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  1. Fisher F75 the best of the any relics coin detector in the World. After them only GPX and Z-Monster
  2. If there are questions, I'm ready to answer)
  3. Hello, friends. New test of 15" mono x-coils spiral Enjoy your viewing
  4. X-coils technology are the the most highly effective in finding gold. Good job, guys
  5. Yes of course, I am create this video....Tests with other coils are coming soon
  6. This monster and deeper coil in the World can beat all your ground surface.
  7. What size of coils did you use?
  8. New ancient coin of great King Mithridates Evpator, who likely defeat Black sea region against Great Cesar
  9. Hello guys, i am work only with mono coil, a lot of coins i search at the big depth. I am listen good signal at the mono coil, and clean my ground for junk with the VLF, then i beat ground with all sizes of spiral mono coil, because in my region i have any sizes of relic
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