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  1. Thank you now everything is obvious from the photo
  2. None of the professionals does not use the DD coil. The best discriminator for us is a MAGNET.
  3. For the last 12 years I have been searching for coins using minelab gpx. In Russia, many professionals have been looking for relics with gpx for 20 years. Many have long switched to gpz.
  4. I am a representative of X-COILS, you know that. Even I find it funny to listen to fables about faulty x-coils and failed devices. I am sure that the owners of x-coils have never regretted the purchase. So I am ready to answer questions on the merits, with respect to all participants of the forum.
  5. So we correctly understood each other. CHEESE
  6. I think it's time for you to sober up before you go back to the forum. While you are trying to denigrate Russian coils, we are producing new ones with new technologies. And by the way, try Russian natural vodka, it will do you good. Not thank
  7. A good result thanks to Sean's perseverance. And special thanks to the manufacturer of high-quality accessories from Russia.
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