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  1. I just ordered one of these new NF coils from Rob for my GPZ 7000 and can't find any US nugget hunter reviews or results from the field. The 17" x 13" coil weighs the same as the GPZ 14" DOD coil, so it should be very effective when used with a bungee. I know they have just arrived in the US and JP mentioned on FB he has used them with good results...been very quiet. I heard Lunk is using one in AZ now.🤔 Anybody got any info??? Bill
  2. I continue to be blown away by this coil. Pulled three today for a 1/4 gram total. Including a .026 at 4". This coil does not miss. It runs so damn smooth that even the tiniest gold doesnt go unheard.
  3. Well I have tried the Coiltek 9x14 and now the Nugget Finder Xceed6000 12x7 and in my opinion the NFXceed is by far a superior coil. I was concerned at first about it's ability to punch deep and I was also concerned about it's depth capabilities in auto 1 & 2. I am not concerned any more. Two days of detecting close to my camp and I hit 7 nuggets. 4 the day before yesterday and 3 today. All 7 nuggets were deep, for each nuggets size. The 2 deepest ones were 11" deep. One of those was a .7 and the other was .9. This coil is a deep punching coil and here is a tiny one my buddy Gold Ryder got with his 12x7 coil on his 6000. Gold Ryder and I are going to kill it on our claims this spring and summer. Video of these nuggets being dug up coming soon.
  4. Any word on the Nuggetfinder coils getting in the hands of eagerly waiting customers?
  5. Had a quick run of 3.5 hours this afternoon with the new Xceed 12x7. Right away it was obvious just how much quieter this coil makes the 6000. Y axis noise was still there, but mainly when the coil is tilted at more than 40 degrees. Below that, it was far more pleasant than the stock 11" mono. Sensitivity was still great and I couldn't detect any loss or difference from the stock coil. I found that with the overall increase in stability, I used it the whole time in Auto 1 and swapped between normal and difficult when the ground dictated. I found that the coil windings appear to be dual layer flat-wound as I could get a signal 5cm in from the edge of the coil. There also wasn't the sharpness of signal that indicates a bundle-wound coil. The color is a light pale grey and not exactly white. Looks nice! Only minor downside that I could find was that coz its a narrow coil, the detector falls over a lot easier now Pinpointing was easy and the 'NF' label acts as a good guide. I got 6 little bits on a flogged spot for .5gm which was a decent result. This was all mainly due to the detector being 50% quieter and the softer signals becoming audible. End of the story: this coil will stay on my 6000 for 90% of its time on the dirt. I will probably only change when I need a DD coil for around powerlines. Its now my 'GO-TO' coil for sure. I will be cross testing this coil with a friend soon with the stock 11" and a Coiltek Goldhawk 10x5. So, more to come.....
  6. Got my Nugget Finder Exceed in the mail this morning. Only problem is its 5 degrees out and blowing 30mph. Gonna have to wait a few days to swing it and chisel dirt.
  7. Does anyone know how the weight of the NF 16 x 10 compares to the stock 11" mono and also how does it affect the balance of the detector? , shaft twist?
  8. Been announced by a couple of Aussie suppliers now. Reeds Prospecting Supplies "GPX-6000 NEW COILS COMING !!! YES, Nugget Finder has announced that they will be releasing one,.... or more coils for the GPX-6000 !!! This is unfortunately all that we know. We were given this photo to prove it's not a bit of marketing b.s. 🙂 "
  9. Here's an interesting one for you all.... has anyone seen this before. What I suspect was happening is that there was a short in the new coil winding and the 5000's front end protection was kicking out to protect it... pretty scary, glad it did that instead of burning up the TX transistors (finals).... anyone else seen this? I asked Chris just after it arrived (in Dec 2019) if he could ask Rohan what was causing it but I have yet to get a response so thought I'd ask here as one's obviously not coming. The coils been replaced, Chris is always good that way but I'm still curious what caused it.
  10. A comparison video with the stock coil and the new 17x13" Z-Search
  11. I heard it from a little Aussie birdie that Rohan (Nugget Finder) is coming out with a second coil for our 7000's. A 17", possibly elliptical and the birdie is a good source as he's already put money down on it at Coiltek (a dealer in Vic). As of 2 weeks ago, Rohan stated that the 17 release is imminent, he was wrapping up development on it and he was expecting 3-4 weeks so should be happening in the next couple of weeks. Coils for the 6000 should be about 3 weeks away. If Minelab won't continue software updates or development for the Z, it's nice to see Rohan is, thank you Rohan, you're awesome, my name's already on the list if it's an ellip. Forgive if already posted, I don't come on much. Jen
  12. Here it the Nugget Finder GPX 6000 coil prices for New Zealand, a bit of an indication of what to expect. We’ve received the pricing for the GPX6000 Nuggetfinder coils this morning with some more information. Unfortunately they can’t give us an exact release date due to some uncertainty around the supply of some parts. They have also advised that the 8x6” won’t be available until August/September. (8”x6”) NZ$689.00 / $449 USD (12”x7”) NZ$729.00 / $475 USD (16”x10”) NZ$779.00 / $508 USD I wouldn't mind the little 8x6" but the 10x5" Coiltek is increasingly looking more attractive with a far better price and also a shorter time until it's release. Of course every country will have different pricing with their shipping costs being different and taxes and so on just it will just give you a basic idea.
