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  1. After watching Nenad’s newest video it made me think that we really need some stacked spiral coils like the 12x7” Exceed and the 10x5” Goldhawk for the Algoforce and the Legacy GPX-series to replace the Sadie and to also resolve the 12x8” Evo calibration issue. The 9” Elite seems to be doing well on the Algoforce but is still a pretty big coil for the tight areas we hunt for small gold. Maybe Nugget Finder and Coiltek can use the same coils footprint that the Exceed and Goldhawk use and wire it for the 5 pin coils, would’nt that be a great seller.
  2. As I was doing some domestic chores this evening the thought rolled into my head: "What is the smallest coil that was made for the GPX 5000?" When I bought mine in 2010 it came with an 8" Commander coil that was a lot of fun to use. I've since been told that a fair number of them went bad. I think mine is bad now. So that leaves me with larger coils and I think the smallest 'nose' I have is on the Coiltek Platypus coil. That is not very small. What is a killer pointy coil or small coil for the 5000?
  3. I just ordered one of these new NF coils from Rob for my GPZ 7000 and can't find any US nugget hunter reviews or results from the field. The 17" x 13" coil weighs the same as the GPZ 14" DOD coil, so it should be very effective when used with a bungee. I know they have just arrived in the US and JP mentioned on FB he has used them with good results...been very quiet. I heard Lunk is using one in AZ now.? Anybody got any info??? Bill
  4. I figured I'd contact Nugget Finder to see what's going on with the other GPX 6000 coils, I quite like my Xceed 12x7" so intend to buy the 8x6" also, I think it'd be a weapon on the 6000. So, to save anyone else wasting Rohan's time replying to endless emails about when the coils will be available, I thought I'd post it here. This was his reply. Hi Simon Releasing the 16x10 is our priority at this stage, I don’t expect to have the 8x6 ready for sale until sometime in 2024. I understand these delays may be frustrating and I appreciate your patience. Regards Rohan Perhaps that means the 16x10" may be released this year, but the little guy is a fair while off yet, a shame as spring/summer (now) is when I do most of my detecting so I'll miss out this season. I'll stick to my GPZ and 8" X-Coil for the most powerful small coil detector for now.
  5. i have just purchsed a gpx 6000 and want to buy a nugget finder 12 7 eceed coil for it no one in the uk keeps them and every where else i have tried in usa and aus will not post them to the uk does any body on here know who will post them to the uk
  6. Any word on the Nuggetfinder coils getting in the hands of eagerly waiting customers?
  7. I might be in the market for a 12" NF Z-Search coil and my research shows me 3 different versions. Why is this and what are the changes or upgrades? It seems the US is not getting the newest black version? Your thoughts across the pond is ideal for my eyes and knowledge. If my knowledge gathering is correct, the 1st version is white with red decal. Then and what I'm seeing in USA is this white with black decal, see below. Finally and the newest version is black with red decal. I know Nugget Finder is a very well known and long time respected company but seeing 3 different color configurations has me scratching my head. Please help me those who know.
  8. Can somebody help a 84 year old guy with some feed back, a little confused. Most people seem to like the 12x7 on the 6000 better than the stock 11" for various reasons, but I understand the 12x7 is not hot out to the edge of the coil, so it would not be good in a rocky or brushy situation. Seems like a deal breaker it your area is primarily rocks or brush. Am I missing something here? Also is the 12x7 better in hotter ground better than the 11"? So am I thinking right please? Thanks for any feedback
  9. I've had this coil for a couple of months now but hadn't got around to using it until today. JW asked if I wanted to go for a detect this afternoon, I was having a day off skiing as the weather wasn't going to be all that great so it worked out well, perfect time to test out the coil. JW also has the coil, he's used it a bit recently at this spot but not overly had any success with it, in saying that it's going over ground that's been done by the GPZ and X-coils along with the 6000 and 11" and I've had my 6000 and Coiltek 10x5" there a few times too so it's a big ask to do well. We discussed his experience with the his 12x7" on the drive to the spot, he's found his is a bit bump sensitive and doesn't have edge sensitivity with small targets, I was a bit worried at this point I'd wasted my money buying one. This time he took his GM1000 and GPZ and 15"CC and I took my 6000 with the 12x7" NF. JW started off using the GM and popped up a tiny nugget pretty quickly, he brought it over to me and put it down on a rock and we ran my coil over it to see if it behaves any different to his, and nope, edge sensitivity is non-existent on small targets, mine is the same. The area of the coil outside of the red line marked with the X is completely dead on very small targets, the target needs to get beyond the windings to the inner area of the coil to respond. I maybe a bit generous with my red line as it seemed with the nose of the coil the gold was under the sticker before it would respond. This is a bit of a typical spiral coil thing, my 14x9" NF EVO was where I first experienced this with the centre of the coil being the most sensitive area, but I was a little surprised as I hadn't noticed the same on the stock 11" nor the Coiltek 10x5", I'll have to check that now but it means it's not an ideal coil for rocky areas for me with no edge sensitivity on small gold. Throughout the afternoon finding shot pellets I was able to verify this and indeed the edge lacks sensitivity. Tilting