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  1. Your dead right Reg. It dumbfounds me at times. I even know, not here say, of a prominent PMAV member who actually had manufactured and sold hookup (illegal) behind 4wd scraper blades to pull out the scrub. And the hide of them, they all in it know about them, to say they "fight for our Aussie right to prospect" what a joke! They're part of the reason the powers hate it!
  2. Hi mate. You can detect in areas that are State Forest, some areas that are reserves (you need to find out the ones you can) and certain areas in National Parks. But the push is to close more and more to detecting. And to be honest, even though I have detected for decades, I can understand why they want to, even though it would sadden me to see it happen. What is taking place, more and more, even though many say it's just the few. I will completely get if and when it happens. I am totally sick and tired of kicking in others holes and seeing the rubbish and s#$t. Im done, and leave it now. When it shuts, bad luck. For years I've tried to fix it, I'm done. End of story.
  3. Hi mate. Yes, those illegal ones, and some have been around a while too, have done some serious damage and a few still do. It saddens me to see it. But you know what. I'm glad those in power have put the brakes on Bush claims. The amount that left them after working was an utter disgrace to say the least here in Vic. Pushing outside their claims, destroying tracks, burying rubbish. I hope they never let anyone ever again here have a claim in the bush, ever.
  4. Mmm, might take some spray with me next time I'm out. 😀
  5. Hi guys. In the last couple of years I've noticed where I live an increase, visible and noticable, of gold detectorists doing the wrong thing. Leaving all their holes unfilled, rubbish from camps and even their actual crap and crap paper just lying there in plain site. Some even digging on tracks leaving pot holes to drive over. Yeah, there are plenty that do the right thing but the pigs are now increasing. A while ago I went to Castlemaine in Vic, you gotta be kidding me, I must have been greeted by about 100 holes and scrapes unfilled and actual crap and the paper on the walk track! Just saw similar at Avoca with a big dug up, raked area, unfilled holes and the rest. A while ago at Dunolly the same and again at Stuart Mill. Is it any wonder they want to shut people out of the bush here these days. Im getting sick of seeing it. Whats it like in the US?
  6. @phoenix Hi mate, cant find that specie. This came from the same line though. Same place and another little leader. Highly mineralised. Im thinking that other one must have got dollied up by mistake, can't think of any other reason I cant find it or didn't keep it.
  7. Wow, stunning gold, seriously stunning!
  8. Thanks guys. Virus is kicking back in, thought I was coming good. Hope to get out this week though still.
  9. Thanks mate. The 12 Evo, wicked little coil. Usually use the 15 but thought it wise being crook and low on fuel, me, to go light. All up just 6 grams. The better bit 2.4. But saying "just" is not being ungrateful for what I got or "wish it was more" but because it could look more as sometimes gold does. I am 100% grateful for every single bit I get no matter how small. And to anyone who finds anything no matter the size, it's a win. You can't and wont take it with you. 😉
  10. Dont know how Phrunt got quoted!? With you there Steve. My experience is, keep your GPX. 😀 Dont worry be happy.
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