  13. As I was doing some domestic chores this evening the thought rolled into my head: "What is the smallest coil that was made for the GPX 5000?" When I bought mine in 2010 it came with an 8" Commander coil that was a lot of fun to use. I've since been told that a fair number of them went bad. I think mine is bad now. So that leaves me with larger coils and I think the smallest 'nose' I have is on the Coiltek Platypus coil. That is not very small. What is a killer pointy coil or small coil for the 5000?
  14. Hello All, Well, here we go all, going to test the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector. The coil is super light, well built and includes a lower shaft. This coil will plug right in, no modifications needed. I will be carrying these coils once they become available from NF. I don't have a solid MAP price yet and already have a good amount of pre-orders and pre-down payments to hold some of the first ones in the US to be sold to the public. I know this is going to be a solid searchcoil for the GPZ 7000. I'm super excited to test the new "Z Search" out. Thanks Nugget Finder! Pictures below -
  15. I used my Equinox a lot in longer grass, and also in very rocky areas. The spoked design coils are never my preference but that's all the Equinox has. I couldn't believe it when the Coiltek 10x5" came out as an open design and I asked if they intended to make a solid coil cover for it, they told me no they don't. It would be very funny if Nugget Finder started making solid skid plates for the Coiltek Nox coils, In fact I hope they do. I noticed they have them for the Equinox 11" coil, so I just had to have one. I hope they continue this trend and make them for 6" coil too. Seems well built, fits well... is solid, what more could I ask for? Now I just hope they make more sizes for the other coils, especially the Coiltek 10x5" and ML 6".
  16. It was almost to hot out to detect in Arizona, Meadview was listed at 106 and it felt every bit of that and more swinging the 7000 out at Gold Basin working my way down a breezeless wash in the scorching hot sun. It was hot but tolerable at sunrise by 10AM I was keenly aware the potential for heat stroke. constantly sipping from the camel back I was feeling dehydrated, at 11AM I was getting a headache and decided to retreat to my air conditioned trailer luckily the new coil had come thru and I had 2 in the poke. After a snack of this tasty little container of tuna in lemon and thyme I’d picked up at the market with crackers a couple bottles of water and an air conditioned nap until 2 PM, I headed out to explore for new ground in my air conditioned Jeep and hunting a few places briefly as much as I could tolerate but despite good looking ground nothing to show for my effort, I was thankful at least everything went without a hitch a flat tire or breakdown would have been brutal. getting back to camp the sun was beginning to set and while hot without the sun beating down doable for another swing with zed, I managed to pick up one more from the location hunted in the morning and a second from a spot on an opposite hill side before giving up. today I ran the full set of ornaments, wm12 into the SP01 with Bose ear buds and the 12” Z Search coil, I ran hot sen 18, vol 14, smoothing off, normal, thresh 26, semi auto gb and I had no difficulty telling targets from hot rocks for the most part and the target signals were clearly targets running with and without the SP01 I much prefer the audio with the SP01 the signals seem tighter and the coil runs a bit smoother. all in all, 4 little nuggets and two meteorites one a tiny tiny iron nickel in a few hours time behind the coil, I’m happy.
  17. Got out for a hunt today in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever detected in, the wind was howling and the EMI was in machine gun mode so bad until afternoon when the atmosphere finally settled down it was impossible to detect. Then in the late afternoon the sky cleared a bit and my coil found itself over 6 little nuggets all found within an hour inside a 25 yard by 25 yard area, not a virgin patch but a patch!