the coil on edge to locate tiny targets just can't work like it does with a bundle mono on the older GPX series. It's not the end of the world but something to be aware of, especially for those that hunt tiny targets. Now with the negative out of the way the coil behaved brilliantly, absolutely no bump sensitivity like JW is experiencing with his, I made sure of that by being quite aggressive with it on rocky areas and I ran in normal with maximum sensitivity all afternoon and it was fine except when really close to the power lines where I dropped down to about half sensitivity but didn't need to if I wanted to put up with a bit more instability. In both below videos I was in maximum sensitivity even though I was near powerlines. I think it did very well with hot rocks, I only encountered one hot rock all day, quite unusual for this area as it has a lot of them but it had me going, such a faint target from the surface, I dug down and the target was well below the depth I'd expect to find a pellet and still a faint signal so I was hoping it was a little nugget, but after messing around trying to find it for some time it turned out a small hot rock, the size of a reasonable sized coin. Damn! I thought it was going to be my first bit of Xceed gold. I don't use auto or auto +, I don't believe that auto+ can give higher sensitivity than maximum manual like has been said, if anyone would experience that it would be me in my very mild soils but I've never once found auto+ to be more sensitive than manual, the same was said about the GM 1000, I find it not correct, manual is always more sensitive. The NF appears to like pellets, responds nicely on them, near surface tiny targets give a great signal. The pellet to the right is a #9 bird shot, the pellet on the left was the smallest size I was finding, pretty small and a great response on them, I'm confident it will find smaller if there. Here was my first nugget of the afternoon, it was on a bit of a cliff ledge I climbed down onto hoping I was the first to ever detect it, turns out I probably was, pretty easy target, quite a small bit but had a good response The rest of the afternoon consisted of trying to find other ground I personally hadn't detected before while also trying to think of spots others are less likely to have been over before too, detecting the hard to get to spots basically, and lifting and flipping big rocks over to check under them, areas others had yet detected seeing it's such a hard-hit spot. Then, after some time and no success I ventured down onto a little cliff ledge that I found a couple of nuggets with my Coiltek 10x5" when I first got it, figured I may as well try that spot again as I don't think anyone else had detected it so I climbed down and starting going at it, I found 2 pellets down there which was a surprise as I surely would have dug them previously with the 10x5" and the 8" X-coil on the GPZ that have both been there, I doubt they were new but always possible I guess, they were just near surface targets. Then I hit a big boomer of a target, I couldn't remember ignoring any targets here but I must have and I do tend to get lazy with boomer signals especially if I'm tired from the heat in summer, today being winter I was full of beans and ready to dig it all, even my Equinox would have found this one with ease though so I'm pretty confident I was lazy the other times and ignored it, silly me. Quite a meaty bit. I decided I'd keep checking out this ledge after that, and nothing more, I even climbed down lower and risked being stabbed to death by the thorned plants to reach another bit lower down but unfortunately the only target turned out junk, I was able to benefit from the discrimination on my Sphinx 03 pinpointer to not have to keep battling the rocks and recovering this target, it told me it was ferrous so I passed. I used the Sphinx to help recover the previous two gold nuggets and a heap of pellets and its discrimination was accurate, always a green light on the gold and lead pellets and a red light on the junk. For those interested, the Sphinx worked perfectly with the GPX, I noticed no issues at all having it on my belt with its holster and liked it turned itself on when I removed it from the holster and off again when I put it back in, no need to press any buttons. At the start of the afternoon, I did notice I needed to do a noise cancel with it turned on and the GPX sounded like a Police Siren every time I turned the Sphinx on, once noise cancelled with it turned on it was all good. Now the weather was starting to turn and JW's head popped out over the top of the ledge I was on seeing how I've been going, he saw the weather coming in over the mountains and thought we should bail out, wise idea as we only just got back to my car when the rain really hit. Unfortunately, he only ended up with the tiny bit with his Gold Monster that he got right at the start. So, overall happy with the 12x7", ran really well, worked under and around the power lines OK, no issues with stability tilting it and using it on rock ledges, sensitivity seemed great on small targets except for the noticeable lack of edge sensitivity on small targets. No bump sensitivity unlike Jw's 12x7" and overall, a good coil by the looks of it. I still think I prefer my Coiltek 10x5", similar sensitivity but I didn't notice any edge sensitivity issues, both run nice and stable although it's quite possible the NF ran quieter over all, more time will tell there. As for the Sphinx 03, quite possibly my favourite pin pointer over-taking my Garrett Carrot AT, just need to make sure it doesn't interfere with the GPZ now. Here was my junk, not bad considering 2 bits of gold. On my drive home I drove past the ski field entrance I go to the most and the cars were all coming down covered in snow, good call not to go today in the end but great to get more snow for my next time up! Yay!
