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  1. No Im not. Yes others were doing stuff and I don't doubt you have one your mate built, I know others were doing things, but it was through the use and kind release of Jims info that the ones we have today are. That is what I was saying. Im not going to get into an "im right, you're wrong, I know more than you" thing here. Was just paying tribute to Jim for his knowledge and contribution.
  2. No mate. That's my limit of what I was told. But longer, shorter and it all goes south. The older type of coils, most/many had what could be best described as a sausage shape winding, all bunched up kind of. Some were flattened out somewhat to a point, but not like todays Flat Wound or Spiral Wound, which are essentially the same. NF Evo's, Coiktek Elite, and etc.The person who really pioneered that winding was a gentleman by the name of Jim Stewart, a late friend of mine now deceased for several yrs. For years unbeknownst to many he and a select few of his friends detected with SD's and GP's using his hand wound flat wind coils. They creamed it everywhere in Aus using them on the quiet. Can you imagine having flat winds to yourselves for years in the best nugget fields in the world? Good on them. No, even though he was a friend, I will not call myself one of his close "mates". It was those, and fair enough, who used them. So, for all of us now, we owe a toast to Jim for the work he put into pioneering these wonderful coils we now have and use on our PI's.
  3. Hey guys, I'll tell you to give you an idea of what I know about the Flat Winds, Spirals. A 12" has the same length of wire as a 25". So, in a 12 you could count more winds than say the 25. But all up it will be the same length total. Its an exact science. From say a 12 going up less and less per wind. A 12 will have then more sensitivity than a 25, but the bigger coil, even though less winds per count, will still go deeper, but at a reduced depth on the smalls from the loss of wind counts/equalling depth to the Small's. But, at a gain from the increase overall field size, to larger targets. Squash that field in, into an elliptical coil, and a slightly smaller round can actually go deeper than the elliptical. Lets say a 14 elliptical. Id back a 12 in over the 14 any day. The 14 though can fit in tighter spots. But now, the strands. There are various strand counts in Litz. So that can come into play. You can now have two same size coils, but with different strand counts so one may go deeper by a little, but be more affected by mineralisation due to increase sensitivity. The other may go a smidge shallower but beat the other in hotter ground due to being quieter. So it's all a balancing act between depth, noise and overall usable ness. All coils are just tools. There is no one coil fits all, as no one detector setting fits all situations. I have seen over my time a detector shown to kick another's butt. But in real overall use it was the last choice to use. I have seen, and have found gold that a certain detector finds better than another. But the other detector overall was best. I saw this with the first Garrett PI. Against the Minelab at the time, the 2200d and GPxtreme I saw it in a buried test beat them on a multi gram bit of gold. I say multi as I cannot recall the exact weight. But when pitted against them in the field, not on a chosen specific piece that suited the chosen settings, it looked lame as. So, beware of what coils and detectors and those who spruke them are claimed to be capable of. You can make a mule look like a racehorse if you know how to.
  4. Yeah mate, even though I know those coils like family, that bracket and connection really threw me. But its 100% legit. 👍
  5. Ok, 100% right, from the man himself. Is to be officially released next month. Sorry @Elijah just that, that coil connection hasn't been seen on the Evos before. So what do I now think? Great for many in big open areas. I will always give the NF Evos the 2 thumbs up.
  6. Ok, so someone in Russia has that coil. Thats not the typical coil lead into the coil connection that NF typically uses on all the coils. Because of that, and that its in Russia I'm pretty sus on it, with it not showing up on the Nugget Finder sight also.
  7. Hi mate. A newie in the range? Not on Rohans website! The biggest Evo listed there is 19. What country was the photo sent from?
  8. Wow, (i believe you) here in Oz 1 g where I live with a Eqx, 1/3 of that. You lucky rat. Good on you.
  9. Hard to find words for that! I don't know what's happened to people now days.
  10. Yeah I heard about that when the idea came out back then. Haven't heard much else on it since though. Did it end up being a successful indicator?
  11. Your dead right Reg. It dumbfounds me at times. I even know, not here say, of a prominent PMAV member who actually had manufactured and sold hookup (illegal) behind 4wd scraper blades to pull out the scrub. And the hide of them, they all in it know about them, to say they "fight for our Aussie right to prospect" what a joke! They're part of the reason the powers hate it!
  12. Hi mate. You can detect in areas that are State Forest, some areas that are reserves (you need to find out the ones you can) and certain areas in National Parks. But the push is to close more and more to detecting. And to be honest, even though I have detected for decades, I can understand why they want to, even though it would sadden me to see it happen. What is taking place, more and more, even though many say it's just the few. I will completely get if and when it happens. I am totally sick and tired of kicking in others holes and seeing the rubbish and s#$t. Im done, and leave it now. When it shuts, bad luck. For years I've tried to fix it, I'm done. End of story.
  13. Hi mate. Yes, those illegal ones, and some have been around a while too, have done some serious damage and a few still do. It saddens me to see it. But you know what. I'm glad those in power have put the brakes on Bush claims. The amount that left them after working was an utter disgrace to say the least here in Vic. Pushing outside their claims, destroying tracks, burying rubbish. I hope they never let anyone ever again here have a claim in the bush, ever.
  14. Mmm, might take some spray with me next time I'm out. 😀
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