell a GPX for 1200 Euro and he just wanted to communicate per Mail and also to ship it. After i told him i come to see the dedector and to give him cash in hand i never heared anything from him anymore.
  9. Hello my friends. Can you tell me to if this is a fake modell of GPX? Can this be?Link dwn here: https://www.shpock.com/de-de/i/XAKkV0-tXx_ZDS2M/metaldetector-minelab-gpx-4500 Thank for your answers. Greetings
  10. Hey Guys, I have another question: How much would you pay maxium for this used GPZ 7000 from 2015 updated with the newest software, in very good condition?
  11. Can someone tell me the differents between the standard 14'' Coil and the offered 19'' coil. Is it good to have them both- or is it ok with the standard one?
  12. Hello Friends 😁 Someone recommended me to start with a GPX 5000 for my Project. He said its not a big difference between a GPX 5000 and a GPZ 7000. So i have some questions, i hope you can help me. Is it true that the GPZ can measure about 40 Percent deeper comparing to a GPX ? Is the GPZ really so much better that its worth to pay a higher price? Which one of them would be easier to use for me, as a newbie? Is it smarter to start with a GPX or GPZ, what do you think? If i come in rainy wheather is it possible for the GPX to resist? Has he a IP64 code? What about to buy a used one? I read that the older GPZs works sometimes better than the new ones, is this true? Is the newest software ( 31/7/17 NEW SOFTWARE UPDATE ) really always the optimized one? Look here under the category FIND_BLOG, the same you can also find for the GPZ http://www.minersden.com.au/minelab-gpx-5000-metal-detector-11-in-mono-coil-bonus-15-mono-coil ! Are this just storys so that they sell the Detectors better or is this realistic? What do you think? What is the different about the GPZ 14 coil is fully waterproof to 1 m (3 ft) and GPZ 19 Super-D Coil? Is one of them going more deep, or is it more sesitive? What Coils do yu use with yur GPZ or GPX? Thanks a lot for your answers. For everybody who want to know more about my Project look here:
  13. Hello to everybody. Iam new here.😁 Thank you for the quick and simple registrationprocess. Iam a total newbie with detecting, honestly i newer did it before. A friend (hes from Tanzania)of mine and me want to search for some Gold in his country cause there are many places where you can find something. I think its the third biggest goldexporter in africa. Now i started to reseach about which detector we could use for our project. So i came to the conclusion to buy this a GPZ 7000 from minelab. At first i was pretty sure about this decision but now i found out there are also machines called soil-scanner or soils radar (here a website i found: https://www.idc-detektor.de/webshop/3d--radar--professionell/3d-bodenscanner--radar/ , sorry its in german). So i really need experts who can help me. People who have experience/practice with these things and can help to take a good decission so that i dont missuse my money for a machine which is not really working. Please help me also to use the forum in the right way. I dont what do disturb someone by posting something in the wrong place. Thanks for your support and special thanks to the inventor of this forum. With friendly regards. Erik
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