  10. Pulled this 3.17 gram nugget at 20" out of our claims with Reese Townes aka Gold Seeker 5000 on Sunday. It pinged real loud. Had a great day with 4.35 grams total in the last hour of digging. Always good to hit a "patch". Worked my hole hard before it finally showed. I absolutely love this coil. Really smoothes out the 6000 and finds little bitty crumbs and big gold at depth. Game changer for digging and detecting our claims.
  11. After a long wait, I finally received the NF 12x7 Xceed coil for my GPX6 and used it for the first time in an area that has small and shallow gold. I ended up with 10 nuggets for a total weight of 1.2 grams. The smallest nugget weighed 0.023 gram and was somewhere between 1 to 2 inches deep. This is the smallest nugget I have ever found metal detecting. I dont know if the stock 11 inch coil would have heard this tiny nugget but I will say the Xceed coil is plenty sensitive enough for me and there is no need or desire for me to find anything smaller.
  12. So, I went back to a club claim that had been pounded for years with virtually all detectors imaginable, including countless times with the GPZ 7000, and that was essentially left for dead. It was a beautiful day, around 60 degrees but with fairly strong winds. There was not a soul out there, something that made the majestic landscape even more impressive. I decided to use my GPX 6000 with the NF 12 x 7 and to do some slow scanning of an area where I recovered quite some gold over the years (mostly by using the GPZ). My settings were: Auto +, normal, threshold on, with ML headset. I was pleasantly surprised how stable the machine was with these settings, something I would not have expected in this area. I should mention that I did the audio fix as well, which I now believe contributes for sure to the overall improved stability of the detector, even when just using BT. One of my first targets was a thin flat piece that was obviously pounded by the force of moving mass including lava rocks. Always nice to see it at first all dirty in the scoop, a feeling of joy that never seems to go away, doesn’t matter how many nuggets you have found before, small or large. After some "spit cleaning", the shiny yellow came out. I am actually surprised that this nugget was not picked up previously. I would certainly expect that most detectors would have been able to see it, also considering that it was fairly shallow, about 2-3 inch deep. So, the day started good, and I continued to scan the close vicinity around my initial find. One thing that I noticed was how incredible sensitive the machine is, something that I was of course aware of having used the 6000 quite a bit, but that again came to my attention. One challenge is that the whole area is littered with bird shots, and I must have recovered at least 20-30 within just a few hours. This is clearly less of a problem with the GPZ 7000, even when run at full bore. I then decided to change tactics and once a target was heard to remove about 1 inch of surface material with my Hermit pick (one end with wide blade), and to only recover if the target would then still be there. This actually worked quite well, and my next “piece” was a super small, tiny flake at about 2-3-inch depth. The flake was so tiny that it was almost impossible to pick it up with the fingers, and of course it did not register on the scale. But the fact that the 6000/NF12 x7 picked it up with a clear high/low signal at about 2-3-inch depth is truly remarkable, and shows once more the power of the 6000, combined with the excellent performance of the NF 12x7 coil. Would the 11-inch stock or the Coiltek 9-round have picked it up, perhaps. But I did not make a cross comparison of all three coils, as I wanted to focus on detecting. But I really have to say I am super impressed by the NF12x7. It is highly sensitive, not a bit less than the 11 stock, but with a more balanced response signal, smoother and it also appears more stable. All targets that I recovered that day were high/low signals, with only some hot rocks or areas of high mineralization giving a low/hi response. I picked up two more pieces, always by using the “1-inch scrape/discard technique”, something that really worked well for me and that I can recommend using for bird shot infested areas. Can you see the one in the next pic? ? I picked up four in total that afternoon, and I am sure there is more on this claim, considering that I only focused on a small area around my initial nugget and thoroughly scanned only in the close vicinity. Overall, a great day in the desert. There is something magic about being out there, and every time I come back from it I feel I have been on a meditative retreat. Finding gold is an added bonus to me, and even without any I enjoy my trips every time! Here is the general area where I hang out. Go get some. ? So long, guys! GC