  18. Hello All, Well it's been a bit since I had the 12" NF Z Searchcoil on my GPZ 7000, but it managed to show the same results once again. It was about 3 months ago when I originally was field testing the new NF 12" Z Search, before it's release here in the US. I managed to take it back over a few patches I hammered hard with the stock 14x13 coil, but still was able to find about a dozen for so smaller gold nuggets that I missed. The hyper-sensitivity this new coils gives, plus the lightweight, make detecting with the GPZ 7000 much easier and pleasant. I managed to just get in the first batch of new NF coil for the GPZ and even got a few that I didn't expect. Most of them were pre-sold and spoken for, but I still have 1-2 left I think. I went out for my second, first day, meaning I only got one day on the first coil then a customer/good friend just had to have it. I ended up hunting all day, sun up to down down and scored the nuggets below. I'm super impressed with this coil, so if you own a Minelab GPZ 7000, this is something to consider if you're looking for a lighter coil and something that is more sensitive to smaller/specimens vs. the stock coil. Just a FYI, the original coil I sold has scored well over 100 nuggets from what I'm told and some of the recent coils that just hit customers hands (some pictures now on this forum) have scored gold. Congrats on all the new NF Z Searchoil owners and new ones to come! Rob https://www.robsdetectors.com/nugget-finder-12-z-searchcoil-for-gpz-7000/
  19. what going on with nugget finder and the new coil for the GPZ
  20. Here are a couple things I've run into detecting lately that I figured I could share here for some motivation! This first one comes from a patch where the trash is elusive and the hot rocks are warm at the worst. This one gram specimen is the first specimen I've ever found at this location. I found it detecting a small gully on a big hill sitting near the top of a cut bank about 2 feet above the surface of the bed of the gully. It was the first gold find on that particular outing and in an area near my main patch which I hadn't yet found gold, let alone detected much at all. What's more special about this little guy is that all I had found up to that point detecting new areas was trash (bullets and bits of steel). When I started detecting this gully, all was silent for about 20 minutes until I swung my coil over something that screamed really loud and sharp. After I moved it in one boot scrape into the gully, I knew it was going to be a .22 shell or some nice chunk of a bullet. But I gotta recover it right!? Whether it's just to remove the trash to clean the area up or to find out for sure if it's trash. Well, these finds are the most satisfying type! KNOWING I found trash and then somewhere along with all the nudging around I somehow managed to perform some alchemy and it turned the bullet into a nice little chunk of gold! So dig it all!!! Bringing me right into my next reality checker find! Back to a very old patch where there is a lot of old diggings, trash, and black hot-HOT rocks! Here I am on this trip, 13 hours of detecting, 0g of gold, 10oz of steel/aluminum/brass, and 50kg of HOT iron nodules kicked and/or tossed behind me until finally, I get back onto some gold missed by who knows how many enterprising prospectors. Now it's about enough to drive me mad and hopeless with that much skunk! Is my detector working? Yes, remember all the small bits of steel found at depth and how well the detector responds to air tests today. Is all the gold gone? No, you're still digging targets no one else has bothered with in old placer diggings that you've found gold in before. Should I stop digging at signals when I can see a hot rock sitting on the surface under my coil? No, what if it's masking a nugget! Well, it happened! I moved one of those hot rocks, still a signal... Another hot rock! I'll move it... Still a signal. Another hot rock!? ...finally 8 inches deeper into the hot rock hole and I'm dealing with a steady signal, no visible hot rocks, and not much hope. But out pops a little smooshed nugget! PERSISTENCE!!! Excitement, energy, and conversely, fatigue all culminating in this moment, I must still stick to SOP. Recheck the hole. STILL another steady signal. No way... YUP! Another gold find, same hole! I ask myself, "Can this hole go for three?" The hole responds with... well it doesn't respond... But if I wouldn't have moved those hot rocks, I would have never heard those little nuggets hanging out beneath them! And if I wouldn't have rechecked my hole, I would have left one behind. Could you imagine how it would have made that nugget feel, being unearthed for the first time in it's life and being left behind all alone! Stripped away from it's partner that got taken... Coulda been a shame. BUT IT WASN'T! Anyways! I'm looking at ~50 fun hours on my 14x9 Evo and I'm very happy with it! So here's a little Evo motto pic with about 3dwt of gold for everyone to enjoy!
  21. Been reading a lot about the new Coiltek, Nugget Finder & now Detech coils of late. I haven't had much to do with any of these but have detected a small area immediately after 2 x GPX4500 with the Coiltek Elite 14" mono attached. Although not an exhaustive or scientific test the end result was I got 8 x subgram nuggets from the area with the SDC & the 4500's nothing. 2 of the subgrammers came from adjacent to their scrapings so they knew something was there but was still iffy enough to walk away from. I keep hearing or reading how these coils are transforming GPX's into SDC's or even GPZ's but this short "test", for want of a better word, put some doubts in my mind. I've got no doubt that there is improvement in the new coils in how they enhance the target information or audio response of the detector through better windings etc. but I'm not entirely convinced it's as substantial as some make out. My thoughts are it may be about 10% performance improvement (every bit does help regardless) & 90% of a placebo effect i.e. you buy a new coil excited by the possibilities of it's performance, you regain some enthusiasm & become more positive in approach even detecting more carefully + with more purpose - then when you find gold of course it's the new coil that done it right? Another thing that has me scratching my head is how excited people are about them finding very small gold. My smallest bit with a GPX5000, fine gold & standard 11" Minelab Commander mono coil was 0.03 of gram (I think about 0.46 of a grain) so they have always been capable of doing it even with an unfashionable coil (but still a good one). Like I said I'm not doubting that there are definite performance improvements, much like the introduction of litz wire, but I do believe a lot can also be attributed to a refreshed or reinvigorated enthusiasm too. New detectors could also have a very similar affect on us. What do the experts reckon?
  22. Hi everyone. I have a Gpx5000, Based your experiences, which coil is the best between the 2 Nuggetfinder 17"x13" coils. The Solid coil or spoked? Thanks in advance for your replies. Nigel M.
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