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  1. I can assure you with confidence that gpx4000 surpasses gpx5000 in large gold and works much more stable to Emi
  2. I think that we have not yet come up with a device that will defeat the z7000 in conjunction with X-COILS. This has long been obvious to many
  3. Hello gentlemen, finally someone from the Australian guys made an honest comparison
  4. Thank you now everything is obvious from the photo
  5. None of the professionals does not use the DD coil. The best discriminator for us is a MAGNET.
  6. For the last 12 years I have been searching for coins using minelab gpx. In Russia, many professionals have been looking for relics with gpx for 20 years. Many have long switched to gpz.
  7. Fisher F75 the best of the any relics coin detector in the World. After them only GPX and Z-Monster
  8. If there are questions, I'm ready to answer)
  9. Hello, friends. New test of 15" mono x-coils spiral Enjoy your viewing
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