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  1. Cool mate, all good. Maybe this thing does things a bit different to all the others I've had over the years. Im not quite an old dog yet, but Im still open to learning some new tricks. Next week when Im out I'm gonna treat it different, try all the recommendations from you all and report back. Again, appreciate all the input.
  2. No worries mate. I'll put it down to my end as a misunderstanding due to differences in our ways of communicating in your and my cultures. Now, ill start anew. Thanks again and from you're info which I appreciate and others here, I will recheck everything and report back how it all goes. To everyone, much appreciated for the feedback and suggestions, to the Boss Steve too. Lots of bad weather here at present and some work to do, but thanks and Ill let you all know how it goes. Cheers to you all. As Arnie said "ill be back" Apologies for any, well, you know, I'm sure you get it.
  3. They did. They had some really unique tones to some targets. I was surprised when I first tried one. Was getting junk and a few bullets then got a buzz signal, never forget it, thought that's odd and dug up a 3 gram bit. They stagnated though for quite a while, this doesn't surprise me. Actually I thought they had already folded.
  4. Hi mate. Where can these coils be purchased from in Aus for the GPX's and can a person go and see one before hand in the field? Are there any round versions above 12" in the line up?
  5. And that's why you dont sell you're detector based upon rumours! "Dealer told me its gonna replace the 7000" "Its a new cutting edge gold detector, I got the hush hush news on it straight from the testers I know" "you better sell your detectors boys, your Gpx's and 7's aint gonna be worth much soon" Gotta feel sorry though for those who sold some great rigs in anticipation, just for a coin and relic machine.
  6. Ok, thanks. That is again interesting. I know that even though a coil can have the exact same type of wind, that there are different types of litz wire as per strands used. Some more strands, some less. I have used some proto coils in years gone by. Some used more strands, like I said, some less. One I tried was super flighty, but if you got to know it, it outperformed the quieter one. It didn't make the grade as most didn't like it being flightier. But damn, was it a good coil. That was in the standard winds though and as good as it was the flats were better. But before them, it was a much better coil. Love to see in person an Evo vs an X here in Oz. In real conditions, not a test patch. Out and testing responses on undugs. One day perhaps.
  7. Ok, thanks for that. Looks like mine has issues. Yours can change from those small variations. I can watch it and walk from pipeclay off onto red clay and swing or pump and nothing budges, may move 1 value. So I hit the track and give it a pump and within a few pumps goes from say 8 to 65. Or it could be from 50 to 4, depending upon what I walked from or too. But on its own tracking wont respond. I have never seen it respond from being in tracking, leaving it showing tracking and swinging it as I detect in a normal detecting fashion. It's off to Minelab then. Cheers.
  8. No mate, there was no tone at all. I just was seeking an answer which you just gave now, but didnt in your first response. So I clarified my question and repeated it. You have placed a false construct upon my second post based upon your realisation that you had not answered my initial question. It's you who are exhibiting a "tone" as you put it. Have a good day and thanks for your time.
  9. Hi mate. Ill start again. Just to give some history. Im not a newbie and started out with a Garrett groundhog decades ago. Owned every minelab auto tracker ever made. Ok. Im in gold mode. No matter what I do, and yep the icon is on, like above, I can manually change the gb way out so that the detector howls from being out of balance but tracking dont budge and when it does its by just a few number. With the "tracking" icon showing. But if I hit the balance button, hold it, pump it, then it goes into balance. And yes I have tried the 2 frequencies and yes see that for each they can balance on a different value. But like in my first post its not the numbers, it's the detector audibly not in balance. I don't care what numbers show, I want a balance and Auto track does not deliver. Do you get where I'm coming from. This is the worst so called auto tracking I have ever owned from minelab. Nothing in the past Gt, Ft, Xt, Gold Striker.......Eureka, Terra has been this weak at Auto Tracking. Is this a weakness of the EQX or an issue with mine? You'll notice in my first post I said I can take it way out of balance, so it is in essence now a huge ground difference, just like you said it needs to be to notice. You will see I said it doesn't notice or respond to it. Just in case, yes I have lowered sens, upped it, lowered sweep speed, messed with every option it has. Nothing changes it. Like I asked in the OP, does yours track in auto track mode.
  10. Sorry for any spelling grammar errors, I tried to fix them but it got worse pasting things all over the place.
  11. Hi Equinox owners. I have had mine for several months but mostly used it for relics, now and then on gold in quiet ground, so mostly have not needed to even reall contemplate tracking. But now as the weather has really cooled off I have decided to try in more in various areas for gold. Now, when using Auto balance which I have up till now used it's all good. See the ground change raise n lower the coil, hear a variation, hit balance, see it change and go quiet. Ok. But I have tried Tracking and I see a ground colour, mineralisation, change, raise and lower the coil and there is ground noise. So, the ground balance I started in was say 15 by the numbers, but now it's changed whilst in tracking and still showing 15. But when I hit balance and pump the coil whilst holding it, it may go up to 60! Now thats a big change and the noise as I raised and lowered the coil corresponds with that, or agrees there is a significant change. But even though the tracking icon was shown and tracking chosen it didn't move from the initial balance. So I stop, press the track/balance and up it shoots to where it should be. My machine to me is just an manual balance, Auto balance detector and has no Auto Tracking. I can balance say to 10, then manually change it to 70, or go into minus numbers, but when I put it into Track and raise and lower the coil, I can hear the pitch either rise or fall dramatically as I raise and lower it but nothing happens. Now and the a minor number change, but just by a few to several after repeated pumps, sometimes 20 to 30 pumps. Then it stops. Then I press and hold the button and it can change significantly by tens or more number values. How do you guys find yours performs in Tracking please?
  12. No worries mate. You'll have a capable machine, back yourself, learn it and be confident. The best of luck to you out there mate.
  13. Yes mate. If I was given the choice, though I dont have or have personally used a Qed, I know some guys that have and they too had and sold TDI's, but they give the Qed the thumbs up. It aint no GPX 5000 or 7000 but it's for sure above a TDI.
  14. I once owned one of those and got rid of it. Was not suited well for mineralised Aussie ground. Didnt come anywhere near the minelabs.
  15. That was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing it. 👍
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