  13. Been announced by a couple of Aussie suppliers now. Reeds Prospecting Supplies "GPX-6000 NEW COILS COMING !!! YES, Nugget Finder has announced that they will be releasing one,.... or more coils for the GPX-6000 !!! This is unfortunately all that we know. We were given this photo to prove it's not a bit of marketing b.s. ? "
  14. Had a quick run of 3.5 hours this afternoon with the new Xceed 12x7. Right away it was obvious just how much quieter this coil makes the 6000. Y axis noise was still there, but mainly when the coil is tilted at more than 40 degrees. Below that, it was far more pleasant than the stock 11" mono. Sensitivity was still great and I couldn't detect any loss or difference from the stock coil. I found that with the overall increase in stability, I used it the whole time in Auto 1 and swapped between normal and difficult when the ground dictated. I found that the coil windings appear to be dual layer flat-wound as I could get a signal 5cm in from the edge of the coil. There also wasn't the sharpness of signal that indicates a bundle-wound coil. The color is a light pale grey and not exactly white. Looks nice! Only minor downside that I could find was that coz its a narrow coil, the detector falls over a lot easier now Pinpointing was easy and the 'NF' label acts as a good guide. I got 6 little bits on a flogged spot for .5gm which was a decent result. This was all mainly due to the detector being 50% quieter and the softer signals becoming audible. End of the story: this coil will stay on my 6000 for 90% of its time on the dirt. I will probably only change when I need a DD coil for around powerlines. Its now my 'GO-TO' coil for sure. I will be cross testing this coil with a friend soon with the stock 11" and a Coiltek Goldhawk 10x5. So, more to come.....
  15. I continue to be blown away by this coil. Pulled three today for a 1/4 gram total. Including a .026 at 4". This coil does not miss. It runs so damn smooth that even the tiniest gold doesnt go unheard.
  16. Well I have tried the Coiltek 9x14 and now the Nugget Finder Xceed6000 12x7 and in my opinion the NFXceed is by far a superior coil. I was concerned at first about it's ability to punch deep and I was also concerned about it's depth capabilities in auto 1 & 2. I am not concerned any more. Two days of detecting close to my camp and I hit 7 nuggets. 4 the day before yesterday and 3 today. All 7 nuggets were deep, for each nuggets size. The 2 deepest ones were 11" deep. One of those was a .7 and the other was .9. This coil is a deep punching coil and here is a tiny one my buddy Gold Ryder got with his 12x7 coil on his 6000. Gold Ryder and I are going to kill it on our claims this spring and summer. Video of these nuggets being dug up coming soon.
  17. Got my Nugget Finder Exceed in the mail this morning. Only problem is its 5 degrees out and blowing 30mph. Gonna have to wait a few days to swing it and chisel dirt.
  18. Does anyone know how the weight of the NF 16 x 10 compares to the stock 11" mono and also how does it affect the balance of the detector? , shaft twist?
  19. A comparison video with the stock coil and the new 17x13" Z-Search
  20. Here it the Nugget Finder GPX 6000 coil prices for New Zealand, a bit of an indication of what to expect. We’ve received the pricing for the GPX6000 Nuggetfinder coils this morning with some more information. Unfortunately they can’t give us an exact release date due to some uncertainty around the supply of some parts. They have also advised that the 8x6” won’t be available until August/September. (8”x6”) NZ$689.00 / $449 USD (12”x7”) NZ$729.00 / $475 USD (16”x10”) NZ$779.00 / $508 USD I wouldn't mind the little 8x6" but the 10x5" Coiltek is increasingly looking more attractive with a far better price and also a shorter time until it's release. Of course every country will have different pricing with their shipping costs being different and taxes and so on just it will just give you a basic idea.
  21. Hello All, Well, here we go all, going to test the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The coil is super light, well built and includes a lower shaft. This coil will plug right in, no modifications needed. I will be carrying these coils once they become available from NF. I don't have a solid MAP price yet and already have a good amount of pre-orders and pre-down payments to hold some of the first ones in the US to be sold to the public. I know this is going to be a solid searchcoil for the GPZ 7000. I'm super excited to test the new "Z Search" out. Thanks Nugget Finder! Pictures below -
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